Judaism by ewghwehws


By: Tyler, Alisha, Wally, and Carla
        World History Int.
              Period 7
            Mrs. Norton
     Who is/are the founder(s)?
• Abraham and Moses are the founders of


Where is/are the founder(s) from and what
        time period did he live in?
• Jerusalem
• 18th or 19th century (BCE)
Current Majority Location of Judaism
                                    Alisha Hiskey

- Israel has the greatest
   number of Jewish people in
   the world with more than
   5,000,000 people.
- 41% of all Jews live in Israel.
- The United States houses
   40% of the Jewish
- The other 19% is distributed
   among other countries such
   as France, Canada, The
   United Kingdom, and
                       The Torah
• The Torah is the five books of Moses: Genesis, Exodus,
  Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.
• The word “torah” is the entire Jewish bible
• There is no old testament
• The new testament in Christianity is not included in the Torah
• The torah consists of the Torah, Nevi’im, and Kethuvim
• Torah means “The Law”
• Nevi’im means “The Prophets”
• Kethuvim means “The Writings”
The Torah
             The Afterlife View
- A term Jewish people
use to describe death is
the rejoining of one
- Gan Eden or heaven is
described of a great
place of joy.
- Sitting in golden
banquet tables and
enjoying lavish banquets.
            The Afterlife View
- Gehinnom or Hell is
described a s a dark pit.
- In the Gehinnom is a place
of punishment for up to 12
- Then they go to Gan Eden.
Only the wicked ones stay at
Gehinnom eternally.

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