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					Created by the interior designer Pascua Ortega, with a surface area of 3500 m2,
         it will be one of the biggest, most luxurious spas in the world


The water used in its Sea Water Therapy circuit comes straight from the bottom
              of the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the hotel shores

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 20th April. Inspired by the exceptional climate and natural
landscape of Tenerife, ESPA, the exclusive luxury spa consultancy firm (www.
espaonline.com) has created the new spa at GRAN HOTEL BAHÍA DEL DUQUE (www.
bahia-duque.com), offering à la carte treatments and unique rituals based on the
resources provided by the Adeje Coast environment, where the hotel is located.
Marine extracts, volcanic lava and aloe vera, autochthonous natural resources from
the Canary Islands, are just some of the ingredients used to develop the newest and
most surprising body and facial therapies available on the treatment menu.

Furthermore, ESPA products are internationally acclaimed for their high quality, used
by men and women all round the world who appreciate their natural biological
ingredients, such as essential oils, revitalising seaweeds and therapeutic muds.

This brand has arrived on the Canary Islands together with the new and exclusive
Bahía del Duque Spa, to bring out the best of ancient philosophies such as the
Ayurvedic culture, Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy with the aim of relaxing
mind and body in an entirely holistic experience.

Bahía del Duque Spa has 30 treatment rooms, 5 outdoor cabins for facial and body
treatments, for couples, groups or individuals, and 2 VIP suites (baptised with the
names Drago and Garoé) for treatment in couples. The suites cover 70 m2 each,
with a private terrace, relaxation area, showers and baths for individually-tailored
treatments in complete privacy.

 Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                       comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com
The human team at Bahía del Duque Spa consists of professionals who have been                                  •	    RESTAURANTS: The Garden Café, located beside the main spa pools has
on ESPA technique training courses lasting several months in order to gain a good                                    created a surprising menu with light, creative dishes made with healthy,
understanding of the firm’s values, and the philosophy of this impressive wellness                                   natural ingredients, such as salads and sandwiches with aloe vera, tomato
centre, located in one of the best hotels in the world.                                                              or multi-cereal bread, amongst others, accompanied by a wide selected of
The following elements form part of the varied offer of treatments, circuits, techniques                             teas and natural fruit juices.
and sessions using different methods:
•	    SEA	WATER	THERAPY	CIRCUIT:	located in the open-air, this circuit offers the                              •	    CHANGING	ROOMS: To enhance our guests’ visit to the spa, the two changing
      enjoyment of the therapeutic benefits of the water that is taken from the bottom                               rooms have been designed as relaxation rooms with special lighting, interior
      of the Atlantic Ocean that bathes the hotel shores and is warmed for spa use.                                  decoration and size. Guests have their own personal lockers with robe,
      The experience starts in the Vitality Pool with the enjoyment of its relaxing                                  slippers and towels. The facilities provide unique corners to enjoy a sauna
      bubbles in the air beds, cervical jets, swan neck, then followed by immersion
                                                                                                                     or hammam, followed by a refreshing shower, relaxation beds and outdoor
      in the ice well, achieving a wonderful relaxing of mind and body through the
      contrasting temperatures. One of the biggest added values of this circuit is that                              marine thermal baths.
      it has been designed for use when the sun goes down, and the chromotherapy
      system comes on in the Vitality Pool. It is known as a harmonisation method,                             •	    DECORATION:	 Created by interior designer Pascua Ortega, the new Bahía
      for healing certain illnesses through colours.                                                                 del Duque Spa has opted for natural materials, such as the flooring that is
•	    HAMMAM: Also known a Turkish Bath, this humid steam bath, formerly used                                        finished in Colmenar limestone, autochthonous Basalt and Toscan stone,
      as a social meeting place, offers a hygiene ritual marked by the architectural                                 which are typical in the area. Natural oak has been used for interiors, and
      elements in the zone. Its principal benefits are body cleansing and relaxation.                                Ipe	for	outdoors.	Walls	have	been	crafted	in	stucco	using	natural	pigments,	
•	    SAUNAS:	This is also a steam bath but it delivers dry steam at a high temperature                              imitating the tone of Toscan stone that is very common in the South of
      and minimum humidity, with beneficial effects on the body as it releases                                       Tenerife Island. Also, limestone, white Macael marble, painted glass, treated
      toxins, cleanses the skin and activates blood flow. Accompanied by contrasting                                 oak	and	mosaic	have	been	used.	With	regard	to	furniture	and	fittings,	cotton,	
      temperatures, it is recommended to finish a sauna session with a cooling session                               raffia and natural plant fibres have been selected, as well as sisal curtains
      in order to enhance its benefits.
                                                                                                                     hanging in the spa reception area. It should be noted that all the wood used
•	    SCOTTISH	SHOWERS: Alternating jets of cold and hot water in Scottish showers                                   for all the furniture has been treated and stained entirely by hand.
      have a toning, stimulating effect. They also reactivate the blood flow and tone
      the skin through a surface micromassage, with a very pleasant feeling.
                                                                                                               •	    ARCHITECTURE: The lay-out, designed by the Teótimo Rodríguez Hermoso
•	    FITNESS	 ROOM:	 This area, opening out onto a terrace with a central fountain, is                              architectural studio, is defined as an ecological project, selecting Tenerife
      surrounded by gardens and has been designed to unite physical exercise and well-
                                                                                                                     stone, ravine drag, water slats, wood, and ecological paint and varnish,
      being, in its Kinesis zone and in the Chi Studio. The studio offers traditional oriental
      techniques	in	the	form	of	Yoga,	Tai	Chi,	Meditation	and	Pilates	classes	and	courses,	                          as well as natural pigments. All the walls and terraces are south-facing to
      guaranteeing mind relaxation, breathing control and physical exercise, particularly                            enhance and filter the lighting with the reflection of the natural light, with
      with reference to postural correction. To achieve this, the aim of this area is to bring                       flexible spaces and an open design. The overall aim is always focused on
      together dynamism and muscle strength with mental control, breathing and relaxation                            enhancing a serene equilibrium between the spa and its setting, forming an
      techniques. The Kinesis Zone uses outstanding latest-generation technology in all its                          integral part of the magnificent gardens of Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque.
      Italian-designed Technogym apparatuses, thus achieving a new concept in physical
      exercise in gyms. Kinesis permits three-dimensional movements, using a cable and
      pulley system, offering fun, mobility and balancing the mind and body.

 Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16   Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                       comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com                                                  comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com
TREATMENTS: These are divided into nine different groups,                                                         •     Radiance Restoring Ritual: this individually-tailored treatment helps to bring
                              according to their characteristics:                                                       back your skin’s natural balance, harmonising your body and restoring
1. BAHIA EXPERIENCE SIGNATURE TREATMENTS                                                                                Length: 1hr. 30 min.
                                                                                                                        Aim: to restore your skin’s radiance and natural balance.
•        Chakra Balancing Volcanic Lava Stone Treatment: Chakras are the seven energy                                   Ingredients: sun-dried sea salts and nourishing oils.
         centres in the body that affect equilibrium and inner harmony. These energy                                    Technique: the ritual starts with a gentle body exfoliation with sun-dried sea
                                                                                                                        salts and nourishing oils to remove dead cells and restore natural radiance and
         centres have been thoroughly studied in Chinese and Ayurvedic philosophies,
                                                                                                                        balance. It is followed by an individually-tailored facial treatment with ESPA
         and can affect your body and mind negatively if they are blocked or congested.
                                                                                                                        products to match your skin type.
         Length: 2 hrs.
         Aim: to achieve a feeling of deep-seated relaxation in body and spirit.                                  •     Sport Tonic: this is the perfect treatment to soothe tired muscles after a game of
         Ingredients: essential oils and volcanic stones.                                                               tennis or a round of golf.
         Technique: this holistic treatment starts with a foot ritual, full body exfoliation                            Length: 1hr. 45 min.
                                                                                                                        Aim: to release tension in the back and restore vitality to legs, feet and arms.
         and gentle facial cleansing. After freeing all the negativity, volcanic lava stones
                                                                                                                        Ingredients: volcanic lava stones and paraffin wax.
         are placed on the Chakra points on your back, hands and feet, while the body
                                                                                                                        Technique: treatment consists of foaming exfoliation of feet with reflex point
         is massaged using individually-tailored essential oils to release tension. The
                                                                                                                        massage with volcanic stones and a warming mask of paraffin wax. Then a
         treatment ends with an acupressure head massage, and gentle stretching to help                                 back massage is given with hot volcanic stones, releasing deep-seated tension
         to release tension in your neck and shoulders.                                                                 and muscle stress.

•        Aloe Vera and Banana Leaf Ritual: Canary Island Aloe Vera has healing,                                   2. ESPA ADVANCED FACIAL
         moisturising and regenerative properties. Its reparative benefits for problem
         skin and healing capacity for all types of burns are well known. It is also                              •     Back, face and scalp massage with hot volcanic lava stones: stress, anxiety
         blends wonderfully with essential oils and other plant extracts. Banana leaves,                                and pressure of daily life are visibly reflected in your skin. Facial treatments
         in turn, have relaxing, calming properties, making it the ideal treatment for                                  cleanse, tone, moisturise and include a holistic massage. The results are clear
         sun-exposed holiday skin.                                                                                      and healthy skin that is soft and visibly rejuvenated.
                                                                                                                        Length: 2 hrs.
         Length:2hrs.                                                                                                   Aim: to deeply rehydrate, nourish and calm your skin.
         Aim: to calm, refresh and moisturise the skin.                                                                 Ingredients: volcanic lava stones and essential oils.
         Ingredients:Aloe Vera and Banana leaves.                                                                       Technique: treatment begins with a deep cleansing back exfoliation, followed
         Technique: after cleansing your skin, a massage is given with Canary Island                                    by a warm volcanic stone massage with individually-tailored essential oils to
         Aloe Vera. Then your body is cocooned in banana leaves, while your face, neck                                  restore equilibrium to mind and body. A facial massage is then performed with
         and	scalp	are	massaged.	When	your	skin	has	had	time	to	regain	its	moisture,	                                   nourishing oil and an intensive mask is applied, tailored to individual skin
         the banana leaf wrap is removed. The treatment ends with the application of a                                  needs.	Whilst	the	mask	is	taking	effect,	an	Oriental	head	massage	is	performed	
                                                                                                                        to release tension.
         refreshing balm rich in lavender and cypress, with calming, relaxing properties.

    Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16   Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                          comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com                                                  comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com
3. ESPA INTENSIVE FACIAL                                                                                       4. ESPA FOR MEN

•	    Instant	Brightener: exposure to pollution and sun, lack of sleep and stress can                          •     Men’s facial, shoulder and head massage: this is a simple, individual treatment,
      result in dull skin, lacking vitality and luminosity.                                                          with the application of very masculine aromas to encourage male guests to look
                                                                                                                     after their bodies.
      Length: 1hr.
      Aim: to enhance skin luminosity and regeneration.                                                              Length: 1hr.
      Ingredients: natural products rich in AHAs and BHAs.                                                           Aim: to balance and hydrate men’s skin
      Technique: this facial treatment includes cleansing, gentle exfoliation,                                       Ingredients: plant extracts and purifying essences.
      acupressure facial massage, moisturisation and an intensive facial mask. It is                                 Technique: the treatment starts with facial skin cleansing with plant extracts
                                                                                                                     and essences that purify, balance and hydrate men’s skin. Steamy hot towels
•	    Skin	Rescue:	a regenerating boost for dry, dehydrated skin that needs moisture                                 with soothing essences complete the experience. Then a facial, shoulder and
      and hydration.                                                                                                 head massage is given to release tension.
      Length: 1hr.
      Aim: to regenerate, hydrate and nourish.                                                                 •     Stressbuster: this is perfect for eliminating daily tension that leads to discomfort
      Ingredients: Botanical Rescue, one of ESPA’s star products.                                                    particularly in shoulders, lower back, neck and back.
      Technique: treatment begins with facial cleansing and gentle exfoliation with
                                                                                                                     Length: 1hr. 30min.
      specific essential oils, together with the application of Botanical Rescue.
                                                                                                                     Aim: to relive headaches and muscle pain caused by stress.
                                                                                                                     Ingredients: relaxing essences.
•	    Oil	Balancer: ideal for combination skins with an oily tendency, acne problems
                                                                                                                     Technique: deep back, neck, shoulders and head massage.
      or hormonal imbalances.
      Length: 1hr.
                                                                                                               •     Sport Tonic for Men: the perfect treatment for releasing tension in the back and
      Aim: to purify, regulate oil secretions and refine open pores.
                                                                                                                     neck after doing sports.
      Ingredients: essential oil of tea tree and thyme extract.
      Technique: cleansing, gentle exfoliation with essential oils of tea tree and thyme                       −     Length: 1hr. 45min.
      extract, aiding healing and improving spots and blemishes, acupressure facial                            −     Aim: to release back and neck tension and restore vitality to legs, feet and arms.
      massage, moisturisation and intensive facial mask.                                                       −     Ingredients: volcanic lava stones and paraffin wax mask.
                                                                                                               −     Technique: foamy exfoliation of feet, a reflex point massage performed with hot
•	    After	Sun	Desensitiser: this is the best facial treatment for sensitive skins prone to                         volcanic stones, followed by a relaxing head massage while a warm paraffin
      redness and irritation. It is also ideal for skin that has been over-exposed to the sun.                       wax mask is applied to your feet. A hot lava stone back massage releases deep-
                                                                                                                     seated tension and eases aching muscles.
      Length: 1hr.
      Aim: to calm, reduce sensitivity and minimise redness.
      Ingredients: individually-tailored essential oils for each skin type.
      Technique: an analysis will be first made of your skin type and condition,
      followed by cleansing and gentle exfoliation. Acupressure facial massage
      will be performed, and then moisturisation, and finally the application of an
      intensive facial mask.

 Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16   Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                       comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com                                                  comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com
5.	ESPA	HOLISTIC	BODY	MASSAGE                                                                                     6.	ESPA	ULTIMATE	BODY	ENVELOPMENT
                                                                                                                  •     Body envelopment: this intensive, shock treatment consists of enveloping your
•        Aromatherapy massage: perfect for physical or emotional imbalances. Choose                                     body so that it can absorb all the elements required to achieve balance and well-
         between:                                                                                                       being. According to the experts at Bahía del Duque spa, the ideal treatment is a
         Length: 1hr. or 1hr. 30min.                                                                                    combination of envelopment with an Aromatherapy massage. Choose between
         Aim: to restore the balance in energy levels.                                                                  the following envelopments:
         Ingredients: essential oils personalised to meet individual needs.                                             Length: 1hr.
         Technique: deep therapeutic massage with essential oils.                                                       Aim: to restore a balance in energy levels.
                                                                                                                        Ingredients: the therapist will recommend the best envelopment to suit each
Choose between the following treatments:                                                                                guest’s needs, based on Seaweed extracts, Therapeutic Mud or Oshadi Clay
	        Detoxfier: massage with citric essences that have natural diuretic and                                        Technique: envelopment.
         detoxifying properties, helping to eliminate any surplus elements at all levels.                              Detoxifier: using detoxifying essential oils blended with warm seaweed, this
                                                                                                                        envelopment helps to improve circulation, and speed up the elimination of fats
	        Muscle Shooter: Essential oils of Clove and Indian spices ease and relieve                                    and toxins.
         muscle tension with a mild warming effect. Highly comforting treatment,
                                                                                                                       De-stressor: this consists of a warm envelopment that comforts, releases tension
         recommended for cases of muscle pain.                                                                          and brings physical and mental relaxation.
	        De-stressor:massage performed with a blend of incense, myrrh, sandal wood                                    Harmoniser: this warm envelopment with balancing essences restores harmony
         and geranium. Ideal for hyperactive people, after a stressing period and for                                   and well-being.
         those who find it hard to get to sleep.                                                                       Immune Booster: this strengthens immune system defences.
                                                                                                                       Skin Nourish: envelopment based on restorative oil, muds and nourishing
	        Harmoniser: rebalances energy levels through the essential oils of orange
                                                                                                                        creams that deeply rehydrate and nourish. Especially indicated for dry skins.
         blossom, myrrh and palmarosa. Clears your mind and enhances objectivity.
         Perfect after a complicated emotional situation or periods of extreme sensitivity.                       7. MINI RITUALS
                                                                                                                  •     ESPA Mini rituals: these Mini Rituals renew body and mind, delicately pampering
	        Inmune Booster: massage performed with a powerful blend of tea tree and
                                                                                                                        the body with ESPA products (www.espaonline.com).
         three types of eucalyptus oil, strengthening the immune system. For situations
         when your body’s defences are low, or for mild respiratory problems.                                           Length: 2 hrs.
                                                                                                                        Aim: to exfoliate, hydrate and relax
                                                                                                                        Ingredients: cactus spikes, sea salts and essential oils.
•        Swedish massage: ideal to release tension.
                                                                                                                        Technique: the treatment includes stimulation of the circulation with cactus
         Length: 1hr. or 1hr. 30min.                                                                                    spikes, exfoliation with sea salts and essential oils, body wrap and full body
         Aim: to work muscle tension, improve circulation, stimulate the lymph system                                   massage. There are seven different Mini Rituals to choose from:
         and relax tension.                                                                                             •	The	ESPA	Detoxifier.
         Ingredients: essential oils.                                                                                   •	The	ESPA	Body	Toner.
         Technique: traditional Swedish massage with regulated pressure, kneading and                                   •	The	ESPA	Muscle	Relaxer.
         pulling motions.                                                                                               •	The	ESPA	Stress	Reliever.
                                                                                                                        •	The	ESPA	Immune	Booster.
                                                                                                                        •	The	ESPA	Energy	Booster.
                                                                                                                        •	The	ESPA	Jet	Lag	Eliminator.

    Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16   Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                          comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com                                                  comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com
8.	SPECIALITY	TREATMENTS                                                                                      •        ESPA Holistic Foot and Nail Treatment with Volcanic Stones: feet are largely
                                                                                                                       neglected in beauty routines, but the ultimate final appearance cannot be
•    Full body Sea Salt and Essential Oil Scrub: this treatment leaves your skin
                                                                                                                       achieved if your feet are not cared for.
     healthy, smooth, soft, rejuvenated and ready to absorb other treatments.
     Length: 30min.                                                                                                    Length: 1hr. 5min.
     Aim: to free your body of impurities and dead cells.                                                              Aim: to deeply nourish and soften.
     Ingredients: Sea salt and essential oils.
                                                                                                                       Ingredients: Volcanic Stones, aromatherapy oils and paraffin wax.
     Technique: sea salts are carefully blended with essential oils to remove dead
     cells and improve skin tone. As well as exfoliating, the essential oils are slowly                                Technique: treatment starts with gentle exfoliation, followed by acupressure
     absorbed to help restore lost vitality and protect against dryness.                                               point massage with hot volcanic stones and aromatherapy oils, personalised to
                                                                                                                       meet individual needs. Then, a warm paraffin wax envelopment is applied to
•    Post Natal Experience Treatment: this treatment is carefully designed for new                                     hydrate heels in particular and rough skin zones on your feet. To finish, nails
     mothers.                                                                                                          are buffed and nail varnish is applied.
     Length: 1hr. 30 min.
     Aim: to calm, refresh and hydrate, leaving the skin tauter and toned.
     Ingredients: Calendula flower extract, pink clay and nourishing creams.
     Technique: full facial treatment consisting of a triple cleansing facial, application
     of a moisturising mask, facial massage, and a gentle shoulder, neck and back
     massage. A mask is also applied throughout the abdominal zone to prevent the
     appearance of stretch marks and to enhance skin beauty.

•    ESPA Holistic Hand and Nail Treatment with Volcanic Stones: your hands are
     your main letter of introduction, and probably one of the most useful parts of
     your body, but they also suffer from the use of soap, chemicals, and lack of
     moisturisers and care.
     Length: 50min.
     Aim: to deeply nourish and soften.
     Ingredients: Volcanic Stones, aromatherapy oils and paraffin wax.
     Technique: the treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a therapeutic
     massage with hot volcanic stones and aromatherapy oils, personalised to meet
     individual needs. A warm paraffin wax envelopment is then applied. To finish,
     nails are buffed and nail varnish is applied.

Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16       Avda. de Bruselas s/n 38660 Costa Adeje - Tenerife - España. Tel.: (34) 922 74 69 00 Fax: (34) 922 74 69 16
                      comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com                                                      comercial@bahia-duque.com                www.bahia-duque.com

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