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Claremont and Weaste Community Committee ... - Salford City Council


									              CLAREMONT / WEASTE COMMUNITY

 DATE:        Tuesday, 10 January, 2012

 TIME:        6.30 p.m.

 VENUE:       All Halllows Business, Enterprise & Sports College


 1. Apologies for absence

 2. Minutes of the meeting held on 8th November (attached) and matters arising

 3. Committee Sub-Groups (attached)

 4. Community Priorities 2012/13 (attached)

 5. Community Committee involvement with planning (attached)

 6. Crime and disorder update

 7. Westlands (Spider) Park

 8. Updates from localities, etc (minutes of CCA and WAF meetings and letter from
    Friends of Buile Hill Park attached)

 9. Next meeting – 13th March 2012

Contact Officer: Lesley Bates              Tel No: 0161 925 1120

                                           Date:    4th January 2012

                                   CLAREMONT / WEASTE COMMUNITY COMMITTEE
PRESENT :    Brian Downes in the Chair
             Councillors Murphy, Owen and Wilson.

             S Richardson, J Cartwright, L Green, K Davison, J Dunne, P Krinks, V Ivison, K Ivison, M Ferrer, B Patten, J
             Openshaw, C Babbs, T Murphy, R Murphy and H Forster.

             B Dolan (Area Co-ordinator), (M Walbank (Neighbourhood Manager), K Fairhurst (Community Development Worker),
             V Joseph (Democratic Services), S Mansfield (Health Improvement Team), G Hodgin ( Urban Vision), M Duval
             (Buile Hill Visual Arts College), D Kenny (All Hallows RC Business, Enterprise and Sports College), P Andrews ( Oasis
             Academy), PCSO M Stewardson (GMP), S Hughes and L Smith (Landlord Licensing) and L Bates (minutes)

ITEM                            DECISION                                                                             ACTION TO
                                                                                                                     BE TAKEN BY
1.     Salford Royal NHS        Howard Forster was in attendance to share key news and developments from
       Foundation Trust         the Trust with committee. Introductions were made and a brief summary of his
                                role as Trust Director was given. He explained that in the last four to five years
                                significant changes have been made within the trust:
                                 Integration of the PCT services and staff.
                                 Partnership with the Christie Hospital with a new cancer centre with a
                                    specialist piece of radiosurgery equipment.
                                 Salford Royal has been rated as excellent with one of the lowest
                                    Standardised Mortality Ratios in the country. The national figure stands at
                                    100 while Salford Royal is in the 70’s. There has been a steady reduction
                                    over the last three years with an estimated 930 lives saved through this
                                 Comprehensive Stroke Centre opened April 2011.
                                 Hope Building opened September 2011 and is fully operational.
                                 Supporting community health priorities through initiatives such as Live Well,
                                    Work Well Strategy, alcohol outreach services and lifestyle screening.

                                Future plans include:
                                 Looking to achieve accolade as ‘safest hospital’ in the NHS.
                                 Safe reduction of costs. Current finances reported to be in good order with a
                                      three year plan in place to manage this.
                                     Collaboration with residents of Salford and other organisations to improve
                                      patient pathways and transfers between services. The Trust will continue to
                                      strive to benefit the community and improve the hospital.

                                  Questions taken and discussed from committee members present were as
                                   People, patients included, smoking outside hospital entrances was raised as
                                       an issue that needs to be addressed.
                                       Howard informed the meeting that a total ban had been looked at           but
                                  this wouldn’t be conducive to safety and the risk of fire.      Smoking cabins
                                  have been created away from entrances but it is       difficult to achieve the
                                  correct solution for all.
                                  Resolved: That Howard Forster be thanked for the informative presentation.
2.    Landlord Licensing          Sarah and Lisa were in attendance to briefly explain what the team do and what
                                  powers they have. The Landlord Licensing team are responsible for the
                                  implementation of parts two and three of The Housing Act 2004 which involves
                                  the licensing of certain private landlords across the city. One of the main aims of
                                  licensing is to improve management standards in the private rented sector.
                                  Information leaflets were made available for members wishing to know more
                                  details. They are currently consulting about introducing selective licensing into
                                  six streets in the Willows area.
                                  Resolved: That both Sarah and Lisa be thanked for attending and that the
                                  information be noted.
3.    Welcome and                 The meeting was opened at 6.30pm and officers present were introduced to the
      Introductions               committee.
4.    Nomination to               Resolved:        That Michelle Duvall be approved as Buile Hill Visual
      Community Committee                  Arts College representative to Community Committee.
      by Buile Hill Visual arts
5.    Apologies for absence.      Apologies submitted from Councillors Heywood, Rochford and Dirir, Inspector
                                  D Henthorne, E Heywood, S Healey, S Whitehead, R Mason, A. Leaston, S.
                                  Watters, L Rowbotham, J Cootes and G Ainsworth
6.   Minutes from the meeting     Approved as a correct record.
      held on 13th September

7.   Matters Arising       Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Site – Brian informed members
                            present that he had received a reply from Cllr Antobus regarding the former
                            hospital site. Brian outlined the main points of the reply and informed
                            members they were welcome to view the letter more fully if required. A local
                            resident (Jason Syers) refuted the claims that adequate consultation had
                            been carried out and that a characterisation study of the neighbourhood had
                            only been conducted after the consultation exercise. It was noted that the
                            resident would be pursuing a complaint to the Ombudsman. A substantial
                            discussion took place in relation to the planning application and the
                            consultation that had been carried out. B Dolan explained that Community
                            Committee had no formal remit on planning decisions. Members present
                            felt that future developments in their area such as the likely application to
                            develop the Willows rugby ground should have more involvement from
                            Community Committee to support consultation.

                            Resolved: That M Walbank request that this committee be involved in M Walbank to
                            consultation in relation to the Willows development plans and any other follow up
                            significant developments.

                           Boundary Commission – Members were advised that, to date the chair has
                            not received any correspondence back from his letter sent to the Boundary
8.    Budget Group 17    Resolved:
October 2011            (1) That all recommendations made from the Budget Group meeting on 17th M Walbank to
                            October 2011 be accepted (see proforma attached to these minutes)       progress
                        (2) Agree to pay £675 towards the deferred application from the Summerville
                            Young Parent’s Group application for a crèche and ingredients for the
                            healthy cooking.

                        (3) B Downes write to the Leader on behalf of the committee to express their        B Downes to
                            concerns regarding the prices being asked to use the facilities at Buile Hill   write
                            Visual Arts College and other pfi facilities

9.     Environment Task               Resolved:
Group 18 October 2011                (1) That Urban Vision be asked to progress the following schemes using               M Walbank to
                                     Devolved Highways Budgets:                                                           instruct Urban
                                      Runnymeade / Cliftonville traffic calming (capital)                                Vision.
                                      Repair work on the planter only at Fairhope Avenue(revenue)
                                        Install single yellow lines at two junctions near Lightoaks Primary school

                                     (2) That the three other schemes which are proceeding subject to local
                                     consultation be noted.              :
                                      Radcliffe Park Road double yellow lines
                                      Bolton Road restricted parking times
                                      Weaste Lane double yellow lines.

10.    Neighbourhood                 Resolved:      That the draft list of community priorities for 2012 be noted. Mick
Partnership Board 12 October         advised that this was a provisional list to be worked up for January 2012.
11.    Crime and Disorder            PCSO Mark Stewardson distributed an update report in respect of recent crime
updates.                             and anti-social behaviour within the area and gave a brief overview of issues
                                     Comparative crime figures for the Neighbourhood Management Area for the
                                     same period last year were given.
                                      Community Committee wished to express their thanks and appreciation to the
                                     local police team for the good work and achievements carried out in the area to
                                     date. Particular reference was made to the recent civil disturbances and the
                                     commendable way in which local police dealt with the situation.
                                     It was noted that young people from Buile Hill Visual Arts College staged an
                                     event following the riots which was very well attended and received. Local
                                     shopkeepers and residents were invited to the event.
                                     RESOLVED: THAT the report be noted.
12.      Update reports from          Height / Claremont (including Claremont Community Association)
localities reports from localities
                                     (i) Subway – Reported that there have been no restrictions put in the planning
                                        application regarding the opening and closing times of the shop from
                                        Monday to Saturday. A minor restriction to close early on Sunday is in place.
                                        It was noted that another bakery on the parade of shops is closing as a

                                   consequence of the proposed Subway application.

                               (ii) Moorfield Road – Reports of a large hole on the corner of Moorside Road
                                   has been left for some time.
                               (iii) Bolton Road Bollard – Advised that a bollard has been knocked over and         G Hodgin to
                                  another is damaged. Members were reminded that any issues such as the             look into
                                  above should be reported using the 909 6500 call centre number.                   matter.
                               Resolved:     That the report and updates be noted.

                                 Parks : Noted that new locks have now been fitted on the gates at Lightoaks
                               Resolved:     That the report be noted.
11.    Local Partnership       Resolved:     That the summary reports be noted.
Delivery Group & Community
Safety Referral Team Updates
12.     Mayoral Referendum     V Joseph gave an outline of the Mayoral Referendum.
                               Before a referendum can be held, officers at the council must review the
                               constitution to make sure they have a set of rules in place that sets out how the
                               council would run if the public decide they would like an Elected Mayor. The
                               upcoming referendum will give the public the opportunity to vote on the
                               following question:
                               “Should the electors for the area of Salford elect a Mayor who, with a
                               Cabinet, will be in charge of our local services and lead Salford City
                               The referendum will be held in January 2012. If the electorate votes in favour of
                               the Elected Mayor, a mayoral election will be held later in May 2012. If they vote
                               against it the current system with a leader and cabinet model will remain and it
                               will not be possible to hold a further referendum on this subject for another ten
                               years.The closing date for comments on the proposed changes has been
                               extended to November 29th, 2011.
                               Resolved:       That V Joseph be thanked for attending
15. Arrangements for next      Next meeting will be held on Tuesday 10th January 2012 at 6:30pm in All
meeting.                       Hallows Business College.
                               Meeting was closed at 8.30pm.


      Pay £429 to Matchstick After School Club for a computer and games.
      Pay £1000 to Archery in the Community for venue hire.
      Defer decision on application from Summerville Young Parents’ Group pending clarification of where beneficiaries come from
       and on the need for a creche.
      Pay £200 to Barrhill Residents Association for compost, weedkiller and plants.
      Pay £550 to 82nd Salford Scout Group for hire of premises.
      Pay £70 to Salford Men’s Action Group towards allotment rent, insurance and cartridge.
      Pay £365 to De la Salle Netball Club towards court hire.
      Pay £150 to Salford Croquet Group towards cartridges and a cupboard.

                                 CLAREMONT / WEASTE COMMUNITY COMMITTEE
                                                                      JANUARY 2012

Attached to this paper are the minutes of:
A. Budget Group -                        12th December 2011
B. Environment Task Group -              12th December 2011
C. Neighbourhood Partnership Board - 14th December 2011
For convenience, the recommendations arising from those meetings, which require a
Community Committee decision, are summarised below.

RECOMMEND: that Height Veterans Bowling Club be asked to return a balance of £57
from grant, which was not required for green hire.

RECOMMEND: that Committee does not fund a royal jubilee beacon at a cost of £500.

RECOMMEND: the following payments / refusals from devolved budget (N.B. some of
the amounts are different from those in the Budget Group minutes because of
financial details which came to light after the Group met. Group members are all
aware of this and the changes have been based on comments made by Group
members after they were made aware of the need to reduce total payment by £556).

 Pay £50 to MJK (Make Jesus Known) towards marquee costs for an event in Buile
   Hill Park.
 Pay £360 to Claremont & Weaste Disability Group for room hire.
 Pay £250 to Henshaws Society for Blind People towards costs of their Support &
   Activity groups.
 Pay £169 to City of Salford Schools F.A. towards costs of one of their squad taking
   part in their USA exchange.
 Pay £600 to The Vine Cafe for a laptop, monitor, projector and screen.

 Refuse payment to TEDx Salford for conference costs as this was not addressing
   local priorities.
 Pay £2800 to Salford Community Leisure towards the cost of holiday activity
 Pay £250 to Salford Link Project towards costs of room hire and a trainer for the
   Height Women’s Group.
 Pay £130 to World Harvest Bible Church towards equipment for their child and youth
 Pay £1500 to Height Youth Centre for equipment for their intergenerational work and
   for the work of the detached team.
 Pay £2890 to Weaste Area Forum for rent and insurance and consider the
   application further at the February or April Budget Group meeting.
 Refuse payment to Tinytots Vision Ltd for costs of their childcare provision
   scheduled to open in January on Langworthy Road as this duplicates provision
   already supported by Committee at Fun4All / Buddies in Weaste. If the new
   provision recruits from Weaste or Claremont, Tinytots could re-apply
 Pay £631 to Barrhill JFC towards the cost of mini goalpost sets and winter training.

RECOMMEND: ask Urban Vision not to proceed with the proposed traffic calming on
Fairfield Street because of the low level of response to the consultation about the
proposal. Ask that the budget be used instead for Driver Feedback signs to be installed
on Claremont Road and Weaste Lane. (The funding will probably pay for a sign either
side of Claremont Road and one facing traffic travelling down Weaste Lane from Eccles
Old Road)
RECOMMEND: ask Urban Vision to proceed with the proposed traffic calming scheme
on Dronfield Road in light of the response to the consultation about the proposal..


 12th December 2011
 The Meadows

Present:      J. Openshaw; Cllr R Wilson; L. Crowder; B. Patten; J Collins; S. Whitehead

Officers:     M. Walbank; K. Fairhurst;

Apologies:    J. Gandy; Cllr J. Heywood; M Ferrer.


    In the absence of the Chair, Jim Collins was approved as chair for the meeting.


   The minutes of the meeting held on 17th October 2011 were accepted as a correct


    a.     Financial Position
    Devolved Budget – Remaining uncommitted devolved budget available to spend stood
    at £9,385.30. Members noted that two sums of money, £37.50 and £150, previously
    committed to the Neighbourhood Management and Health Improvement Teams was
    not required by the teams, so £187.50 could be returned to the pot.


   Height Veterans Bowling Club had been awarded £450 to pay for green hire. In the
   event, green hire was only £143 and the club were asking if they could utilise the
   unspent funds on other running costs. Budget Group decided to:

   RECOMMEND: that the club be asked to return the balance of £307.


    Members were advised that an application would be coming for £500 for a one hour
    beacon to celebrate the forthcoming royal jubilee. Councils were requested by the
    Lord Lieutenant, on behalf of the Queen, to host a number of beacons. Members
    considered that this was not a local priority and agreed to:

    RECOMMEND: that Committee does not fund a beacon.


 Members considered the applications for funding and agreed the following

  Pay £100 to MJK (Make Jesus Known) towards marquee costs for an event in
    Buile Hill Park.
  Pay £360 to Claremont & Weaste Disability Group for room hire.
  Pay £300 to Henshaws Society for Blind People towards costs of their Support &
    Activity groups.
  Pay £169 to City of Salford Schools F.A. towards costs of one of their squad
    taking part in their USA exchange.
  Pay £600 to The Vine Cafe for a laptop, monitor, projector and screen.
  Refuse payment to TEDx Salford for conference costs as this was not
    addressing local priorities.
  Pay £3000 to Salford Community Leisure towards the cost of holiday activity
  Pay £300 to Salford Link Project towards costs of room hire and a trainer for the
    Height Women’s Group.
  Pay £200 to World Harvest Bible Church towards equipment for their child and
    youth groups.
  Pay £1577 to Height Youth Centre for equipment for their intergenerational work
    and for the work of the detached team.
  Pay £2898 to Weaste Area Forum for rent and insurance and consider the
    application further at the February or April Budget Group meeting.
  Refuse payment to Tinytots Vision Ltd for costs of their childcare provision
    scheduled to open in January on Langworthy Road as this duplicates provision
    already supported by Committee at Fun4All / Buddies in Weaste. If the new
    provision recruits from Weaste or Claremont, Tinytots could re-apply
  Pay £682 to Barrhill JFC towards the cost of mini goalpost sets and winter
 Arising from the discussion of applications, members noted that if these
 recommendations were accepted, the 2011/12 budget would be exhausted. On
 balance, this was considered desirable in the current financial climate.


 Members noted that monitoring forms had been returned by:

   Start in Salford and
   Post Pulmonary Rehabilitation Group.

 Lightoaks Junior School had sent a letter of thanks for the support given to their links
 with Mexico project.


 Group noted a request to consider receiving funding applications electronically in
 future. The group was unanimous in agreeing that they needed hard copies to carry
 out their work effectively.


  Monday 13th February 2012
  The Meadows


                                      12th December 2011
                                       De La Salle Club

M. Walbank     (SCC)                                Cllr J. Rochford
J. Collins     (Resident)                           J. Walker        (Salix)
V. Ivison      (Resident)                           K. Fairhurst     (SCC)
G. Ainsworth   (Resident)                           L. Bates         (minutes)

1. APOLOGIES: A. Devine (UV), R. Steenson, V. Ivison, I. Cowell and B. Downes

   Mick welcomed everyone present to the meeting and introductions were made.

   Approved as a correct record.

   a. Devolved capital schemes
      Traffic calming schemes
      In his absence A Devine sent updates the following updates:

       Fairhope – as per request by Cllr Rochford to deliver letters coinciding with Councillors’
       walkabout on 15/12 we aim to deliver letters on 09/12 to be returned on 23/12.

       Fairfield Street – consultation complete. 28 letters delivered, 5 (18%) returned. 4 (80%)
       in favour, 1 (20%) against. Comments ranged from ‘double parking already restricts
       speed’ to ‘can you also implement a 20mph limit and plant some trees’. Members
       present felt the traffic calming scheme should not proceed due to the low level of interest
       generated by the consultation. Task group felt that it should be proposed that any
       residents suggesting schemes should either attend a Community Committee meeting to
       say why it is necessary or send in a written explanation for the need.

       Recommend: That Community Committee do not proceed with
        the Fairfield St scheme

       Dronfield Road – consultation complete. 52 letters delivered, 18 (35%) returned. 16
       (89%) in favour, 2 against (11%). Comments ranged from ‘too many calming features
       and calming will reduce the aesthetics of the area’ to ‘brilliant idea add more humps and
       please sort out the condition of the road surface as well’. Steer from group needed to

      Recommend: that Community Committee ask Urban Vision to proceed with the
                proposed traffic calming scheme on Dronfield Road in light of the
                response to the consultation about the proposal..

        Action:      M Walbank to ask college if they would consider
              contributing to the cost of the scheme.

        Prestwood Road
        Work is expected to be started in January 2012 to install measures to prevent motor
        bikes from racing along the footpath to Cholmondeley.

        Ranulph Court / Queen Street
        Work to install dropped kerbs is now completed.

        Eccles Old Rd / Hospital
        M Walbank advised that he had been in contact with both the Trust and Urban Vision,
        regarding the safety issue for pedestrians not having full visibility of the road when
        crossing when buses were also in the lane. To date no reply had been received back. It
        was suggested that.

        Action:         M Walbank to: (a) follow up for next meeting.
                                      (b) contact traffic police for report
                           regarding the recent serious incident on
            the road.

   b. Devolved revenue schemes

       Park Road (outside Hillcrest) - members wondered if footway repairs were scheduled in
           the mainstream maintenance programme.

        Action:     M Walbank to ask UV if and when the footway is
              programmed to be repaired.

       Eccles Old road / Fairhope Ave - Repair of stone planter will take place shortly

       Lightoaks Schools area - Work is being progressed towrds installation of single yellow
        lines at the Lightoaks Rd / Guildford Rd junction and at the Russell Rd / Burnside Ave.

       Other schemes – work still progressing towards schemes on Bolton Road, Weaste Lane
        and Radcliffe Park Road.

   c. New Schemes

   Mick informed task group that two new schemes had been put forward by residents. These

          Traffic calming on Claremont Rd
          Traffic calming on Weaste Lane

Task group suggested putting driver feedback signs on both roads.

      Recommend: that if Community Committee agree not to continue with the Fairfield
      Street traffic calming, they ask Urban Vision to install driver feedback signs on
      Claremont Road and Weaste Lane using the money saved.
G Ainsworth asked what the current position in relation to the proposed city-wide school 20mph
zones was

         Action:        Cllr Rochford to follow up and feedback next meeting

 Mick briefly outlined the Sustainable Regeneration Directorate Report to Claremont &
   Weaste Community Committee which had previously been circulated to members for
   information. He informed the meeting that S106 monies from the former Weaste Quarry site
   will be available for the area. G. Ainsworth felt that some provision should be made for play
   facilities in the Weaste area.

     Discussion regarding Stott Lane car park and the legalities of the car park was touched
      upon. G Ainsworth advised he planned to take the issue up with the Ombudsman.


Mick updated members present about the installation of LED lights on selected streets across
Salford. Brookfield Ave in Weaste is one of the streets to have the lights already. As a result, a
number of concerns has been raised by residents mainly in relation to the lighs not throwing
enough light out to reach doorways. UV have responded to these and other concerns with a fact
sheet of frequently asked questions and information in relation to reasons for changes in lighting
levels, as well as the added benefits the lights can bring with regards to Community Safety. UV
has confirmed that the LED lights do meet the necessary standards.


Mick informed task group that Ben Dolan had sent a reply to B Patten relating to the issue raise
at Community Committee. G Ainsworth raised the issue of the street cleansing schedule and if
the gullies and footways are cleaned by the mini sweepers.

Action:          G Ainsworth to speak with L Jackson regarding the above issue.

 Mick advised that Worsley Woods had won the Salford challenge with a large majority. It was
noted that Lightoaks Park was seventh in the list of the sixteen parks nominated.

 Mick advised that he had received a letter from a resident on Oxford Road suggesting that
   traffic calming measures be installed. Task group members present reported that speed
   humps had already been installed once then removed at the request of residents to be
   replaced with tables. It was noted that there is also a pinch point at the top of Oxford road
   near where it meets Lancaster Road.


14th February 2012
Venue TBC


                                                                             14 December, 2011

                                                                            Meeting commenced: 4.30 p.m.

                                                                              “         ended: 5.20 p.m.

PRESENT:   Councillor Jan Rochford - in the Chair

           Councillor Ronnie Wilson

           Geoff Ainsworth              -       Community Committee

           Dawn Mitchell                -       Salford Community Leisure

           Danny Mulvihill              -       Children’s Services

           Dave Jolley                  -       Urban Vision

           Kaye Mahoney                 -       Urban Vision

           Nick Storey                  -       Health Improvement Manager

           Mick Walbank                 -       Neighbourhood Manager

           Ben Dolan                    -       Area Co-ordinator

           Ruth Steenson                -       Environment & Community Safety

           Jenny Walton                 -       GP

                    Lesley Bates          -       Claremont / Weaste Admin Officer

IN ATTENDANCE:      Sarah Hughes          -       Selective Landlord Licensing

            Item                                               Decision / Action                                          To be taken by

1. Welcome and Introductions Noted.                                                                                   -

2. Apologies for absence       Apologies for absence were submitted on behalf of Councillors Murphy, -
                               Owen, Heywood, Inspector D. Henthorne, J. Drake, B Downes, D Greenfield,
                               T Doyle

3. Weaste & Seedly Selective   Papers outlining the Selective License Conditions were distributed which
   Landlord Licensing          Sarah briefly outlined before taking questions. This involves licensing some
                               privately let houses in multiple occupation that fall within the specified criteria,
                               as well as all privately let properties within the designated selective licensable
                               areas of Salford. The aim is for better housing standards, reduced anti-social
                               behaviour and increased area demand by working with landlords and
                               enforcing licence conditions where necessary. The project has now been
                               extended to include more streets in the Weaste and Seedley area. Statutory
                               consultation started with questionnaires being sent to residents and
                               businesses in the affected areas. The scheme will start at the end of May

                               The chair thanked Sarah for her informative presentation.

            Item                                               Decision / Action                                      To be taken by

4. Action Sheet – 12 October,   The Action Sheet arising from the meeting held on 12 October, 2011, was
   2011                         approved as a correct record.

5. Neighbourhood priorities     a. School places –Admissions Update Briefing report was previously             Keep on agenda for next
                                     circulated to members for information. No further update is available. meeting in February 2012
                                     Noted that there has been an initiative to address the infant class sizes
                                     within primary schools since the report was published.

                                                                                                               D Jolley to update any new
                                b. Future of All Souls RC School site –The city council is waiting for market issues at future meetings
                                     conditions to improve before selling the land.

                                c.   Future of Tootal Drive School site –Noted that the Lighthouse Christian Ongoing issue to be
                                     charity have an interest in the site but not the current building. Charity reported back to this group
                                     informed to keep an active dialogue with Urban Vision if interested in the as appropriate.
                                     land. UV have some interest in the site from developers.

                                d. Better off in Weaste engagement statistics – 450 households have been Ongoing issue to be
                                     targeted through door knocking exercises and drop in events. 28 referrals updated at next meeting.
                                     have been made to date. Noted that SCL would like to look to contribute M.Walbank to advise K.
                                     to the job club by offering the use of the IT suite at the Height library on
                                     King St.                                                                     Fairhurst about the SCL

                                e. Future of Duncan Matthieson Playing Fields –                                 Remove from this agenda
                                     D Jolley advised that the owners are not willing to sell the land and that and put onto the
                                     a Compulsory Possession Order would not be an option as it does not Environmental Task Group

Item                                       Decision / Action                                        To be taken by

                 meet criteria and is not a priority at present for the city council. There was agenda for discussion
                 some discussion regarding the need for football fields in the area and the
                 possibility of a long term lease to use the fields.

            f. Development of Weaste Allotments / Tootal Grove Land – Members were
                 informed that there are ongoing discussions regarding allotments
                 becoming self managed sites. The Councilwill support groups interested
                 in moving in this direction. The raised beds project at the Tootal Grove
                 site has been deferred for further consideration.

            g. Traffic management (Weaste Lane / Road, Lancaster Rd / Eccles Old Rd
                 / Stoot Lane, Pendleton College, Salford Royal Hospital, Bolton Rd
                 M. Walbank reported that he had written to the UV business planners
                 with details of the roads prioritised locally for traffic management. He had
                 not received a detailed response to date.

                 D Jolley advised that Dronfield Rd as been identified as a high priority
                 area but is not suitable for micro asphalting. It is on the provisional
                 programme for work to be done when funding is available.

                 Local devolved funding may be available to put driver feedback signs on
                 Weaste Lane. Devolved funding will probably be used for traffic calming
                 on Dronfield Rd.

       h.   h.    Article 4 planning controls – A response has been received from the
                  Lead Member for Planning in relation to Article 4 controls. The letter
                  advisesthat there are no proposals to roll this out to other parts of
                  Salford beyond the Mines Rescue Station Conservation Area.
            i.    Bollard cleaning programme - D Jolley reported that he had contacted D. Jolley to provide
                  the engineers who are in discussion with Transport For Greater

              Item                                          Decision / Action                                       To be taken by

                                   Manchester regarding the timetable.                                        information when available
                                 RESOLVED: THAT D Jolley forward the information to M
                                            Walbank when he is in receipt of the document

6. Any Other Business           J. Drake had forwarded updates in respect of the Salix Homes Legacy
                                 Programme As part of the programme a wide variety of quality short-term,
                                 ‘unpaid’ work experience opportunities will be made available within the
                                 council and partners
                                G Ainsworth raised the issue of the designated playing fields being used
                                 for hospital parking on Stott Lane. He felt there are concerns that SCC is
                                 not fulfilling their obligation to residents in the area.
                                                                                                              D Jolley
                             RESOLVED: THAT D Jolley provide updates for the next meeting

8.   Date and time of next   Wednesday, 8 February, 2012 at 4.30 p.m. in Committee Room 1, Salford
     meeting                 Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton.


The draft list of community priorities for 2012/13 follows.

Committee is asked to adopt these priorities for 2012/13, with or without
amendment at this meeting

Draft Community Priorities – January 2012
                     Youth and Community Building and Service Provision
   1. provide more community facilities for recreation, youth and general community use
       across the area but on the Eccles New Road corridor as a priority.
   2. maintain or increase current level of activities for childen and young people in the area.
                                           Environment, etc
   3. improve the condition of local highways.
   4. reduce the impact of traffic (moving and parked) on the area, especially: (parked) around
       Salford Royal Hospital and Pendleton College campus; (moving) on Weaste Lane /
       Weaste Road and on Eccles Old Road / Lancaster Road / Stott Lane
   5. improve outdoor playing fields’ (Stott Lane and Duncan Mathieson) condition and use.
   6. resolve the future of the former Oakwood School, Tootal Drive School and All Souls
       School sites and maintain the sites in the interim.
   7. agree use of further S106 payments associated with the former bus depot in the Eccles
       New Road area; Weaste Quarry development; and former Children’s Hospital site
   8. improve Weaste Allotments and bring the adjoining piece of land off Tootal Drive into
       use as part of the allotments.
   9. resolve the future of Buile Hill Park Mansion
   10. resolve the future of the Willows / Weaste Cricket Club area
   11. resolve the future of the Weaste Cemetery Lodge building
   12. take further action to ensure wheely bins are not left out on the street.
   13. improve open space at Kirkham Street
   14. introduce regular programme of cleaning reflective bollards
   15. introduce a limit to the proportion of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) within
       defined areas.
                                         Crime and Disorder
   16. Address anti-social behaviour issues (in the Willows area at the time of writing)
   17. reduce worklessness in Weaste (especially Tootal / Willows and New Weaste areas).
                                            School Places
   18. resolve imbalance of demand and supply of primary school places

This briefing summarises the recently established protocol for Community Committees,
via Neighbourhood Managers, to be given the opportunity to enhance public
engagement with major planning applications.

In future when a major planning application is submitted Urban Vision will notify the
Neighbourhood Managers if the application is in their area or close to the boundary.
This will be done via an email which will have a link to the public access site, where the
planning application forms and plans are available to view.

Major planning applications will be defined as more than 10 residential units and other
development that exceeds a floor area of 1000 sqm.

Urban Vision will strongly advise developers to do pre-application consultation and will
suggest using Community Committees via Neighbourhood Managers as part of that

Community Committees, in dialogue with planners and developers where possible, will
decide what actions they want to take e.g. circulate information by email; arrange a
public meeting.

The lead for arranging public meetings on applications must come from the developer
and / or community commitTee. Urban Vision will where possible attend such meetings
to advise on the process and address any matters of fact. Urban Vision has to remain
objective and impartial during the pre-application period and the determination period
once the application is in. They will therefore not be able to offer opinions about the
application during the pre-application and consultation phases.

The development of this protocol is consistent with Salford’s Statement of Community

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out the standards to be adopted
by the city council for engaging the community and key stakeholders in the plan-making
process. Its main aim is to achieve greater public involvement in the process of
document production or in the determination of planning applications.

The Government has set out a number of guiding principles that Salford is keen to take
on board to ensure that maximum community involvement is achieved. The key
principles are listed below:

      Front loading of involvement

      Use of engagement methods that are relevant to the community concerned
      Continuous involvement
      Transparency
      Accessibility
      Planning for Involvement

There are clear benefits for everyone involved in the planning process by increasing the
level of community and stakeholder engagement; these benefits include:

      Strengthening the evidence base for plans, strategies and planning decisions
      Community commitment to the future development of an area
      Promoting regeneration and investment
      Fostering ownership and strengthening delivery

The SCI was adopted in March 2008.

m.w. 14/12/11

                                     Weaste Area Forum

                           Weaste Conservative Club, Weaste Lane

            Minutes from meeting on Monday 7th November 2011 11am – 12pm


JonJo Marston - Chair
Sharman Jones, Sarah Whitehead, Rebecca Mason - Weaste Area Forum
Mick Walbank – Neighbourhood Management Team
Kay Fairhurst – Neighbourhood Management Team
Joyce Fitzpatrick and Lillian Fallows – Better off in Weaste
Elaine Dewhurst and Tony Cavanagh – Housing Market Support Officers, SCC
Chris Allmark and Jan Gorton – St Lukes Church, Weaste
Bill Smid – local resident and Weaste Allotments representative
Apologies: Andy Leaston and Sharon Watters – W.A.F; Jan Rochford

   1. Welcome and introductions
      Tony Cavanagh and Elaine Dewhurst introduced themselves and explained their roles
      within the Council, in particular their involvement in extending the Landlord Licensing
      scheme into Barff Road, Kennedy Road, New Cross Street, Tootal Drive and Tootal Road.
      There is potential for the forum to support the consultation process by facilitating drop-
      in sessions and/or passing on feedback.

   2. Discuss activities/updates since last meeting.
      The forum members had a cake stall at St Luke’s Church table top sale and made £34.62
      for the forum’s funds.
      BCD Community Garden group held a Halloween Party for the local children, which was
      a success.
      Additional update: The Eden buses are out of action currently, but one is due to be in
      use in early 2012. Rebecca Mason to meet with Matt Wilson from The Message to
      discuss opportunities for its use in Weaste.
      Mick and Kay fed back that the Lighthouse church no longer feel that Tootal Drive
      School is a viable building for the work they would like to carry out.

   3. Further actions to be taken
      Forum members to meet to discuss opportunities to run from Weaste Con. Club 2 days a
      week, allowing opportunities for greater community work and support of local people,
      including Better Off In Weaste and the Job Club.
      Initial day to be held on Thursday 24th November, 1-7pm (Kay Fairhurst to be present)

       Weaste In Bloom (updates and actions for future – discuss timings at next meeting):
          Allotment happy for us to use poly-tunnel and a few greenhouses if we want to
             grow our own plants for hanging and barrier baskets.

          Discussion needed with Highways Agency about the placement of barrier baskets
           (10 of which are available for us at Buile Hill Park.)
          Liaise with local schools with gardening clubs to see if they would like to be
          Fairbridge are interested in helping with planting.
          Contact Salix to discuss links to their garden competition.

4. Treasurers Report
   Short update from Sharman Jones the Forum Treasurer.
   £34.62 raised at cake sale.

5. Forum Links to Community Committee
   The Forum continue to represent at the community committee meetings. SW to
   continue as Voting Rep for the forum.
   Forum and Mick to find out if we are able to have additional voting members (to be able
   to utilise our single voting opportunity at CC) to cover absences.

6. Date of Next Meeting
   The next meeting of the forum will be on Monday 5th December , 11am-12pm open
   public meeting to discuss issues and services in Weaste, at Weaste Conservative Club,
   Weaste Lane.


                                        Weaste Area Forum

                             Weaste Conservative Club, Weaste Lane

             Minutes from meeting on Monday 5th December 2011 11am – 12pm


Andy Leaston – Acting Chair

Sarah Whitehead, Sharon Watters, Rebecca Mason - Weaste Area Forum

Mick Walbank – Neighbourhood Management Team

Kay Fairhurst – Neighbourhood Management Team

Joyce Fitzpatrick and Lillian Fallows – Better off in Weaste

Dennis Whittle – Environmental Services

Bill Smid – local resident and Weaste Allotments representative

Hannah Clifton – freelance journalist

Apologies: Sharman Jones – W.A.F; Jan Rochford

   7. Welcome, apologies and introductions

   8. Discuss activities/updates since last meeting.

       Open Day went well, interest in activities for young people.

       Need to finalise when the Job Club would like to use the club.

       Briefly discuss Weaste In Bloom:
            Allotment happy for us to use poly-tunnel and a few greenhouses if we want to
               grow our own plants for hanging and barrier baskets.
            Liaise with local schools with gardening clubs to see if they would like to be
            Fairbridge are interested in helping with planting.
            Contact Salix (Jackie Walker?) to discuss links to their garden competition.
       Possibly for 2012 WAF to promote and assist residents with hanging baskets and tubs,
       due to the complex and expensive task of organising barrier displays.

   9. Presentation from Dennis Whittle – Environmental Services
      Dennis introduced himself and explained his role in improving the use and security of
      bins (general and recycling) in Salford. He would like to expand improvements to these
      factors into the Weaste area. Potentially starting in the Cedric, Baltic, Chandos area.

   Proposals are such like locking bins, fixed location recycling bins and colour coding and
   house numbering to individual bins.
   S.Wh to liaise with Dennis to set up a meeting with the street resident associations.
   Leaflets to be given to S. Wh and J.F.
   Potential is there for Dennis to use the forum and Social Club as a community link for
   neighbourhood consultation processes.

10. Use of Weaste Social Club
    No representative from HiT present. Rep to be re-invited for next meeting.
    Communication is underway to arrange use of Social Club on a Wednesday morning.
    Awaiting funding confirmation for Better of in Weaste Job-club with regard to their use
    of the social club on a Thursday afternoon.

11. S. Wh outlined forum plans to introduce a code of conduct and Membership agreement
    to help ensure the smooth running of the forum, meetings and events. These will be
    drawn up and approved by the forum members and in use in the new year.

12. Date of Next Meeting
    The next meeting of the forum will be on Monday 9th January, 11am-12pm open public
    meeting to discuss issues and services in Weaste, venue to be confirmed.


            Claremont Community Association

Height in Bloom

Minutes of the meeting held on 2 November 2011

Members present Geoff Yates, Julie Evans, Carol Babbs, Sue Pugh, Elaine Laidler, Maurice
               Kirk, Cllr. Norman Owen, Cllr. Joe Murphy, PCSO Dave Hartley.

Item 1:        Apologies

               Apologies for absence were received from:- Cllr Dirir, Mary Ferrer, Beryl Patten, Pat
               Sloane, Kay Fairhurst.
Item 2:        Minutes

      (i)      The minutes from the meeting held on the 8 October 2011 were distributed
               electronically to all members prior to the meeting and hard copies were made
               available at the start of the meeting. The minutes were accepted as an accurate
Item 3:       The Police Community Beat Team / PACTs.

    (i)        Noise in parks mainly Light Oaks Park and Westland, the same group is letting off
               fireworks and drinking. Police have given out six antisocial behaviour agreements
               (ABA) for letting off fireworks. Halloween weekend operation Brocade blitzed Light
               Oaks and Westland, Police arrived early searching and confiscating fireworks.
               Residents on Manchester Road are constantly ringing the Police complaining of
               approximately 50 youths congregating in the park. Residents have asked if CCTV
               cameras can be put back, they were only up as a temporary measure. Shop owners
               as well as residents are in favour. PCSO Hartley will speak with Inspector David
    (ii)       Off road bikes coming from Duchy are cutting through Light Oaks Park but are gone
               by the time Police patrols arrive, if you see where the riders of the bikes go please
               let the Police know. Cllr Owen asked PCSO to keep an eye open on Lower Seedley
               Road for a green bike. Police cannot pursue if riders are not wearing crash helmets.
    (iii)      The recent spike in burglaries has slowed down but is expected to rise due to darker
               nights. Police will campaign to advise residents to keep lights on when they are out.
               Homewatch co-ordinators have been made aware of what’s been going on and what
               to look out for.
    (iv)       Cllr Owen asked PCSO’s to keep an eye on parking in Queen Street, cars are
               parking on the kerb close to the cottages stopping people passing on the pavement
               forcing them into the road.
    (v)        When there are functions at the Church and Youth Club on King Street tensions rise
               due to motorist’s road rage when they can’t pass due to parked cars.

Item 4:      Matters arising from the minutes

    (iv)     Westland Park: a complaint had been made that a zip slide had been removed, it has
             now been replaced.
    (v)      Lightoaks Park Gates unauthorised locking / unlocking of gates by members of the
             public has now been resolved and new locks have been purchased.
    (vi)     Restricted Parking on Bolton Road to be carried over to the next meeting.
    (vii)    Cllr Owen has been on the building site numerous times regarding heavy lorries. The
             breaking of concrete by heavy duty equipment will now be done off site as far as
             possible. There have been reports of cracks to walls of properties in the area.
             Working times are restricted. There have been reports of trees being felled that have
             preservation orders on them, this has been denied, trees have been cut down but
             there were no preservation orders. Any trees cut down will be replaced in more than
             double the quantity.
    (viii)   Children’s’ Homes in Claremont: no recent complaints have been raised with Cllr
             Owen or PCSO’s. Police activity is due to kids returning home late. Invitations will
             be sent to the managers of all Children’s’ Homes in the area to attend the next
    (ix)     Bolton Road Shop: – Subway Outlet now has the hours they wanted and will open
             soon. Hampsons Bakers will be closing. Individuals and Cllr’s are concerned about
             the hours Subway will be opening, they are 7.00am – 10.00pm with variations at
    (x)      Ranulph Court drop kerbs: Cllr Dirir dealt with this. Work has now been completed.
    (xi)     Buile Hill Mansion developments: this is ongoing, nothing new to mention. The
             subject will be put on the agenda for the next meeting.
    (xii)    Trenant Road: the public enquiry was adjourned until February 2012. Cllrs have
             asked for it to be brought forward due to the poor state of the building.
Item 5: Environment Officer report

    (i)      The Environment Officer did not attend the meeting. Cllr Owen received an email
             from him and he will attend the meeting in December.
    (ii)     Cllr Owen stated Urban Vision have not completed repairs to the railings at Daisy
             Bank or the Bolton Road barrier, Cllr Owen asked for a letter to be sent from this
             group, possibly invite Urban Vision to attend a meeting. An invitation will be sent to
             Stuart Whittle, Cllr Owen will list items with specific dates of repairs not completed.

Item 6: Councillors’ report

             In this section of the meeting, the three local councillors are each given five minutes
             in order to highlight any issues, observations, etc. that they had. At the end of the
             five minutes, the meeting was invited to question the councillor on any of the points

             There had been no full council meeting. However, a policy meeting had taken place
             re how the council can help people in the economic climate. Cllr Owen commented
             on cheap shops, betting shops and takeaways. All partners are on board eg NHS.

               The council are forming a group in order to discuss child poverty and invite a
               member of the organisation to attend.

Item 7: Treasurer’s Report
       (i)     Current Account £442.29
       (ii)    Savings Account £2404.93
       (iii)   In Hand            £12


Height Methodist Church notes for your diary. Saturday 5th November, Bonfire at Buile Hill
Park, Fireworks and Funfair. Saturday 19th November, Barn Dance and Supper 7.30pm tickets
£10. From Geoff Yates.

The Height Methodist Church is25/08/2012 hosting a Christmassy Day on Sunday 18th
December. The Church is offering a free Christmas dinner to anyone in the community who will
spend Christmas alone. The day will start with a Morning Service at 11.15, followed by
Christmas Dinner at 1.15, followed by entertainment at 2.15, followed by Mulled Wind and
Mince Pies at 3.15, concluding with a Carol Service at 4.30 Admission is by ticket only as
numbers are limited.

The residents of Ranulph Court and the kids from the youth club get together at the youth club
on the first Tuesday of each month in an attempt to break down age barriers, the first meeting
was in November and everyone had a go at Indoor Curling. This is open to anyone of any age
in the local community.

Ranulph Court have a Thursday Club the last Thursday of the month. Anyone over the age of
55 can attend, the group meet 11.30 – 3.30 and enjoy bingo, hot lunch and entertainment
followed by a karaoke sing-a-long. Tickets £3.00 each. Ring Julie on 0161 736 8013 for more

Ranulph Court are having their Christmas Fete on Saturday 3 December 1.00 – 3.00pm. As
well as tombola, raffle etc Eccles Borough Band will be playing Christmas Carols.

Geoff is bringing the group website up to date, the CCA has a PC. However the software needs
updating, funding is available to fund the dongle which gives internet access. The Church now
has wifi, permission was given by the group to refund the dongle and spend the money on new

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 7 December 2011 at 7.30 pm at the Height
Methodist Hall, King Street, Irlams o’th Height, Salford 6

                                                      The Friends of Buile Hill Park
                                                                            c/o Parks Office
                                                                              Buile Hill Park
                                                                              Eccles Old Rd
                                                                                    M6 8GL

                                                                       Phone 0161 736 8911
                                                                           Or 07968327107
12 November 2011

Dear Ben


Following the recent meeting with your colleague Alex Dowse and our Chairperson Patsy
Letham I am writing about the rangers post. As you will be aware Brenda Smith is
retiring in January 2012 and we have been writing to Annie Surtees, Brendas manager
asking for reassurances that the post will be filled. As Annie has been unable to confirm
this we are very concerned that the Park will be left without a ranger in the future.

We understand the Council has had to make budget cuts and will have to make more
savings in the future. However we are very dependent on a ranger for all our activities
and events and we are seriously concerned that we would not be able to contimue as a
group without the presence and support of a ranger. There are many reasons for this.

For some years we had our own public liability insurance and because the cost was
becoming prohibitive it was arranged that we would be covered by the Councils
insurance, which was dependent on a ranger being present at our events, meetings etc.
This has enabled us to carry on with a programme of events and fundraising activities
which is getting bigger and better every year. We attract thousands of visitors to the
park from Salford and the wider area and promote a positive image of the park.

The ranger is also a point of contact with the Council both for the Friends and the public
visible in the park and also behind the scenes. She attends all the monthly meetings,
and ad hoc meeings, and liaises with her colleagues to enable decisions to be made.
The ranger gives us access to our meeting and storage facilities and opens up the public
toilets for events.

We are also concerned that without a ranger other activities in the park such as the
Health Walks, school holiday activities and other
ranger led activities will stop. This would obviously affect the other parks in the area that
the ranger is responsible for.

Our main aim is to encourage visitors to the park. The park is busier now than it has ever
been and we also believe the Friends Group and the Ranger have helped to achieve this.
I an sure Annie can supply you with all the facts and figures regarding number of
visitors, volunteer hours and activities undertaken and supported by the Ranger.

Please can you confirm whether the Ranger post will be filled and when so that we can
continue to plan our future activities.

Yours sincerely

Carolyn Bilsborough

Ben Dolan, Salford City Council
cc Lead Members Councillor David Lancaster & Councillor Ray Mashiter
Peter Chew
Ward Councillors for Claremont and Langworthy
Sareda Dirir
Lynn Drake
Gina Loveday
Joe Murphy
Norman Owen
John Warmisham


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