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   The United States is bankrupt and has been since 1933. The government has no gold or silver as
required by the Constitution. The only asset left is the people. So how does the U.S. finance daily
operations? Solution; collateralize people for credit. How? By registering them in international
commerce, and selling bonds on them. The people become the surety on the bonds, or the "pledge".
The asset bonded (surety) is the "energy" or the labor of the people which is payable at some
undetermined future date. Thus, the people become the "utility" for the "transmission" of energy.
Result, a very sophisticated form of peonage and the Constitution does not apply because the
government, on all levels, is thrown into international commerce, the law merchant, now known as the
Uniform Commercial Code. [See Public Law 88 -- 244 in which the U.S. subscribed to private
international law. See definition of "goods" under the UCC at 2 -- 105 (1) and 9-- 105 (1) in which
animals, i.e. -- humans and their unborn offspring, become "goods" sellable in commerce.]

  When a baby is born in the United States, a birth certificate is registered with the Bureau of Vital
Statistics in the state of birth. The keyword here it is "registered"; as in, registered in international
commerce. The baby becomes the surety, whose energy is due at some future date. When the Birth
Certificate is registered in the U.S. Department a Commerce, the Department of Treasury issues a
bond on the Birth Certificate and the bond is sold at some securities exchange and perhaps bought by
the Federal Reserve Bank at the Deposit Trust Corp. at 55 Water Street, in New York City, about two
blocks down the street from the Fed. It is a high-rise office building and the sign out front reads: "The
Tower of Power".

  When the Birth Certificate is registered, a separate legal entity is created; a mirror image of the real
flesh and blood. This separate entity, or alter ego (THE ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME) is the
"straw man" (See Blacks sixth edition dictionary). And it is the “accommodation party” of UCC 3 --
415. The name is credit. (see Blacks 6th. “Accommodation party”). Therefore the right (or the use)
has been separated from the title (or deed). The “"straw man” holds the title (he belongs to the
government's client who bought the bond/title) and the flesh and blood man has only naked possession
with the limited “right” to use the thing (like his body or his alleged possessions and land, which now
becomes “usury” of another title/property). Maybe that's why our civil rights suits get dismissed out-
of-court on Civil Rule 12 (B.) (6) Motions. These Motions deal with the "failure to state a claim upon
which relief can be granted". A claim is another word for "title". So we have "failed to state a title
upon which relief can be granted". We do not own the "title" even to our own bodies anymore.

  When the straw-man violates some rule or statute (for instance a traffic ticket), the flesh and blood
man must appear at the arraignment and admit the straw-man's name (credit). The “energy” on the
surety is due and payable by the flesh and blood man who is in use [usury] of the straw man. This is
why it is so important to "voluntarily give" your name to the magistrate. The defendant is the straw-
man. The flesh and blood man is the “offender”. An “offender” is on the offensive team until he
screws up and goes on the defensive with the defendant and loses.

  So if this scenario is correct, how does one get back the bond that has been sold on the Birth
Certificate? And then how does one get in control of his body and his property?
Dear John,

    Pursuant to our conversation of a few days ago, you ask me to put together some information for
you about birth certificate registration under the Uniform Commercial Code. By definition in the law,
registration is different and separate from official notice. Notice is to notify of intent or action (past,
present or future) or it is simply information. Providing notice is to place a record to officials or to
other people of your sovereign actions or intent. Registration means to enroll or to insert in an official
registrar, “to become part of”. (Blacks Law) If you read about land registration in Black's Law
Dictionary, Sixth Edition, it clearly states that “registration” petitions the court for a “certificate” of
title. (Warranty deed not Land Patent). A “certificate of title” is not the title; it certifies that a title
exists. Therefore, who still holds the title? Since you petitioned someone, it is with whomever you

  The same occurs with the registering of a birth certificate. It certifies that a title to your body and its
abilities, exist. Where? Well, it probably was with Mom and Dad; or better yet, since in times past
births were simply written into a copy of Yahweh's Scriptures; maybe people belonged to him.
However, since Mom and Dad make application to the State for the birth-certificate, Mom and Dad
are (by their own admission) saying that the State has title to the child. They have voluntarily
registered their child (that the Father gave to them) With the State. Mom and Dad have actually
requested that the State certify what they {mom and dad} have done this by placing a "certificate of
live birth” on the State’s public registry at Vital Statistics. And then, Mom and Dad petition the State
to give them a copy of said certificate, so that they know and have record of what they have done.

CHATTEL, PROPERTY, and all other “legal meanings” are published within the legal/law
dictionaries, the “statutes”, and the “codes” for the entire population to read, study, review, and learn.
But, do the people read and study? Edmund Burke wrote of the colonists in 1765. He remarked that
the average colonists were reading at a seventeenth grade level and that they studied THE LAW
vigorously. In fact, the records of England show, that there were more copies of BLACKSTONE’S
LAW DICTIONARY sold in the colonies in 1765 than in England, itself. (Understand the population
of London, alone was double that of the colonies in that year.)

So, what of the people, today? Scripture says that people are destroyed for “lack of knowledge”.
IsraEl was even told that: “they destroyed themselves by their own hand”. Has this process changed?
Unfortunately for the child, the parents, and society; THE STATE has not hidden the meanings of this
birth registration process from anyone. They have done the same thing that Adolph Hitler did in
Germany, when he said: ”Bring me your children and I will train them”. [i.e. “register them with me:
the State, and give me the control of the children.]

 To put this in terms of personal experience, upon learning this information I got a copy of my
registered birth certificate from my state of birth. (These are kept in a high security Vault). I
compared this with the original that was given to me years ago. They were different documents. The
one from Vital Statistics was on different paper. It was green in color, and it had serial numbers at the
top. Where there had been typed-in-names of the public official; there were now signatures.

 My wife, whose son was born in the same state as I; went to get a copy of her son's birth certificate.
She came back to the car and looked at the document; then returned to the building to ask for a true
and certified copy from the vault. They brought out a different document, entirely. Ask yourself,
what is so VITAL about these records? Births were previously recorded in Bibles and set out on a
coffee table for all to see. What is being protected, here? Is it your so-called PRIVACY (which you
no longer have anyway)? Think again.
  I also had a friend, who called his “state” of birth and requested a true and certified copy of the front
and back of his birth certificate. He was told that he could not be provided with the confidential
information on the back of his birth certificate. (What information?). Furious at this response, he
took his request two steps up their “chain of command” to find an answer to this remark. The
supervisor of the Department of Vital Statistics in New York asked him if he was "trying to get
someone fired".

  John, you and I became friends sometime back and are of like mind in a lot of our beliefs. The
Father Yahweh revealed to me to get out of America quite some time ago. I believe I was ahead for
several reasons. One was to provide financial vehicles and safe high-yield opportunities for fellow
believers to be able to move assets into other locations. The other was to seek out and prepare places
(i.e. farms, communities etc.) to which people can move during the coming months and years as we
start to witness the future "exodus" from the U.S.

In the days of the Caesar's, slavery to the Empire was known by tax policy. The enforcement of taxes
by the tax collector was a mere 10 percent. The tax on tea that was placed by Parliament (not a King
of England) was only 1/2% to 1%. And just look at what resulted. This government today; perpetuates
mass fraud on the people, and people just accept it. They do it with a form of fake/fraud “money”
called “Notes” (see the words: MONEY and NOTE in Black’s Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition). They
use these made-up-certificates to create a “chattel mortgage” so that they can sell people as “chattel”
to fund their operations. At least 2000 years ago the people knew what slavery was.

But, there are always a few who see it early and prepare (just like those who left Rome before it
unraveled or the Jews, who didn't turn a blind eye to the schemes of Adolf Hitler). Proverbs 22:3 "A
prudent man forsees the evil and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it."

 Also, the people knew what jurisdiction meant. Our Messiah knew jurisdiction. He went before their
courts, made no pleas; but instead, challenged the jurisdiction and was found to be innocent. Our
Messiah never gave them jurisdiction over his personal body and life.

 I say these things because I know that there are SUPPOSED “Constitutional experts” who will claim
that the Constitution is in effect and this UCC “stuff” is bogus. Well, I agree that the Constitution is
still in effect. In fact, the articles of Confederation are still in effect. The Northwest Ordinance and
many other Treaties/Contracts are still in effect. Nothing is ever removed from the books because it
would violate TREATY LAW and the LAW OF NATIONS; as mentioned in the Constitution.

 But, the point is, do they apply to you!! If you think these claims about the Uniform Commercial
Code are bogus, then pullout a checkbook from any bank and look at the deposit slip. You will find
the words: "All checks or other items are received for deposit subject to the PROVISIONS of the UCC
and any APPLICABLE Bank collection agreements".

Did you read the provisions? Did you read the "applicable bank collection agreement” when you
made application to the bank, and signed the bank signature card?                   Since you made
application/contract, the bank became the grantor of the account and you are the grantee. Did you read
the Uniform Commercial Code? IF NOT, then how can you possibly understand and defend your
contract? People gripe and complain, but do they read?
 So whose bank account is it? People will say: “that’s my bank account”. Did you assign the number
or did they? And every time you use the account (by check, draft, or deposit) you reaffirm the
commitment/covenant by a double witness with that all capital letter name at the top and the Bank's
all-capital-letter name at the bottom. They do everything with your full approval. They get your
signature as the surety, and then they create the "money" out of thin air. People will even give them
their real property, but the Bank never goes to get any “money” out of their vault. Why not? Because
they cannot loan “depositors” assets, nor can they loan their own “assets”. They get your living, flesh-
and-blood-signature on a NOTE, and then they create the money. This is then loaned to the
STRAWMAN; ALL-UPPER-CASE FICTION CORPORATION, that has a name similar to yours.
Did you know this? These facts are published in the Federal Reserve Bank’s manual called MODERN
MONEY MECHANICS. Once again, they are not hiding the information. Remember: CONTRACT -

 Let's look at the right to travel. You once had the right to travel freely until you registered yourself
into interstate commerce with the Department of Motor Vehicles. You signed an application/contract
and paid them a valuable consideration to license you and regulate your travel activities. All of the
state traffic codes are based on the word "use", which is commercial.

 So now, you don't travel -- you drive or are considered a driver instead of a traveler. You don't have
guests in your car -- you have passengers in your motor vehicle. And, you are not traveling upon the
“free”ways -- you are “using” (participating in usury) of the highways and roads. From a judicial
perspective, they really do not understand why you protest so much against the Executive Branch
enforcing their policies and regulating you, when you are the one who gave them approval, and then
required that they do so by paying the fee to them for their regulation. It is all about jurisdiction, and
people do not know jurisdiction or know how to defend it.

 And, what about income taxes? First of all, you are supposed to have rights preventing self-
incrimination, which is where the income tax system in the U.S. is entirely based. It is a system of
total self-assessment and self-incrimination. They use your time and energy to fill out forms for them,
and then penalize you if one of their “agents” thinks that you are wrong. Of course, studies have
shown that talking to 10 different agents, will get you ten different opinions; so they don't understand
the system either.

 But getting differing opinions on the system and its accounting doesn't matter; because it's your
“money” or “assets” that they are after, right? Instead of giving you my opinion, let's look at what
others had to say.
-- "You are among the millions of Americans who comply with the tax law voluntarily." -- 1992
forms and 1040 Instruction Book, p. 3
 -- "Who would believe the ironic truth that the cooperative taxpayer fares much worse than the
individual who relies upon his constitutional rights." -- Federal Judge Cummings in U.S. vs.
Dickerson, 413 F. Second district 1117 (1969)
 -- "The income taxes are unconstitutional and was not part of the original intent of those who drafted
our Constitution or government. I am supporting a resolution to repeal the sixteenth amendment. -
Steve Symms, former member U.S. Congress
 -- "The United States has a system of taxation by confession." -- Justice Hugo Black in U.S. vs.
Kahriger, 345 U.S. 22
 -- "Only the rare taxpayer would be likely to know that he could refuse to produce his records to IRS
agents." -- U.S. vs. Dickerson 413 F.2d
-- "To lay with one hand the power of the government on the property of the citizens, and with the
other to bestow it on favored none the less robbery because it is done under the forms
of law and is called taxation." -- U.S. Supreme Court in Loan Association vs. Topeka 1874
-- "In a recent conversation with an official of the IRS, I was amazed when he told me that, 'If the
taxpayers of this country ever discover that the IRS operates on 90% bluff, the entire system will
collapse'." -- Sen. Henry Bellmon(1969)
 -- "Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because of their
respect for what only appears to be law, are cunningly coerced into waving their rights due to
ignorance." -- U.S. Supreme Court in U.S. vs. Minker, 350 U.S. 179,187
-- "Lenin prophesied that the United States would spend itself to destruction. Toward that end this
graduated income tax was the first essential step." -- The Law and The Profits, N. C. Parkinson (1960)
-- "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." -- Johann W.
von Goeth (1749 -- 1832)
-- "He who knows nothing is nearer to the truth than he who's mind is filled with falsehoods and
errors." -- Thomas Jefferson

 The truth is that taxes are nothing more than a repayment on the investment of bonds. These bonds
are created by the pledges (i.e. BIRTH CERTIFICATES ON THE CHATTEL) of the people. It is the
people who are the full faith and credit of America, which have been sold by the United States
corporate government and bought by the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, the IMF, the international
bankers, -- i.e. The One World Government. Once again, if we go back to THE SCRIPTURES and
read; we will find out the truth of these days. These things were foretold long ago. THE
SCRIPTURES clearly foretell that in the final-days: “They do nothing in the last days but buy and sell
the souls of men."

 Our Creator gave rights -- not a Constitution. (And, even that Constitution gives “the UNLIMITED
RIGHT TO CONTRACT”.)               BUT, He (Yahweh the creator) also gave the "right" to CONTRACT
all of one’s "rights" away. The decision belongs to the people, as individuals. We have free choice to
participate in any contract that we wish. And, if that contract has not been explained, then it is our
responsibility to “express the matter”. It is an old MAXIM of the LAW, that a matter “must be
expressed to be resolved”. This does not include whining, griping, and complaining. That is not
sufficient to get to a resolution.

Did the "constitutional attorneys or experts" tell you that? Did they tell you what the words: attorney
and attornment mean? Is there a difference between a lawyer and an attorney who practices
"attornment"? Did they tell you that attorneys are Esquire's – which is a title of nobility? Title of
nobility! -- Does this mean under the CROWN? How many times have you heard that attorneys are
really officers of the court? Where did that originate? [See: MEMORANDUM OF LAW ON THE

 -- -- “The Attorney is an Officer of the Court. His first duty is to the courts and the public not to his
client.” -- 7 Corpus Juris Secundum, #4, page 802 -- --

Whose court is it, anyway? And why is there gold trim around what is supposed to be a three-colored
flag? [See: USC: Title: 4 Sections: 1,2,3] Look! An attorney cannot bring you protection under the
Constitution, because Articles 1 and 13 state “no Titles of Nobility”. Think about these things deeply
the next time that you sign a covenant to allow someone else to practice attornment on you, or strike
hands (i.e. sign a form/contract) to be a surety and “pledge” your property or “pledge allegiance” to
something like a flag. Know what the something is. You are to know what it actually means, and not
what you presume it to mean?
 Know your jurisdiction, whether it's the Uniform Commercial Code, the IRS Code, the Traffic Code,
the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, British Common Law, or Maritime/Merchant Law.

 The highest form of law is Contract Law, which is what you sign, what you submit to, what you agree
with, and those things To which you SWEAR “under the penalty of purjury" . In other words, this will
be the way in which you live. If you live by Supreme Law, by YHWH's Contract/Covenant Law, you
will understand that there really is only one Lawgiver. Psalm 94:20 explains it this way: “the Evil-
oness frame their mischief by changing statues and decrees” - i.e. “the laws”. Law, i.e. Supreme Law,
is constant and unchanging. Man's decrees/codes/statutes are a "throne of iniquity", whose purpose is
to "devise evil by decree" - NKJV

 AND please; stop doing all this swearing in THEIR courts. Swearing is forbidden in Matthew 5:34,
and the thing that they get people to swear on, is the very thing that states: “do not swear”. Hint: Let
your yes, be yes; and no, be no -- because anything beyond this is from the Evil One.-- Matthew 5:37

 Remember this: Scripture tells us that in times past, Yahweh "winked" at our ignorance. But that is in
times past. 16 American Jurisprudence states: “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” When the prophet
Nathan confronted David with his sin, did not David convict himself? Maybe this is why in Romans 1
it says that “all that stand before Him shall be with out excuse”.

  2Timothy 2:15—“study to show yourself approved unto Yahweh, rightly dividing the words of
 John 8:32 --    “And then, you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. [but, not
before you KNOW it. Truth frees no one whose mind is filled with falsehoods, and you are
responsible for your own mind.]

 I will have more for you later, when I can make the time, because I feel that it is now important to
start getting more information out. I have been saying for four years now that Yahweh is calling a
remnant of his people back to the truth. He doesn't use all of his people all the time, and some only
when they have been refined by fire and are ready. I am now in the position to help a lot of His
people. But those who reject knowledge (truth), The Father will reject. Hosea 4:6

Many are called, but few are chosen.
Bless you John for being a warrior!


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