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 OFFICERS & BOARD                      M


Larry Herr


5235 Mission Oaks Blvd. #B-575     E
Camarillo, CA 93012                    AS                L
                                            A N T VA L
                                 January 5, 2007 Bi-Monthly Bulletin                         Volume 62 Issue 13
Immediate Past President         Visit us on the web at          P.O. Box 157, Camarillo, CA 93011
Mike Brown
1st Vice President
Tom Blattel
2nd Vice President
                                 HAPPY NEW YEAR!
John Knittle
3rd Vice President
                                 OUR CLUB CONTRIBUTES TO THE LIONS
Richard Cervantes                INTERNATIONAL FLOAT AGAIN
Secretary                                                                 pizza and salad to the Phoenix float
                                 	 For	the	third	year,	our	club	made	
Joe Hohenwarter
                                 a small but significant contribution     building	site	in	Pasadena	where	he	
333 N. Lantana St. #267
Camarillo, CA 93010              to	 the	 building	 of	 the	 Lions	       was joined by Lion Elvie Marfil
805.383.7156                     International	Float	that	was	part	of	    of	 the	 Simi	 Valley	 Lions	 and	 Lion	
                                 the	Rose	Parade	on	New	Years	Day.	       Don	 Greenberg	 from	 the	 Ventura	
Treasurer                        Lion	 Mark	 Laufbaum	 put	 together	     Downtown	 Lions	 Club.	 Lion	 Don	
Bill Schulze
                                 a	nice	pizza	lunch	for	the	Leo	Club	     supplied	 drinks	 and	 cookies	 for	
Lion Tamers                      members	 from	 St.	 Bonaventure	         dessert.	 	 Together	 we	 had	 enough	
Wayne Fowles                     and	 Buena	 High	 Schools	 who	          food	to	feed	our	Leos	and	Leos	club	
Russ White                       participated in float building on        members	from	other	clubs	including	
Tail Twisters                    Thursday,	 Dec.	 28th.	 Lion	 George	    West	Covina	and	Cathedral	City.
George Graham                    Graham	 delivered	 the	 lunch	 of	       	 The	 Leos	 club	 members	 came	
Chuck Heinrich                                                            prepared to glue flowers but found
Membership Chairman                                                       themselves	 cutting	 most	 of	 the	
Mark Laufbaum                                                             flowers that were later meticulously
                                                                          put on the float that honored Lions
2nd Year Board                                                            White	Cane	contribution.	Our	lunch	
Richard Baker                                                             and	 afternoon	 snacks	 were	 a	 much	
Bob Bourdeau
Bert Herrera                                                              appreciated	 break	 for	 these	 kids,	
Ron Wells                                                                 who	 handled	 the	 repetitive	 and	
                                                                          sometimes	 boring	 work	 with	 great	
1st Year Board                                                            enthusiasm.	
Art Mansfield
Dan True
Steve Sitko                                                                               •	•	•	•	•
Gary Gillespie
Editor                                                                    	 “I	 have	 found	 the	 best	 way	 to	
Susan Herrera                                                             give	 advice	 to	 your	 children	 is	 to	
2033 Euclid Circle
                                                                          find out what they want and then
Camarillo, CA 93010
805.504.3610                                                              advise	them	to	do	it.”
                                                                              —Harry	S	Truman	(1884–1972)
                                           TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

By	Joe	Hohenwarter
                                                                  advised	 that	 Dr.	 Tyler	 Taylor	 is	 considering	 joining	
                                                                  the	Club.	Lion	Mark	also	plans	an	orientation	for	new	
                                                                  members for the first meeting in February 2007.
                                                                       4th	 of	 July	 Fireworks:	 Lion	 Mike	 Brown	 reported	
                                                                  that	City	Council	does	not	want	to	take	on	this	project.	
                                                                  After a discussion of the benefits and burdens of this
                                                                  activity,	 a	 motion	 was	 made	 to	 decline	 4th	 of	 July	
                                                                  participation:	M/S/C	on	voice	vote	with	no	dissent.	The	
                                                                  Board	decided	to	review	at	next	month’s	meeting	what	
                                                                  to	do	with	the	$25,000	it	holds	for	this	activity.
                                                                       District	 Prison	 Eyeglass	 project:	 The	 Board	
                                                                  acknowledged	 that	 this	 project	 was	 presented	 at	 the	
     The	meeting	was	held	at	Barry’s	Auto	Service,	578	           November	 District	 meeting	 in	 Cayucos.	 M/S/C	 to	
South	Dawson	Drive,	Camarillo.	Meeting	was	called	to	             donate	$500.00	on	voice	vote	with	no	dissent.
order	at	7	p.m.	by	Lion	President	Larry	Herr.	One	group	               Sight	First	II	donation	of	$2,000:	M/S/C	to	continue	
seeking	a	solicitation	was	present	and	President	Larry	           awarding	Melvin	Jones	Fellowships	to	Past	Presidents	
decided	to	allow	the	group	to	proceed	with	its	request:	          with	IPP	Mike	Brown	next	in	line	and	the	second	name	
The	Rio	Mesa	Robotics	H.S.	Team	(‘Riobotics’),	with	              to	be	furnished	by	President	Larry:	Two	$1,000	checks	
their	 coach,	 Ms.	 Helen	 W.	 Reese.	 This	 program	 is	 in	     to	be	cut.
its first year at Rio Mesa and is designed to encourage                White	Cane:	Lion	Mark	asked	for	suggestions	about	
engineering,	science	and	math.	The	team	brought	two	              fund-raising	for	White	Cane.	He	advised	that	Jan.19/20	
‘robots’	 which	 they	 demonstrated.	 The	 team	 enters	          activity	 is	 canceled.	 Lion	 G.K.	 Smith	 suggested	 that	
structured	competitions	with	other	high	schools.	Later	           a	project	be	selected	and	announce,	e.g.,	that	10%	be	
in	 the	 meeting,	 after	 the	 students	 left,	 a	 motion	 was	   allocated	to	White	Cane.	Lions	Richard	Baker	and	Bob	
made	 and	 seconded	 to	 donate	 $1,000	 to	 the	 program.	       Bourdeau	volunteered	their	Golf	Tourney	fundraiser.
The	motion	carried	on	voice	vote	with	no	dissent.                      Lions	 Project	 for	 Companions	 for	 Independence:	
     President	Larry	advised	that	the	children’s	Christmas	       M/S/C	to	donate	$600.00	with	no	dissent.
party	 and	 the	 Adult	 Christmas	 party	 were	 successful	            Request	for	Casino	Equipment:	Lion	Mike	Brown	
and	 enjoyable.	 The	 secretary	 reported	 no	 change	 in	        brought	 forward	 a	 request	 from	 a	 local	 group	 for	 the	
membership	and	that	he	received	a	notice	was	received	            casino	equipment	for	a	May	6,	2007	activity	involving	
from	MD4	requesting	the	names	of	the	delegates	and	               200	 people.	 The	 Board	 declined	 on	 the	 grounds	 that	
alternates	to	the	convention	in	Fresno.                           there	is	not	enough	equipment	for	200	people.	
     Treasurer’s	 Report:	 Treasurer	 Bill	 provided	 a	               Home	for	the	Holidays:	Lion	Mike	Brown	advised	
detailed	six	page	handout	including	a	Balance	Sheet	as	of	        that	 this	 charity	 was	 very	 appreciative	 of	 the	 $1,000	
December	17,	2006	showing	$41,838.	16	in	Charitable;	             donated	 by	 this	 club	 last	 month.	 Do	 we	 want	 to	 give	
$4,854.33 in Admin; $25,000.31 in fireworks; $3,389.80            more?	The	Board	took	no	action.
in White Cane. Also provided was financial information                 Insurance	for	BBQ	trailers	when	pulled	by	members:	
about	 special	 b-b-q’s,	 the	 Christmas	 Float,	 and	 trailer	   The	consensus	was	that	a	member	who	pulls	a	trailer	
operations.	 Treasurer	 Bill	 reported	 that	 approx.	 $940	      with	his	vehicle	can	seek	reimbursement	from	the	club	
was	recovered	from	the	Ventura	Downtown	Club	from	                in	 advance	 for	 the	 extra	 insurance	 premium	 cost	 to	
Monte	Carlo	Night	after	the	initial	donation	of	approx.	          increase	his	liability	coverage	for	pulling	a	trailer	on	a	
$1,600	 from	 the	 Charitable	 account,	 categorized	 as	         particular	date	to	a	particular	Lions	event.	LCI	does	not	
Sight	First	II,	a	District	endorsed	charity.	                     provide	coverage.
     Membership	 Report:	 Membership	 Chair	 Mark	                                                      (continued	next	page)

Page	2	                                                                                                      January	5,	2007
                                          TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

ACTIVITIES (continued)                                           SPECIAL BBQ TEAM
     Barry’sAutomotiveGiftCertificate:M/S/Ctopurchase            AT WORK AGAIN
a $100 gift certificate for Barry with no dissent.               	 The	 PV	 Lions	 Special	 BBQ	 team	 was	 back	 at	 work	
     Rain	 Project:	 Lion	 Mark	 L.	 asked	 for	 a	 donation	    on	 December	 14th,	 serving	 up	 a	 lunch	 time	 BBQ	 for	 70	
of	 $1,000	 to	 purchase	 personal	 items	 for	 42	 children.	   employees	of	the	American	Technology	Company.	The	menu	
M/S/C	to	make	the	donation,	with	no	dissent.                     was	our	standard	Tri-Tip,	Chicken,	Beans,	Salad,	and	Garlic	
     Visitations:	Lion	Mark	L.	reported	that	the	visitations	    Bread.	Lions	who	came	out	to	help	were	Al	Nunes,	Wayne	
are	on	track.                                                    Fowles,	Tom	Blattel,	Bert	Herrera,	Willem	Apon,	Bob	Taylor,	
                                                                 Gary	 Gillespie,	 Russ	 White,	 Phil	 Villa,	 Bill	 Sachau,	 Win	
     Funds	 for	 Student	 Speaker	 awards	 and	 plaques:	
                                                                 Popp,	George	Graham,	Andy	Anderson,	Lloyd	Christie,	Jerry	
Lion	 Mark	 Laufbaum	 asked	 that	 $1,350	 be	 allocated	
                                                                 Rittenberg,	 Dan	 True,	 Harold	Atwater,	
for	Fred	Smith,	Harry	Aslan,	etc.	award	plaques.	M/S/C	          and	 Special	 BBQ	 Chairm
to	allocate	the	$1,350	with	no	dissent.                          Ahara.	 Bill	 Schulze	 also
     MD4	Youth	Exchange	Foundation:	M/S/C	to	make	               by	to	see	if	any	additional
the	donation	at	the	next	meeting.                                needed.	Sincerest	thanks	
     Dos	 Caminos	 Elementary	 School	 PTA:	 M/S/C	 to	          everyone	 for	 helping	 ma
donate	$100	with	no	dissent.                                     this	 another	 successful
     ARC:	M/S/C	to	donate	$200	with	no	dissent.                  PV	Lions	event.	A	special
     Parks	 and	 Rec:	 Lion	 Bert	 H.	 reminded	 the	 Board	     thank	 you	 also	 goes	 to	
of	 the	 good	 service	 the	 Club	 receives	 from	 the	 seven	   Al	Nunes	for	towing	the	
                                                                 BBQ	 grill	 and	 Wayne	
employees.	M/S/C	to	expend	up	to	$100	for	lunch	for	
                                                                 Fowles	 for	 towing	 the	
the	crew	with	Lion	Bert	to	coordinate.
                                                                 trailer.	Great	job	by	all.
     Lion	President	Larry	acknowledged	several	Thank-
a.	 Lion	 Joe	 Wetter	 personally	 thanked	 the	 Board	 on	
                                                                 HEAVENLY REWARDS
     behalf	of	the	Renal	Network.                                	 A	minister	dies	and	is	waiting	in	line	at	the	Pearly	Gates.	
b.	 City	of	Hope	sent	a	thank-you	card.                          Ahead	of	him	is	a	guy	who’s	dressed	in	sunglasses,	a	loud	
c.	 American	 Cancer	 Society	 Relay	 for	 Life	 sent	 a	        shirt,	leather	jacket,	and	jeans.
                                                                 	 Saint	Peter	addresses	this	guy,	“Who	are	you,	so	that	I	
                                                                 may	know	whether	or	not	to	admit	you	to	the	Kingdom	of	
d.	 G.K.	 Smith	 personally	 thanked	 the	 Board	 for	 the	
     flowers.                                                    	 The	 guy	 replies,	 “I’m	 Joe	 Cohen,	 taxi-driver,	 of	 Noo	
e.	 Camarillo	Hospice	sent	a	thank-you	card.                     Yawk	City.”
f.	 The	 Hearing	 Foundation	thanked	the	Club	for	the	           	 Saint	Peter	consults	his	list.	He	smiles	and	says	to	the	
     54	hearing	aids	gathered	by	Lion	Richard	Baker.             taxi-driver,
g.	 P.V.	 School	 District	 Health	 Services	 Department	        	 “Take	 this	 silken	 robe	 and	 golden	 staff	 and	 enter	 the	
     thanked	 the	 Club	 for	 the	 $2,000	 donation	 last	       Kingdom	of	Heaven.”
     month.                                                      	 The	taxi-driver	goes	into	Heaven	with	his	robe	and	staff,	
	 Lion	 President	 Larry	 made	 the	 following	                  and	it’s	the	minister’s	turn.
     announcements:                                              	 He	stands	erect	and	booms	out,
                                                                 	 “I	am	Joseph	Snow,	pastor	of	Saint	Mary’s	for	the	last	
a.	 The	 MD4	 convention	 is	 scheduled	 in	 February	 in	
                                                                 forty-three	years.”
     Fresno.	Registration	materials	are	available	for	any	
                                                                 	 Saint	 Peter	 consults	 his	 list.	 He	 says	 to	 the	 minister,	
     interested	member.                                          “Take	this	cotton	robe	and	wooden	staff	and	enter	the	King-
b.	 MD4	 Healthy	 Club	 Workshops	 are	 scheduled	               dom	of	Heaven.”
     throughout	the	early	part	of	2007	and	all	are	invited	      	 “Just	a	minute,”	says	the	minister.	“That	man	was	a	taxi-
     to	attend.                                                  driver,	and	he	gets	a	silken	robe	and	golden	staff.	How	can	
c.	 Pasadena	 Host	 Lions	 Club	 is	 sponsoring	 a	 New	         this	be?”
     Years	breakfast	and	Float	Tour.                             	 “Up	here,	we	work	by	results,”	says	Saint	Peter.	“While	
d.	 City	of	Hope	Lions	Day	is	scheduled	for	March	2007.          you	preached,	people	slept;	while	he	drove,	people	prayed.”

January	5,	2007	                                                                                                          Page	3
                          TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

                            EL	RIO	LIONS	CLUB



                        THE	AMERICAN	LEGION	HALL
                   2639	WAGON	WHEEL	ROAD,	OXNARD,	CA

                    JANUARY	27,	2007	6:00	P.M.	TO	11:00	P.M.
                   $15.00	PER	PERSON	RSVP	BY	JAN.	22,	2007

    PHONE	#	H	(310)	821-7732	CELL	(818)	968-1858	E-MAIL	LELOS@VERIZON.NET

Page	4	                                                          January	5,	2007
                                        TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

                                       VISITATION UPDATE
	        Happy	New	Year	!	!	!	–	with	three	months	to	go,	we	are	in	full	swing.	
Six	visitations	are	scheduled	for	January.
	        On	December	21st,	Lion	Joe	Wetter	was	the	co-chair	on	Visitation	
#12	 to	 Santa	Ynez.	 	 John	 Knittle,	 Mike	 Brown,	 Lloyd	 Christie	 and	 Bob	
Hernandez	also	made	the	trip.		FYI	–	as	of	January	1,	the	New	Danish	Inn	
Restaurant	will	be	closed	,	but	the	Inn	will	remain	open	for	business.	
	        The	following	visitations	have	been	scheduled.		Please	notify	one	of	the	below	co-chairs	to	get	involved.		
Your	help	is	needed	and	always	appreciated.
DATE                     DAY             TIME           CLUB                   CO-CHAIR            PHONE
January	3	      	        Wednesday	 7	am	 	             Santa	Maria	Sunriser	 Lloyd	Christie		     386-4902
January	3	      	        Wednesday	 Noon	 	             Santa	Maria	Noon	 Lloyd	Christie		         386-4902
January	5	      	        Friday	 	       12	pm	 	       Oxnard	Noontimers	 Mark	Laufbaum	          407-5814
January	17		 	           Wednesday	 7	pm	 	             Orcutt	 	       	      Joe	Wetter	   	     987-8236	
January	23				 	         Tuesday	        7	pm	 	        Atascadero	 	          Joe	Wetter	   	     987-8236													
January	25	 	            Thursday			 7	pm	 	            Shandon	Valley	        Mark	Laufbaum	      407-5814			
February	1	 	            Thursday		      7	pm	 	        San	Miguel	 	          Jack	Eberts	 	      484-1364
February	21	 	           Wednesday	 6:30	pm	            Santa	Maria	Valley	 Jack	Eberts	 	         484-1364
February	27	 	           Tuesday	        7	pm	 	        Cambria	        	      Joe	Wetter	   	     987-8236
March	12	       	        Tuesday	        7	pm	 	        Cayucos	        	      Chet	Price	&	Jim	Merchant
March	22	       	        Thursday	       12:10	pm	      Vandenburg	 	          Jack	Eberts	 	      484-1364

                                                   NOT YET SCHEDULED
	           	           El	Rio	&	Carpinteria	 	      	       	      	 	        Lloyd	Chirstie		        386-4902
            												SB	Host,	Chan	Islands,	Saticoy,	Simi	Valley		 	        Larry	Herr	 	           389-1643
																								Ventura	Breakfast	&	Meiners	Oaks	 	         	 	        Mike	Brown	 	           987-4272				
                        Ventura	Downtown	 	          	       	      	 	        Joe	Wetter	    	        987-823	          	
                        Morrow	Bay	 	         	      	       	      	 	        Mark	Laufbaum	          407-5814

                                          Healthy Club Workshop
Hi	everyone!
		 The	MD4	leadership	team	has	created	a	“Healthy	Club	workshop”	event	&	set	aside	a	full	day	of	leadership	
training	on	January	13th	for	area	3	(that’s	us	+	A-2,	L-1,	&	L-3).		The	day	long	event	will	be	in	Glendale	with	
our	own	PCC	George	Stewart	as	the	event	coordinator.		It’s	important	to	note	that	this	will	be	IN	LIEU	of	the	
leadership	training	at	Cal	Poly	in	Pomona	this	year,	so	any	candidates	for	Cal	Poly	need	to	come.		My	goal	is	to	
have ALL of our cabinet officers in attendance, and as many club presidents, secretaries, as possible. And how
about	our	FUTURE	LIONS	LEADERS!		Who	are	they?		You’ll	have	to	ask	if	you	don’t	know	already.		I	need	
the	zone	chairs	“in	the	trenches”	with	the	club	presidents	to	get	their	lists	together,	and	we’ll	work	out	some	
carpooling	from	each	of	the	regions	if	possible.		
		 The	cost	of	the	event	is	$10.00	and	includes	lunch.		I	will	have	a	registration	form	out	to	you	within	a	couple	
of	days.		Please	help	me	start	the	new	year,	and	the	second	half	of	my	year	with	some	top	quality	training	from	
the	best	trainers	in	the	state.
Yours	in	service,
Jeff	Roundy,	District	Governor,	4-A3
Office: 805-648-6698
January	5,	2007	                                                                                                Page	5
                                         TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

                                  JANUARY 2007
     SUNDAY          MONDAY             TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                 THURSDAY               FRIDAY        SATURDAY
                1                 2                      3                         4                      5             6
                HAPPY NEW YEAR!

7               8                 9                      10                        11                     12            13
                                                                                                                        Healthy Club Workshop
                                  7:00—Regular Meeting

14              15                16                     17                        18                     19            20
                                  7:00—Board Meeting     Orcutt Lions Visitation
                                  Barry’s Auto

21              22                23                     24                        25                     26            27
                                         7:00—Reg Mtg
                                  Atascadero Lions
                                  Visitation                                       Shandon Valley Lions                 El Rio Lions
                                                                                   Visitation                           50th Anniversary

28              29                30                     31

How Well Do You Know Lionism in General?
	 1. Where was the first annual convention held?	                      	 9.	 Where	is	the	next	International	Convention?	(2007)	
     Chicago,	IL                                                             Chicago,	IL
	 2.	 Who	was	the	founder	of	Lions	International?	                     	10.	 Who	is	the	IIPP?	
      Melvin	Jones                                                           Ashok	Mehta
	 3.	 Who	challenged	the	Lions	to	become,	“Knight	of	 	11.	 Who	is	the	International	President?	
      the	blind	in	the	crusade	against	darkness?”	          Jimmy	Ross
      Helen	Keller
                                                      	12.	 Who	is	our	District	Governor?	
	 4.	 What	is	the	Lions	Motto?	                             Jeff	Roundy
      We	Serve
                                                      	13.	 Where	is	the	2007	Multiple	District	Convention?	
	 5.	 What	is	the	Lions	total	membership?	                  Fresno,	CA
                                                      	14.	 Give	at	least	3	International	Youth	Projects/
      1.3	million
	 6.	 What	is	District	4-A3	membership?	                    Leo,	Youth	Exchange,	Youth	Camp,	Peace	Poster
                                                      	15.	 What	does	L	I	O	N	S	mean?	
	 7.	 How	many	International	Lions	Clubs	do	we	             Liberty,	Intelligence,	our	Nation’s	Safety
                                                      	16.	 What	does	L	E	O	mean?	
                                                            Leadership,	Experience,	Organization
	 8.	 How	many	countries	join	the	Lions?	

Page	6	                                                                                                                 January	5,	2007
                                                                       TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

                                                                                                            Official Lamp/Brake & Smog Station

                                                                                                                  COMPLETE	AUTO	REPAIRS
                                                                                                           Air	Conditioning	•	Free	Pick-Up	&	Delivery
                                                                                                      341 North Dawson Dr.                   Ken Gorenflo
                                                                                                      Camarillo,	CA	93010	                 (805)	987-2299

                                                                                                            Camarillo Dental Practice
Phone	(805)	482-2853	                                  2739	Daily	Drive                                                   since	1947

FAX	(805)	389-6507	                                 Camarillo,	CA	93010                                                                     Camarillo Dental
                                                                                                                                           2087 Ventura Blvd.
                                        BOB HERNANDEZ
                                                                                                    All Phases of General and Cosmetic Dentistry
 COLDWELL BANKER                                                                                             Gentle, Timely, Affordable
  TOWN & COUNTRY                              (805)	484-1061	Business                                              (805) 482-3811
    1913	Daily	Drive                          (805)	987-4079	Fax                             Hillary	H.	Ling,	D.D.S.	                       Eric	S.	Yum,	D.D.S.
   Camarillo,	CA	93010                        (805)	388-9542,	653-0661	Residence             Donald	S.	Tom,	D.M.D.	                      Simon	S.	Chow,	D.M.D

An Independently Owned and Operated Member of Coldwell Banker Residential Affiliates, Inc.

                                                                                               Catering • Italian Deli & Butcher Shoppe • Tri-Tip BBQ’s
                                                                                                    Weddings & Platters • Boar’s Head Products
                                                                                                       RANDY & LINDA LOMBARDO

                                                                                                      Lombardo’s                        Pierre Esponde
                                            Wim J.M. Zwinkels                                    GOURMET DELI & MEATS                   Meat Dept. Manager
                                                           Floriculturist                          699 MOBIL AVENUE                     699 MOBIL AVENUE
                                                                                                  CAMARILLO, CA 93010                  CAMARILLO, CA 93010
                                                                                                     (805) 482-7318                       (805) 987-2665
                                              3185 Calle de Debesa
                                               Camarillo, CA 93010
                                                                                                                   FAX (805) 987-2665
                                               805.981.0010 phone
                                                805.276.8692 cell

                                                                                                      LBL EQUIPMENT REPAIR, INC.
                                                                                                             Repair	•	Sales	•	New	&	Used
                                                                                                             4755	E.	Los	Angeles	Avenue
    Joseph E. Hohenwarter                                                                                            P.O.	Box	334
                           Attorney at Law                                                                        Somis,	CA	93066
 333 North Lantana Street, Suite 267                                      Telephone
 Camarillo, CA 93010                                                  (805) 383-7156         BUS	(805)	386-3250	                              BILL	LYNCH
                                                                                             FAX	(805)	386-3268	                              DON	LYNCH

                                                                                                Don Seidler Custom Carpets
                                  Real Estate Loans

                                     Rod	Brown                                                               Carpets, Wood and Tile
                                     CJ	Piantino                                                              2384 Barbara Drive
                                                                                                              Camarillo, CA 93012

1200	Paseo	Camarillo,	Suite	275	                                      (805)	388-1513
Camarillo,	CA	93010	                                                  (805)	429-1513
                                                                                             Dave ....................................... (805) 491-2599
P.O.	Box	1683	                                                        (805)	389-6547	Fax     Don ......................................... (805) 987-0917
Camarillo,	CA	93011

January	5,	2007	                                                                                                                                            Page	7
                              TALES FROM THE LIONS DEN

                   Mark McDermott
                   Manager                    LICENSED & INSURED                       AQUA-DOC
                                                              THE WATER DOCTOR         POOL & SPA
                                                                                      QUALITY SERVICE & REPAIRS

                   393 Arneill Road
                                                                 LARRY HERR
                   Camarillo, CA 93010-6405
                   Telephone: 805.482.3364                                                  BUS: (805) 383-6989
                   Mobile 805.258.8290        5235 MISSION OAKS BLVD. #B575                  FAX: (805) 484-9826
             CAMARILLO, CA 93012                     VOICE MAIL: (805) 378-5689

                                                       The Official      Number        1 Club

                                                                        EST. 1945

                                                                   LIONS CLUB
                                                           PO Box 157, Camarillo, CA 93011-0157

Pleasant Valley Lions meet on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7 p.m. at the Officer’s Club,
  Camarillo Airport, Camarillo. Eubanks St. entrance off Pleasant Valley Road

      Pleasant Valley Lions Club
      P.O. Box 157
      Camarillo, CA 93011-0157

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