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									Diamond rings - perfect for an engagement
Engagement is one such occasion which everyone wants it to be special and
memorable. So, to make it special for your partner you can present her with a
diamond ring. It is believed that diamond is girl’s best friend. Diamond is
considered as a symbol of love and commitment.

But now purchasing the diamond ring for beloved one is even more complicated
for those people who are buying it for the first time and do not have much
experience in the jewellery field. Hence here are some tips which will help you in
purchasing the perfect ring.
The most important factor which is to be considered is 4C’s namely:
• Carat
• Cut
• Color
• Clarity

   And these factors will help you come across the best engagement ring.

   Carat is the unit of weight according to which the price differs. The cut represents the
   manner in which diamond has been shaped and polished to transform it into the
   most precious gemstone. The most common shape is round.

   Diamond is valued for its clarity. If there is no clarity then the appearance of the stone
   may get affected by impurities that interfere with the passage of light through the
   stone. The stone is considered as ideal if it is free from impurities.

   Colorless diamond has great value than colored stone. So, these four C’s must be
   considered before selecting the perfect diamond.
"The classic is the round brilliant of eightfold symmetry - this style originated in
the first century BC and has enduring popularity," advises Sabrina. She continues,
"This shape's popularity transcends through generations and has always kept its
classic appeal. Women who have a classic, elegant taste tend to prefer the round
brilliant cut." Kush Diamonds Adriana ring, below, is a popular classic brilliant cut.

The next important factor is the budget. If you are clear with these 4c’s then you
can easily select the ring appropriate to your budget. The taste and preference of
the partner is also important feature which is to be considered before purchasing
it. Make sure that the ring which you select suits the personality and lifestyle of
your partner. You must also make sure that it looks good in her hand.

Clues to choosing the correct shape are based on your personality, taste in style
and also the way you dress. "The ladies who prefer the traditional look (nothing
fancy) tend to like the simple solitaire white gold/yellow gold band with one
beautiful set diamond.
Whereas those who like more bling tend to go for solitaire with diamonds set on
the shoulders of the setting," Sabrina explains. Kush Diamonds Angelique ring,
above, shows another, popular engagement ring setting.

If you are buying from online then you have to take following measures. Check
whether the online store is genuine, by checking the customer reviews,
comparing it with other online stores and not the least check whether online
transaction is proper or not. By following these tips you can get a perfect
diamond ring for your partner.

Source: http://www.novori.com

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