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8th Gr. Research Paper_ Pepsi vs Coke


									Liam DeLucia                                                  1/18/12
8B                                                     Research Paper

                       Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

     Coca-Cola, a famous soft drink enjoyed all over the world, was

invented by a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia. His name was

John Pemberton. Pemberton, out of curiosity, created the first

edition of Coca-Cola. He first created a caramel-colored liquid, and

then took it to the pharmacy in which he worked to be mixed with

carbonated water. He proceeded to sample the new drink to

customers. After receiving positive feedback from the customers,

Jacob’s Pharmacy, the pharmacy where Pemberton worked, sold the

new beverage for five cents per glass.

     John Pemberton took the drink he had created to Frank

Robinson, Pemberton’s bookkeeper. It was Robinson who gave the

drink its name, Coca-Cola, and also wrote it out in his script, the

same way you see today on Coca-Cola products.

     Pemberton died in 1888. Gaining control of the company for

two thousand three hundred dollars was Asa G. Candler. Candler

was also a pharmacist from Atlanta. Candler transformed the
simple invention into a business. He aggressively advertised the

product to help boost its popularity. By doing things like handing

out coupons for free tastings and giving pharmacists items such as

calendars and clocks really increased the drinks popularity. The

more popular the drink became the more the business expanded.

Soon there were syrup plants in Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

        Joseph Biedenharn was the first person to bottle Coca-Cola.

Biendenhard was the first one to see that Coca-Cola was expanding

and growing increasingly more popular and needed to be expressed

and enjoyed in new ways. He brought the idea to Candler. Candler

didn’t agree with his idea and failed to see the full potential in Coca-


        Five years later, two Chattanooga lawyers named Benjamin F.

Thomas and Joseph B. Whitehead bought the rights to bottle and

sell Coca-Cola from Candler for one dollar.

        As the drink grew more popular, inevitably there would be

people trying to rip off the company by making copies of the drink

and selling it as the original. Losing money, the Coca-Cola

Company needed to find a way to stop the illegal distribution of the
drink. The company decided it needed a distinct bottle to insure

their customers that they were getting the real thing.

     The Root Glass Company from Terre Haute, Indiana won a

contest hosted by the Coca-Cola Company to see who could design

the best bottle.   They created the signature contour bottle still used

by the Coca-Cola Company today.

     The company was bought from Candler by Ernest Woodruff.

Five years later his son, Robert Woodruff, became the president of

the company. Robert Woodruff was the one who wanted to spread

Coca-Cola around the world. He expanded Coca-Cola overseas and

played a major role in making the Coca-Cola Company what it is


     Similar to Coca-Cola, Pepsi was also the outcome of a curious

pharmacist. Caleb Bradham, a pharmacist from New Bern, North

Carolina, is the inventor of Pepsi. Bradham wanted a drink that

would not only satisfy his customers but also keep them coming


     Customers enjoyed the drink; they proceeded to call the drink

“Brad’s Drink.” Bradham, realizing his new invention’s future,
decided to start a company to handle sale of the beverage. He filed

for a U.S. patent, listing the new drink as “Pepsi-Cola.” Bradham

began bottling and selling Pepsi-Cola to private investors. The

Pepsi-Cola Company was succeeding and progressing very well until

the start of World War I. The cost to produce Pepsi-Cola immensely

increased. After three struggling years the company finally went


     Pepsi’s existence however what not over yet; Charles G. Guth,

the president of Loft Incorporated, a chain of fountain drink and

candy stores on the east coast, decided to buy the bankrupt

company. From then, Pepsi thrived on to become the business it is


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