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                                                                                                                                    UF EDGE Master of Science Degree in

                                                                                                                              Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
                                                                                                                       Solid Mechanics and Design

                                                                                                        Give Your Career that UF EDGE
                                                                                                        Professional engineers can earn a master’s degree at a time and place
                                                                                       Non-Profit       convenient to them through programs from UF EDGE (University
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                                                                                         PAID           EDGE helps technical professionals update core knowledge in their
UF EDGE                                                                               Gainesville, FL   engineering disciplines, learn about emerging technologies, and
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E-117 CSE                                                                                               acquire new skills in related engineering areas.
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                                                                                                     Curriculum for the Master of Science Degree in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
                                                                                                     Master’s degree programs offered through UF EDGE are non-thesis. A non-thesis master’s degree
                                                                                                     requires the completion of ten 3-semester credit hour courses as outlined in the degree curriculum.
                                                                                                     A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 is required for graduation.

                                                                                                     Solid Mechanics and Design

                                                                                                     Fall                                                       Spring
Florida’s Best Engineering College                                                                   EML 6939 Failure of Materials in Mechanical                EML 5526 Finite Element Analysis and
                                                                                                      Design                                                     Applications (3)
The UF College of Engineering is ranked as the     The investment of time and tuition dollars
                                                                                                       Fatigue life of machine elements subjected to steady       Fundamentals, including discrete system analysis,
#1 engineering college in Florida and as one of    toward a master’s degree can bring a terrific       and alternating multi-axial stresses; Fatigue life         dynamic analysis of structures, steady state and
the top 25 in the nation by U.S. News & World      return in total income. Starting salaries for       analysis using stress-life approach, local strain-life     transient heat transfer analysis, and incompressible
Report magazine. Our faculty is recognized         engineers with a master’s can be $8,000             approach, and fracture mechanics; high cycle and           fluids analysis. Modeling, analysis, and design using
internationally for doing cutting-edge research.   $10,000 higher than for those with only a           low cycle fatigue; Damage tolerant life prediction         FEA software.
They bring their expertise and enthusiasm into     bachelor’s degree. Over a lifetime, the income      methods.                                                 EGM 5533 Applied Elasticity and Advanced
                                                                                                     EGM 6611 Continuum Mechanics (3)                             Mechanics of Solids (3)
the classroom to provide students with the most    advantage of a master’s degree averages more
                                                                                                       Tensors of stress and deformation. Balance and             Bars, beams, thin-walled structures, and simple
up-to-date knowledge in the field.                 than $400,000.                                      conservation laws, thermodynamic considerations.           continua in the elastic and inelastic range. Virtual
                                                                                                       Examples of linear constitutive relations. Field           work approaches, elastic energy principles, plastic
Learn Anywhere, Anytime                            Admission                                           equation and boundary conditions of fluid flow.            limit theorems, creep deformation procedures,
                                                                                                     EGM 6570 Principles of Fracture Mechanics (3)                introduction to instability and fracture mechanics.
UF EDGE brings this exciting learning              Admission is coordinated by the Mechanical &        [Prereq is EGM 6611]                                       Design applications.
experience to a worldwide audience of place-       Aerospace Engineering department.                   Introduction to the mechanics of fracture of brittle     EML 6267 Structural Dynamics of Production
bound engineers through a variety of distance                                                          and ductile materials. Linear elastic fracture            Machinery (3)
learning technologies accessible at the            Applicants must have:                               mechanics; elastic-plastic fracture; fracture testing;     Review of mechanical vibrations with two degrees
workplace, home, and other sites.                  • A bachelor of science degree in mechanical        numerical methods; composite materials; creep and          of freedom. Natural and forced vibrations of
                                                                                                       fatigue fracture.                                          multi-degree-of-freedom systems. Experimental
                                                   or aerospace engineering with a cumulative        EGM 6321 Principles of Engineering Analysis I (3)            and computational modal analysis and synthesis.
UF EDGE programs are delivered either              undergraduate GPA of a least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale     Solution of linear and nonlinear differential              Vibrations of machine tools, rolling mills, and robots.
via streaming video or DVD directly to the         • Satisfactory scores on the general portion of     equations. Methods of Frobenius, classification of
student. These are the same courses taught by      the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with          singularities. Integral representation of solutions.
University of Florida College of Engineering                                                                                                                    Summer
                                                   a minimum score of 1200                             Treatment of the Bessel, Hermite, Legendre,
faculty on campus. Courses are supplemented                                                            hypergeometric, and Mathieu equations. Asymptotic        EGM 6341 Numerical Methods of Engineering
by additional course material and interaction.                                                         methods including the WBK and saddle point                 Analysis I (3)
                                                   For international students whose first language     techniques. Treatment of nonlinear autonomous              Finite-difference calculus; interpolation and
                                                   is not English, a minimum score of 600 on           equations. Phase plane trajectories and limit cycles.      extrapolation; roots of equations; solution of
The degree can be completed in as little as 24     the Test of English as a Foreign Language           Thomas-Fermi, Emden, and van der Pol equations.            algebraic equations eigenvalue problems; least-
months.                                            (TOEFL) is required to be excused from            EGM 6341 Numerical Methods of Engineering                    squares method; quadrature formulas; numerical
                                                   English language course requirements.               Analysis I (3)                                             solution of ordinary differential equations; methods
Master Degrees Do Pay Off                                                                              Finite-difference calculus; interpolation and              of weighted residuals. Use of digital computer.
                                                                                                       extrapolation; roots of equations; solution of
A master’s degree in engineering can be                                                                algebraic equations eigenvalue problems; least-
worth $2.5 million over the course of your                                                             squares method; quadrature formulas; numerical
career, according to a recent U.S. Commerce                                                            solution of ordinary differential equations; methods       Plus two courses selected from any graduate course
Department Census Bureau study that                                                                    of weighted residuals. Use of digital computer.            in the College of Engineering curriculum in
                                                                                                                                                                  consultation with advisor.
compares educational level to work-life

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