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					                                             Monthly Police Report
                                               September 2010
Auto Accidents:
                         9/14 – A two vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Nassau Drive and Gilchrest Road. 3
                         injured parties were transported for medical attention. 1 vehicle required a tow from scene.
                         9/16 – 3 vehicles came into collision in a chain reaction accident on East Shore Road at the
                         intersection with Nassau Drive. No injuries were reported and no tows were required.
                         9/21 – A resident of West New York, New Jersey, a pedestrian, was struck by a vehicle operated
                         by a Kings Point resident while in the crosswalk of Beverly Road at Middle Neck Road.
                         Pedestrian was transported for medical attention. No tow required.
                         9/21 – A Kensington Gate resident apparently lost control of his vehicle while exiting the Village
                         Gates on Beverly Road at Middle Neck Road. The vehicle mounted the curb and struck and
                         destroyed the “Village Of Kensington” sign. No reported injuries or tows.
Aided Cases:
                    9/10 – A Flushing resident was transported from in front of a Beverly Road home suffering possible
                    alcohol poisoning.
                    9/14 – A Great Neck resident who was the front seat passenger of a vehicle involved in an auto
                    accident was transported suffering pain to his right side ribs, and brush burns to his face and arm from
                    an airbag deployment.
                    9/14 – A Great Neck resident who was the rear seat passenger of a vehicle involved in an auto
                    accident was transported suffering a lacerated shin and pain to right side of body.
                    9/14 – A Great Neck resident who was the driver of a vehicle involved in an auto accident was
                    transported suffering right arm pain.
                    9/15 – A resident of 1 Kensington Gate refused transport while suffering chest pains. Due to the
                    ambulance policy regarding not bypassing the nearest hospital. Patient sought private transportation of
                    his own choosing.
                    9/16 – A Sutton Court resident was transported after suffering an apparent stroke.
                    9/18 – A Resident of 1 Kensington Gate was transported suffering with food lodged in her esophagus.
                    9/21 – A West New York, NJ resident was transported suffering injuries to left leg and arm as well as
                    head and chest pain due to being struck by a motor vehicle.
Ambulance Calls:
                         The Vigilant Fire Company Ambulance responded to all of the above aided cases and transported
                         the patients to North Shore Hospital.
                         The Department responded to 16 active alarms during the month, all were found to be false
                         burglar alarms.
                          9/2 – A resident of Brooklyn, NY was processed for Aggravated Unlicensed Operation of a Motor
                          Vehicle. Proper paperwork was filed and forwarded to Court.
                         Assistance was given to Great Neck Estates Police Department 30 times, and received from
                         Great Neck Estates Police Department 10 times.
                         An Accident Involving Village report was taken at the scene of an auto accident which destroyed
                         the Village of Kensington sign at the entrance to the Village. All pertinent paperwork was
                         forwarded to the Village Hall.
                  9/7 - The Vigilant Fire Department responded to a report of fire at 27 Nassau Drive. Found to have been
                  caused by food burning in the oven.
                  9/26 – The Vigilant Fire Department responded to a report of fire at 21 Arleigh Road. Found to have
                  been a false alarm due to a faulty smoke detector.
Vacant Homes:
                         The number of homes reported vacant during the month was 14. All were found to be secure.
                                             Monthly Police Report
                                               September 2010
                 -   The Department participated in the New York State “STEP” initiative to combat aggressive driving. 36
                     Stop Sign Violations were issued by the Department as part of the initiative
                 -   The Department began directed patrol at school bus stops throughout the Village due to the start of
                     the school year.
                 -   Officers performed extensive directed high visibility patrol due to Holy Days throughout the month.
                 -   Assistance was given to NCPD and GNEPD at the scene of a manhole explosion on Middle Neck Rd.
                 -   An Arleigh Rd family was advised on their options regarding an ongoing family issue occurring out of
                 -   Several suspicious persons/cars were investigated throughout the month; all were properly identified
                     and sent on way when appropriate.
                 -   LIPA was advised of low hanging wires on Beverly Rd. situation rectified.
                 -   Several traffic flow and parking issues were dealt with in the Village on the occasion of a street fair in
                     GN Plaza.
                 -   A Nassau Dr resident was assisted with entry into his home with a key stored at HQ.
                 -   Cones and barricades were placed at a hazardous condition on Nassau Dr.
                 -   A disoriented elderly woman was assisted in returning home after she became confused while out for
                     the day. Relatives notified of her condition.
                 -   Information regarding an ongoing family dispute between Nassau Dr neighbors was updated upon
                     passing of Court date.
                 -   GNEPD and NCPD assisted at the scene of a pedestrian struck on Middle Neck Rd.
                 -   Several disabled motorists were assisted with getting underway by Officers throughout the month.
                 -   A strong storm brought down limbs and wires within the Village on 9/16 causing sporadic power
                     outages. All locations made safe and proper authorities notified to respond and rectify the situations.
                 -   Several landscapers were reminded that gas powered leaf blowers may not be used until the 30 of
                     the month.
                 -   A lost dog located on Beverly Rd was returned home to its owner.
                 -   Officers opened and closed the polls on 9/14.
                 -   Verizon was advised of a tree leaning on their wire in front of 1 Kensington Gate, they responded and
                     rectified situation.
                 -   Village Clerk was transported to Post Office and Bank on numerous occasions throughout the month.
                 -   A Saddle Rock resident reported his children missing on their return from religious services; a search
                     of the area was conducted. Children located and transported home.
                 -   A “911” hang up call was investigated on Nassau Dr. Found to be young children playing with phone.
                 -   A complaint of workmen starting early at a Nassau Dr construction site was investigated and found to
                     be outside contractors repairing equipment. Complied with order to desist until proper starting time.
                 -   A welfare check of an elderly resident on Beverly Rd was conducted at the request of an out of town
                     relative. Resident found to be well.
                 -   Assistance was given to NCPD and GNEPD in searching the area for a hit and run driver.
                 -   GN Electric was notified of downed light poles for replacement.
                 -   Assistance was giving to GNEPD in the search for a 16 y.o. runaway. Youth located and returned
                 -   KPPD was assisted in the search for a missing 10 y.o. Child located in short order and returned
                 -   A lost wallet report was taken from a Nassau Dr resident who inadvertently left her wallet at the pool.
                     Pool director reported the no one turned in the missing item.
                 -   A search was conducted for an autistic youth reported missing from Rite Aide. Youth located in
                     Manhasset and returned home.
                 -   A resident of Bridle Path reported an unknown person moved a play set ladder from the side of the
                     Bridle Path residence to the back yard fence. Suspects it may be worshippers trying to make a
                     shortcut to services. Ladder removed and secured, extra vigilance at the location.
                         Car #657 was patrolled 1138 miles. The odometer now reads 24675miles.
                         Car #658 was patrolled 1268 miles. The odometer now reads 75031miles.
                                             Monthly Police Report
                                               September 2010
         Lt Conlon: Attended NC Police Chief Association meeting 9/19. Attended meeting at NCPD Hwy Patrol HQ
         regarding new voting machine procedures. Off 12 hrs Personal time 9/2, 3 hrs 9/24. Worked 4 hrs OT 9/9.
         Sgt. Giraulo: Vacation 9/9 through 9/18.
         PO Judson: Off 12 Hrs Personal time 9/26. Off 12 Hrs Bereavement time 9/19. Worked 4 Hrs “STEP” OT 9/15
         and 8Hrs 9/22.
         PO Nasta: Vacation 9/1 & 9/2. Off Personal time 1 hr 9/14 and 12 hr 9/19.
         PO Costello: “STEP” Overtime 6 hrs 9/13, and 6 hrs 9/24. Off 12 hrs Personal time 9/29.
         PO Fiore: Attended 36 Hours of Laser/Radar Training at NCPD Hwy Patrol Hqts 9/14 through 9/16. Worked
         “STEP” OT 6hrs 9/1, 6 hrs 9/28 and 6 hrs 9/30. Worked OT 12 hrs 9/2, 12 hrs 9/14, 12 hrs 9/15 12 hrs 9/19 and
         6 hrs 9/26. Off 1 hr Personal time 9/7.

                                 Parking                  VTL               Other

LT. Conlon                                                  4
Sgt. Giraulo                        4                       7                1
P.O. Judson                         5                      18
P.O. Nasta                                                  6                1
P.O. Costello                       2                      17
P.O. Fiore                          3                      21

                Totals:    14                      73                2

VTL: 53 Stop Sign Violations, 5 Speeding Violations, 1 Red light violation, 1 U-Turn violation, 1 Blocking Intersection
violation, 2 Aggravated Unlicensed Operation violations, 3 Unlicensed Operation violations, 3 Uninsured violations,        1
Unregistered Vehicle violation, 1 Operating Out Of Class violation, and 2 Equipment violations.
The Department issued 36 Stop Sign Violations as part of NYS STEP Enforcement Initiative.
PARKING: 6 Two Hour Parking violations, 4 No Parking 2am through 6am violations, 1 No Parking Anytime violations,
1 “K” Permit Parking violation, 1 Parked within 30ft of a Stop Sign violation, and 1 Expired Inspection Parking violation.
VILLAGE ORDINANCE: 1 Work on Weekend violation, 1 Damage to Village Property violation.

                                                  Respectfully submitted;

                                                   Lieut. Michael Conlon

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