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									       Sample / Template Transshipment contract / deed between company &
       Agent in word /. Doc Format

       Date : April 1, 2013

       M/s Akash Transport Service
       15/1 T N Raod
       New Delhi 125 458

       Dear Sirs,

       Sub : Supervision of finished goods at transhipment
            points which are despatched from our factory

       This has further reference to the discussions with your Shri K K Agarwala had with
       us from time to time in connection with the above, we are pleased to confirm your
       appointment on the following terms :-

01       In order to ensure safety and security of our goods, its proper handling, efficient
       and smooth movement you shall supervise loading & unloading at our transshipment
       points at Delhi, Raipur & Manali at our approved transporters' godown. Your main
       work will be as follows :-

i)         To ensure proper care by employing your persons at the time of loading and
       unloading of consignments at the godowns of the respective transporters at the
       transhipment points.

ii)        To see that consignment should not be detained for unreasonable period by the
       transporters at the transhipment points.

iii)      To see material should not be damaged while loading & unloading with specific
       care that paper packing of materials is not torn.

iv)       To ensure safety of materials.

v)        To seal the trucks and provide extra tarpauline as and when necessary.
       For this work you have to depute your representative at our transporter's godown to
       supervise transhipment activities.

02       You will be paid at the rate of Rs.450/- per MT of materials transhipped from the
       above mentioned transhipment points for our various branches all over India.

03        This agreement shall be inforce from 1st day of April, 2013 and shall remain
       inforce upto 31st March, 2014.

       This agreement is being sent to you in duplicate. Please sign a copy of the same as a
       token of your acceptance of all the terms and conditions mentioned hereinabove and
       return us for our records. This agreement can be terminated by giving one month
       notice by either party.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


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