Postpartum+Blues by cuiliqing


									Postpartum Blues (aka. Baby Blues)

The Baby Blues are just as it reads. You fall into this humdrum fog or never-ending cycle of "feed, poop,
sleep... oh, and not to mention cry, cry, cry!" that makes you feel down in the dumps and think your life
somewhat took a turn for the worst (although you would never admit it), you often feel guilty because
you think your baby doesn't deserve you to be this way. PPB affects 1 in just 8 women. That can range
from 50%-80% of new Mothers. The onset can be from 3-14 days postpartum (after childbirth). It can
persist from several days to a few weeks.

-Symptoms include:

  Mood instability/irritability


  Sadness/feeling vulnerable

  Lack of confidence/overwhelmed


  Poor concentration

  Difficulty sleeping

  Loss of appetite

This condition is easily misdiagnosed by a new Mother, as research shows only 33% believe they have it,
and often mistaken it for the normal adjustment period or as I say, Motherhood "stress-test". Even less
than that percentage actually report it to their doctor because they otherwise feel mostly embarrassed
and in denial of it. With help and hope, you can shorten the time spent crying and increase the time
spent enjoying with your newborn, family, and friends sooner than you can say Postpartum WHAT?

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