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Vol.14, No. 3
July, August, September 2011

                                                                            The Village Board will have a hard job moving
INSIDE                                                                      forward with the next budget. All the cuts being made
From the President. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1         by the State to local communities will hit us in some
Planning Commission . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2          areas. Rest assured that both the Village Clerk and
Public Works Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
                                                                            Village Treasurer are working hard trying to keep us
SEH, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Newburg Fire Department . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                            updated as things move through the State Capital.
Newburg Lioness . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
Newburg Baseball League 2011. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4               Remember now that school is out our children will be
Newburg Sportsmen. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5           outside playing. So we need to be careful and keep
Apple Blossom . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5       our eyes open while we drive through the Village.
St John’s Lutheran School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5           Remember it only takes a matter of seconds for a
Little Village Insurance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5        child to run out or ride a bike out in front of your
Midwest Iconic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6      vehicle. An accident like that would ruin a summer
Welcome H.O.M.E. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6          for a lot of people.
Fallon LaRue Consulting. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Riveredge Nature Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
                                                                            Remember to keep all of our lawns mowed both the
Other News . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Community Survey. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9
                                                                            front and back yards. It is covered by Village code
Yard Sale Sign-up Sheet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10          sec.10.03 and if not taken care of you may be issued
                                                                            a daily citation until it is taken care of.
From the President’s Desk                                                   With warm weather comes SWIMMING POOLS.
By President Mike Heili                                                     Remember any pool in which water is more than 18
                                                                            inch deep needs a permit. Village code 14.10.
Well after the spring election there are no changes to
the Board, everyone won re-election to the positions,                       So with this being said remember to get your permit,
congratulation to you all.                                                  all those popular blue pools are illegal without a
                                                                            permit. If you know of any please let the owners
With that being said I would like to thank all the                          know to get a permit. If you want to, let the Village
election workers for putting in the long hours. Also                        Hall know the address and we can check it out to
with the recount, that was held, the election workers                       see if it needs a permit or not.
did such a great job there was absolutely no
problems with any Village ballots in either county. A                       In closing I would like to see more Citizens at the
job well done by all.                                                       Village Board meetings. The meetings are the 2nd
                                                                            and 4th Thursday of the month starting at 7pm.
Well another Fire department picnic has come and
gone; hope everyone had time to make it down for
the picnic. We are so lucky to have this group of men
and women volunteer their time and energy to help
protect this Village at all hours of the day.

                                                          taxpayers money and also help keep the storm
Planning Commission                                       sewers open and streets looking nice.
By Mike Heili, Planning Commission Chair
                                                          Hope you have a safe and fun filled summer.
The planning commission continues to work on the
survey, which will be mailed out soon, for Main
Street which will happen sometime in the future.          SEH, Inc.
 We want to be completely prepared with a plan for        By Matt Bednarski, Village Engineer
when the County tells us it’s a go on the project. The
more time we spend planning and discussing this           EVERYTHING OLD IS NEW AGAIN
project, we feel the better plan we will have.
                                                          For those of you who do not know, Newburg hired a
After we receive the input from the survey we will        new engineering firm as its Village Engineer and
compile and discuss it all. We will start having          Planner. Short Elliott Hendrickson, SEH, is based in
sessions with the local businesses and the public to      St. Paul, Minnesota and has ten offices in the State
go over it all and to get more input.                     of Wisconsin – including one in Milwaukee. SEH was
                                                          founded in 1927. It is a full-service and multi-
The actual road work most likely won’t start for 3 or 4   disciplined engineering firm that offers Newburg the
years but we want a good well thought out plan to be      full spectrum of engineering expertise to meet your
ready for it.                                             needs.

This project will be the one that makes a statement       Why the switch? I’ve served as your Village Engineer
on the Downtown area for the Village. So we want to       for the past eleven years while working with
do it right.                                              Bonestroo. Last November, a new opportunity with
                                                          SEH was presented to me which fit my career goals
When you receive the Survey, please be sure to fill it    and offered me the chance to provide superior
out and return it to us; your help will be appreciated.   service to my clients – primarily Newburg. I’m able to
If you’re more comfortable doing it electronically        continue to build on my relationship with the Village
please use the site found on the survey cover letter.     and call upon the long history I have with the Village
A copy of the Survey Cover Letter is at the end of        residents and businesses. I’d like to publically thank
this Bridges.                                             the Village Board for voting to continue to work with
                                                          me through this transition. I vow to provide the
                                                          engineering service and expertise to the Village that
_________________________________________                 fits your needs and goals.
Dept. of Public Works
By Mark Chesak, Chair                                     There are a number of planning and engineering
                                                          projects in the works for 2011.
Just a reminder that all noxious weeds and grasses            • There will be some minor road construction
cannot exceed 6 inches in height as per section                   on Hickory Road toward the end of summer.
10.03 (7)                                                         The project includes milling off the existing
                                                                  asphalt and replacing it with new asphalt. The
Just a reminder brush pickup is the last Saturday of              Main part of the project starts at Doc Weber
the month branches may not exceed 4 feet in length                Park and heads east toward the Village limits.
and should all be stacked in the same direction.                  We may expand the project if we get
                                                                  favorable bids.
If homeowners could refrain from blowing the grass            • If you have not done so already, I encourage
onto the street this would help the public works                  you to read the write-up regarding Main
department keep the streets cleaner and if the                    Street and the planning process the Village is
homeowners would also pick up any garbage in the                  undertaking. This will be a major project for
street in front of their house this would save the                the Village in the future.

   •   The Park and Recreation Committee is               will provide a family oriented day of entertainment as
       starting the process of developing a               a gift to the community.
       Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
       (CORP). Residents are encouraged to                To commemorate the occasion, and to raise funds
       provide input at Village Hall or at one of the     for the event, the NFD is offering a gun raffle. Tickets
       monthly Committee meetings (the second             are $20 for 10 chances to win. Ask any member for
       Wednesday of each month).                          details.

Lastly, we will be making a bigger effort to distribute   We continue to struggle translating our German
information regarding engineering, public works, and      minutes to recall the monthly meeting minutes from
planning projects through online sources. A website       1887-1918. I f you know anybody who may be able
is in the works. A Twitter Feed is available for you to   to help us, please call.
follow: @Newburg_Engr. If you use Twitter please
follow it to get updates.                                 Also, to reconnect with traditional culture and our rich
                                                          history we are reaching out to the area residents,
_________________________________________________         businesses and organizations to help collect and
Newburg Fire Department                                   retell the fire departments history. Call (262) 675-
By Dave Geidel, Chief                                     6262 or stop in on a Monday night.

We hope you enjoyed this year’s Fireman's Picnic.         _________________________________________
The weather was perfect and the parade was very           Newburg Lioness
nice. We would like to thank all of you who helped        By Barbara McHugh and Florence McHugh
during our fireman's picnic.
                                                          Tenth Anniversary of the Newburg Rummage!
 We would also like to thank all of you for all of the
donations. These donations help us to have a              Saturday August 20th 8a.m. to 4.p.m.
successful picnic every year. The generosity from         Always the third Saturday of August
our community is greatly appreciated. This picnic is a
large under taking every year and without your            Wow, can you believe it? We have been selling
support and help we could not run this picnic.            rummage in Newburg for ten years this August. The
                                                          rummage sale was originally designed to create
Your Fire Department has been busy so far this year       more traffic in town to boost the attendance of the
we have had some fires and have helped our                Newburg Lions Car Show. The rummage became so
neighboring departments also. Recently we have            popular that it took on a life of its own and now falls
had a rash of auto accidents, so when you are out in      on the third Saturday of August. We used to have it
your vehicles be alert and attentive to your              on Car show Sunday but many people wanted to
surroundings.                                             attend church and so Saturday seemed to be a
                                                          better idea.
A former resident, Brian Gerner, who started his fire
fighting career here with us and took a full time job     We have evolved and changed over the years. I
with the New Berlin Fire Department about 15 years        have been drawing the map and organizing this
ago has recently been promoted to Deputy Chief of         event for the last ten years and I must say that it runs
the New Berlin Fire Department.                           rather smoothly. When I started out on this project I
                                                          talked to the people who organize the Jackson
_________________________________________                 rummage and used their blueprint as a starting point.
Newburg Fire Department                                   I wanted a map that was not like anyone else’s and
By Sandy Stockhausen                                      because Newburg is so spread out, I decided to put
                                                          numbers at the actual place of each sale with the
The Newburg Fire Department hopes you marked              description of what is being sold on the back. There
your calendars for August 25, 2012, for the 125th         are people who will actually start at number one and
(quasqui centennial) celebration. The day long event      work their way through the whole map. When I set

up the map each year I start in a different place to     cheering there has been some real good games that
make it fair to all. The map is not created on a         were very competitive already this year. Games are
computer but actually drawn with pen and ink and         played on the big field at NFD Park Wednesday
the numbers are hand drawn. The Newburg Lioness          through Friday. The smaller diamond has games on
pay to have the 800 maps printed up each year and        Thursday and Friday. Feel free to stop in any night
the five dollar donation that I ask for is used to       games generally start around 6pm and can go up
promote the event with newspaper and online ads.         until 11pm. The concession stand this year again
                                                         provides a great variety of foods so you can stop
I had the sign up sheet printed with the last            down after a long day at work and enjoy good food
newsletter and we are repeating it this issue. Please    and a great game or two. The other night I over
get your sheet in by July 20th as it takes me a long     heard a couple say that they had more fun than
time to re-do the map with your information and your     going to a Brewer game at a fraction of the cost.
numbers each year. I can not be responsible for          Many of our traveling teams have said Newburg has
maps that are dropped off at Tri Par, they must be       the best park in the Kettle Moraine Division. So
mailed to me at the address shown on the sign up         thanks to all the people those participate to make the
sheet.                                                   NFD Park and the Newburg youth baseball program
                                                         one of the BEST around! For more information and
The Lioness will be serving Brats that day. New on       game schedules go our web page
the menu is Nacho’s with cheese. Kewaskum      
Jumbo wieners, they are the best.
                                                         Let’s Play Ball!
Do you wonder what we do with the money? I will
list only the local things we do. Eye glasses, organ     Little League Night at Brewer Stadium
transplants, hearing aid, and hand out material on
diabetes. The Lioness support the Lions Camp for         This year’s recipients of the Leroy Clarke Little
impaired children free for a week. Also accident and     League Award were Peter and Rita Hupfer. The
health assistance, the Veterans Memorial, the            award was presented at the game on June 20, 2011
Newburg Fire Department, the Newburg Athletic            after they lead the parade of thousands of young
Club, and the Village long term goal signs on light      baseball players and coaches of youth baseball
poles.                                                   throughout the state of Wisconsin and northern
                                                         Illinois. Andy Clarke, resident of Newburg, had the
Events for children are the Easter egg hunt and          honor to present the award on behalf of his family
Christmas with Santa. Also Family wishes from            and the Milwaukee Brewers. Andy’s late father was
Church Trees, and the Halloween Party.                   very involved with the WI District 1 Little League as
                                                         well as coaching Andy. In 1988, the Grafton Little
The Lioness take dinners to the elderly at Christmas     League team that Leroy coached and Andy was a
and also for the alone. Baskets of food go to families   player on went on to be the State Champions.
in hard times, and valentines to those who are alone.
                                                         Since Leroy devoted countless hours for many years
_________________________________                        to give numerous children memories of baseball they
Newburg Baseball League 2011                             will never forget, the family has given this award out
By Peter Hupfer, Coordinator                             each year to honor Leroy. Since he was one of the
                                                         active members in promoting Little League Night at
NEWBURG BASEBALL                                         Miller Park, making a night that sold only hundreds of
                                                         tickets to currently 10,000 plus tickets with
The 2011 season is off to a great start despite the      approximately two-thirds of them being players and
cold and rainy spring/summer we are having. This         coaches that participate in the parade before the
year we have 6 boys traveling teams, 4 girls teams,      game.
and 5 pee-wee teams. The program has
approximately 225 participants. You may have             Peter and Rita Hupfer have been involved in the
noticed the field lights on and heard the late night     Newburg Baseball program for 14 years. They have

two sons, Spencer and Brandon, who are also very             shop! (Estimated value is over $250). Interested in
involved with the program. Pete has coached both             participating? Contact Toni Boldt at 414-507-8444.
boys over the years; this will be his last year since
Brandon will be done playing. Both Pete and Rita
have held different board positions over the years.          _________________________________________
Currently they are League Coordinator and Boys               Apple Blossom Development Center
Director for Pete, and League Secretary for Rita.            By Trish Keller, Director
They have given countless hours to a program they
truly believe in. You may wonder why all that time           Summer is finally here!! It’s nice to see all the
and effort, why late nights of baseball discussions,         children outside enjoying the long waited warm
and all the phone calls and questions. I have the            weather. Along with warm weather comes Brat
answer for you to have the BEST baseball program             Fry’s!! Our Brat Fry’s this year will be July 9th and
we can have available for the kids. As Pete would            August 27th. Along with the Brat Fry on August 27th
say, “It’s all about the kids!”                              we will be having a used book sale come down and
                                                             check it out. Thank you to all for your support
This will be a night the Hupfer family will not forget.      throughout the year!
They lead the parade and received the award on the
field. As that were not enough Pete had the once in          Your Friends at Apple Blossom Child Development
a life time opportunity of throwing the first pitch of the   Center
game! The evening was then topped off with a luxury          Childcare for children 6weeks-12years.
box suite provided compliments of the Milwaukee              262-675-2060
__________________________________                           St John’s Lutheran School
Newburg Sportsman Club                                       By Sam Hunter, Principal
By Toni Boldt
                                                             The Summer Soltice is already past us which means
4 Annual Fall Fiesta at Newburg Sportsman’s Clu,             the start of next school year is sneaking up. St.
329 West Highway MY in Newburg, WI. Saturday                 John's Lutheran School will be holding its registration
October 8, 2011 from 9am to 4pm.                             night on Sunday, August 14 from 6:00 - 7:30pm. If
Eat, drink, shop & win!! New this year! Chinese              you are interested in attending the event or would
raffle and 50/50 cash raffle. Bring your friends and         like to receive more information about our school,
family and help support your local community. Hot            please contact Principal Sam Hunter at 262-675-
chili, brats, bake sale, raffles and drinks for sale         6852 (ext. 11). You can always visit our website at
sponsoring our fundraiser. One stop shopping for    We hope to hear from
homemade gifts, holiday gifts, collectibles and more!        you!
Stop by and join us for the start of the fall and            _________________________________________
holiday season. Plenty of gifts to give under $10 for        Little Village Insurance Agency, LLC
all your holiday shopping needs! Interested in               By Craig Wermager, Owner
participating? Contact Toni Boldt at 414-507-8444.
                                                             Hello again from Little Village Insurance Agency,
6 Annual Fire Escape Holiday Open House                      LLC.
501 Highway H Fredonia, WI 53021. Sunday
November 6th 11:30am to 5pm FREE ADMISSION!                  The calendar say’s that it’s summer, but soon
Come see the latest from area crafters & vendors!            Medicare beneficiaries will be getting information
Eat, drink and socialize while doing some holiday            about next year’s Medicare plans.
shopping! First 25 customers at the show will                The biggest change for 2012 is the Annual
receive 5 FREE entry tickets to use towards winning          Enrollment Period or AEP. In the past Medicare
3 mystery gift packages. Earn more tickets as you            beneficiaries that are on either a Medicare
                                                             Advantage plan, or a Medicare Part D drug plan, had

to decide if they were going to make changes to their     Paul is using a replica of an old-fashioned
coverage during the AEP. This ran from November           candlestick phone. Stop in and watch him remote a
15th to December 31st. For 2012, the Annual               computer while he is holding the old cylindrical
Enrollment Period will run from October 15th to           speaker to his ear. Makes you think about
December 7th. This will insure that everyone will have    technology, doesn’t it. He is working at a stand
their new cards by January 1st.                           desk, and his advice is, “Keep moving. Sitting is
                                                          hazardous to your health!”
 Keep in mind that if you are on a Medicare
Supplement and Original Medicare, You can switch          Adam has been using Dream Weaver, Illustrator,
anytime during the course of the year. So if your         and the rest of Creative Suite on his web pages and
premiums are too high, you can shop around to see         pre-press work. He has also been building super
if you can save money. If you decide to make a            fast computers with oil cooled components. Adam’s
switch, your approval is subject to health questions.     advice: “Games and music demand reliable
Since coverage is set by law, you can get the exact       components that can go fast; come in, get
same coverage you now have, at a lower premium. If        professional advice, buy what works.”
you have any questions about this, feel free to
contact Little Village Insurance Agency for more          Ugbana is joining the 450 Main Street team this
information.                                              summer. He has experience working for AT&T, and
                                                          helped start Micro Centers in Chicago. He is great
We would also like to make everyone aware that            with programming computers, and has also won first
Little Village Insurance Agency, LLC has partnered        place awards for his incredible cooking.
with IGW (Insurance Group of Wisconsin) which
represent multiple major insurance carriers for           Larry has been exploring the possibilities of
Property & Casualty insurance. This means that we         permaculture. This is an exciting approach to
can also help you with your homeowner, auto, and          farming with perennials. He is growing lettuce and
business lines.                                           tomatoes. Talk to him at 450 Main Street!

Hope everyone has a great summer!                         Carol keeps us organized. She has a busy schedule
                                                          and her grandchildren are playing some great
_________________________________________                 baseball this summer!
Midwest Iconic Services
By Linda Thomas                                           Linda is pleased to announce that the icon studio will
                                                          be part of the Covered Bridge Studio Tour mark your
Midwest Iconic Services at 450 Main Street hopes          calendar for October 7-9th! You are invited, save the
you are enjoying a great summer. Newburg is the           date.
best town for pedestrians. When you walk past the
Popcorn Wagon, stop in for a healthy snack - we           No matter how we grow (staking out territory in
have ice cold pure fruit juices! We serve famous,         cyberspace), we fix our town’s computers, and make
delicious, local Fireworks popcorn. We are looking        local house calls - you keep the 450 Main team
at offering a line of gluten free sauces and foods this   connected to the real world.
summer. We hope you enjoyed the native plants
from a local garden- we want to offer them again          _________________________________________
next spring. And when berries get ripe, we’re hoping      Welcome, HOME - A Bed & Breakfast
Kenny repeats his fabulous fresh berry sale.              In a House of wheelchair accessible Modification
Bryan is shepherding a huge Web client and
experiencing the joy of fatherhood. He is the man for     This morning I had the good fortune of stumbling
cleaning computer hardware and software. His              upon a tiny fawn curled up in the tall grasses along
advice: “Keep your updates up to date, and don’t rely     the Welcome HOME trail in the woods. I had seen a
on poor quality anti-virus programs.”                     doe hanging around the area the week before so I

suspected there was a young one somewhere
nearby.                                                  Have out-of-town company coming for a visit? Make
                                                         a reservation for a stay in the Bed and Breakfast.
I hope your walks in the woods offer you similar         ALL B&B fees support the Welcome HOME
special experiences.                                     programs, which are operated entirely by volunteers.
                                                         Welcome HOME has no paid staff.
This will happen only if we are all courteous of our
surroundings and of others who will walk these trails    Check out our web site at:
behind us. Nothing ruins a leisurely walk on the trail
in the woods more than stepping in, or even worse,
rolling a wheelchair tire through, dog droppings left    _________________________________________
by someone who has taken this walk before us.            Fallon LaRue Consulting
                                                         By Monica Fallon LaRue
On the top of the courtesy list is: LEAVE YOUR
DOGS AT HOME!                                            Here’s a tip for you. If you ever have problems
                                                         emailing Estimates, Invoices or other forms from
Yes - you may see dogs on the trail - which does not     QuickBooks, make sure your preferences are set
mean that we have changed this rule. The ONLY            correctly.
dogs allowed on the grounds are Cinnamon and
Charlie (who live at Welcome HOME) and dogs              In QuickBooks 2010:
accompanied by Welcome HOME guests.
                                                            1. Click Edit from the main menu
We invite you to enjoy the Welcome HOME grounds.            2. Click Preferences
How many items can you spot on the "Look and See            3. Click Send Forms
Scavenger Hunt"? You'll find copies of the hunt in          4. Select Outlook or QuickBooks Email on My
boxes posted along the trail.                                  Preferences tab
                                                            5. Click Company Preferences tab and edit the
Parents, please share this with your kids. To ensure           templates for your email.
everyone’s safety and enjoyment remember:
                                                         In QuickBooks 2011:
1. No roller blades, skates, bikes are allowed on
Welcome HOME trails.                                     Follow the instructions above and there is an
                                                         additional option available. This option utilizes Web
2. Have a picnic – BUT take your litter home with        Mail to send your estimates, invoices, statements,
you – we don't want to attract any more raccoons         etc. It allows you to use Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or
than we already share our space with!                    other web mail services.
3. Do not pick or remove anything that is living –       To use Outlook as your preferred sending method
plant or animal – from the  Welcome HOME                 make sure you have Microsoft Office 2010.
                                                         If you have questions please call me at 262-483-
4. Stay on the trails. The woods are LOADED with         0451 or send an email to I'm
POISON IVY.                                              right here in the Village of Newburg.
We all thank you for your courtesy.

Call 262 675-2525 if you'd like to learn more about
the Welcome House Of Modification Examples Inc.
programs and services. Tours of the unique
wheelchair-accessible design house are free – by

_________________________________________                 Funds Needed for Historic Newburg Union
Riveredge Nature Center                                   Cemetery
By Pat Fox Schindler
                                                          Barbara McHugh
          RIVEREDGE STURGEON FEST                         Newburg Union
              Thiensville Village Park                    Cemetery Trustee
        Saturday, October 1, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
           Registration begins at 10 a.m.                 One of the best kept
            Activities throughout the day                 secrets in the Village of
                                                          Newburg is a little grave
Celebrate Sturgeon Fest with Riveredge! Sponsor           yard on a grassy hill with                              a
and release your own sturgeon in the Milwaukee            beautiful view of the
River. This is a family event, with special children’s    flowing Milwaukee River.
activities, a live reptile and animal educational         There are shade trees,
display and, returning this year, a special ceremonial    peonies, irises and baskets of bright red geraniums
drumming and blessing of the sturgeon by the              decorating the many historic and recent gravesites.
Potawatomi.                                               What many of the people of Newburg do not realize
                                                          is that this little cemetery is the resting place of the
Food will be available throughout the event.              founder of Newburg, Barton Salisbury, making it an
To register or for more information, call Riveredge at    important historical landmark
262-375-2715 or 1-800-287-8098 or check the Web
site at                                 The cemetery is located at the end of Division Street,
                                                          just south of the river. If you would like to take a
Paradise in your backyard! Riveredge located right        virtual tour of the cemetery, I found this great site
outside of Newburg is a 379-acre sanctuary. Rich in       called Find A Grave. You can put in any area of the
biotic diversity, the property includes a 1.5 miles of    state and fine cemeteries. Ours is listed under
Milwaukee River frontage, 35 acres of established         Newburg Union Cemetery.
prairie, state natural areas, as well as beech–maple
forest, ponds, swamp and fen communities. Hikers
and skiers enjoy ten miles of trails open to the public   The funds for perpetual care are running low and the
from dawn to dusk all year. Free to members and $4        board is looking for donations to keep this little
for non-member adults and $2 for children 4 – 12.         historic cemetery looking beautiful. There are over
                                                          50 gravesites still available for sale, and if you are
                                                          interested in making a purchase or a donation you
                                                          can contact Jack Isselman at the State Bank of
________________________________________                  Newburg, 262-675-2306.
Other News
                                                          I hope that you will find it in your heart to donate
Congressman Sensenbrenner will be holding office          money to this worthy cause or consider joining the
hours at the Newburg Village Hall at 9:00am               first settlers in this historical setting with your very
Wednesday, June 29, 2011. He will be available to         own gravesite, you will be in good company.
hear your concerns and answer your questions so
feel free to stop and chat with him.
                                                          Note: If you would like to have an article in future
Washington County will be having its second Clean         editions of Bridges please e-mail your information to
Sweep of the year on Saturday, October 15th from, preferably as a
                                                          Word attachment, or you can contact Carol DeWeese
8:00 am to noon. Visit them on the web at
                                                          at 262-675-2160. We welcome all contributions that, or phone              are of interest to residents of the Village.
them 262.335.4800, to get all the information. Some
items will require a fee and pre-reistration.


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