Strengths of Reverse Belly Button Rings

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					                         Advantages of Reverse Belly Button Rings

 Belly button rings have always been
popular but the latest trend is reverse
ones. They are so called as the ring fits
in the belly piercing’s bottom, hanging
from its top. Nor only is it fashionable
but also has many advantages over the
traditional ones. A large number of
different types of rings are present in
the market today in many designs,
some of the famous ones including
dangle belly button rings, playboy belly
button rings and top down belly button

They also have a number of zodiac symbols and also playboy tags attached at times for those
who want to look sensual while wearing them. For the rich and the fashionable, there are even
diamond studded ones available in jewelry shops.

The advantages of wearing reverse belly button rings are:

1.The major advantage that comes into the picture is safety as it is considered safer over most
other standard designs. There structure is such that it does not easily get stuck in one’s clothing,
unlike the other ring types which commonly have this issue.

2.It has happened a number of times that other standard ring designs get caught or tangles in a
passing person or object and may get torn off accidentally, which can be immensely painful and
agonizing to the wearer. Those that wear them are hence required to be aware and also cautious
of this case and have to take care to avoid any accident of the like else the cost is nothing but
searing pain.

3.For people with varied tastes in fashion and styles, these rings are made available in numerous
sizes and shapes, while maintaining a fashion statement in order to suit the needs of the wearer.
Some of the famous shapes are flowers and butterflies. If you are someone who would prefer to
keep it simple, then you could try out a bar shaped ring which offers an elegant and smart look.
There are a large number of varied designs that you can choose from to meet your fashion and
personality requirements.

4.They come in a greater variety as compared to the standard designs and structures. You can opt
for a trendy look or for a simple one or even go for a hot and fashionable one- the choice is all
yours. There is a plethora of sizes, shapes and patterns that are available at your disposal for you
to try and match with your style.

5.Reverse belly button rings offer a classic hanging look, which makes it look all the more
fashionable in comparison to the ordinary designs and shapes. This is a major advantage that
gives an edge over almost every other design in the market of these piercings.
With these being some of the major advantages besides a huge number of others, it is quite a
trend and a large advantage to go for reverse belly button piercings over the standard and
ordinary ones. If you haven’t taken them into consideration already, then you surely must now.