Collector Car Insurance Testimonials

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					Collector Car Insurance Testimonials

In the past couple weeks we've received a number of cards, letters and emails from customers
with some great stories and pictures of their cars and experiences with CWG. Here are just a
few of their comments:

I am writing to you, because you so surprised me with your "Thank You" letter regarding our
collector car insurance. This is really a nice touch and I love it! A few months ago I had a claim
- luckily it was not very large - and the speed and courtesy with which it was handled from your
end floored me. Incredible, no deduction, no hassle, just a check! You guys are truly first class!

 — Klaus, Minnesota


We have been with your company for twenty some years and have been very pleased with
your service.

— Robert, Wisconsin


Thanks for taking care of our baby, we have been very happy with everything you have done.

 - Danny, Minnesota


Collector Car Insurance Testimonials

WOW!!! What a great letter. It's a first for us to get a "personal" rather than a "form" letter from
an insurance company that they appreciate our business. With this type of communique, how
could we possibly consider putting our classic car insurance with anyone else.

 - Judy, Missouri


 We strive to give our customers the attention they deserve each and every day! Don't you
deserve this kind of attention?


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