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									Graduate School- Psychology programs

 Northeastern University
Bouve College of Health Sciences
Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology
123 Behrakis Health Science Center 360 Huntington
Boston, MA 02115 US
Phone: 1-617-373-2708
1.) M.S./C.A.G.S.- Counseling Psychology;
2.) M.S.-School Counseling; M.S./C.A.G.S.-School
3.) M.A.B.A.- Applied Behavioral Analysis

Graduate Application Requirement Information

Before you file your application, please read the
following information:

      Application Deadlines: Deadlines vary by
program. See attached chart.

      Application information about the Physician
Assistant program can be found at:

      Application: Submit electronically by clicking on
the word Apply at the top of the program page. Submit
the personal goal statement and résumé in the
supplementary section for Bouvé Graduate School of
Health Sciences.

      Application Fee: Please submit the fee of $50 by
credit card or click that you will be sending the fee
by check. Current NU students and alumni do not need to
pay this application fee.

      Recommendations: Three letters of recommendation
are required to be submitted online. Check the online
recommendation box to insure the request is sent to the
recommenders (to the email address you provided).

      Transcripts: Official transcripts from all
undergraduate and graduate level institutions attended
must be sent to Bouvé Graduate School of Health
Sciences, 123 BK, 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA
02115. List the college from which you received your
BS/BA in rectangle 1 on the application.

      International students must submit their official
transcripts to World Education Services for
credentialing.   Once you have received the
verification of your degree and transcript from WES, it
can be forwarded to the address above. (See for information about this process.)

      Test Requirements: Test requirements vary by
program. Tests must have been taken within the past 5
years. See attached chart.

        For additional information on testing programs:
        Graduate Record Exam (GRE) #3629
college code
        Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)   #3667 college code
        Miller Analogies Test (MAT) #1224 college code
        Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
        TOEFL scores are required for all applicants
who do not hold undergraduate or graduate degrees from
U.S. institutions or institutions where English is not
used.   #3629 college code
Goal Statement:

        Going into my senior year at the University of Florida, I am more inspired and

interested in pursuing a master degree in psychology. In just a few quick years at UF I

have learned and gained so much regarding both psychology and general academics, and

I could not be more excited about psychology. Because of the different opportunities I

have had, along with the classes I have taken, I believe that I am a wonderful candidate

for the masters program at Northeastern University.

       I will be graduating in the winter of 2009 (one semester early), and I plan to

attend graduate school shortly after. I currently hold a 3.75 GPA, and am majoring in

psychology with a minor in education. I am passionate about both fields, and I hope to

incorporate both of these passions in my future career. In my short time at the University

of Florida I have already become much more familiar with psychology and all that it

surrounds. As of the Fall 2008 semester, I have become involved with Dr. Vollmer’s

Applied Behavioral Analysis lab. As an undergraduate research assistant, I have learned

endless information about Applied Behavioral Analysis, psychology research, running

functional analysis, and psychology related computer software. This experience has been

an amazing opportunity for me to gain hands-on access to the different subsets of

psychology. I have also become a reliable date collector through this process.
        My passion for psychology began when I started high school. I realized how

much I enjoyed talking to people, and how different ways of communication and

understanding different perspectives can change the way people think, act, and

understand. I realized I had good listening and interpersonal skills, and I received

constant feedback consistent with that realization. I love learning about psychology, and I

consistently enjoy the work I do, the classes I take, and the new knowledge I gain. I am

always engaged and interested in what I am learning, and that is how I know psychology

is the perfect field for me.

        My career goal is to be a counseling psychologist in a treatment center, a private

practice, or a school. I know I want to receive my masters in counseling psychology. I am

still unsure as to what exact career I will try to pursue. I am willing to push myself in

whatever capacity necessary to achieve my goal of becoming a counseling psychologist.

There is nothing more I want than to be able to work in this field. I am now preparing to

take my GRE. I also plan to get more involved in other aspects of psychology before I

graduate from UF. I find that every psychology endeavor I have become involved in has

not only been successful, but it has made me more excited about the field.

        I think that my academic success as an undergraduate, and my experience in

Applied Behavioral Analysis makes me a premium candidate to receive my masters at

Northeastern University. I believe I would bring a lot of knowledge to the Applied

Behavioral Analysis, Counseling Psychology, and Education Psychology programs. I

know I will excel in any of these programs, and I will bring my best effort forth once

admitted to achieve my goal as a counseling psychologist.

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