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Carpet cleaning in Canoga Park - Finding a good environmentally friendly carpet cleaner


Green Tech Carpet Care carpet cleaners keep your carpets clean professionally and effectively, located in Canoga Park, CA serving customers in Los Angeles & San Fernando Valley.

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									Finding a good environmentally friendly carpet cleaner
Finding a good qualified carpet cleaner can be a bit difficult. Carpet cleaning in Canoga Park
services should be performed in a simple, effective, clean and environmentally friendly way.
Upholstery and carpets of different types of materials such as silk, polyester, nylon, cotton, and
wool should be cleaned in a special and personalized manner.

There are different types of methods of cleaning. Here are a few examples:

Dry cleaning method – This method consists of utilizing small amounts of water, detergent and
a solvent all applied on the carpet with a machine. A mechanical brush then cleans through the
carpet. Thereafter, the solvent mixture is absorbed by the carpet, and then residue is vaccumed
up. This method is very convenient as no drying is required after.

Shampoo cleaning – This cleaning method consists of injecting a solution of detergents which
are applied at high pressures in deep parts of the carpet and extracted immediately.

Hot Water Cleaning – The carpet gets sprayed with a solution of water and detergent.
Thereafter, a strong vacuum removes the cleaner over the surface of the carpet. All the dust, dirt,
and other impurities will be sucked into a holding tank.

So, after performing the shampoo or hot water methods, how long does it take for a carpet to

Usually, carpets will take up anywhere from 8 to 10 hours to dry up. Sometimes depending on
the drying methods of your carpet cleaners in Canoga Park, carpets can dry up much faster and
are ready to use quickly.

Make sure to pick a carpet cleaner that cares about the environment. Technicians should clean
your carpet, upholstery furniture, and tile & granite using environmentally-safe products, giving
you the peace of mind that your house will be as clean and non-toxic as it can be.

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