Wallowing by radenmehmed


									Rolling on the ground, and especially wallowing in mud or
swamp, form part of primitive therapy all over the world. The custom also
figures in some rites involving rain or fertility, and is also to be
found in magic
practices where a man is required to roll on the ground in order to rise
up again
transformed into a wolf (51). The myth of Antaeus is connected with this
In all this, the supposition is that contact with the earth instigates
certain latent
possibilities either in the cosmos or in the individual or his spirit.
The desire to be
cured, or for metamorphosis or rain, corresponds to the general longing
for ‘Inversion’—
the upsetting of a given order so that it may be replaced by its
To roll on the ground is, then, one of those sacrificial acts that are
supposed to
encourage or facilitate inversion, a change in circumstances or in the
broad stream
of life.

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