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MASTER OF DIVINITY: The Master of Divinity program trains people for ordained ministry. It trains you
for the full scope of ministry-through biblical and theological courses, preaching and worship, pastoral
care, and church administration, often a three-year program.
         Duke offers:
                  concentration in Christian education
                  certificate in Baptist studies
                  certificate in Anglican studies
                  certificate in gender, theology, and ministry
         Gordon-Conwell offers:
                  Anglican/Episcopal Studies Track:
                  Educational Ministries Track: this track qualifies a person for general pastoral ministry,
but also provides specialized training for a minister of Christian education or for further graduate study in
the field of Christian education.

                 Youth Ministries Track: designed to prepare M.Div. candidates for local church and
outreach ministries with youth in a given community. M.Div. students completing this track should be able
to function as denominational consultants or directors of youth ministries, or be able to develop youth
programs in new settings.
                 World Missions Track: overseas missions and inner city ministry
                 Urban Ministries Track: an opportunity for an “urban year” of living, ministering and
studying in Boston through its Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME). The program centers on a
close relationship between Mentored Ministry in the city and academic training
         Western Theological Seminary offers:
                 Master of Divinity- Master of Social Work Dual Track: Helps the student develop an
integrated interdisciplinary identity through acquiring skills in the theory and practice of Christian Ministry,
social work, and counseling. Western

         Calvin Theological Seminary
         Western Theological Seminary
         Princeton Theological Seminary
         Duke Divinity School
         Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
         Fuller Theological Seminary

MASTER OF THEOLOGY: advanced academic degree that requires the M.Div. as prerequisite, and may
be regarded as an additional year of preparation for Christian ministry beyond the M.Div. or as
preparation for advanced study. It is often an in-depth study in a particular discipline within theological
education such as Old Testament, Ancient Near Eastern Languages and Literature, and Educational

        Fuller offers:

                Master of Theology in Missiology
        Calvin Theological Seminary

        Western Theological Seminary

         Princeton Theological Seminary

        Duke Divinity School

        Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

       Fuller Theological Seminary

MASTER OF ARTS: While some of the Master of Arts degrees provide education conducive to general
ministry, most are designed for students planning to enter a specific area of leadership or ministry.

Calvin Theological Seminary offers:

         Master of Arts in Educational Ministry: This program is designed as a post-baccalaureate degree
to prepare persons for assuming positions of competent leadership in the educational and/or youth
ministries of their faith communities. Graduates of the MA:EM degree program regularly find staff
positions with congregations, church agencies, or a wide variety of other options in ministry. It combines
background theological studies with a concentration of study and field experience in church education. A
person seeking special qualification as a youth pastor can select a special “Youth Ministry Track.”

        Master of Arts in Missions: trains people for missions-related leadership positions in their church
or para-church communities. There are Domestic Missions prepare people for revitalizing the local
church and planning evangelism efforts and World Missions which train people for conducting missions in
cross-cultural settings.

         Master of Arts in Missions: New Church Development: teaches knowledge about, and develops
skills and behaviors needed for the development of new churches. It is geared toward church planters.

       Master of Arts in Worship: prepare people to lead the church in that core activity-worship.
Students utilize this program to enter various forms of worship ministry.

Princeton Theological Seminary offers:

         Master of Divinity and Master of Arts Dual Degree: enables the student to attain greater
proficiency in theological studies as related to educational understanding and practice than would be
possible were the degrees to be pursued in sequence.

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary offers:

       Master of Arts in Old Testament:
       Master of Arts in New Testament
       Master of Arts in Biblical Languages
       Master of Arts in Church History
       Master of Arts in Theology
       Master of Arts in Counseling
       Master of Arts in Educational Ministries
       Master of Arts in Missions and Evangelism
       Master of Arts in Religion-
       Master of Arts in Religion-Leadership and Business Ethics

Fuller Theological Seminary offers:

       Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

       Master of Arts in Evangelism

       Master of Arts in Worship Music Ministry

        Master of Arts in Worship Theology and the Arts

        Master of Arts in Youth, Family, and Culture

       Master of Arts in Recovery Ministry

       Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry

       Master of Arts in Family Life Education

       Master of Arts in Family Studies

        Master of Arts in Cross-Cultural Studies

        Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

        Master of Arts in Global Leadership

MASTER OF THEOLOGICAL STUDIES: The program is specifically designed for those who intend to go
on for further academic studies or those who wish to explore the Bible and theology without taking on
pastoral roles. Students in this program take the same biblical and theological courses, as do the Master
of Divinity students.

        Calvin Theological Seminar:
        Duke Divinity School

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY: The degree equips scholars for teaching and research in colleges,
theological seminaries and universities, as well as for general church leadership.

Fuller Theological Seminary:

      Doctor of Philosophy in Theology

Calvin Theological Seminary offers:

Princeton Theological Seminary:

DOCTOR OF MINISTRY: the highest professional degree for men and women already successfully
engaged in ministry. This program enables leaders in Christian ministry to increase their effectiveness in
the church, parachurch organization, or mission in which they minister

        Fuller Theological Seminary offers:
                Doctor of Ministry in Global Ministries (Korean Language)

Western Theological Seminary:
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary:
Fuller Theological Seminary:

DOCTOR OF THEOLOGY: this program provides students with academically rigorous training,
comparable to the demands of the Ph.D., focused on the ministries and practices of Christian
      Duke Divinity School

CERTIFICATE IN URBAN PASTORAL MINISTRY: this program offers urban pastors and church leaders
access to theological education. Learners deepen their Biblical and theological knowledge, further
develop their ministry skills, and receive certification of their academic achievement from an accredited
        Western Theological Seminary

DOCTOR OF PSYCHOLOGY: trains professionals to provide clinical services, and to implement and
evaluate innovative treatment programs.
         Fuller Theological Seminary
MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARITAL AND FAMILY THERAPY: provides Christian individuals with the
professional training and clinical skills necessary for licensure or certification as a marital and family
        Fuller Theological Seminary:

CERTIFICATE IN MARRIAGE AND FAMILY ENRICHMENT: emphasizes non-clinical training in the
educational task of preventive family enrichment. The abbreviated curriculum can serve as an entry-level
introduction to the field for students who are interested in couples and family ministries
        Fuller Theological Seminary:

DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN INTERCULTURAL STUDIES: provides the highest level of academic
certification by developing skills in missiological scholarship in preparation for teaching at the college,
university or seminary level.
          Fuller Theological Seminary:

     Fuller Theological Seminary:

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