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         May 19-23, 2010

       Gaidakot, Nawalparasi


          Organized By:


          Supported By:

           CARE Nepal
                                              Table of Contents

Overview of the programme: ................................................................................. 3

1. Background ..................................................................................................... 5

2. Participants of the Training .............................................................................. 6

3. Objectives of the Programme ........................................................................... 6

4. Methodologies applied:.................................................................................... 7

5. Outcomes of the Workshop.............................................................................. 7

6. Programme Proceedings .................................................................................. 7

7. Closing: ......................................................................................................... 47

8. Challenges ..................................................................................................... 47

9. Suggestions.................................................................................................... 47
Overview of the programme:

Training Theme: Training of Trainers on Advocacy

Organized by: Himalayan Grassroots Women Natural Resource Management Association

Supported By: Care Nepal, Shakti Programme, Bhartpur, Chitwan

Date and Venue: May19-23, 2010, SAHAMATI, Gaidakot, Nawalparasi, Nepal

Participating Organizations: Community Mobilizers, Programme officers under Shakti
programme, HIMAWANTI Nepal District Chapter members

Number of Participants: 25

Resource Persons/ Key Facilitators:
Mr. Chup Bahadur Thapa
Ms. Gita Bohora
Mr. Ganesh Chaulagai

Key Documentation
Mr. Ganesh Chaulagai

Methodology: Presentations, group discussions, documentary, various games, plenary
discussion and role play and group exercises

Contents of the Programme:
      Who am I?
      Information sharing among partner organizations based on who am I session
   Rural women's right to natural resources (forestry, water and land resources)
   Shakti programme and analysis of poverty relevance
   introduction of development and initiatives in development of developing countries
   social structure and analysis of power relation
   meaning of advocacy and its rationale
   good governance and interrelation with advocacy
   stages of advocacy
   issues identification and analysis
   selection of issues, policy analysis and goal determination
   Stakeholders (target groups, supporters, neutral and opponents) analysis
   support groups for advocacy and networking
   instruments of advocacy
   media advocacy
   designing advocacy plan
   plenary discussion on advocacy plan and presentation
   implementation, monitoring and evaluation of advocacy plan
   preparation of work plan and presentation
   training evaluation and closing
1. Background
Advocacy is the process of raising voices in an effective manner in order to influence others. It is
a process rather than a product. When it is done to support or empower the marginalized it is a
means of gaining a better policy environment with implications for implementation of policies,
rather than an end in itself. The product of advocacy could be better policies or practices which
emanate from the government, but also refers to those unwritten practices which have been
taking place in communities for some length of time. The empowerment of affected people is the
ultimate destination of the kind of advocacy work that NGOs, CBOs and People's organizations
engage in, in the hope that it would help the affected people to claim their rights in a sustainable

Advocacy initiatives generally aim to promote the public good and attempt to bring about social
justice in deprived communities. It seeks to use all available media, for a method to bring issues
of public concern into the conscious agenda of those who make decision in this regard. The
prime goal of advocacy is to reorient public policy towards enhancing the capacity of those who
have a weaker voice in the existing political system. It is not only the government but also
various actors in the public and private arenas who contribute to livelihood insecurity and the
violation of human rights.

Under the bases of initiatives of advocacy- facilitating social justice, gaining access and a voice
for deprived groups in the decision making of relevant institutions; changing the power relations
between these institutions and the people affected by their decision thereby changing the
institutions themselves; and bringing a compelling and lasting improvement in the people's lives;
this trainers training has been organized for the project staffs of partner organizations. it has been
expected to enhance knowledge, skills as well as commitment for advocacy on the issues raised
and associated to PVSE women in the programme area. It has envisioned preparing VDC level
advocacy plan for each programme VDC for the influencing policy or effective implementation
of existing policies to the PVSE women. It is considered as a foundation for raising voices of

This report tries to summaries the events undertaken during the capacity building programme on
advocacy which has incorporated the information of carried out activities in detail. The report
has covered the date and venue where the activities were carried out; objective of the program,
participants of the program as well as overall achievements.
2. Participants of the Training

All together 25 people were participated in the workshop. The participants were shakti
programme staffs from partner organizations including HIMAWANTI- Nepal district chapter
members. The composition of the participants was as following:

Composition of Participation, Nawalparasi, 2010

 S.N. Position               Chitwan               Makwanpur      Nawalparasi         Remarks
 1    Programme              1                        1               1
 2    Community              5                          5               5
 3    HIMAWANTI              2                          2               3          1 from Central
      Board members                                                                  committee
      Total                  8                          8               9

Out of 25 participants, 3 were males whereas remaining 22 participants were females. Those
participants were from all partner organizations of Shakti programme. 5 participants from each
partner organization had taken part in the programme where HIMAWANTI Nepal had 1 more
participant from central committee.

(See Annex- I: For details of participant)

3. Objectives of the Programme
The programme was conducted on the bases of following objectives:
       to share experiences among partner organizations for the identification of gaps and
       building linkage of advocacy
       to assess underlying causes of poverty and interventions made under Shakti programme
       comparative analysis of development paradigms in Nepalese context
       to analyze social structure and assess interrelationship between social structures
       to aware on advocacy concept, instruments, process and to build capacity to practice each
       instruments at institutional level
       to build capacity and skills to make participatory advocacy plan based on participatory
       discussion on each levels of advocacy process
       to make commitment among participants for effective implementation of advocacy plan
       in their respective communities
4. Methodologies applied:
    Basically the following methods were adopted for the training programme.

          o   Lecture Method
          o   Presentation Method
          o   Video Documentary & Photos display
          o   Group Discussions
          o   Role play sessions
          o   Questions and answer
          o   informative Games
          o   plenary discussions
          o   story and case studies

5. Outcomes of the Workshop
The programme had achieved the following outcomes after completion of the training which is
              After the TOT on advocacy, participants had acquired knowledge on advocacy.
               Participants are able to differentiate between issues and problems.
              Updated on the issues raised until now for the advocacy and institutional
              Participants are able to get skills to facilitate on advocacy.
              Participants got skills to develop advocacy plan of action.
              Participants had prepared individual plan of action to prepare advocacy plan.

6. Programme Proceedings

Opening of the Programme:

The programme was opened informally with the remarks of Gita Bohora,
undersecretary of HIMAWANTI-Nepal. She welcomed all the participants from
partner organizations and HIMAWANTI district chapters. She hoped that there
would be experiences sharing and update over the issues raised in the
community. This training is an opportunity to enhance skills for advocacy on
Shakti themes. She wished for the successful completion of the programme
making more interactive.

Remarks for Best Wishes:
Team leader of Shakti programme, Mr. Eman Sunar had welcomed all the
participants in the programme and suggested to concentrate discussion on the
existing issues of PVSE women. He suggested for informal discussion which would
based on practice based experiences. The main objective of the programme is to
enhance skills to deliver training on advocacy. It is important to raise voices over
our local issues while we discuss on the issues. It is a way of influencing policy. He
expected that the programme would support to make VDC level advocacy plan in
each VDC of Shakti programme. He expected active participation in the training
which would help to personal development. At last, he wished for the successful
completion of the programme which would target to raises the issues of PVSE

Introduction among participants

The participants were introduced each other with sharing their name, address,
representing organization and years of experiences in the field.

Who am I ?

The facilitator had discussed on the introduction which is no described by the
person who introduces him/herself saying his/her name and address. Male and
female both are introduced with various identities in our society according to
their social responsibility. For example,

Male: husband, father, son, son in law, brother in law, uncle, nephew,
grandfather, grandson, brothers etc.

Female: wife, mother, daughter, daughter in law, sister in law, aunty,
grandmother, granddaughter, sisters etc.

But he told that introduction is identity which is created by the action of
individual. It is not necessary to explain but others will evaluate and recognize as
their own performance. The attitudes and practices of individual are more
introductory than responsibility given by society. Introduction is the impression
made by the action. For example, there would be thousands of people in
someone's funeral ceremony whereas there would be no one to pick up dead
body. It is because of the impression made by someone.

He further told that we need to analyze SWOT for the better identity as:

S= Strength

W= Weakness

O= Opportunities

T= Threats

He discussed that higher strength, higher opportunities, higher weakness, and
higher threats. Strength and weakness are factors depending upon oneself where
as opportunities and threats are always obtained or arise from outsides.

Story of Heaven

An individual has various lives and deaths in a single life. There is heaven which is
also determined by the performance of individual. For example, a day of getting
result having board first in SLC exam is heaven for that student where as the day
before the day of result is as usual. The same result may be death for other if s/he
gets result being failed. Due to that information, his/her father committed
suicide, grandfather became mad and the response made by community
members to that student.

This gives the information that criticism guides to move forward.

Group work on institutional introduction

After the discussion on institutional experiences which is able to recognize
institute/organization as. The group was formed as their representing
organization. The presentation made after group discussion were as following:

Nari Ship Srijana Kendra (WOSEC), Nepal

Established in 2049 B.S.
Worked on the sector of women and children's rights

Especially worked on advocacy to improve the status/position of women

Contributed on campaign against VAW through We Can campaign, anti-trafficking
movement, women empowerment, worked to enhance access and control of
marginalized women to policy making level, advocacy on adolescents'
reproductive rights, women empowerment for livelihood improvement

working on women empowerment programme in 13 districts

Organizational Issues:

women empowerment

sustainable livelihood

end of VAW

women's access and control over policy making level

women's reproductive rights

disaster reduction programme

coordination and partnership- DDC, DEO, DAO, DFO, DSCO, WDO, women and
children cell, district police

Affiliation: AATWIN, BBS, GATW, women security pressure group, NanGan, South
Asia Alliance


Contact and coordination with various organizations (care Nepal, Heifer
International, NSCFP, LFP, DFID, Action aid, BISEP ST, MOF, DOF, MOHP,

Institutional capacity building, (personal and institutional)

Worked focusing on NRM
Advocacy for women's access and control over the rights on water, forest and
land resources

Advocacy for incorporation of the issues of women on water, forest and land
resources in upcoming constitution

Advocacy for meaningful participation of women in decision making position of
various organizations/levels

Identify and advocacy on the issues of poor women (especially on health,
domestic violence, livelihood, services, equal pay for equal job)

Internalization of 'we' and 'our' feeling

Change in the perception among NGOs and GOs

Women are able to share their experiences with their work

Supported to improve livelihood

Easy to conduct pressurizing programmes

Stressed on identification and implementation of local level programme using
local resources


To identify marginalized and back warded class, and ethnic community and make
them able to acquire their rights and its utilization

To identify vulnerable area for disaster and support to mitigate disaster

To aware women about their reproductive health and problems associated to
their reproductive health and treat those women who have problem of uterus
prolapsed and aware women about their reproductive health

to aware PVSE women to acquire resources from VDC for the livelihood
improvement and ensure right to resources
conduct works on 3 themes women empowerment, livelihood improvement,
disaster management together

Organization having highest PVSE women member in Chitwan district.

Individual Change due to engagement in the respective organization:

Srijana Dahal, Harnamadi, Makwanpur

Systematize discussion on reflect center

Co-ordination with stakeholders at VDC level

Leadership development

Capacity building to advocacy

VDC recognized my contribution and remembers while they organize VDC level
activities related to women

Gita Bidari, PO, Makwanpur

Capacities build up

Create working environment

District level coordination extended

Sarala Bolakhe, Chhatiwan, Makwanpur

Exposure to never known community

Leadership/capacity development

Self confidence to face challenges

Srijana Shrestha, Faparbari, Makwanpur

Exposure to Makwanpur and Faparbari VDC
Familiar with local stakeholders

Opportunities to participate in different forums

Got recognition by VDC and political parties

Other organizations co-ordinated to replicate ability of local women

Chameli Syangtan, Dhiyal, Makwanpur

Able to put views in public forum

Capacity building to conduct programme

VDC has recognized

Sangita Rai, Raigaun, Makwanpur

Made citizenship in Makwanpur due to Shakti programme

Aware about VDC budget allocation to women in VDC

Some people indicated as leader which made women sad that encouraged me to
capacity building

Sabitri Sunar, Chitwan

Able to express feeling in public mass

Fire affected people are benefited from the relief services (goods) distributed by

IGA supported to generate income that made people happy where I found my

Case studies on the way of publication

Meera Mahato, Chitwan

Increment in mobility

Able to share experience and created trust environment to rural women
Happy because community women had started Chatpate business

Able to conduct programme with VDC level political leaders and other
stakeholder in absence of programme officer

Indra Kumari B.K.

Challenged by community people while NRUSEC selected

Recognized in the VDC by stakeholders

Stakeholders are ready to coordinate

VDC trusted and even gives meeting minutes to review and copy the decision

Can share ideas to others efficiently

Males have changed their habit, i.e. males started to collect dress while put it for
dry out

Message on family planning especially on permanent method

Livelihood improvement through sewing and cutting

Sukrami Chaudhary, Chitwan

Increment in mobility

Confidences build up

PVSE women are able to generate income through sewing and cutting training

Women are able to react while there is violence (eg. you made my wife Ms. Indira

Anita B.K.

Chances of exposure

Meeting with various people
Behavior of PVSE males changed (husband of a woman had bitten his wife while
she was in reflect center in the beginning where as himself is helping to discuss on
reflect center these days.)

Due to information publicize, schools also reflected to publish information

Krishna Basaula, Chitwan

Opportunities to participate in training and workshops

Habited to study which influenced to support logic

Habit of writing

Sushila Kshetri, Nawalparasi

recognized in VDC

toile campaign started

Maya Sahani, Nawalparasi

able to share ideas

Capacity building which made me to trust

Opportunity to meet with VDC level stakeholders

Parvati Tiwari, Nawalparasi

first women president in organization in Nawalparasi

Socially recognized as a good social worker

Ambika Thapaliya, Chitwan

Exposure to VDC

Encourage to dialogue

Skills development
Punya Prava Adhikari

meeting with social mobilizers

Coordination become strong

Familiar with the issues of buffer zone

Sarada Rai, Makwanpur

capacity enhanced on forest management

Strong coordination with district level stakeholders

Janaki Rai, Makwanpur

Increased mobility

Strong coordination with stakeholders

Developed self confidence

Participants were participated in horse riding game. The main aim of the game is
to encourage claiming their rights in the society. Others will dominate until we
start action in the field. Commitment and promise may not work properly if we
don't practice in the field because we are guided by deep rooted and historically
channeled by social value system. So we need to claim our rights but before that
we must be aware on the rights on particular issues. So we must go rather rivers
come if we are thirst.

Story of 'Rishi and Chara'

Rishi was meditating in a forest where hunter was killing birds. He became
unhappy due to killing of innocent birds. Then he decided to support hunter, and
call hunter and asked,' why do you kill these innocent birds?' The hunter replied
that it is his profession and matter of livelihood of his family. Then Rishi decided
to give some monitory support as equal to the earning of birds hunting. The
hunter stopped killing until Rishi gave money to him but one day, he did not get
money from Rishi but started to kill birds.

Then Rishi thought that giving money to hunter is fail but better to teach birds.
Then he invited all birds in the meeting and teaches about how to escape from
hunter and save lives. He made a text to guide birds as:

Shikari aaunchha,

      Jal thapchha,

Chara halchha,

Khanu hunnna hai

Then all birds crumbed the lesson. One day hunter came he heard the song from
bird and decided to back. After some time he thought to try and back again to put
his jal. That day many birds were on the jal than other time.

Learning of the participants:

Crumbed but not applied in the practice.

Commitment only does not work, need to internalize

They just crumbed but did not realize their participation

Crumb the message, but not practice

Plan without practicality

The facilitator concluded that we are also in the same condition of above story, so
we need to care about upcoming stage of pvse women in our locality.

Plenary discussion on What are the causes of poverty?

Deprived of opportunities

Dependency on wages

Less income expenditure more
Family members more


Lack of house and land

Low wage rate

Discrimination on wages

Drinking alcohol

Lack of awareness

Disasterous area

Limited to household

High interest rate

Domestic violence

Exploitation of poor by rich

Facilities are obtained by rich

No access to control

Lack of information (e.g., Raigaun, Makwanpur- out of 32 household, 20 HH has
pregnancy cases where they don't know about the services of health facilities)

Excessive expense (fajul kharcha)

Practical experience of Morang

A participants of training was very poor, his dress up was poor. The workshop was
about poverty reduction. One participant told that this .... man does not speak ,
(mukh sannasale ukhelne) how can we uplift him. It was a big insult.

Next day he invited both of them in dash and started to ask

Rich                                        poor
Education- ba                                      illiterate

Training 200                                       no

Meeting 1000                                 annual meeting (otherwise 200 fine)

Where do guests live- all of guest         first year of daughters' marriage
daughter in law came in dashain but no one is comming now







How many HH are in your VDC? (Percentage)

No response.

It has requested to focus such people as mentioned above who are identified
from UCP in each VDC.

Practical exercise on loan

A man goes to group for loan and gets 5000 and on the way a friend meets him
and take to Sahili's Bhatti and took alcohol and pay 5000 and back to home where
quarrel. Sahili saves 5000 to bank. Then who is wrong?

Seed planting barren land since 50 years by a person, after a month he visited a
field but not plants found. Then who is wrong? Man or land?

Man because:

Clear the bush-------- poor identification
Irrigation-----information dissimination

Plough------------- discussion

Making the mud fine-------------- create trust environment

Making nursary----------- planning

Planting seed----------------investment

Irrigation------------monitoring and evaluation and support

Plant ready--------poverty reduction

So, what can we do?

Need to maintain equality.

Then, a practical exercise on equity and equality

(2 people sleeping with same base but one is ling other is short and gave same
amount of chocolate to both in same distance and asked to eat but fixed the rule
not to allowed crawl but can use hand. Please see picture.)


Need to internalize such incidences in our VDC/community. There are thousands
of issues, eg. Case of citizenship, price of timber from community forestry, criteria
for vocational trainig (having citizenship, no child, unmarried, poor etc), drop out
from group due to unable to collect Rs. 5 in collective.

These are the issues of discussion in our community. It is essential to internalize
the issues.

Resources allocation game

Group        To be          Obtained   Weapon   Distance    rank         chance

1            10             17@3=51 Big         Close       First        3

2            10             4@4=16     Medium   In          Second       3

3            10             10@..=8    small    far         third        3

Reflect to reflect center

Resources go to relatives and relatives gives amount on credit to poor

Allocated resources discriminatorily

In community forestry, president and secretary only remain for long time

Women are involved only for signature

Women are not invited in meeting

AGA are not conducted on time, just escaping

The facilitator had concluded that there should be allocation of the resources and
facilitators equitable for social justice and equality.

Before we regret, we need to question on the systematic structure of our society
that we are discussion on UCP tools.

Plenary discussion on the understanding of development

Positive Change

Practice change

KAP change

Physical structure
To achieve 5 kinds of shakti, and proper utilization of resources is Development.

We need to understand our responsibility while we talk about our right.'

Self reflection is essential while we work in the field.

For example, CF is also talking about right but not cared about its responsibility.

'Responsibility and duties with right and right without duties and responsibilities'
need to analyze in our context (Reflect Center).

Development is developed as social and human resources development not only
physical development.

Development trend in Nepal

Exercise- fish giving-----fishing skills----- right to fish (fishing)------

Welfare approach------corrective --------right based.....equity


Right to fishing by Bote Majhi in Chitwan

Right to get Niguro from forest, Chitwan

Right to get timber from community forest, Makwanpur

Salko pat ko tapari

We are working on Right based approach based on equity approach.

Why do we not able to raise voice on the issues of VDC? Why do we afraid if we
are supporting VDC for development?

Lack of advocacy skills and facilitation skills

CMs are focused on how to mobilize reflect center

Difficult to manage time due to new LRPs
In this regard, we need to recognize our identity through our practices in the field
which make changes.

It is required to document process and the result of your efforts and intervention.

It is required to adopt following mathematical signals:

Add good practices

Subtract Disagreements, illiteracy

Multiply Unity and agreement

Divide Responsibility/duty


Sitting arrangements helps to control the mass.

Social Structure

Reflect center


Community forest


Private school

Paralegal committee

Community organizations


Health post

It is required to identify the structural provision of our society.


Market and private sector

Civil society

The voice we are raising for the construction of system which is envisioned by the

There is relation among these three components where all of them have strength.

If one component is powerful, other components would be minimized.

Our meaning is not to vulnerable state and market rather it is supporting these

Civil society is leading structure where state and market move ahead.

We need to give high priority to those social issues while we work for advocacy.

We can work for the market for medicinal herbal plants.

Social structure analysis

Level                               Rights            Responsibility   Outcome

Household         Male

Community          Dalits and

                   Non-dalits and
                   well standard


         …………………quantity (less)

        …………. quantity (more)

There are various big gaps in our society between male and females and among
social categories.

The issues we raise should be focused on women----- PVSE women.

We need to be understood on our current status.

Field expamples:

16 kattha land is owned by the youth club

CDOs response

in 26 households out of 32, both the mother and daughter are pregnant but the
government does not care about it .
Social Mobilization


Market /Individual Civil society

Role of market

Role of civil society

Sumitra chaudhari (Nawalparasi )

Women are excluded in the VDC budget. They are not provided with clear
information about the VDC budget to the women

Counting game

Ask 5 questions and get wrong answers if answer right, stop, game over.


Raise voice on the issues of victims

To link the issues to local to district and national level
To acquire rights to those communities who have no right.

Process to recognize problem and issues to settle from village to district level

The first activity done by a new born baby is advocacy- cry for breastfeeding.

In the childhood stage, baby starts to bargain, and get success.

Ask to buy cycle, cry, fell down in the street, crying,..... until he get cycle.

The level of understanding is different but the gist is same.

To provide justice to the people deprived of their rights by doing the tasks in a

Advocacy is to provide justice in favor of poor






The natural structure can be understood

Man made structure can be changed


Culture and structure made us

We also can make a new culture and structure


I can change
My organization can change

Our society can change

The whole world can change

Start to change yourself first and then only talk about others

Picture analysis

Civil right more

Policy less

Process less

Practice less

Use of civil rights least

We want to increase the area of using civil rights, the whole process is advocacy.

Advocacy would not be effective if we miss any of its steps.

What is Advocacy and what is not advocacy?

Immunization is advocacy or not? Issue or not?

It is not advocacy, but if there is objection on immunization, some aspects are
affecting not to conduct that programme, then efforts to prove such services as
campaign, is advocacy.

Generally advocacy makes a campaign which tries to change existing structures
which is barrier for human right utilization. It always heads to the issues
considering practice and legal provisions.

If any incidence has widen its scope, it becomes an issue but it would be a
problem which has effect to only one person.
Sometimes, single problem can be an issue, when it becomes social problem.

Public discussion and conflicting subjects can be issue.

Violation of human right incidences

Interest of community

Main root of various incidences

Group exercise

Dhad chilaune practice (picture)

It is concluded that if work on problem, it would give immediate relief rather we
find out root cause and go for that which ultimately result sustainable relief.

Dummy exercise in plenary

Gardi VDC-8, 47 hh, poor, Dalit, janajati, indigenous, settled since12 yrs, Star
Sports club has forced to clear settlement for the sports

Settlement moved to bench of river

A landlord had claimed that the current land used for settlement is belong to him
and tries to remove that settlement, where he is planning his land.

Settlement on the bench of river wants certificate of current land rather previous

Compulsion to leave paddy cover (Dhanko Bhush) free of cost at rice mill

What is Advocacy

To make discussions                - Decisive level

Women mobility

Policy                         - Amendment



To fulfill owns requirement

Issues of advocacy

What are the issues ?

Issue becomes a subject of public interest

Problem can be individual

Stakeholders for advocacy





                                             We        Supporter

                                             Neutral   Opponent
Objective should be SMART

S------- Specific




T------------Time bound

Major causes of most of the problems

The issue of .......................... of community deprived of the rights.

Issues of the community interest

issues raised in public discussion and disputes.

Process of selecting issues

Listing of the problems

Prioritizing the problems

to find out the root cause of the problem

Classification of the issues

Issues related to the new laws and policies

Issues of the policy amendment

Issue of proper implementation of existing law.

No. of the targeted group related to the issues.

Sukrami Chaudhari (Chitwan)
land (47 households )

Community of poor, dalit and indigenous people

Living since 12/13 years

Youth club has constructed a playground.

Parties have supported the club to construct the playground

Land of rich people near 14 household of the dalit.

Story of DSP

DSP, CDO, Judge

Meet, wine

Invited for get together

Dsp asks for diunsoko masu,

Judge call to bring cat and measuring scale and measured that cat is 1 kg

Then, judge asks where is 1 kg meet, or where is cat?


Not to hide reality, it will open one day

Practice until it gets result

Need to go through underlying causes

Discussed on Advocacy of Vivekananda

Makawanpur (Problem indicator)

Discussions , Family problems

Due to the drinking and gambling habit of male, the violence on women has
increased and the workload also has increased

Due to lack of toilets the environment is being polluted

In the family and house of PVSE there is lack of sanitation

Mostly the problem of drinking water

The settlement is in vulnerable condition due to flood and landslide

Frazile land are more

though the presence of women in the decisive level of community forestry they
are not clear about the financial accounts

Less participation of women in the workshop and seminar of CF

CF did not support for discussion center

Lack of public land for the construction of discussion center

News of deforestation , overgrazing and firestorm

Blind belief on the witch doctor

Caste and gender biasness

Problem of school, far from house

No access of women in the VDC budget

Poor children do not get scholarship in the schools
Problem in giving skill trainings to the PVSE women out of their districts

The health organizations , VDC, Agriculture and animal service center, paralegal
,RRC, CSGs in the VDC are not responsible towards the community

VDC has not allocated the wages

Due to high interest rates, the poor are being more poor

Though there is provision of allocation of 35% of the income of the CF to the poor
but it has not been implemented

No proper arrangement for treatment to the women .

The control of male on the discussion of the household and family.

Problem in financial calculation of the savings made by the PVSE .

The use of the food grain for making liquor is more in practice

No information about birth gap, family planning and pregnancy check up in the
PVSE women.

Even after the training of unseasonable vegetable agriculture, there is problem in
agriculture due to the lack of irrigation

Problem of citizenship, no registration of marriage and birth

Due to lack of agricultural land. people go to outer districts for work

Sexual harassment by the army in phaparbari

Problem in consultation to LRP and CM

Even after the vocational training,women are not being able to start business due
to lack of financial support

Problem in financial calculation to the women who are engaged in ghumti
Due to early marriage in tamang community, problem of reproductive health

Did not get citizenship in the name of mother

Only male's name in the Land ownership certificate.

Laligurans women discussion center

Sasu bit jwai

PVSE women can't get timber from CF although there is provision of 35% budget
allocation to PVSE and women, Now she is about to migrate to slum in another
district- Raigaun

A woman who was selected for sewing and cutting training and participated for
some days but she dropped out, no continuation


Ethnic/caste untaouchability

Darainage to Dalit community

Dalits settlements are near to Patel, high risk of fire (Rich would light fire to their
land where dalits live, dalits control fire for in daytime but they light fire in night
too, which created fear to dalits)

Rich people are using public land

Problem of uterus prolapse

Dowry problem

Women's voices are not cared on VDC

Caste Untouchability ( Harijan, Dom, mushar )

Land adhar paper

The drain water has been discrete to the dalit settlement

All public land occupied by the rich people

Uterine prolapse problem

Dowry problem

No hearing of the VDC women

Toilet problem

Money required for birth registration

Biasness between son and daughter

Blame of being bitch

Doctors are not present in the health posts so nurses do the treatments

problem of drinking habits of male

lack of irrigation

Child marriage

ghumto pratha

Children deprived of education

Even after several years of marriage, it is not registered.

Low wages

Lack of drinking water

Lack of food grain in dalit community

Transportation problem

Unequal and low wage

Electricity (installment meter box)

Community forestry

Public land and barren land


Paddy cover

Women violence and domestic violence


Birth registration

Marriage certificate

Sanitation and toilet

Drinking water

Primary health center's services



Gambling (juwa tas)

Attack from wild animals in buffer zone

Uterus prolapsed


No access and control on forest
Unsafe sexual relationship and illegal child birth

Migration for safe settlement

Multiple marriages

Road construction

Accusing witch

Difficult to interact and facilitation with VDC level stakeholders

Passive paralegal committee

Difficult to adopt sewing cutting skills as profession on due to support
school is far from settlement

Lack of information on laws and rights against GBV to CM and LRPs

Group Discussion and Presentation


Domestic violence against women


Male are engaged in gambling, liquor which has increased the violence against

Women are forced to make liquor out of the food grains

The workload of house is more on women

Male lose all the money in gambling therefore women do not get to use the
money for household

According to upex women work 18 hours in household and farm but male rest for
8-12 hours.
Due to the household women dont get chance to get out of office

Women dont have control and ownership on the property

women are unknown about the policy and legal information .


Effects of khahare in the settlement


Open grazing


cutting down of khoriya

afforestration not done

afforested plants flooded away.

forest put on fire in an uncontrolled way

yearly soil erosion causes loss of fertility


High interest rates


Hard to join hand to mouth without doing labor

The production from own land is only enough for 3-6 months

low wages
High interest rates on loan from the landlords (5 %)

Not receiving wages on time

Taking amounts of loan from the landlords and use it in extravagates.

Then the participants are divided in various groups according to their district and
allocated responsibility to discuss on the issues and its causes.


S.N.     Issues                                             Causes

1        VAW

2        Violation of women's reproductive rights

3        Effects on settlements through flood

4        High interest rate

5        No implementation of poor focused forest

6        Lack of good governance practice in community

Among above issues, two major issues are no.6 and no. 2.

Women's reproductive right is important is:

       Males don't want to cure uterus prolapsed of wife/females

       Males said that they would get marriage next, if she dies

Health services providers are not responsible to deliver services where there is
lack of awareness on health facilities like-immunization, iron foliate, vitamin A etc.
Advocacy for services to be delivered through service providers

Awareness to local people, both males and females


S.N.    Issues                                            Causes

1       Community Forestry:



2       Unequal and low pay

3       Electricity (meter box)

4       VAW and domestic violence

5       Buffer zone- no presence of local community's
        participation in conservation and utilization

6       No access to barren land and public land

7       Women's Reproductive rights violation

8       Safe settlement shifting

9       Good governance of community forestry

Major 2 issues: 6 and 8.

S.N.    Issues                                                Causes

1       No baseline document of settlement to PVSE
        women who are living in public land

2       Drainage directed to dalit settlement

3       Dowry system

4       No participation in village council

5       VAW

6       No marriage registration and no citizenship

7       Lighting fire in the field near to dalit settlement

8       Dowry, Ghumto,

9       Reproductive rights violation- Child marriage

10      Barren land and public land

Among above issues major 2 issues are: 8, 9.

Group Discussion

S.N.    Issues                                                District

1       Reproductive rights violation                         Makwanpur

2       Deprivation of PVSE women from CF benefit

3       Child marriage                                        Nawalparasi

4       Dowry, Ghumto,

5       No access of PVSE to barren land and public           Chitwan

6        Lack of participation and transparency of PVSE
         in Bufferzone community forestry

Game: kam, bichar, fer no

This game shows the team work

It gives the information that we need to be clever on the issue.

Division of responsibility

Discussion on the process of advocacy in plenary

Identification of issues-------------------- prioritization of issues---------------analysis of
current status and expected condition/position---------------review of policies-------
identify stakeholders------strategy formation--------------------improvement in
strategy-------------preparation of advocacy plan----------------------- pass the plan in
group----------------------implementation---------------monitoring and evaluation-------
--------feed back to the plan.

There are four agents (stakeholders):

       We                    neutral

       Helper                       Opposition

Identify opponents, helper, and neutral.

We need to widen our coverage on the issues.


How do you identify the stakeholders who are against, who are supporting?
After identifying issues, who are against our movement, who can be our
supporter and who are neutral, then communicate with supporter and plan to
influence neutral.

It is most important to list out the beneficial groups, opponents, neutrals, and
supporter and discuss with beneficiaries. If the plan is leak without concluding, it
would be challenging.

While you talk about issues, beneficiaries will cry remembering the pain.

Beneficiaries will internalize the issue and go for the advocacy collectively.

Discussion on the issues as allocated to:

Women's health--------------Nawalparasi

Deprivation of PVSE women from benefit sharing of Community forest---------------

Lack of participation of PVSE women and transparency in Buffer zone community

The work should focus on:

Categorization of issues (policy formation, implementation or revision)

Fix the goal

Analysis of policies

Stakeholders analysis (for, against, neutral and opposite)

Strategy development


Discussion on presentation:
Due to lack of policy documents, unable to review available legal provisions

About 90% cases are under child marriage under Shakti programme area. The
baseline data is estimated as an example from out residents.

Total groups--- 79, 1700 households in Nawalparasi, Shakti project area.

Estimation should be reliable, should be based on any of statistical (data) sources
which is not necessarily data gathered by other agencies.

It is required gather reliable information which is challenging in the case of age
wise data.

Technically objectives and strategies should be to some extent different, but in
the presentation it seems somehow similar.

How to fix goal based on objectives as well as use of words.

The words should be suitable to the local context rather concentrating words.


Issue - deprived PVSE women from opportunities and resources allocation from



Budget should be allocated to PVSE women

Women should be in decision making level

The budget should be allocated for the livelihood

Policy review

35% budget should be allocated to PVSE and women,
50 women participation, inclusive executive committee,

Either president or secretary must be women,

Woman must be in account operation.


While formulating, strategies and objectives we need to focus on implementation
of existing policy/forest guidelines.

If we are going to implement CF guidelines, why not issue be effective
implementation of CF guidelines.

It would be changed as it requires, with the targeted groups.


Issues: Transparency and participation of women in buffer zone community



        Equitable representation of CCGGVA

Policy review:

35% budget should be allocated to PVSE and women,

50 women participation, inclusive executive committee,

Either president or secretary must be women,

Woman must be in account operation.


The representation of should specify who should be participated
Transparency is essential while we talk about representation

We need to analyze existing situation of buffer zone CF and review policies, if
policy is addressing the problem, focus on implementation.

This training objects to give skills on advocacy but the context may differ which
determines the strategies and process.

7. Closing:
   Vote of Thanks:

   At the end of the programme the organizor had provided hand outs of the training for texual
   support. All the participants had prpared their own individual plan of action to prepare
   advocacy plan of action in their own field. At last, all the particitants were thanked for their
   active participation and expected to its implementation in action. The participants were
   provided to fill up information regarding community forestry, leasehold forestry as well as
   informaion about barren public lands. During that time PAO had guided to fill up the form
   with information.

8. Challenges
      Co-ordination among HIMAWANTI - Nepal and other partner organizations as well as
       Care Nepal became a challenge. It is because the programme is overlapped in same time
       with Shakti PMT meeting and partner's programmes.

      Ownership of the programme remained a great challenge. According to project
       document, partner organizations should take such programme as their own planned
       work/activity but in reality it is not found.

9. Suggestions
      Need to feel such programmes as own programme because all the partners are member of

      Care Nepal should give importance to such activities.

    Pre-programme discussion would be better than exposing idea in the mid of programme.
       It would create environment of respect and trust.

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               nflu ;jfn                                      Pn=cf/=kL=aLr
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               lgdf{0f                      / ;d'bfo          Pn=cf/=kL=aLr      / ax; s]Gb|sf
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              tflndsf l;sfO{sf] ut];Dd                        e]nf u/]/ 5nkmn
              af/]df hfgsf/L                                  ug]{,
              cfbfg k|bfg
                                                              a}7s a:g]
@             :yfgLo ;jfnx?sf] h]7 !( ut]   Pn=cf/=kL         Pn=cf/=kL=nfO{ Pn=cf/=kL= /
              klxrfg / k}/jLsf leqdf                          e]nf u/]/ 5nkmn ;fdflhs kl/rfns
                                            ;fdflhs kl/rfns
              nflu ;jfn
                  lgwf{/0f                                      ug]{,
                                                                a}7s a:g]
#                 k}/jL of]hgf   c;f/ % ut]   Pn=cf/=kL=, ax; s]Gb|df         Pn=cf/=kL=,
                  lgdf{0f        leqdf        ;fdflhs kl/rfns, 5nkmn u/]/     ;fdflhs kl/rfns,
                                              gf/L ;Lk ljsf;                  ax; s]Gb|
                                              s]Gb|, lxdjGtL
                                              / ax; s]Gb|sf
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                  tflndsf l;sfO{sf]
                af/]df hfgsf/L
                cfbfg k|bfg
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                klxrfg / k}/jLsf leqdf                            cfPsf           ;/f]sf/jfnf
                                                ;fdflhs kl/rfns
                nflu ;jfn                                         ;d:ofx?sf]
                                                / ;/f]sf/jfnf
                lgwf{/0f                                          5nkmnul/ ;jfn
                                                                  klxrfg u/]/
#               k}/jL of]hgf     h]7 #) ;Dddf   Pn=cf/=kL         lg:s]sf         Pn=cf/=kL= /
                lgdf{0f                                           ;jfnx?nfO{      ;/f]sf/jfnf
                                                ;fdflhs kl/rfns
                                                / ;/f]sf/jfnf
$               k}/jL of]hgf     c;f/ !% b]lv   Pn=cf/=kL=,       ;jfn cg';f/sf] Pn=cf/=kL= /
                sfof{Gjog        lg/Gt/         ;fdflhs kl/rfns   lqmofsnfk u/]/ ;/f]sf/jfnf
                                                / ;d'bfo

gfdM gfdM ;'lznf yfkf If]qL
uf=lj=;=M u'7L k|;f}gL
qm=;+= lqmofsnfk                      slxn]              ;xof]u            s;/L                  ;xeflu
!        Pn=cf/=kL=;+u tflndsf        h]7 @)             Pn=cf/=kL=        a}7s a;]/             Pn=cf/=kL=
         l;sfO{sf] af/]df hfgsf/L     ut];Dd
         cfbfg k|bfg
@        :yfgLo ;jfnx?sf] klxrfg /    h]7 @% ut]         Pn=cf/=kL         5nkmn u/]/            Pn=cf/=kL= /
         k}/jLsf nflu ;jfn lgwf{/0f   leqdf                                                      ;fdflhs kl/rfns
                                                         / uf=lj=;=sf
                                                         cGo JolQm
#        k}/jL of]hgf lgdf{0f         h]7 #) ;Dddf       Pn=cf/=kL         a}7s a;]/             Pn=cf/=kL=,
                                                                                                 ;dflhs kl/rfns /
                                                         / sfo{qmd
$        k}/jL of]hgf sfof{Gjog       c;f/ !) ut] b]lv   Pn=cf/=kL=,       uf=lj=;=sf cGo        ;d'bfosf
                                      lg/Gt/             ;fdflhs kl/rfns   JolQm,Nsa, ;+3        JolQm,
                                                         / ;d'bfo          ;+:yf;+u ;dGjo u/]/   uf=lj=;=,;+3
gfdM dfof ;xgL
uf=lj=;=M kfNxL
qm=;+= lqmofsnfk                      slxn]        ;xof]u            s;/L             ;xeflu
!        Pn=cf/=kL=;+u tflndsf        h]7 @)       Pn=cf/=kL=        a}7s a;]/        Pn=cf/=kL=
         l;sfO{sf] af/]df hfgsf/L     ut];Dd
         cfbfg k|bfg
@        :yfgLo ;jfnx?sf] klxrfg /    h]7 @% ut]   Pn=cf/=kL         5nkmn u/]/       Pn=cf/=kL= /
         k}/jLsf nflu ;jfn lgwf{/0f   leqdf                                           ;fdflhs kl/rfns
                                                   / uf=lj=;=sf
                                                   cGo JolQm
#        k}/jL of]hgf lgdf{0f         c;f/ @ ut]   Pn=cf/=kL         a}7s a;]/        Pn=cf/=kL=,
                                      ;Dddf                                           ;dflhs kl/rfns /
                                                   / sfo{qmd
$        k}/jL of]hgf sfof{Gjog       c;f/ b]lv    Pn=cf/=kL=,       uf=lj=;=sf cGo   ;d'xsf
                                      lg/Gt/       ;fdflhs kl/rfns   JolQm,Nsa, ;+3   lbbLalxgL tyf
/ ;d'bfo   ;+:yf;+u ;dGjo u/]/   cGo JolQmx?
                          k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

                                                                                                                                        Annex- 2

       r'/] If]qsf ljkGg dlxnfx?sf] hLljsf]kfh{g ;'wf/sf nflu ;zlQms/0f sfo{qmd
       >f]tdflysf] clwsf/, kx'+r / lgoGq0f clej[l4sf nflu k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; tflnd
lb   *M)) – !)M))                               !)M!% – !@M))                                !M)) – #M))                           #M!% – %M))

!                                               kl/rofTds ;q                                 ;fem]bf/x?sf]                         k|fs[lts >f]t dfly
                                                                                             ;+:yfut hfgsf/L                       u|fld0f dlxnfsf]
                                                ;xeflu kl/ro
                                                                                             cfbfgk|bfg                            clwsf/
                                                tflndsf] kl/ro, p2]Zo /                      HIMAWANTI NEPAL
                                                                                                                                   jg ;DjGwL clwsf/
                                                                                                                                   kfgL ;DjGwL
                                                tflndsf] d"NodfGotf                          NRUSEC
                                                                                                                                   e"ld ;DjGwL

@ zlQm sfo{qmd /                                ljsf;sf] kl/ro / ljsf;f]Gd'v                 ljsf; ;DjGwL                          ;fdflhs ;+/rgf /
     ul/jLsf] ;Gbe{ ljZn]if0f                   b]zx?df ePsf ljsf;]                          cjwf/0ffx?                            zlQm ;DjGw
                                                k|of;x?sf] ;ldIff
     sfo{qmdsf] nIo                                                                          /fxtd"vL ljsf;                        ljZn]if0ff
     /p2]Zo                                     ljsf;sf] kl/ro
                                                                                             ;'wf/d"vL ljsf;                       ;fdflhs ;+/rgfx?sf]
     ;dflhs ;+/rgf /                            g]kfnL ;dfhdf ePsf]                                                                kl/ro
                                                ljsf; k|of; j'emfO{jf/]                      clwsf/d"vL ljsf;
     ul/jLsf] ;Gbe{                                                                                                                ;fdflhs ;+/rgfx?df
                                                cEof;                                        u|fld0f dlxnfx?sf]
     ul/jL Go"lgs/0fsf                                                                                                             zlQm ;DjGw
                                                zlQm sfo{qmdn]                               ljsf;df kx'+r /                       ljZn]if0f
     nflu ePsf k|of;x? /
                                                hf]8 lbg vf]lhPsf]                           lgoGq0f
     cjsf] af6f]
                                                ljsf;sf kIfx?

#    k}/jLsf] cy{ / cf}lrTo                     k}/jLsf r/0fx?                               ;jfn klxrfg / ljZn]if0f               ;jfnsf] 5gf}6, gLlt
                                                                                                                                   lgodsf] ljZn]if0f / nIo
     k}/jLsf] cy{                               k}/jLsf r/0fx?sf jf/]df                      ;d:of / ;jfn jLrsf]                   lgwf{/0f
                                                cg'ej cfbfgk|bfg                             km/s
     k}/jL s] xf] / s]                                                                                                             ;jfnsf] 5gf}6
                                                                                             sfo{qmdsf] p2]Zo
                                                                               Lunch Break

                                                                                                                       Tea Break

     xf]O{g                                     k}/jL rqjf/] hfgsf/L
                                    Tea Break

                                                                                             cg';f/ ;+:yfut ?kdf                   gLltlgodsf]

                                lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

    jgjsfntsf] p2]Zo /                                                   ;jfnx?sf] klxrfg                 ljZn]if0f
                                                                                                          k}/jLsf] nflu nIo

$   nlIft ju{, ;xof]uL, t6:y /       k}/jLsf] nflu ;xof]uL               k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?                 ;~rf/ k}/jL
    lj/f]lwx?sf] ljZn ]if0f          ;d'x / ;~hfnsf] lgdf{0f
                                                                         k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?sf]              k}/jLdf ;~rf/sf]
    nlIft ju{, ;xof]uL,              ;xof]uL ;d'xsf]                     kl/ro                            cfjZoQmf / dxTj
    t6:y / lj/f]lwx? klxrfg          cfjZoQmf
                                                                         k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?sf]              ;~rf/ k}/jLsf
    x/]s kIfsf] zlQm                 c;n ;xof]uL ;d'xsf                  ljZn]if0f / 5gf}6                kmfO{bfx?
    ljZn]if0f                        u'0fx?
                                                                                                          ;~rf/ k}/jLdf
                                     ;xof]uL ;d'x /                                                       dfWodx?sf] 5gf}6
                                     ;~hfnjLr leGgtf

%   k}/jL of]hgf lgdf{0f             k}/jL of]hgf                        sfo{of]hgf tof/L /               ;dfkg
=                                    sfof{Gjog, cg'udg /                 ;dfkg
    k}/jL of]hgf
    lgdf{0fsf] kl/ro /                                                   tflndsf] l;sfO{
    dxTj                             k}/jL of]hgf                        sfof{Gjog of]hgf
    k}/jL of]hgf lgdf{0f                                                 tflnd d"Nof+sg
    vfsf                             k}/jL of]hgf cg'udg /
                                     d"Nof+sg kl/ro /
    k}/jL of]hgf lgdf{0f

                             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                   k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

                                                                                                  Annex- 3
List of participants

                       lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

                                                                                                                 Annex- 4
      Training Handouts (distributed)

      r'/] If]qsf ul/j, hf]lvddf k/]sf, ;fdflhs ?kn] k5fl8 kfl/Psf dlxnfx?sf] hLljsf]kfh{g ;'wf/sf nflu ;zlQms/0f

      -zlQm_ sfo{qmd

      k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd

      tflndsf p2]Zox?M of] tflndsf] cGt;Dddf ;xefuLx? lgDg s'/fx?df ;Ifd x'g]5g\ .

      zlQm sfo{qmd cGtu{t ;fem]bf/ ;+:yfx?n] ;+rfng u/]sf sfo{qmdx?sf] jf/]df cf–cfkm\gf] cg'ej
      cfbfgk|bfg ug{.

      sfo{qmd If]qdf /x]sf] ul/jLsf] cj:yfnfO{ ljZn]if0f ub}{ ul/jL Go"lgs/0fsf nflu ePsf k|of;x?sf] n]vfhf]vf
      ug{ .

      ljsf;sf] kl/ro / ljljw cjwf/0ffx?sf] jf/]df t'ngfTds ljj]rgf ug{ .

      ;fdflhs ;+/rgfx?sf jf/]df kl/lrt x'+b} oL jLrdf /x]sf] cGt/ ;DjGwsf] ljZn]if0ffTds n]vfhf]vf ug{ .

      k}/jLsf] kl/ro, cjwf/0ff / cf}hf/x?sf] jf/]df :ki6 e}}{ o;sf x/]s r/0fx?sf] ;+:yfut ?kdf cEof; ug{ .

      k}/jL r/0fx?sf] cfwf/df ;xefuLtfd'ns 5nkmnsf] dfWodaf6 ;+:yfut ?kdf k}/jL of]hgf tof/ u/L cf–
      fkm\gf] sfo{If]qdf sfof{Gjog ug]{ k|ltj4tf hfx]/ ug{ .

lb *M)) – !)M))                   !)M!% – !@M))                          !M)) – #M))                      #M!% – %M))

!   d sf] x'F <                   ;fem]bf/x?sf] ;+:yfut                  k|fs[lts ;|f]t dfly              zlQm sfo{qmd /
                                  hfgsf/L cfbfgk|bfg                     u|fld0f dlxnfsf]                 ul/jLsf] ;Gbe{
                                                                         clwsf/                           ljZn]if0f
                                  HIMAWANTI NEPAL
                                                                         jg ;DjGwL clwsf/                 sfo{qmdsf] nIo
                                  INDRENI                                                                 /p2]Zo
                                                                         kfgL ;DjGwL
                                  NRUSEC                                 clwsf/                           ;fdflhs ;+/rgf /
                                  WOSEC                                                                   ul/jLsf] ;Gbe{
                                                                         e"ld ;DjGwL
                                                                         clwsf/                           ul/jL Go"lgs/0fsf
                                                                                                          nflu ePsf k|of;x?
                                                                   ศืแ พำฟำ

                                                                                                          / cjsf] af6f]

                             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                         k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

@ ljsf;sf] kl/ro /                  ;fdflhs ;+/rgf / zlQm                k}/jLsf] cy{ /                  ;'zf;g / k}/jLsf]
  ljsf;f]Gd'v b]zx?df               ;DjGw ljZn]if0f                      cf}lrTo                         cGt/;DjGw
  ePsf ljsf;]
                                    ;fdflhs ;+/rgfx?sf]                  k}/jLsf] cy{                    ;'zf;gsf] kl/ro /
  k|of;x?sf] ;ldIff
                                    kl/ro                                                                o;sf cfwf/:tDex?
                                                                         k}/jL s] xf] / s]
    ljsf;sf] kl/ro
                                    ;fdflhs ;+/rgfx?df                   xf]O{g                          ;'zf;g / k}/jLsf]
    ljsf; ;DjGwL                    zlQm ;DjGw ljZn]if0f                                                 cGt/;DjGw
                                                                         k}/jLsf] p2]Zo /
    zlQm sfo{qmdn]
    hf]8 lbg

#   k}/jLsf r/0fx?                  ;jfn klxrfg / ljZn]if0f              ;jfnsf] 5gf}6, gLlt             nlIft ju{, ;xof]uL,
                                                                         lgodsf] ljZn]if0f /             t6:y / lj/f]lwx?sf]
    k}/jLsf r/0fx?sf                ;d:of / ;jfn jLrsf]
                                                                         nIo lgwf{/0f                    ljZn ]if0f
    jf/]df cg'ej                    km/s
    cfbfgk|bfg                                                           ;jfnsf] 5gf}6                   nlIft ju{, ;xof]uL,
                                    sfo{qmdsf] p2]Zo
                                                                                                         t6:y / lj/f]lwx?
    k}/jL rqmjf/]                   cg';f/ ;+:yfut ?kdf                  gLltlgodsf]
    hfgsf/L                         ;jfnx?sf] klxrfg                     ljZn]if0f
                                                                 Lunch Break
                             Tea Break

                                                                                                  Tea Break
                                                                                                         x/]s kIfsf] zlQm
                                                                         k}/jLsf] nflu nIo

$   k}/jLsf] nflu                   k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?                     ;~rf/ k}/jL                     k}/jL of]hgf
    ;xof]uL ;d'x /                                                                                       lgdf{0f
                                    k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?sf]                  k}/jLdf ;~rf/sf]
    ;~hfnsf] lgdf{0f
                                    kl/ro                                cfjZoQmf / dxTj                 k}/jL of]hgf
    ;xof]uL ;d'xsf]                                                                                      lgdf{0fsf] kl/ro /
                                    k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?sf]                  ;~rf/ k}/jLsf
    cfjZoQmf                                                                                             dxTj
                                    ljZn]if0f / 5gf}6                    kmfO{bfx?
    c;n ;xof]uL ;d'xsf                                                                                   k}/jL of]hgf
                                                                         ;~rf/ k}/jLdf
    u'0fx?                                                                                               lgdf{0f vfsf
                                                                         dfWodx?sf] 5gf}6
    ;xof]uL ;d'x /                                                                                       of]hgf lgdf{0f
    ;~hfnjLr leGgtf                                                                                      cEof;

    k}/jL /0fgLlt

                           lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                         k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L


% k}/jL of]hgf                  k}/jL of]hgf                        sfo{of]hgf tof/L                    tflnd d"Nof+sg /
= k|:t'lts/0f / lgrf]8          sfof{Gjog, cg'udg /                                                     ;dfkg
                                                                    tflndsf] l;sfO{
                                                                    sfof{Gjog of]hgf                    tflndsf]
                                k}/jL of]hgf                                                            d"Nof+sg
                                                                                                        tflnd ;dfkg
                                cg'udg / d"Nof+sg

                           lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                 k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;fd'bflos jgsf] dd{

hg;xefuLtf ljgf jgsf] ljsf; ;+ej gx'g] k|of]ufTds cEof; kl5 jg If]qdf ;d'bfosf] k|ToIf ;+nUgtfsf]
k|of; ePsf] xf] . @)#% ;fndf k~rfot dfkm{t hg;xefuLtf u/fpg] /0fgLlt c;kmn eP kZrft @)$!
;fndf u7g ePsf] jg ljsf; u'?of]hgf lgdf{0f sfo{bnn] @)$%/@)$^;fndf jg ljsf; u'?of]hgf tof/
u¥of] . ljleGg :yfgdf ;d'bfo4f/f Joj:yfkg u/]sf] jgsf] x}l;otdf Jofks ;'wf/ ePsf] kIfnfO{
cWoog cjnf]sg ub}{ :yflgo ;d'bfo tyf jg lj1x?sf] k/fdz{df tof/ ePsf] jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfn]
;d'bfo dfq jgsf c;n Joj:yfks x'g ;Sb5g\ eGg] kIfnfO{ hf]8 lbPsf]5 . jg ljgf; /f]Sg tyf jg
ljsf;sf] k|d'v ljsNksf] ?kdf ^ j6f k|fylds sfo{qmdx? lgwf{/0f ul/ ;f] sfof{Gjog ug{ ;/sf/nfO{
lgb]{zg u/]sf] 5 . k|fylds sfo{qmd dWo]sf] klxnf] k|fyldstf k|fKt sfo{qmd ;fd'bflos jg xf] .
TotLv]/sf] k|d'v k|fyldstfsf] ljifo jgsf] ljgf;nfO{ /f]Sg' lyof] / ;fydf jgsf] dfWodjf6 cfd
pkef]Qmf ljz]if ul/ sdhf]/ ju{sf] hLjg:t/df ;'wf/ Nofpg] s'/fnfO{ klg k|d'vtfsf ;fy x]l/Psf] lyof] .
jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfn] ljsf;sf $ cfwf/x? lgwf{/0f u/]sf] lyof] . ljz]if ul/ jg If]jf6 cfwf/e't
cfjZoQmfsf] k"/f ug'{ kg]{, jg ;Dkbfsf] lg/Gt/ ;b'kof]u, nfe tyf lg0f{o k|lqmofdf hg;xefuLtf
tyf jg If]qsf] dfWodjf6 pkef]Qmfsf] cfly{s tyf ;fdflhs pGgtLsf] ljifonfO{ k|d'v kIfsf] ?kdf
lnPsf] lyof] .

jg ljsf; u'?of]hgf nfu' eP kZrft g]kfnsf] jg If]qn] Ps lsl;dsf] sfFr'nL km]/]sf] b]lvG5 . jg ljsf;
u'?of]hgfn] lnPsf] gLltsf] sf/0f jg pkef]Qmf, jg sd{rf/L tyf gLlt lgdf{tfx?sf] ;s/fTds
b[li6sf]0f tyf cleofgn] jg If]qsf] ?kfGt/0f ePsf] kfO{G5 . ;fd'bflos jgsf] dd{nfO{ ljZn]if0f
ug]{ xf] eg] ;fd'bflos jg pkef]Qmf ;d"xsf] ;+:yfut ;'zf;g, jgsf] lbuf] Joj:yfkg, lhljsf]kfh{g
k|d'v ljifox? x'g\ eg] ;fd'bflos jgsf] dfWojf6 ;fdflhs Gofosf] kIfdf cleofg ;~rfng ul/ l;h{glzn
;dfhsf] l;h{gf ug'{ klg xf] .

jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfn] ul/j tyf ljkGg ju{sf] klxrfg / pgLx?sf] cfly{s :yLtL ;'b[9 ug]{ cleofgx?
;~rfng ug'{ kg]{, ;fd'bflos jgsf] k|fyldstf k|fKt vf; pkef]Qmf ul/j tyf ljkGg hf] jg;Fu
;DjGwL5g\ pgLx?sf] cu|flwsf/ sfod x'g' kg]{ h:tf kIfx?nfO{ :ki6 ?kdf pNn]v ul/Psf] 5 .
;fd'bflos jg sfo{qmd geP/ cleofgsf] ?kdf ;~rfng e}/x]sf] 5 . To;sf/0f ;fd'bflos jgsf] vf; dd{
sdhf]/ ju{sf] lglDt >f]tx?sf] ;d'lrt kl/rfng ug'{ xf] . ;fd'bflos jg cleofg cfkm}df cJjn bhf{sf]
nf]stGqsf] cEof; e} ;'zflzt cj:yfdf cfkm\gf clefogx? ;~rfng ul/g' kb{5 . cfjZos kIfsf]
;xefuLtf ;lxtsf] cfd;xdtLsf] lg0f{o k|lqmof, ;fdflhs Gofodf cfwfl/t lqmofsnfk, kf/blz{ ;+:yfut
k|0ffnL, hjfkmb]xL g]t[Tj tyf ljZj:gLotf h:tf kIfx? ;fd'bflos jgsf] d"n dd{ xf] .

;d'bfosf] rfxfgf, cfjZostf / x}l;ot cg';f/ ;d'bfo leq /x]sf sdhf]/ ju{ ;Ddfghg kxF'r clwsf/ sfod
x'Fb} ;j}sf] ;r]tgf ;lxtsf] ;Dk"0f{ >f]tsf] kl/rfng g}+ ;fd'bflos jgsf] d"n dd{ xf] . h'g ;d"xdf
cfkm' leqsf ljkGgx? klxrfg ul/ pgLx?sf] x}l;ot Ifdtfdf cfwfl/t of]hgf h'g ljkGgx?n] g}+
jgfPsf] ;d"xsf] >f]t kl/rfng x'g] kl/kf6Lsf] ljsf; ul/Psf] 5}g To:tf ;d"x ;fd'bflos jg xf]O{g
eGbf cTo"QmL x'b}g . jt{dfg cj:yfdf ;fd'bflos jg leqsf s]lx l;ldt 6f7fjf7fsf] xflnd'xfnL /x]sf] /
ljkGg ju{nfO{ yk c;lhnf] jgfPsf pbfx/0fx? klg 5g To:tf ;d"x ;fd'bflos jg pkef]Qmf ;d"x x'g
;Sb}g . To:tf s]lx ;fd'bflos jg jf s]lx JolQmsf] sf/0f ;du| ;fd'bflos jg cleofg k|lt g}+ k|Zgjfrs

                      lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                  k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

lrGx v8f ePsf] 5 . To:tf] lrGx cfpg' c:jefljs xf]O{g . ;fd'bflos jgsf lxdfotLx?n] o; jf/]df j]n}df
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jg >f]t dfly ;d'bfosf] cu|flwsf/, sdhf]/ ju{sf clwsf/ ;'/Iffsf] Uof/]G6L h:tf nf]stGq cJjn kIfx?
xfd|f] ;fd'bflos jgdf klxnf g}+ :yflkt dfGotfx? x'g\ . tL dfGotf jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfn] @)$^ ;fndf
cfTd;ft ul/;s]sf] 5 . o; cy{df klg eGg' kbf{ ;fd'bflos jg cleofg b]zsf] /fhgLlts 36gfqmdx?sf]
;f]r eGbf klg cu|ufdL ;f]rdf cfwfl/t lyof] . jf:tjdf eGg' kbf{ jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfn] lglb{i6 u/]sf]
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ct'nlgo of]ubfg x'g;S5 . jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfsf s]lx d"Vo kIfx? jS;f x]/f}+ .
                 jg ljsf; u'?of]hgfdf pNn]v ePsf dxTjk"0f{ s]lx j'Fbfx?

     1.  hgtfsf] Go"gtd\ cfwf/e't cfjZostf kl/k"lt{ ePsf] v08df dfq zflGt z'/Iff h:tf /fli6«o
         ljsf;sf k"jf{wf/ sfod x'g ;Sb5 .
     2. pTkfbg IfdtfnfO{ gljufl/sg plrt ;+/If0fsf ;fy a'l4dtfk"0f{ Joa:yfkg / pkof]u ug{ ;s]df
         dfq jg ;Dkbfn] b]zbnfO{ lg/Gt/ ;3fp k'¥ofO/xg ;Qm5g\ .
     3. lg0f{o ug]{ clwsf/sf] cTolws s]lGb|s/0fn] hgtfsf] cfTdljZjf; / pT;fxnfO{ wSsf
         k'¥ofp“5 .
     4. hg :t/df /x]sf cufw >f]t / zlQmnfO{ ;fd'bflos jg ljsf; sfo{qmd dfkm{t ;[hgfTds
         Joa:yfkg sfo{df kl/rfng ug{ ;lsG5 .
     5. jg ;Dkbfdf lge{/ /xg] pkef]Qmf ;d"xsf] tx;Dd lg0f{o ug]{ clwsf/ k'Uof] eg]
         pgLx?af6 ePsf lg0f{ox? sfo{d"ns x'g] ;Defjgf a9L x'G5 .
     6. b]zsf jg ;Dkbfx?sf] ;ttM ljsf; ug]{ d"n sl8 g} pkef]Qmf ;d"xn] lg0f{o ug]{ / nfef+;
         lx:;]bf/ x'g kfpg] x'g' xf] .
     7. Go"gtd cfw/e't cfjZostfx? k'/f eP/ klg hLjg :t/ p7fpg] cj;/ ePg eg] b]zsf] zflGt /
         cdgr}g vNalng ;Qm5 .
     8. ;dfhdf lg/k]If u/Lljdf /x]sf ;d"xnfO{ ljz]if Wofg k'¥ofpg' kb{5 .
     9. vfgf / jg lgodfjnL, bfp/f, df ePsf sf7, j:t'efpsf]
jg P]g, @)$(ksfpgsf] lglDt @)%! 3/ agfpg k|d'v ljifox? lglDt :ofpnf / :jf:Yosf] lglDt
         hl8a'6Lx? k|fyldstf k|fKt pTkfbgx? x'g\ .
     10. @)$( df /x]sf h+unsf] Joa:yfkg hg;xefuLtfaf6} ul/g]5
-jg P]g, ufp“n]sf] glhssf;fd'bflos jg ;DaGwL sfg"gL Aoj:yfx?_ .
     11. lgMz'Ns bfp/f / :ofpnf a6'Ng] k/Dk/fut xsnfO{ hgtfs} lg0f{o / Joa:yfkg
         of]hgfx?jf6 JoaL:yt ul/g]5 .
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kl/R5]b – $

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      RELIEF k|efjsf/L
cfkb ljkbdf APPROACH

/fxtsf] ;fy;fy} !fg, ;Lk, Ifdtfsf] ljsf;
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cfwf/eút k|fjwfg ->f]t, Ifdtf, ;Lk=====_

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                 ljr/fn] b"Mv                                                                 DffG%] g} xf], t/ s:tf]
                                                     ljr/fsf]    r]tgf
                                                                                                cdfgjLo            cj:yfdf

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                                                     Dff}sf kfP p;n]
                g} xf]                                                                         p /x/n] u/Lj jg]sf] xf]Og
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                                                                                               of]    ;+/rgf     /x"Gh]n
                 s;}sf] sd{ o:t}                    ;j}n] Ps}rf]^L
                                                                                                o:tf] ;d:of /lxg} /xG%
                xf]                                   ug{ ;St}gg\

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                  lbg" k%{                              r]tgf / ;Lk

                 Eff]sfnfO{                            lbg" k%{

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                                                                                              kLl*t     x"g" JolQmut
                  cfh}      vfgf                        u/]/     x"Gg
                                                                                                 sdhf]/L eGbf ;fdflhs
                  rflxG%                                ;d'xnfO{                                 clwsf/jf^ j+lrt ePsf]n]
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                                                                                                 k|of; ug"{k%{

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            k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

ljsf;sf] jbln+bf] cjwf/)ff

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           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;fdflhs ;+/rgfsf] ljZn]if)F


           ahf/÷Jofkf/                                                 gful/s ;dfh

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eúldsf xÚgÚ k%{ <

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k|fjwfgx? cfjZos %g <

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;Úlgof]lht tÚNofpg gful/s ;dfhsf] eúldsf s] xÚgÚ k%{ <

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               k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

/fHo, ahf/ / gful/s ;dfhsf] e'ldsf / o; cGtu{t kg]{ lgsfox?M

/fHo (STATE): o; cGt/ut ;fwf/)ftof,

;+ljwfg, /fh;+:yf, sfo{kflnsf, ;/sf/, Gofokflnsf, Joj:yflksf, sd{rf/LtGq,
;/sf/L lzIf)f ;+:yf, ;/sf/L c:ktfn, cflb .

    ;+ljwfg                     sfo{kflnsf                               ;]jfbfoL ;/sf/L lgsfox?

    /fh;+:yf                    ;/sf/                                    -s[lif, ag, :jf:Yo lzIff cflb_

    Joj:yflksf                  :yflgo ;/sf/                             g]kfn /fi^« a}°

    Gofokflnsf                  ;]gf, Kf|x/L, sd{rf/LtGq

/fHosf] e'ldsfM

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cGt//fli^«o ;DaGw sfod /fVg" xf] .

jhf//gLlh If]q (Market/Private Sector)M

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;+:yfx?, ;xsf/L ;+:yf, xf]^n, /]i^"/]G^, ko{^g Joj;fo, lghL :sún, oftfoft Joj;fo,
yf]s ljs|]tf, v"b|f Aofkf/Lx?, ;fx"dxfhg, bnfn cflb .

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gfkmf sdfpg] Aoj;fo ug"{ xf] .

gful/s ;dfh (CIVIL SOCIETY)M

;d'x / ;d'xsf ;b:ox?sf] lxt / ;"/Iffsf] nflu ;+ul&t eO{ sfd ug]{ cf}krfl/s jf
cgf}krfl/s ?kdf sfd ub}{ cfPsf ;d'xx?nfO{ gful/s ;dfh eGg] ul/G% .
;fdfGotof gful/s ;dfh ;d'xx?n] efjgf / ljrf/ cleJoQm ug{, hfgsf/L cfbfg
k|bfg ug{, kf/:kl/s nIf k|fKtL ug{, /fHo;+u dfu ug{ / /fhsLo sd{rf/LnfO{
hgtf k|lt hjfkmb]xL agfpg ;fj{hlgs If]qdf s[oflzn gful/sx?nfO{ ;fd]n
u/fp+% .Æ - *fod)*

                 lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
            k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

o; cGt/ut ;fwf/)ftof,

kl/jf/, %/l%d]sL ^f]n, j:tL, pkef]Qmf ;dúxx?, u}x| ;/sf/L ;+:yfx?, ljleGg k]zfut
;+#x? h:t} k|fWofks ;+#, lzIfs ;+#, >lds ;+u&g, ljBfyL{ ;+u&g, ;xsf/L ;+#
;+:yfx?, ljleGg d~rx?, k/Dk/fut ;dúxx? h:t} u"&L, Snjx?, wfld{s ;+# ;+:yfx?,
cflb .

gful/s ;dfhsf] e'ldsfM

gful/s ;dfh cGt/ut ;d'x, ;+#, ;+:yfx? :jt:km't{ jf lgof]lht, k/Dk/fut jf
cfw"lgs, cf}krfl/s jf cgf}krfl/s, cNksfnLg jf bL#{sfnLg ;do ;Dd
s[ofzLn x"g] x"g ;S% . ;a}sf] clGtd nIf ;fdflhs ;]jf / Ps cfk;df ;xof]u ugÚ{
xÚG% . gful/s ;dfhsf] Wo]o gful/sx? jLr kf/:kl/s ;xof]u a(fpg", gful/s
clwsf/sf] kIfaf^ /fHo jf jhf/sf zlQmx?sf] af~%gLo e'ldsfaf/] k}/jL Pj+
;r]tLs/)f ugÚ{ xf] .

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cj:yf g} pTs[i^ zlQm ;+t"ngsf] cj:yf xf] .

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;dfhsf] lglDt xfgLsf/s x"G% . /fHo dfq xfjL eP/ jhf/ / gful/s ;dfh sdhf]/
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sfod x"g hf+bf ;fdflhs Gofosf] cj:yf sdhf]/ x"g] ul/aL a(\g], gful/ssf]
cfwf/e't clwsf/ klg xgg\ x"g hfG% .

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;fdflhs ;+/rgfdf zltm ;+tÚngsf] cj:yf

Power Balance in Social Structure

              lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L


zltm ;+tÚngsf]


          Jofkf/÷ahf/                                                                gful/s
            MARKET                                                                 ;dfh CIVIL

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ahf/sf] cj:yf &Ls} % t/ /fHosf] tÚngfdf sdhf]/ % . ahf/ ;d]t /fHo;+u ldn]/
gful/s ;dfhnfO{ sdhf]/ u/fpg s[oflzn ePsf] efg xÚG% .

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           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;fdflhs ;+/rgfdf zltm ;+tÚngsf] cj:yf

Power Balance in Social Structure



               Jofkf/÷ahf/                            ;+tÚngs
                 MARKET                                f] cj:yf
                                                                                      gful/s ;dfh
                                                                                      CIVIL SOCIETY

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ahf/ w]/} zltmzfnL % . clgolGqt vÚNnf ahf/ gLlt ckgfPsf] b]zdf o:tf]
cj:yf xÚG% .

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ePsf] zltm /fli^o tyf cGt//fli^o sDkgLx?sf] xftdf u};s]sf] % .

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“dÚ&L leqsf] dfvf” h:tf ePsf xÚG%g\ .

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x]l/G% .

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           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;fdflhs ;+/rgfdf zltm ;+tÚngsf] cj:yf

Power Balance in Social Structure


                                              zltm                             gful/s ;dfh
                                            ;+tÚngs                            CIVIL SOCIETY
           Jofkf/÷ah                         f] cj:yf
            f/ MARKET
dflysf] cj:yfdf,

gful/s ;dfh w]/} zltmzfnL % . ljs]lGb|s[t zf;g k|)ffnL :yflkt ePsf] %

b]zdf sf]lx klg Hofb} sdhf]/ %}gg\ . gful/s ;dfhn] /fHo / ahf/ bÚj}nfO{
lgoGq)f ug{ ;kmn ePsf] % .

/fHodf ;Úzf;g sfod ePsf] % . gLlt lgod jgfpg, gLlt lgod ;+zf]wg jf
kl/jt{g ug{df gful/s ;dfhsf] &únf] xft xÚG% .

12=To;}n] gful/s ;dfh zlQmzfnL x"g" eg]sf] /fHo / ahf/nfO{ sdhf]/
agfpg" xf]O{g a? gful/s ;dfh alnof] ePdf ;dfhn] /fHo ;~rfng / ahf/
Joj:yfkgdf cg"udg / ;Gt"ng ug]{ x"+bf gLlt lgdf{)f, ;+zf]wg / sfof{Gjog
;dfhsf] cg"s"n x"G% . kmn:j?k /fHo / ahf/ ;d]t alnof] x"G%, b]zdf ;"zf;g
sfod x"G% .

             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
            k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

gful/s clwsf/x? ;ÚlglZrt ug{
gful/s ;dfh cGt/utsf ;+:yfx?sf]

      cfwf/eút clwsf/ xgg\ ePsf] %, %}g cgÚudg ug]{ .

;dfhnfO{ s]lx xgg\ ePsf clwsf/x?sf] af/]df ;Ú;úlrt ug]{ .

      ;dfhdf ljBdfg ;jfnx? (Issues) klxrfg ug]{ .

clwsf/af^ al~rt ;dÚx÷ju{sf] klxrfg ug]{ .

al~rt ju{nfO{ ;jfnx?sf] (Issues) af/]df ;r]t u/fpg]

      ;DalGwt ju{sf] clwsf/ dfu ug]{ Ôdtf a(fpg] .

      oL ;a} sfdsf nflu ;|f]t hÚ^fpg] .

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gful/s ;dfhsf] ljz]iftfx?M

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              lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
              k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

klxnf] / clGtd s'/f


k|s[lt lgld{t ;+/rgf a'em\g ;lsG5,

Dffgj lgld{t ;+/rgf km]g{ ;lsG5 .


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xfld klg gof ;+/rgf / ;+:s[lt agfpg ;S5f}+ .


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xfd|f] ;dfh kl/jt{g x'g ;S5

of] l;Ëf] ljZj kl/jt{g x'g;S5 .


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                 lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

                                   s=ljBdfg cj:yf                 v=k}/jLåf/f kl/jt{g ug{
vf]lhPsf] cj:yf

k}/jLsf] kl/efiff

             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
          k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

  o;nfO{ hgjsfnt, jx; / cu|]hLdf Advocacy klg
  elgG% .\

  ts{;+ut k|:t"tLaf^ s"g} vf; ;jfndf b]vf k/]sf jfwfx¿ x^fO{ gLlt,
  k|lqmof / cEof;df kl/jt{g Nofpg" g} k}/jL xf] .

  k}/jL (Advocacy) eg]sf] ;fwf/)f                                 cy{df ljleGg ;+#
  ;+:yfx?n] gLlt lgdf{tfx?nfO{                                     ;dfhsf] cfjZostf
  cgÚ;f/sf gLlt lgodx? jgfpg,                                     ePsf t/ cfjZostf
  ;"xfpbf] %}g eg] ;+zf]wg ug{                                    / ePsf /fd|f gLlt
  lgodx? Jojxf/df sfof{Gjog ug{                                   tkm{ ;r]t / pGdÚv
  (Influence) u/fpgsf nflu ;fd"lxs                                ?kdf k|of]u ug]{
  Pp^f /)fgLlt xf] .

   k}/jL ug{" eg]sf] cfkm\gf] clwsf/sf] /Iff ug{" / yk clwsf/ k|fKt
   ug{ ul/g] ;fd"lxs k|of; xf] .

k}/jL (Advocacy) eg]sf] ;fwf/)f cy{df ljleGg ;+# ;+:yfx?n] gLlt
lgdf{tfx?nfO{ ;dfhsf] cfjZostf cgÚ;f/sf gLlt lgodx? jgfpg, ePsf
t/ cfjZostf ;"xfpbf] %}g eg] ;+zf]wg ug{ / ePsf /fd|f gLlt lgodx?
Jojxf/df sfof{Gjog ug{ tkm{ ;r]t / pGdÚv (Influence) u/fpgsf
nflu ;fd"lxs ?kdf k|of]u ug]{ Pp^f /)fgLlt xf] .

k}/jL lsg ul/G% <

                                       ePsf            gLlt
            lxdfno u|fld0f             k|efjsf/L97
                             k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

  lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                    k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

k}/jLsf r/)fx¿ / k|s[of

                                           k}/jL$f/f kl/jt{g ug{ ;lsg] ;jfnx? dWo]
             ;jfn klxrfg
                                           ;fj{hlgs rf;f]sf] ljifo / ;dfwfg ePdf w]/}
                                           pkef]Qmfx?nfO{ kmfObf x"g] vfnsf ;jfn
                                           %gf}^ .
                                          %flgPsf ;jfndf ;+ljwfg, sfg'g, /fHo tyf gLltn]
                 gLltut                   jtfPsf s"/fx?, ;jfn;+u ;DjlGwt b:tfj]hx? ;+sng tyf
                 ljZn]if)f                ;jfndf ePsf gLlt lgodx? s;/L sfof{Gjog eO{
                                          /x]sf] % hfgs./L ;+sng .

                                          vf]lhPsf] kl/jt{gsf] lgwf{/)fM

                  nIo tyf                 nIoM bL#{sfndf xfl;n ug{ rfx]sf] kl/jt{g
                                          [p@]ZoM %f]^f] cjlwdf xfl;n ug{ rfx]sf]
                                          kl/jt{g h;n] nIo xfl;n ug{ ;xof]u u%{ .
 /)fgLlt tof/L

                                          p@]ZoM sf] jf^, slxn] ;Dd jf slxn] b]lv, s]
                                          kl/jt{g / slt dfqfdf

                   nlIft                  k}/jL$f/f k|efj kfg{ vf]h]sf ju{x?M
                   ju{                    cj/f]wstf{, nfeflGjt, k|efj kfg{ vf]lhPsf] /
                   klxrf                  k}/jLstf{ klxrfg .
                   ZflQm                   hfgsf/L,  ;'rgf, ;fGble{s n]v /rgf, cg";Gwfg
                                            tyf tYof° ;+sng
                                           Jojxf/ / cfr/)f kl/jt{g
                   f                       dfgj, cfly{s >f]t ;s+ng

 r/)f                                                           k|s[of

                      lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
          k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;Gb]z                    ;Gb]zM egfO{/jQmJo®k|df)f®pbfx/)f® c?jf^
lgdf{)F      /           vf]lhPsf] kl/jlt{t lqmofsnfk
%gf}^                    dfWodM nlIft ju{;Dd ;Gb]z k""¥ofpg]
                         dfWodsf] %gf}^ .

;~hfn   tyf              %gf}^ ul/Psf] ;jfndf vf]lhPsf] kl/jt{gsf]
u&jGwg                   kIfdf /x]sf JolQm jf ;+:yf;+u ;xsfo{ ug{ ;DjGw
lgdf{)f                  lj:tf/ tyf lgdf{)f

k}/jL                    ;do, :yfg, vr{, sfd, cg"udg lhDd]jf/L,
of]hgf                   cfO{kg{ ;Sg] hf]lvdx?, pknJwLx? Dfkg
tof/L                    ;'rssf] lgwf{/)f u/L qmdj$ (f+rfdf k}/jL
                         of]hgf tof/ ug]{ .

k}/jL                     tf]lsPsf] :yfgdf, ldtL / ;dodf k}/jL of]hgfdf
of]hgf                    n]lvP jdf]lhdsf lqmofsnfkx? sfof{Gjog ug]{]
sfof{Gjog                 .

                              s;/L sfof{Gjog eO{ /x]sf] % .
                              k|ult s:tf] % gof+ s"/f s] eof] .
cg"udg                        s] k|lqmof of]hgf jdf]lhd %, / vf]lhPsf]
tyf                            pknJwL xfl;n ePsf] % <

k}/jL                     cfjZos ;+zf]wg u/L k}/jL of]hgfdf ;dfof]hg
of]hgfdf                  ug]{ / /)fgLltdf kl/jt{g u/L k'gM k}/jL ug]{ .
;dfof]hg                  Tof] ;jfn ;dfwfg eP csf]{ ;jfnsf] nflu k}/jLsf]
                          olx k|s[of cjnDjg ug]{ .

            lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

k}/jL ;jfn / nlIft ju{

k}/jL ;jfnsf] kl/efiffM ;fj{hlgs rf;f]sf] ljifo h;n] cfd ?kdf rrf{
kfPsf] x"G% / ;dfhsf cfd ;d"bfonfO{ k|efj kf/]sf] x"G%, Tof] ;jfn xf] .
k}/jL$f/f kl/jt{g ug{ ;lsg] gLltut rf;f]sf] ljifo, h;n] cfd ?kdf rrf{
kFPsf] x"G% / ;dfwfg ePdf ;fj{hlgs lxt x"G% .

gLltut ljZn]if)fM xfdLn] %gf}^ u/]sf] ;jfnsf] ;Gbe{df To;;+u
;DjlGwt gLlt lgod s] % h:t} jg P]g, lgod, ljwfg / sfo{of]hgfsf]
s"g s"g bkmfdf s] k|fjwfg\ % s] s] Joj:yf ePsf] % x]g]{ ljZn]if)f ug]{ .

nlIft ju{M

s=    cj/f]wstf{ -Opponents_M clwsf/ a(L pkof]u ul//x]sf] jf sdhf]/
ju{sf] clwsf/ xgg ul//x]sf] JolQm jf ;d"bfo . of] ju{ k}/jLsf] lj?$df
plqg ;S% jf k}/jL sfo{df ljklIfsf] e'ldsf lgjf{x ug{ ;S% . pbfx/)fsf]
nflu bf]xf/]f ^f+rf k|)ffnL lgoAq)f ug]{ ;jfnsf] k}/jL sfo{df jg
&]s]bf/x?n] cj/f]w jf lj/f]wL e'ldsf v]n]df &]s]bf/x? of] ;jfndf
cj/f]wstf{sf] ?kdf /xG%g\ .

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JolQm jf ;d"bfo . sfo{ ;ldtLdf dlxnf / blntsf] ;xeflutf sd u/fOPsf]
;jfndf k}/jL ug]{ xf] eg] ;fd"bflos jg pkef]Qmf ;d'xsf dlxnf / blnt
pkef]Qmfx? nfeflGjt ju{df kb{%g\ . To;} u/L ;fd"bflos jgn] jg k}bfj/
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z"Ns jfkt g]kfn ;/sf/sf] ;+lrt sf]ifdf hDdf ug"{ kg]{ eGg] ;jfndf
k}/jL ug]{ xf] eg] g]kfnsf ;j} ;fd"bflos jgsf pkef]Qmfx? nfefljGt
;d'x cGtu{t kb{%g\ .

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xf], sxf+ k}/jL ubf{ ;jfn ;dfwfg x"G%, cyjf clwsf/ s"g &fpjf^ xgg\
ePsf] xf] Tof] &Fp+ / JolQm k|efj kfg{ vflhPsf] ;+:yf jf JolQm xf] .
pbfx/)fsf] nflu sfo{ ;ldtLdf dlxnfsf] ;xeflutf sd u/fOg" ;jfn xf]
eg] dlxnfx? lsg sd ;xeflutf ePsf] xf] ;ldtLn] rfxG% t/ dlxnfsf]
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>Ldfg rflx k|efj kfg{ vf]lhPsf] ;+:yf jf JolQm xf] eg] bf]>f] sf/)fdf
sfo{;ldtLsf / #/sf k"?ifx? b"j} k|efj kfg{ vf]lhPsf] ;+:yf jf JolQmdf
kb{%g\ .

             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
            k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

#= k|efj kfg{ ;Sg] -Influential) jf ;xof]uLM JolQm jf ;+:yf h:n] kl/jt{g
stf{nfO{ k|efj kf/]/ kl/jt{g Nofpg ;xof]u ug{ ;S% . dlxnf
;xeflutfsf] ;jfnsf] klxnf] sf/)fdf sfo{;ldtLsf k"?ifx?, ;fdflhs dlxnf
sfo{stf{, jg jg sd{rf/L, :yflgo cfdf÷dlxnf ;d'x, Snj, lzIfsx?, uf=lj=;=
kbflwsf/Ln] k|efj kfg{ ;S%g\ .

ª= k}/jLstf{ -Advocators_M kl/jt{gsf] kIfdf s[oflzn /xg] JolQm jf
;+:yf, ;fdflhs sfo{stf{, gful/s ;dfh, cflb of] ju{df kg{ ;Sb%g\, h:t}
dlxnfx?, cfdf ;d'x cflb .

k|df)f, hfgsf/L / ;'rgfM xfdLn] %gf}^ u/]sf] ;jfnsf] ;Gbe{df ;fGble{s
n]v, /rgf, k|df)f, hfgsf/L ;j"tx?sf] vf]htnf; ug"{ kb{% . h:t}M
glhs}sf] ;fd"bflos jg pkef]Qmf ;d'xsf] sfo{;ldtLdf 50 k|ltzt
dlxnf / blntnfO{ ;dfg"kflts ?kdf k|ltlglwTj u/fPsf] % eg] dlxnf
;xeflutf sd ePsf] ;jfnsf] nflu of] k|df)f, pbfx/)f cyjf ghL/sf] ?kdf
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Joj:yf % t/ Jojxf/df Tof] ePsf] %}g eg] ljwfgsf] bkmfnfO{ k|df)f /
b:tfj]hsf] ?kdf k]z ug{ ;lsG% .

u&jGwg / ;~hfn lgdf{)fM

u&jGwg jf PSo]j$tf -Coalition_

;femf nIo lnP/ Ps cfk;df ;dGjofTds tl/sfn] sfd ug]{ ;+:yfx?sf]
;d'xnfO{ u&jGwg jf Coalition elgG% . k}/jL sfo{df Coalition sf] nIo
eGgfn] gLltut k|efj -sfof{Gjog, gLlt lgod ;+zf]wg / gLlt lgod
lgdf{)F_ kfg{" xf] .

Coalition cfsf/, ;+/rgf, nIo / cGo ljleGg cfwf/x?df km/s km/s x"G%,
oLgLx? &'nf jf ;fgf, cf}krf/Ls jf cgf}krf/Ls, Ps?kstf jf ljljwtfsf
x"G%g\ . oLgLx?n] ;~rf/df nlIft eO{ cledtsf] kl/rfng u/L gLlt
lgod lgdf{tfx?nfO{ k|ToIf k|efj kfb{% .

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jLr klg u&jGwg ePsf] x"g ;S% .

Coalition lsg !!!

;+:yfx? jLr Ps cfk;df cg"ej, >f]t / ljZjf;sf] clej[l$ ug{

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k|bfg ug{ .

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               lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

gLlt lgdf{tfx?nfO{ ;fj{hlgs lxtsf] kIFdf gLlt lgod lgdf{)Fsf]
nflu Wofgfsif{)f u/fpg .

k}/jL ult tyf jn j(fpg .

;+:yfx? jLr Ps cfk;df k}/jL ;Lk tyf Ifdtfsf] ljsf; ug{

             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
              k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

;jfnsf] 5gf}6, k|d"v stf{x?sf] klxrfg tyf gLltut jftfj/0fsf] ljZn]if0f

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k}/jLsf cf}hf/x?

Mobilisation of mass media,                            Raising questions in parliament

Use of judiciary                                       Struggling to gain access to
Lobbying to target individuals
                                                       Coalitions with like-minded groups
                                                       Door-to-door awareness campaigns

               lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
            k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

Mass mobilisation for

Civil disobedience

Budget Analysis

Media Survey

Social force analysis

Capacity building

Commitment and declarations

               lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
               k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

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cfd/0f cg;g, tfnfaGbL,

;xof]ufTds ;fwfgx?M ;+o'Qm sfo{, k/fdz{, hfgsf/L, ;"rgf cfbfg k|bfg, e|d0f, tflnd,
uf]li7, cflb

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;fj{hlgs k|s[ltsf ;fwgx?M klqsf k|sf;g, ;~rf/ dfWodsf] k|of]u, uf]li7, sfo{zfnf, sfo{kq
k|:t'tLs/0f, zflGtk"0f{ k|bz{g,

                  lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                 k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

k}/jL of]hgf km/Dof6

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                   lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
           k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

s] ug]{   slxn] cfzfltt                 ;xsfo{tf ;Defljt             sfof{Gjog cg'udg /
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             lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_
                k}/jL Ifdtf ljsf; k|lzIfs k|lzIf0f tflnd, % b]lv ( h]i7, @)^&, ;Gbe{ ;fdfu|L

Some Pictures

                  lxdfno u|fld0f k|fs[lts >f]t Joj:yfkg dlxnf ;d'x -lxdjlGt g]kfn_

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