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NBR                          VITON                                SILICONE
         Material                    Color                                               Information
                                                                   Use in: Hydraulic cylinders as rod seals and piston seals.
                                                                   This material is most commonly used as hydraulic u-cups,
                                                                   rod wipers and packings.

                                      Red           -22 to 230oF   Description: This is a high performance material with
     Polyurethane                 (Also could be
                                                                   improved resistance to hot water (up to 200°F) makes it
                                                                   ideally suited for mining applications where water based
                                   Natural Milky                   hydraulic fluids are used. Can be used for pressures to 6000
      Also referred to as:
                                  White or Honey                   psi. It is excellent in oil based hydraulic fluids. Great abrasion
      Urethane, HPU, PUR
                                     Colored)       -30 to 110oC   resistance. Resistant to most oils, fuels, gases. Can be used
                                                                   successfully as a drive belt of various shapes.

                                                                   Characteristics: Plastic-like. Shiny surface finish. Difficult to
                                                                   Use in: Pneumatic seals, O-Rings, oil seal lips, gaskets,
                                                                   washer and low pressure hydraulic seals. Can be used with a
                                                                   back-up ring in higher pressure applications. This is the most
                                                                   popular o-ring material.
                                                    -22 to 210oF
    Nitrile Rubber                                                 Description: General purpose elastomer for use as seal
                                                                   energizer or low pressure applications such as hydraulics
      Also referred to as:
                                    Black                          and pneumatics. Resistant to oils, hydraulic fluids, water
      NBR, Buna-N, Buna                                            fuels, gases. Not suited for use in brake fluids. Good
                                                    -30 to 100oC   abrasion resistance. Good resistance to compression set.
                                                                   High tensile strength.

                                                                   Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Dull, matte finish.
                                                                   Some NBR o-rings have a very shiny surface.
                                                                   Use in: Seal and gasket application requiring additional
                                                                   resistance to chemicals and slightly higher temperatures than
  Highly Saturated                                                 can be handled with NBR. O-Rings, washers, rod and piston
                                                    -13 to 302oF   seals, back-up rings, gaskets.
   Nitrile Rubber
                                                                   Description: HNBR is achieved by hydrogenated NBR.
      Also referred to as:          Black                          Greatly improved wear and extrusion resistance over
  HNBR, Hydrogenated Nitrile,                                      standard NBR. Good chemical compatibility and can be used
Hydrogenated NBR, Hydrogenated                      -25 to 150oC   with oils which have aggressive additives. Has an extended
            Buna-N                                                 high temperature range.

                                                                   Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Dull finish.
                                                                   Use in: Tough sealing applications requiring extreme
                                                                   chemical resistance. O-Rings. Hydraulic seals. Pneumatic

 Fluoroelastomer -                                  -4 to 392oF    Description: An excellent elastomer for use in high
                                    Brown                          temperature applications. Also exhibits excellent chemical
      Viton®                      (Also could be                   resistance for use in harsh environments such as phosphate
                                  Black, Green -                   esters. Widely used in applications dealing with extreme
       Also referred to as:       molded o-rings)                  temperature and/or extreme chemicals. It is suitable to use
 VIT, Viton®, FKM, Fluorocarbon                     -20 to 200oC   with all chemicals (exception - Skydrol, certain esters and
                                                                   ethers) makes it a popular elastomer in chemical processing,
                                                                   paper / pulp mills, various chemical, acid and solvent
                                                                          Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Noticeably heavier
                                                                          than NBR. Dull, non-glossy finish. Smells like cinnamon.
                                                                          Use in: Sealing lips of special oil seals, u-cups, wiper rings,
                                                                          o-rings, gaskets, washers, rollers.
     EPDM Rubber                                          -49 to 300oF    Description: For use in high temperature water, steam and
                                                                          brake fluids. This elastomer must not come in contact with
     Also referred to as:                Black                            mineral oils or grease. It is used in applications that deal with
    EPD, EPR, EP, Ethylene                                                acids, weak alkalis. EPD is sometimes and acceptable FDA
          Propylene                                       -45 to 150oC    material.

                                                                          Characteristics: Rubber-like elastomer. Strong rubber smell.
                                                                          Use in: O-rings, special low pressure seals, gaskets.
                                      sometimes white                     Description: An excellent material generally used for static
                                                          -75 to 392oF    seals with excellent low and high temperature stability and
   Silicone Rubber                                                        good resistance to aging. Generally not suited for dynamic
                                                                          applications due to poor tensile strength and abrasion
      Also referred to as:                                                resistance. Does exhibit excellent resistance to extreme
                                                                          temperature and is an acceptable FDA material. Typical use
      SIL, Silicone, Silastic           Orange            -60 to 200oC    for silicone in dry heat applications and food processing

                                                                          Characteristics: Very springy like rubber-type material.
                                                                          Use in: Packings, gaskets, seals, washers, spacers,
                                                                          insulators, wheels, rollers, bearings, guide rings.

                                                                          Description: An extremely low friction material which
      Virgin PTFE                                         -328 to 500oF   remains stable at both low and high temperatures. The
                                                                          chemical resistance of this material is outstanding. Can be
                                                                          used in applications with extreme temperatures, extreme
      Also referred to as:               White                            pressures and extreme chemicals. Since Teflon® TFV has a
 Teflon®, Virgin Teflon®, PTFE,                                           tendency to cold flow and has no memory. It can be filled or
TFE, TFV, Polytetrafluoroethylene                         -200 to 260oC   mixed with glass, bronze, and nickel to enhance its

                                                                          Characteristics: Semi-rigid plastic material. Most of the time
                                                                          it is finished by machining.
                                                                          Use in: Wear parts requiring low friction and good wear
                                                                          resistance and high pressure resistance.
       PTFE/Glass                                         -328 to 500oF
                                      Off-White                           Description: Similar to TFV or Virgin PTFE with significantly
                                        (Appears to                       improved wear resistance and heat transfer due to glass
     Also referred to as:                                                 filler. Excellent for dynamic applications and for higher
                                      have small fibers
TFG, Glass-filled Teflon®, Glass-                                         pressures.
          filled PTFE                                     -200 to 260oC
                                                                          Characteristics: Semi-rigid plastic material. Most of the time
                                                                          it is finished by machining.
                                                                          Use in: Wear parts in hydraulic cylinders requiring load
                                                                    o     bearing along with low friction guiding parts, sealing rings.
     PTFE/Bronze                       Metallic -328 to 500 F
                                       Tan or                             Description: Similar to PTFE / Glass but with superior wear
     Also referred to as:                                                 and extrusion resistance due to bronze filler. Excellent for
  TFB, Bronze-filled Teflon® or         Light                             dynamic applications and pressures to 6000 psi.
      Bronze-filled PTFE               Brown -200 to 260oC                Characteristics: Semi-rigid plastic material. Most of the time
                                                                          it is finished by machining.
                                                                          Use in: Wear parts in hydraulic cylinders requiring load
                                                                          bearing along with low friction guiding parts, sealing rings.
      PTFE/Nickel                      Metallic -328 to 500 F             Description: Similar to PTFE / Glass or PTFE / Bronze but
                                       Grey or                            with superior chemical, wear and extrusion resistance due to
      Also referred to as:                                                Nickel filler. Excellent for dynamic applications and pressures
TFN, Nickel-filled Teflon®, Nickel-     Light                             to 6000 psi.
          filled PTFE                   Grey    -200 to 260oC
                                                                          Characteristics: Semi-rigid plastic material. Most of the time
                                                                          it is finished by machining.

Polyoxymethylene -                       White            -58 to 210oF    Use in: Wear rings, guide rings, piston and rod bearing rings,
                                                                          bushings, spacers, washers.
     Delrin®                             Black
                                                                        Description: A high strength engineering plastic suitable for
      Also referred to as:                                              bearings, bushings and guide bands. Physical properties
             POM                                   -50 to 110 C         achieved are almost like cold-rolled steel. Low moisture
                                                                        absorption. Excellent as a hydraulic component in water
                                                                        based fluids.

                                                                        Characteristics: Rigid plastic. Most of the time it is finished
                                                                        by machining.
                                                                        Use in: Crush washers. High temperature spacers and rings.
                                                                        Used for the outer casing and the inner retainer ring on
                                                                        rubber lipped oil seals requiring a metal component to hold
                                                                        the seal in a housing. For seals in gear boxes, power
                                                                        transmission equipment, shaft housings, chemical
                                                       -58 to           equipment, vehicle parts and shaft components.
        Aluminum                                      1000oF*           Description: Alloy 6061 Aluminum is an extremely versatile
                                   Metallic                             alloy which combines good formability, high corrosion
      Also referred to as:                                              resistance, and medium strength. Yield strength is 40 ksi.
      ALU, Aluminum alloy        Very shiny when                        Hardness is 95 Brinell. Melting range is 1080° to 1205°F.
                                                   -50 to 500oC*        Can be used as oil seal insert or casing up to 15 PSI. For
                                                                        higher pressure rotary shaft seals, ask your EPM Seal

                                                                        Characteristics: Soft, multi-functional metal. Finished by
*Aluminum Temperature note: when used as a component of an oil seal it is limited to the highest temperature of the rubber used
along with the aluminum to make a complete oil seal)

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