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									              PSO Meeting Minutes
                March 20th 2012
    Meeting called to order at 6:36pm by Margaret Chowdhury


Ms. Griffith, AIT

Executive Board Officers:

Margaret Chowdhury
Rossana Pacheco
Kathleen Pruszkowski
Past President- Karen Kulikowski

AIT Parents
Violet Lau, Jacqueline Laura, Anne Cafiero, Donna
Mascarella, Iona Monteu, Helen Perez,

UCTech Parents
Suzanne Streeter, Katrina Oliver,Joellen Pace, Melinda
Mucha, Dalida Nigro

Total Attendance: 16

   This evening we will begin our meeting with a
presentation from our class advisors and then we will
follow with our PSO meeting.
   Guests: Freshman class advisor: Mrs. Avena, Sophomore
class advisor: Mr. DelPrete and Junior class advisor: Mrs.
Manzione. Senior class advisor Julie Klikus. We wanted
parents to learn about the importance of their student
councils and how their activities affect us all. Our
advisors have come to speak to us about their roles, goals
and plans. Please take this opportunity to ask any
questions you may have.

Principals’ Reports
Mrs. Griffith:
   Anthony from Huntington learning center spoke to
     Freshmen about time management.
   Junior will now get ½ year of Oracle and ½ year of Java
     then in Senior year can decide to take each again or
     just one.
   Relay for life March 23rd
   Middle States evaluation wanted us to enhance
   AP class information was given to students
   Acceptance letters were sent out. We had 1100
     application and 330 accepted students.

Mr. Mauro: none

Officer’s Reports:
Past President: Karen Kulikowski - none

Vice President Marty Luc- none

Secretary: Kathleen Pruszkowski – the PSO will supply
breakfast for all students at Relay

Treasurer: Terri Boucher
   Kathleen reported in Terri’s absence
   Project Graduation $3,909.50
   PSO General Account $ 3,490.57

Presidents: Margaret Chowdhury and Rossana Pacheco

Margaret’s Report-
   I hope you all feel better informed about our student
     council and the role of the advisors in your child’s
     grade. The PSO is here to get information out to the
      parents. If any of you have any ideas or questions
      about life here at AIT/UCTech and would like answers
      we are here to help.
     This is the time of the year when we start planning
      for next years PSO activities so if you would like to
      see something let us know. Also, we are planning our
      board for next year so if you would like to join a
      specific committee or join our executive committee
      please let us know. We are in need of another VP
      preferably from AIT.

Rossana’s Report

   Committee Reports:
   Board of Ed Liaison: Karen Kulikowski reported that Dr.
     Bistocchi will retire January 2013. Novar Nortis
     donated 100 IPods and 64 Webcams to the district.
   Project Graduation: Carol informed us that more
     fundraising was being done
   Scholarship: Fran has revised the form and we will be
     sending it out to the seniors this week.
   Spirit wear: The spirit wear is ready for delivery. We
     will be in the Bistocchi lobby on Wednesday during co-
     curricular delivering orders. Thank you Melinda Mucha
     and Doreen Notar for running the event.
   Chili's Fundraiser - We like to thank Dalida Nigro for
     coordinating our Chili's fundraiser had two weeks ago.
     Dalida to report
   Lord & Taylor Smart, Do Good Fundraiser Day Event,
     Westfield, NJ: We have started selling tickets to the
     Lord &Taylor Fundraising Shopping Event. Tickets are
     $5 and include various saving coupon offers from the
     Lord and Taylor store in Westfield for Tuesday May 1st.
     It's Lord & Taylor's best coupon offer, basically no
     exclusions. Please buy your tickets today. Beginning
     next week, we will also have tickets available for
     sale each Thursday in Bistocchi lobby from 2:45 to
   Teachers Luncheon - Planned for Tuesday, May 8th.
     Please sign up for the Committee. Again this year we
     would like to ask parents for a $5 donation to cater
     the event.
    Hospitality: Thank you to Susan and Violet arranging
     for the refreshments this evening.
Unfinished Business
     Minutes approval
   New Business:
   Remarks for the good of the order
   Next PSO meeting April 17, 6:30 MMC.
   Adjournment at 8:03 pm

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