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									     Selecting Pharmacy Technician
    Certification as a Wealthy Career

Have you ever thought about entering the medical industry? Usually when
you talk about the medical industry, the first thing that comes to people’s
mind is nurses and doctors. Actually, the medical industry does not only
focus on nurses and doctors because there are also a lot of other jobs on
this industry like pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, X-ray technicians and
more. Though they are often disregarded because of these two entities,
these medical jobs also provide benefits to students.

If you have plans of taking up pharmacy technician classes, what can you
expect after getting a technician certification? What are you responsibilities
and what are the possible job prospects available for you? These are only
some of the many questions that you may ask about this career option.
Since it is too expensive to study four-year courses, most people decide to
go for simpler jobs with good pay outs. Here are some of the things that you
need to know on being a pharmacy assistant.

Working Environment: Possible Jobs and Locations

Basically, they are often hired on pharmacies like drugstores, mail order
companies, retail pharmacy chains and more. The main work of a these
professionals is to prepare medication after they receive the prescription
request. The first thing that they have to do is to verify if the prescription is
correct and accurate. After that, they will count, pour, mix and measure the
medication carefully before the pharmacists check it. They also prepare the
labels, the type of container to use and affix the prescription and auxiliary
labels on the container.

They can also work with other facilities like hospitals. They will have more
responsibilities on these facilities like reading patient charts and delivering
medicine to patients. So they actually interact with the patients unlike
working with drugstores and retail pharmacies.
Expected Pharmacy Technician Salary

According to reports as of 2012, the average annual Pharmacy technician
salary of these professionals in the United States is $34,000. This is already a
good annual salary considering the fact that you only need little training to
get a certification for this. However, based on the research of the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, entry level positions on this industry can receive between
$23,370 and $28,400 annually.

Can you possibly get a Job by Pursuing this Career?

New technologies might eliminate some positions given to these
professionals but it will not affect the need for people. Since these
professionals are very flexible, the need for pharmacy technicians will not
decrease over the next few years. According to the Department of Labor
Statistics, this career option will be in demand on the next few years
because more and more people are taking different kinds of medications
and the elderly population is starting to increase.

If you think that this career option can be a great way to enter the medical
industry, you can find a lot of schools that offers training and certification
for pharmacy technician.

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