Child Protection Policy and Procedures by lanyuehua


									                      Child Protection Policy & Procedures

This document is a summary document of the child protection policy and procedures of
which full copies can be found at .

It applies to all children (including unborn babies) and young people under the age of 18
years who have or may have suffered physical injury, neglect, failure to thrive, emotional
or sexual abuse, which the person or persons who had custody, charge or care of the child
either caused or knowingly failed to prevent.

It is the responsibility of ALL STAFF to take appropriate action when they know or
suspect a child has been subject to abuse.

All staff are required to undertake child protection training, at a level commensurate with
their role & responsibilities. Please ensure that you have discussed your child protection
training needs with your line manager / employer

Child abuse is a highly emotional and stressful area of work and it is vital that staff do not
operate in isolation. If abuse is identified or suspected, staff are required to discuss the
situation in the first instance with their line manager. The situation should also be
discussed with the Named Nurse or Doctor or the Designated Nurse or Doctor. Any
discussion relating to abuse should take place within 24 hours of concerns coming to the
attention of professionals. However, under no circumstances should it delay any action
needed to protect the child.

Contact details for the Named Nurse, Doctor, or the designated Nurse , Doctor are :-

 Named Nurse for Child Protection based at
 [Scarborough, Whitby & Ryedale]               Tel: 01723 342714

 Named Nurse for Child Protection based at
 [Selby & York]                                Tel: 01904-724906

 Named Nurse for Child Protection based at
 [Craven, Harrogate & Rural]                   Tel: 01423-558106

 Named Nurse for Child Protection based at
 [Hambleton and Richmondshire]                 Tel: 01609-751411

 Named Doctor for Child Protection based at    Dr. Venkatesh
 [Scarborough, Whitby& Ryedale]                Tel: 01723 368111    Ext. 2268
                                               Dr Robin Ball
 Named Doctor for Child Protection based at
                                               Tel: 01904631313
 [Selby & York]

                                               Dr Doug Munro
 Named Doctor for Child Protection based at
 [Craven, Harrogate & Rural]                   Tel: 01423-885959

 Named Doctor for Child Protection based at    Dr Jon James
 [Hambleton and Richmondshire]                 Tel: 01609-779911

                                               Sue Roughton
 Designated Nurse for Child Protection
                                               Easingwold Health Centre
                                               YO61 3BU
                                               Tel: 01904 724103 (secretary) or
                                               Mbl: 07946 337290
                                               Dr. Kate Ward
 Designated Doctor for Child Protection at NHS
                                               Airedale Hospital
                                               Tel: 01535 292422
                                               Andy Kenyon
 Police Child Protection Unit                  Eastfield Police Station
                                               Tel: 01723 509190
 Police Community Protection Unit              Tel: 01723 509329
 Social Services Duty Team for Children &
                                               Tel: 01609 534139
 Social Services Emergency Duty Team (after
                                               Tel: 0845 0349417
 North Yorkshire Safeguarding Children Board

Any member of staff who is aware of or suspects that a child has been abused or is
otherwise seriously at risk must follow the procedures laid down in (NYSCB) Child
Protection Procedures and Guidance. These can be accessed at:

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