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					Monthly Newsletter                                                                                                                  11/09/2005 03:40 PM

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                                                January 2004                                                            Volume 7 Issue 1

                 Bruce R. Gilbert,MD,PhD,PC Newsletter
                 in this issue                                  Greetings!

                                                                We wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Welcome
                         Military Heading
                                                                to all the new and returning subscribers to our
                         Overseas Bank Sperm                    Newsletter! Our continued goal is to provide a forum
                         Silimed Testicular                     for discussing exciting new developments, office
                         Prosthesis Trial Underway              research protocols and answers to frequently asked
                                                                questions in male fertility, male and female sexual
                         Paul S. Walter, RPA-C
                                                                function and complementary approaches for Urologic
                         Joins Our Staff!                       disease.
                         Vasectomy Reversal FAQ
                         Aviation Medicine Seminar I appreciate all the great suggestions I received for
                                                   additions to this Newsletter. This month I have
                         Information               added a FAQ column. Please continue to e-mail any
                                                   questions, comments or suggestions for future
                                                   Silimed Testicular Prosthesis Trial Underway
                     Military Heading Overseas
                            Bank Sperm                                       Many studies have
                                                                             described the negative
                                                                             psychological effects that
                                                                             can result from the loss or
                                                                             absence of a testicle.
                                                                             These studies suggest that
                                                                             testicular implants provide
                                                                             emotional benefits and a
                                                                             high level of patient
                                                  satisfaction. There is currently only one approved
                                                  testicular prosthesis available, the saline filled
                     Men involved in hazardous    testicular prosthesis developed by the Mentor
                 occupations has always been an Corporation.
                   indication for sperm banking.
                 However, with growing concerns Indications for the implantation of a testicular
                  over the use of unconventional prosthesis include children with undescended
                   weapons, many military men testicles (which might require removal of the testis)
                    being deployed overseas use   or torsion (twisting of the testis resulting in damage
                  sperm banking as a guarantee to the testis often requiring removal of the testis).
                     to preserve their fertility. Adult males also can experience torsion, other
                 Much of the concern stems from traumatic injuries, or testicular cancer, all of which
                  reports of men returning from may require the removal of a testicle.
                   the Gulf War. Many Veterans
                    expressed concern regarding                 We are conducting a research study investigating
                  birth defects, miscarriages and               the use of a silicone elastomer testicular prosthesis
                 spontaneous abortions as well as               developed by Silimed Inc. This is a semi-solid device
                  difficulty in becoming pregnant.              which provides a natural feel and shape. For
                  Several studies were conducted                information about the study please contact our
                   to evaluate the effects of the               office.
                      Gulf War and to date the
                      findings are inconclusive.                                        Additional information... »
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Monthly Newsletter                                                                                                                  11/09/2005 03:40 PM

                                                                Paul S. Walter, RPA-C Joins Our Staff!
                        One particularly large study
                     done of children born in military
                                                                                  We take great pleasure
                         medical facilities included
                                                                                  welcoming Paul Walter to our
                       33,998 children born to Gulf
                        War Veterans compared to                                  staff as our Clinical Research
                       41,463 born to non-deployed                                Coordinator. Paul is a certified
                        veterans in 1991, 1992 and                                Physician's Assistant who
                       1993. This study showed no                                 completed his Bachelor of Science
                       significant difference in birth                            in Physician Assistant Studies
                          defects or fertility rates,                             Summa Cum Laude at Stony
                        however one particular rare                               Brook University. He also has
                           birth defect, Goldenhar                                Bachelor of Science degree in
                      syndrome created widespread               Biology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.
                         interest. Due to the small
                     number of cases (7) estimates              Paul has over 4 years of experience as a Clinical
                      of risk were uncertain and the            Research Coordinator in an assortment of clinical
                            findings inconclusive.              drug trials. As a research coordinator and sub-
                                                                investigator he has conducted over twenty five
                      How the risks to fertility
                                                                Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.
                 encountered during the Gulf War
                   relate to present day concerns                                        Additional Info »
                   over new biological, radiologic
                                                   Vasectomy Reversal FAQ
                       and chemical hazards is
                   unknown. Studies are ongoing
                     to better identify the risks                            Beginning with this issue I
                 involved and potential protective                           will provide answers to
                  measures required. While these                             questions I have received
                       studies continue, troops                              by email. The answers
                  deployed to the Middle East are                            reflect my personal view
                  choosing to bank their sperm to                            and are not intended as
                    keep the odds in their favor.                            medical advice, which can
                                                                             only be given by an
                   More about Sperm Banking....
                                                                             appropriately credentialed
                                                   physician after a thorough examination and any
                                                   required studies. This month's question concerns the
                                                   potential success of a vasectomy reversal many
                 Quick Links...                    years after having a vasectomy.

                                                                Q1:My Husband had a vasectomy 17 yrs ago. He
                          Register for the
                          Newsletter!                           was 22 then as is now 39. What are his chances of
                                                                having a successful reversal? I am 38 years old and
                          Newsletter Archives                   we are newlyweds, talking about having another
                          Ongoing Clinical Research
                                                                                   FAQ's on vasectomy reversal »
                          Medical Practice Website              Aviation Medicine Seminar Information
                          New York Cryo Website
                                                                                                    My presentation on Spatial
                          Pilot Information                                                         disorientation is now
                                                                                                    available for download
                                                                                                    (PDF file) together with
                                                                                                    recommended references.
                                                                                                    Thanks to all who were
                                                                                                    able to attend!…ampaign.previewer&action=printver&ptype=null&agent.uid=1011195124397    Page 2 of 3
Monthly Newsletter                                                                                                                  11/09/2005 03:40 PM

                                                                                                              Spatial disorientation
                                                                                                                          seminar »

                     voice: 516-487-2700
               Bruce R. Gilbert,M.D.,Ph.D.,PC · 900 Northern Blvd. · Suite 230 · Great Neck · NY · 11021
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