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        JUNE 14, 2012                    | CAROLINA FOREST CHRONICLE READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS |               | CAROLINA FOREST, S.C.   15

                                                    Best Family Doctor
                                                          Dr. Jeffrey Lindaberry
                                                          Dr. Jon Bornfreund           BIDDLE
                                                          Best Fast Food
                                                                                    LAW FIRM, P.A.
                                                                                   ATTORNEY AND COUNSELOR AT LAW
                                      Winner:             Chic-Fil-A
                                      Finalist:           Sonic

                                                   Best Fence Company
                                      Winner:             Atlantic Fence
                                      Finalist:           Palmetto Fence

                                                  Best Financial Planner
                                                                                     J. Marshall Biddle
                                                          Wells Fargo
                                                          Cox Bell Powell, LLC
                                                                                        Thank You for Your
                                             Best Fine Dining Restaurant
                                                                                        Trust & Confidence
                                      Winner:             New York Prime            Winner- Best Personal Injury Attorney
                                      Finalist:           The Library
                                               Best Fire & Safety                   Winner - Best Real Estate Attorney
                                      Winner:             M.B. Fire & Safety        Finalist - Best Attorney
                                                                                    Finalist - Best Criminal Law Attorney
                                                                                    Finalist - Best Elder Law Attorney
                                                                                    Finalist - Best Malpractice Attorney
                                                                                      Real Estate Closings • Corporate Law
                                                                                          Mortgage Refinances• Divorce
                                                                                   Wills & Powers of Attorney
                                                                                   Juvenile Criminal Defense
                                                                                        Traffic Violations
                                                                                        Magistrate Court
                                                                                    Civil & Criminal Matters
                                                                                         Name Changes

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