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Agawam 4th Open Juried Art Show Prospectus - Brochure _Call for Entry_

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					                                                                                   Friends of the Agawam Public Library
                                                                                         4th Open Juried Art Show
                                                                                             November 1 – 29, 2012
                                Friends of the Agawam Public Library                           Agawam Public Library
                                                                                                 750 Cooper Street
                                                                                                Agawam, MA 01001
                                         Board Members 2012                                  Calendar of Events
       Friends of the                                                            Start of two week        From Sat Oct.13,
        Agawam              Marcia Capuano                  President             drop off of art.     2012 any day during
      Public Library        Louis Russo                     Vice-President
                                                                                                         library hours (Mon-
                                                                                                           Thu 9-9, Fri 10-6,
                            Jean Clark                      Treasurer                                      Sat 10-5) and on
4th Open Juried Art Show    Jennifer Rachele                Clerk
                                                                                                          Sat. Oct. 27, 2012
                                                                                                               from 10-1
  November 1 – 29, 2012     Kathy Arnold                    Director           Last Day to Enter &         Sat Oct.27, 2012
                                                                               Last Day to Drop off               from
                            Sylvia Deliso                   Director               art at Library.          10 AM – 1 PM
                            Robert (Bob) Kadis              Director                  Judging             Sat Oct. 27, 2012
                                                                                 Closed to public                 2pm
                            Scott Letendre                  Director              Pick up art not           Nov. 1-3, 2012
                            Nancy Spagnoli                  Director             accepted. Call or       Thu 10-9, Fri 10-6,
       Friends of the                                                          email, if can’t come.            Sat 10-5
        Agawam               For further information, please contact:          Reception & Awards.
                                                                                                           Fri Nov. 9, 2012
                                                                                                             7 PM – 9 PM
      Public Library              Bob Kadis at (413) 789-4814                   Pick up art. Call or       Fri Nov. 30, 2012
                                 Email:                    email, if can’t come.         1 PM – 6 PM
 4th Open Juried Art Show                                                                Selection & Awards Jurors
                                                                                              Elizabeth Rhoades
  November 1 – 29, 2012                                                        Elizabeth Rhoades is an award winning artist whose
                                                                               pastel paintings are characterized by their vibrant color
                                                                               and sensitivity to the natural forms and light in the
                                                                               landscape. She lives in Stafford Springs, CT, holds art
                                                                               degrees from SCSU and Wesleyan University, and has
                                                                               obtained an advanced degree of sixth level in art
       Friends of the                                                          education. Elizabeth is a Signature Member of the
                                                                               Connecticut Pastel Society, President of the Connecticut
        Agawam                                                                 Plein Air Painters Society, and a member of the Pastel
                                                                               Society of America, the Lyme Art Association,
      Public Library                                                           Connecticut Women Artists, the Pastel Society of the
                                                                               West Coast, and the Academic Artists Association.
                                                                                                   Art Scholz
4th Open Juried Art Show            Friends of the Agawam Public Library
                                             750 Cooper Street                 A watercolorist with a passion for New England scenes,
                                            Agawam, MA 01001                   Scholz skillfully captures the human interest of the
                                        Phone (413) 789-1550 x8855             countryside and seashores. His diverse talent is evident
                                                                               in the paintings accepted into International shows
  November 1 – 29, 2012   including “Birds in Art”, Woodson Museum, WI, Marine
                                                                               Art Exhibition Mystic, CT and also to the permanent
                                                                               collection of FFAST foreign artists museum in Tuscany,
                              This document is also available online.          Italy. Art is an award winner in national shows such as
                                                                               the RI and CT Watercolor Societies, Allied Artists of
                                                                               America, American Artists Professional League, NYC,
                                                                               and Laumeister Fine Art Competition, Bennington, VT.
                                                                               He is an active member of the Academic Artists
                                                                               Association, CT River Valley Artists and the CT and RI
                                                                               Watercolor Art Societies.
                                                              ENTRY REQUIREMENTS                                          PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY
                 AWARDS                                    Please read Calendar of Events
                                                           One Entry per Category Allowed                         Entry Form – Part 1 (Attach To Hanging Wire)
                                                           Categories                                             ---------------------------------
Juror’s Choice                        $ 250                 o    Acrylics                                            Friends of the Agawam Public Library
                                                            o    Oils
                                                            o    Watercolors                                               4th Open Juried Art Show
Acrylics                                                    o    Pastels                                                      November 1-29, 2012
                                                            o    Other Media (pencil drawing, charcoals,           Name____________________________
1st                                   $ 100                      pen and inks, block prints, collage,
2nd                                   $ 60                       encaustics)
3rd                                   $ 40                 Original art only. Jury selections will be based       City_________________ST____Zip____
Oils                                                        on the review of the original artworks, rather         Title______________________________
                                                            than on slides or jpegs.                               Price________Frame Size____________
1st                                   $ 100                Wired for hanging with frame
2nd                                   $ 60                 Wrap around frame acceptable
3rd                                   $ 40                 Wired Frame edge-to-edge max 20x24                     Phone ( ____ ) _____________________
Watercolors                                                No saw-tooth/clip hangers                              Email Address_____________________
                                                           5% contribution from artist for art sold. (Art         __________________________________________
1st                                   $ 100                 may be marked NFS.)                                          DO NOT separate Parts 2 and 3.
2nd                                   $ 60                 Non-refundable1 entry fee.                             ---------------------------------
3rd                                   $ 40                  o    Early-bird registration fee $25 per entry,
                                                                 if mail entry form & check by Saturday                Entry Form – Part 2 (Artist Receipt)
Pastels                                                          Oct.13, 2012                                      Received by ______________________
1st                                   $ 100                 o    Otherwise, $30 after Oct. 13, 2012                Name____________________________
2nd                                   $ 60            Liability: All reasonable care and safety will be            Address__________________________
3rd                                   $ 40            exercised in the handling, hanging, and storing of the art   City_________________ST____Zip____
Other Media                                           submitted. The Friends of the Agawam Public Library,         Title______________________________
1st                                   $ 100           the Library, and the Town of Agawam will not be              Price________Category_____________
2nd                                   $ 60            responsible for loss or damage to any item submitted.        ---------------------------------
3rd                                   $ 40
                                                                                                                     Entry Form – Part 3 (For Our Records)
10 Honorable Mentions                                     ENTRY FORM INSTRUCTIONS                                  Name____________________________
                                                          Refer to the Calendar of Events section of               Address__________________________
                                                              this brochure for important dates.
1A  category must have five or more submitted                                                                      City_________________ST____Zip____
and accepted entries to qualify for awards.
                                                                       How to Enter                                Title______________________________
Friends of the Agawam Public Library reserves         Part 1 - Fill out and attach to hanging wire.
                                                                                                                   Price________Frame Size____________
the right to eliminate a category, if there are not                                                                Category__________________________
at least five entries submitted and accepted.         Parts 2 and 3 [do not separate]:
                                                                                                                   Phone ( ____ ) _____________________
Artist entry fee will be refunded.                    Fill out and sign. Leave ‘Received by’ blank.                Email Address_____________________
                                                      Sign and send intact with entry fee and
The Art Show benefits the Agawam Public               check made out to:                                           I Agree To Conditions As Stated
Library. The Friends of the Agawam Public                  Friends of the Agawam Public Library
Library, Inc. is a registered nonprofit                    750 Cooper Street; Agawam, MA 01001
organization under section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS                      Attn: Art Show                              _______________________ _______
code. It is not part of the Agawam Public             Part 2 will be returned to you as your                               Signature           Date
Library, nor is it connected to any local, state or   receipt at the time you drop off the artwork.                Where did you learn about the
federal agency. Contributions are tax-deductible      You will need this to pick up your artwork.
                                                                                                                   show? ________________________
as allowed by the IRS.                                Part 3 is for our records.

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