Abstract by lanyuehua


The study sought to investigate the role of radios in combating domestic violence against women
through a comparative study of Mama FM and Dembe FM. The study was based on the premises
that radios are an ingredient in democracy, for they are vital in safeguarding human rights. Also,
that domestic violence against women is a gross violation of women’s rights. The objectives of
the study were: highlighting the role of radios in combating domestic violence against women;
finding out the goals and mandate of Mama and Dembe FMs in combating domestic violence
against women; assessing the achievements of both media houses in combating domestic
violence against women and also, suggesting ways of best practice to both media houses on how
to initiate and enhance strategies in combating domestic violence against women.

The study employed primarily qualitative methods of research. After selection of the required
study population, which was 200 respondents, standard measures of data collection; interviews,
documentary review, content analysis, questionnaires were applied to ensure validity and
reliability of findings. The study revealed that both media houses have played significant roles in
combating domestic violence through their programs and activities despite shortfalls along the
way. Patriarchy plays a significant role in women’s failure to advocate for their rights, for
women operate within a matrix of direct and debilitating domination; misrepresentation. The
male dominated radios serve as a conduit for perpetuating gender subordination and oppression.

In conclusion, Mama FM has played a dominant role in combating domestic violence against
women though with numerous challenges that still need to be addressed. Domestic violence is a
multi faceted social ill that there is no independent strategy to halt it. However, even with
achievements, radios too, have naively exacerbated domestic violence against women given the
sexist, caricatured portrayal they have attached to women.

The study recommended that a multi-layered policy that addresses the structural causes of
domestic violence against women while providing immediate services to victim-survivors
ensures sustainability and is the only policy that has the prospective to eradicate this plague as
there is no one single remedy that cuts across that will see off the plague – domestic violence
against women.

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