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					                 Funginix Coupon Code – The Simplest Way to Get a Promotional Code

Funginix, the new name for the nail fungus treatment previously marketed as Fungisil until May 2010, is
a rather popular treatment with an excellent reputation as well as an established track record.Those
clicking on the Funginix treatment order page will clearly notice a box to enter a Funginix coupon and,
naturally, are interested in receiving a discount on the purchase price.But the question is: where can you
find a valid coupon code for Funginix and what is the best way to go about obtaining one?
Where Can You Find the Latest Funginix Coupon Code?

The most obvious and common way of searching for the latest Funginix coupon code is using your
favorite search engine and entering the term “Funginix coupon” or “Funginix coupon code.” But, if you
have done this already then you are well aware it is strictly a waste of time as you will not find a valid
coupon with this method.The reason for this is that The Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation forbids the
publishing of Funginix codes on the Internet. If a website does happen to publish a code anyway, the
site’s owner is seriously at risk of a lawsuit and having their site shut down for illegal activity.We have
been in direct contact with the makers of Funginix to inquire about the coupon code and how to go
about getting one and have received a simple yet effective answer in reply: Join the Funginix Coupon

Joining the Funginix Coupon Club
Fortunately there’s simply no need to waste precious time searching the web looking for a Funginix
coupon code. Instead, the very first thing you should be doing is visiting the Funginix Coupon Club and
entering your information, which will be your email address. You can do it
at:http://www.funginixcouponclub.comThe next step in joining the Funginix Coupon Club is merely
waiting for an email to arrive with the necessary code. In the absolute best case scenario, your Funginix
coupon will arrive the very same day, but unfortunately, this is a rather rare occurrence and quite
improbable as you may actually end up waiting as long as six weeks before receiving the code.There is
actually a reason for the variation in time that it may take to receive the Funginix coupon code, to
encourage those potential customers who did not buy anything during their first visit to come back to
the website at a later time and make their purchase.

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