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               RE AR
             A F
           RF SE
         AI I
     E E RU
   FR -1 C
                     Luxury Cruise

            Singapore • Ko Samui • Bangkok • Cambodia
          Saigon • Da Nang • Hanoi • Canton • Hong Kong

   Special Price Reduction
     $2,000 OFF PER
          IF BOOKED BY
          APRIL 20, 2010

                            Sponsored By

                         January 13 - 30, 2011
                       Indulge yourself with an Asian Wonders Luxury Cruise including FREE AIRFARE!

    FREE AIRFARE                                                           For the sixth year in a row,
2-FOR-1 CRUISE FARES                                                       Travel & Leisure Magazine and
                       Take advantage of the                               Condé Nast Traveler have ranked
                       Special Price Reduction                             Oceania Cruises as one of the
                         $2,000 OFF PER                                    world’s finest cruise lines.
                                              IF BOOKED BY
                                              APRIL 20, 2010

                                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE
                                                  Murstein Alumni Center                                   PAID
                                                  Oxford, OH 45056-2480

375 Asian Wonders V1
                       Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
Dear Miami Alumni and Friends,
A voyage on Oceania Cruises’ Nautica is an exceptional experience that takes cruising to
new heights. Look forward to unparalleled service and an in-depth travel adventure. Whether
onboard or ashore, every detail is attended to; your only task is to enjoy each sublime moment.
Experience the very best of exotic Southeast Asia, where fascinating history, centuries-old
traditions, and striking landmarks await your discovery. Departing from Singapore, cruise the
South China Sea to Ko Samui, Thailand, an idyllic forested island with pristine beaches. See
stunning golden palaces in vibrant Bangkok, and marvel at the natural beauty of Sihanoukville,
Cambodia’s undiscovered gem. Continue to Vietnam, and discover its rich and colorful
heritage with stops in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Da Nang, and Hanoi. Sail on to Canton,
China, an ancient city with magnificent temples and elegant gardens, before concluding your
journey in spectacular Hong Kong.
This is a luxurious, upscale experience that redefines living on the water. The streamlined size
of this ship allows for a feeling of elegant intimacy, and with only 684 passengers and a crew of
400, all your wants and needs will be catered to. Choose from 4 fabulous restaurants and enjoy
the best cuisine at sea with menus designed by world-renowned master chef Jacques Pépin.
Your stateroom will be an oasis of comfort, featuring Oceania Cruises’ exclusive Tranquility BedSM
to guarantee a restful night. Make yourself at home in these exquisitely appointed rooms, a vast
majority with lovely teak verandas. Every amenity you could dream of awaits you, and when
you go ashore you’ll be well equipped with knowledge from excursion experts, guest lecturers
and seminars. Nautica offers the perfect blend of relaxation and discovery.
This 2011 cruise has already elicited excitement and interest, so we encourage you to sign up
now for your choice of stateroom and the incredible offer of FREE AIRFARE. Also, there is
a Special Price Reduction of $2,000 OFF per stateroom if booked by April 20, 2010.
Welcome aboard!
                                                             Available to alumni,
                                                                their families
                                                                 and friends.
Catherine M. Greene
Director, Travel Program

                  BOOK NOW!

             Call Miami University Alumni Association
                        at 1-866-MUALUMS
                    or Go Next at 1-800-842-9023
We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance. Travel insurance information will be sent
to you by the Miami University Alumni Association with your confirmation letter.

   Go Next, Inc. (hereinafter GN), located at 8000 West 78th Street,           may not have been in effect during the last 90 days. Promotional fares
Suite 345, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55439-2538, in return for full               may remain in effect after the expiration date. Air promotion applies to
payment by you of the amount specified, is responsible to arrange for          economy, round-trip flights only from select Oceania Cruises U.S. &
the transportation, accommodations and other services specified as             Canadian gateways and does not include ground transfers. Advertised
included in this brochure as and to the extent you have selected them,         fare includes all surcharges, airline fees and government taxes. Airline
and subject to the following terms and conditions. Unless expressly            imposed baggage charges may apply. Oceania Cruises reserves the
specified as included by this brochure, services, taxes and fees are           right to correct errors or omissions and to change any and all fares,
not included.                                                                  fees, and surcharges at any time. Additional terms and conditions may
   RESPONSIBILITY: GN is responsible to you for arranging                      apply. Complete terms and conditions may be found in the Guest Ticket
all included transportation, accommodations and other services.                Contract. Ships’ Registry: Marshall Islands.
However, in the absence of negligence on its part, GN and the                     OCEANIA CRUISES’ LAND PACKAGES/SHORE EXCURSIONS:
sponsoring association are not responsible for personal injury, property       Tours are operated in the various ports of call by local tourist service
damage, or any other loss, claim or damage arising out of or related           companies contracted by the cruise line. They are not under the
to goods or services offered or included. GN and the sponsoring                control of GN. Cancellation penalties may differ from the cruise
association are not responsible for personal injury, property damage           program related penalties. Oceania Cruises may modify the cruise
or any other loss, claim or damage related to or arising out of, in            itinerary up to and during the voyage.
whole or in part, the acts or omissions of any direct air carrier, cruise         NOTICES: Any complaints or claims against GN must be made in
line, hotel, ground operator, or other person not its direct employee          writing and received by GN within 90 days after scheduled termination
or not under its exclusive control supplying any services or providing         of the trip. Any action or suit against GN must be commenced within 1
any goods offered or included. GN and the sponsoring association are           (one) year after scheduled termination of the trip or be forever barred.
not responsible for personal injury, property damage or any other loss,           The rights and remedies relating to cancellations and major
claim or damage arising out of, either in whole or in part, acts of God,       changes prior to departure, made available under this agreement are
weather, labor strife, government actions, mechanical breakdowns,              in addition to any other rights or remedies available under applicable
war-like acts, terroristic activities or other causes reasonably beyond        law. However, we offer any refunds under this agreement with the
the respective control of GN and the sponsoring association. GN                express understanding that the receipt of that refund by you waives
and the sponsoring association are not responsible for incidental or           all other remedies.
consequential losses or damages.
   Neither GN nor Oceania Cruises nor the sponsoring association                  INSURANCE: Trip insurance is available and may cover
are responsible for any penalty, loss or inconvenience resulting from          you against unforeseen covered reasons. See panel above
air or land arrangements made independently by travelers, including            for details.
non-refundable conditions, restricted travel or frequent flyer tickets.           INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS ONLY: International travel involves
   PAYMENT: A deposit in the amount shown on the reservation                   stringent identification and documentation requirements. Be sure you
form and a signed agreement for each person is required to secure              are familiar with them sufficiently in advance and early in your planning.
reservations. Final payment is due as shown on the reservation form. If           ADVISORY: When you are traveling outside of the United States,
the cruise or flight is fully booked, your payment will be returned or, with   please be aware that significantly different health, safety and legal
your authorization, your name placed on a waiting list. ALL CHECKS             standards may prevail. You should plan and act accordingly and
AND MONEY ORDERS ARE TO BE MADE PAYABLE AS INDICATED ON                        exercise good personal judgment for your own health and safety
THE RESERVATION FORM. CONFIRMATION IS SUBJECT TO RECEIPT                       at all times when abroad. If you have special medical or physical
BY GN OF DEPOSIT AND A SIGNED AGREEMENT.                                       requirements, you should investigate your destination(s) beforehand
   PRICES: GN RESERVES THE RIGHT TO INCREASE PRICES IN                         and ensure the care and conditions you need will be available.
SURCHARGES, OR FARE INCREASES IMPOSED BY THE AIRLINE OR                        REFUND ARE LIMITED: The following charges will be assessed for
CRUISE LINE THAT MAY BE IN PLACE AT THE TIME OF TICKETING                      cancellations.
OR TRAVEL, FOREIGN OR DOMESTIC TAX INCREASES, OR ADVERSE                          If you cancel or change plans more than 100 days in advance
CURRENCY EXCHANGE FLUCTUATIONS, AFTER DECEMBER 01, 2009.                       of initial flight, a full refund less a $100.00 administrative fee
GN RESERVES THE RIGHT, IF NECESSARY OR ADVISABLE, TO                           plus any applicable pre- and/or post-cruise program cancellation
SUBSTITUTE HOTELS BUT IS NOT OBLIGED TO DO SO.                                 fees, is provided. Any refunds are provided only in accordance
   The price is based on tariffs in effect for estimated 2011 prices as        with the following schedule. Any requests for cancellation must be
of December 01, 2009. Prices increase every year, and it is therefore          communicated to GN in writing. Applicable refunds, if any, will be
possible that increases could occur after the printing of this brochure        made within 14 days after the cancellation.
and in advance of your departure.                                                 CANCELLATIONS: Upon receipt of written cancellation from you,
   BAGGAGE: GN CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR LUGGAGE                          the following fees will apply:
LOST OR DAMAGED. YOU SHOULD GIVE IMMEDIATE NOTICE OF                              Cruise Program cancellations received 101 days or more before
ANY LOST OR DAMAGED LUGGAGE TO THE INVOLVED AIR CARRIER,                       initial flight departure, $100.00 per person; 100-61 days prior to
HOTEL, CRUISE LINE AND TO YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY.                          departure, 25% of total fare; 60-31 days prior to departure, 50% of
   AIRCRAFT AND CRUISE LINE BOARDING: GN CANNOT BE HELD                        total fare; 30-16 days prior to departure, 75% of total fare; 15-0 days
RESPONSIBLE FOR AIRLINE OR CRUISE LINE DELAYS.                                 prior to departure, 100% of total fare.
   Aircraft and cruise line boarding privileges are limited to persons            GN Pre- and/or Post-Cruise Program cancellations received 101
whose full payment and signed agreement have been received by                  days or more before initial flight departure, $100.00 per person, per
GN and whose names are on the manifest given to the carrier before             program; 100-61 days prior to departure, $200.00 per person, per
departure. All persons must also present a passport with at least six          program; 60 days or less, no refund.
months validity and positive proof of identity when boarding. Improper
documentation, inadequate proof of identity, inadequate proof of                  HEALTH: Any physical or mental condition requiring special
age for children under 2, or any other reason may result in denial of          medical attention or equipment must be disclosed in writing to GN
boarding privileges. The air carrier and cruise line reserve the right to      at the time the participant makes a reservation. GN may reject the
decline, accept or retain any person on the flight or cruise at any time       reservation of any person who, in the opinion of GN is unfit for travel
within their sole discretion. If you are denied boarding privileges, you       or might be a danger to themselves or incompatible with others on
forfeit all monies paid and will be assessed any non-recoverable costs.        the trip. Participants requiring special assistance, including without
                                                                               limitation those who permanently or periodically use a wheelchair,
   VISAS: A visa may be required. Information regarding visa applications
and fees will be provided after your reservation has been confirmed.           must be accompanied by someone who agrees to provide the required
                                                                               assistance. GN reserves the right to terminate the participation of any
   OCEANIA CRUISES’ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Discounts are per                    participant whose conduct or condition materially inconveniences
stateroom based on double occupancy. Fares listed are cruise only in           other participants.
U.S. dollars, per person, based on double occupancy. Cruise Ship Fuel             THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS OF ANY KIND (INCLUDING MEDICAL
Surcharge may apply. All fares and offers are subject to availability,         EXCEPTIONS) TO THESE POLICIES. No refunds will be made for any
may not be combinable with other offers, are capacity controlled and           portion of the arrangements we have made for you that are not
may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. 2-for-1 fares are
based on published Full Brochure Fares; all fares are cruise only, and         actually utilized by you. There is no variance from these policies for
do not include Prepaid Charges, Optional Facilities and Services Fees,         the services we arrange as described in this brochure.
and personal charges, as defined in the Terms and Conditions of the            California Seller of Travel Registration No. 2077280-40, Washington
Guest Ticket Contract which may be obtained from GN. Full Brochure             Seller of Travel Registration No. 602-900-725, Iowa Seller of Travel
Fares may not have resulted in actual sales in all cabin categories and        Registration No. 477
                            Reserve Your Asian Wonders Cruise Today

             Miami University Alumni Association
             Murstein Alumni Center
             725 E. Chestnut St.
             Oxford, OH 45056-2480

January 13 - 30, 2011

  Please indicate preferred departure city:
Stateroom category requested: 1st choice ________ 2nd choice ________
Bed request: ❐ Twin (2 beds) ❐ Queen
Single and Triple accommodations are subject to availability, at an additional cost.
Request: ❐ Single ❐ Triple

Name __________________________________________________________________________________________     /     /
     (as it appears on your passport, last, first, middle)      Title      Birth Date (mm/dd/yy)

Preferred name on name badge _________________________________________________ ❐ Male ❐ Female
Name __________________________________________________________________________________________     /     /
     (as it appears on your passport, last, first, middle)      Title      Birth Date (mm/dd/yy)

Preferred name on name badge _________________________________________________ ❐ Male ❐ Female

E-mail Address __________________________________________________________________________________
Home Address __________________________________________________________________________________
City ____________________________________________________________________________________________
State                       ZIP
Home Phone                        /

Office Phone                      /
Roommate ______________________________________________________________________________________
         (if different than above)
Adjacency Request ______________________________________________________________________________

                              A deposit of $850.00 per person is due with your reservation application. Make your
check payable to          . Full payment is required 100 days prior to group departure. Any reservations received
within 100 days of group departure are subject to availability and must be accompanied with full payment.
Please reserve _______ space(s) and enclosed is my/our deposit for $ __________________.
Also, please reserve _______ space(s) for me/us on the
$599.00 per person, double occupancy. Single occupancy, subject to availability, add $250.00. Enclosed is
my/our $200.00 per person deposit for $ _________.
Deposits may also be made by credit card; however,

                                                                                    ❐ Visa ❐ MasterCard

Card No. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Exp. Date            /

 Name as it appears on credit card


                                                         INCLUDING PARENT/GUARDIAN FOR MINOR
CHILDREN: I/We have read, received a copy of, understand and accept the terms and conditions stated in
the operator/participant agreement.


Making a deposit or acceptance or use of any vouchers, tickets, goods, or services shall be deemed
consent to and acceptance of the terms and conditions stated in the applicable Operator/Participant
Agreement including limitations on responsibility and liability.
Encounter a new world,
The Ambiance                                       soft textures, luxurious furnishings, and
The moment you step onboard you’ll feel it,        Tranquility BedsSM, considered by many
an immediate sense of calm and comfort.            to be “a slice of heaven.” A vast majority
Feel warmly welcomed by an ambiance of             of the staterooms on Nautica feature teak
effortless elegance, casual days at sea and        verandas, a private haven to retire to with a
impeccable attention to detail. For the            flute of champagne, or to watch the sun set
684 passengers who board Oceania Cruises’          over the sea.
Nautica it will be a voyage like no other.
The ship’s décor will delight, lavished with       The Flavor
dark rich woods, plush fabrics, intriguing         Host of numerous television shows, author
artwork, and an abundance of fresh flowers.        of more than 20 cookbooks, and personal
The streamlined size of Nautica allows for         chef to several heads of state, Jacques Pépin
an intimate, convivial atmosphere and highly       is one of the world’s leaders in fine cuisine.
personalized service. On this ship, experience     He brings his legendary culinary talents to
the pinnacle of luxury cruising.                   all of the unique restaurants onboard. From
                                                   the European-inspired Grand Dining Room
The Nuance                                         to the breezy Tapas on the Terrace, variety
Even the most minute aspect of your voyage         is part of the fun. Other dinner options
has been carefully considered. With the            include steak and seafood at the Polo Grill
perfect ratio of staff to guests, you’ll find      and regional Italian cuisine at Toscana.
all your needs and whims catered to. The           Options for lunch include the Grand Dining
international staff is schooled in the art of      Room, the poolside grill at Waves, or a full
fine service, with their core principle being      buffet at the Terrace Café. In addition to the
the desire to please. The exceptional service      restaurants, Nautica also features 24-hour
onboard this ship will almost magically            room service, high tea at 4:00 p.m., an ice
anticipate your needs, elevating your entire       cream bar, afternoon pizzeria and evening
cruising experience. Your stateroom or suite       snacks. Each cruise offers menus featuring
will be your private oasis designed with all       literally hundreds of different dishes. The
the comforts of home. Furnished with only          chefs know no bounds in their pursuit of
the highest quality in mind, you’ll feel           perfection, striving to please even the most
awash in the serenity of soothing colors,          discriminating palates.

        We are dedicated to providing      Exclusive Benefits
      our travelers the opportunity of     • FREE AIRFARE from select cities
  traveling well at an affordable price.   • Private Welcome Reception
     We develop programs that appeal       • Go Next program manager onboard to assist
       to all age groups with the right      with every need
      balance between seeing and just      • Exceptional value
       being in new and exotic places.     • Convenient departure cities
                                           • Exclusive program, not offered to the general public
                                           • Optional Singapore Pre-Cruise Program
                                           • Optional Hong Kong Post-Cruise Program
onboard and onshore.
The Inspiration                                 The Oceania Cruises Difference
Your concierge and shore excursion              • Smaller, more intimate ships, with only 684
staff will provide you with a wealth of           guests, providing access to more exotic ports.
information about the places you will visit,    • Guest to staff ratio is 1.7 to 1.
and the prestigious and often famous guest
lecturers will regale you with personal         • Impeccable service.
insights and expertise on the endless           • Open seating restaurants with cuisine
treasures waiting ashore.                         inspired by Jacques Pépin.
Each day on Nautica will inspire you to try     • Resort casual attire – no formal nights.
something new. Relax in a private cabana,
                                                • 93% ocean view staterooms, 70% of those
take a refreshing dip in the heated pool,
                                                  with private verandas.
or a brisk walk around the oval track.
Stop in the rejuvenating Canyon Ranch           • Enrichment programs including seminars
SpaClub®, join a Team Trivia game, or             led by naturalists, historians and local
settle into an armchair with a book in the        experts.
English-style library. Nightfall brings with    • Critically acclaimed headline entertainers.
it a variety of entertainment; enjoy the soft
                                                • Large heated pool and three whirlpool spas.
jazz styling of Horizons, listen to a classic
string quartet under the stars, dance to the    • State-of-the-art fitness center.
inspired sounds of a 12-piece orchestra,        • Unlimited complimentary soft drinks and
or try your luck at the ship’s casino. Every      bottled water.
night brings a new critically acclaimed
headliner and a great show in the ship’s         All Oceania Cruises’ staterooms feature exclusive
lounge. There’s always something to do,          Tranquility BedsSM (two lower twin beds convertible
and if you desire, nothing to do but relax       to queen), 24-hour room service, twice-daily maid
                                                 service, plush cotton towels, thick cotton robes and
and breathe in the ocean air.                    slippers, flat-screen television, direct dial satellite
                                                 telephone, internet access port, writing desk,
                                                 security safe, 110/220 volt outlets and hair dryer.
                                    Cruise Program Includes
 • FREE ROUND-TRIP AIRFARE FROM                               • Private Welcome Reception
   SELECT OCEANIA CRUISES CITIES                              • Complimentary bottle of wine
 • 15 nights’ accommodations and cruising                     • Attentive service from an experienced
   onboard Nautica to historic and scenic                       Go Next program manager
   ports of call                                              • Comprehensive pre-departure information
 • All meals, entertainment and use of                        • All surcharges, airline fees and government taxes
   the ship’s facilities onboard the cruise

                                  Asian Wonders Itinerary
 JAN 13        Thursday     Depart the U.S.A.
 JAN 14        Friday       In flight
 JAN 15        Saturday     Arrive in Singapore and transfer to Nautica.
               DAY          PORT                                         ARRIVE        DEPART
 JAN    15     Saturday     Singapore, Singapore                Embark 3:00 p.m.       6:00 p.m.
 JAN    16     Sunday       Cruising the South China Sea                    —.....         —.....
 JAN    17     Monday       Ko Samui, Thailand                          8:00 a.m.      3:00 p.m.
 JAN    18     Tuesday      Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand            9:00 a.m.     OVERNIGHT
                                                                                          ON SHIP
 JAN    19     Wednesday Bangkok (Laem Chabang), Thailand                   —.....     2:00 p.m.
 JAN    20     Thursday     Sihanoukville, Cambodia                     8:00 a.m.     10:00 p.m.
 JAN    21     Friday       Cruising the Gulf of Thailand                   —.....         —.....
 JAN    22     Saturday     Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam         10:00 a.m.     OVERNIGHT
                                                                                          ON SHIP
 JAN    23     Sunday       Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam              —.....     4:00 p.m.
 JAN    24     Monday       Cruising the South China Sea                    —.....         —.....
 JAN    25     Tuesday      Da Nang, Vietnam                            8:00 a.m.      6:00 p.m.
 JAN    26     Wednesday Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam                  12:00 p.m.     OVERNIGHT
                                                                                          ON SHIP
 JAN    27     Thursday     Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam                    —.....     7:00 p.m.
 JAN    28     Friday       Cruising the Hainan Strait                      —.....         —.....
 JAN    29     Saturday     Canton (Huangpu), China                     8:00 a.m.      6:00 p.m.
 JAN    30     Sunday       Hong Kong, China                  Disembark 8:00 a.m.
               After disembarking, transfer to the airport for your return to the U.S.A.
    Oceania Cruises may modify the cruise itinerary up to and during the voyage.
    All air, cruise and land accommodations, local transportation and optional shore excursions are arranged by
    Oceania Cruises, Inc. who may use other suppliers or providers to render the services.
    The agreement in this brochure is the exclusive and entire statement of the agreement between you and Go Next, Inc.
    It should be read carefully.

This map represents
approximate locations.
                                                                               FREE AIRFARE
Cruise Program Pricing                                                            2-FOR-1
                                                                    REGULAR SPECIAL REDUCED
                                                                      PRICE    ALUMNI PRICE*

 G       Inside Stateroom - Decks 4, 6 & 7                           $11,998                $4,999
 F       Inside Stateroom - Decks 7 & 8                              $12,398                $5,199
         Features a comfortable seating area and plenty of storage space.
         Category G has very limited availability.

 E       Outside Ocean View - Deck 6                                 $12,798                $5,399
         Features a comfortable seating area and window with obstructed view.

 D       Outside Ocean View - Deck 3                                 $13,198                $5,599
         Features a spacious seating area, breakfast table and classic porthole.

 C2      Deluxe Ocean View - Deck 4                                  $14,398                $6,199
 C1      Deluxe Ocean View - Decks 4, 6 & 7                          $14,798                $6,399
         Features a spacious seating area, breakfast table and full-size window.

 B2      Veranda - Deck 6                                            $16,398                $7,199
 B1      Veranda - Deck 6                                            $16,798                $7,399
         Features a private teak veranda and breakfast table. Watch the world sail by
         while comfortably seated outdoors, or relax on the comfortable sofa inside.

 A3      Concierge Level Veranda - Deck 7                            $17,198                $7,599
 A2      Concierge Level Veranda - Decks 7 & 8                       $17,598                $7,799
 A1      Concierge Level Veranda - Decks 7 & 8                       $17,998                $7,999
         Features a private teak veranda, refrigerated mini-bar, plush seating area, spacious closet
         and more. Comfort and convenience are the hallmarks of these extraordinary staterooms.

 PH3     Penthouse Suite - Deck 8                                    $21,998                $9,999
 PH2     Penthouse Suite - Deck 8                                    $22,398               $10,199
         Features a spacious living area, private in-suite dining, Butler service, refrigerated mini-bar,
         vanity desk, full-size bathtub, and much more. Magnificent views await you through the
         sliding glass door on the exquisitely furnished private teak veranda.
 All stateroom locations and prices are subject to availability. Additional stateroom categories may
 be available.
* The Special Reduced Alumni Price shown above reflects the $2,000 per stateroom Early Booking Price
  Reduction when booked by April 20, 2010. Prices are per person, double occupancy.
  Advertised prices include all surcharges, airline fees and government taxes.
 Round-trip airport transfers of $180 and any applicable visa fees are additional.
 Oceania Cruises’ FREE AIRFARE cities are Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Columbus,
 Dallas/Ft. Worth, Denver, Des Moines, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Knoxville, Los Angeles,
 Memphis, Miami, Minneapolis/St. Paul, New York (JFK), Newark, Oklahoma City, Orlando,
 Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh-Durham, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, Tampa, and
 Washington D.C. (Dulles).
 Many other departure cities are available for an additional fee of $199. Call for a complete listing.
 All airfare is in coach class. Airline-imposed baggage fees may apply.
Ports of Call
KO SAMUI, THAILAND Explore this idyllic, forested island and its pristine beaches. Visit the
giant Buddha at Wat Phra Yai, the elephant camp where these intelligent animals display their
work skills and a plantation where monkeys harvest coconuts. Head to the interior and see majestic
cascading waterfalls and how rubber trees are tapped. Enjoy the gorgeous beaches.
BANGKOK, THAILAND Indulge your senses in the city’s fabulous golden temples and palaces,
the royal barges and the Emerald Buddha. Explore the hidden city of teak mansions and lovely
gardens or learn about Thai culture.
SIHANOUKVILLE, CAMBODIA Tucked into the Gulf of Thailand, idyllic Sihanoukville is
Cambodia’s undiscovered gem, an unspoiled oasis of white sandy beaches, secluded coves, clear
waters, and charming bungalows. Cruise the waters to one of the many nearby untouched islands
surrounded by pristine coral reefs, visit the urban center or relax on one of the beautiful beaches.
SAIGON (HO CHI MINH CITY), VIETNAM Discover the rich heritage of Saigon and the
rural Mekong Delta. See the city’s lovely pagodas, colonial architecture and broad boulevards. Visit
the vibrant markets, Chinatown and the fascinating Cu Chi tunnels. Explore the lush countryside
of farms, rice paddies and villages with a cruise on the Mekong.
DA NANG, VIETNAM Visit the intriguing Cham Museum, filled with wonderful artifacts of the
Cham culture centered here for a millennium, and famed China Beach. Hue, the former imperial
capital on the Perfume River, also beckons. Enjoy its lovely temples, pagodas and imposing citadel
protected by a moat.
HANOI (HA LONG BAY), VIETNAM Drink in the exquisite beauty of Ha Long Bay with
its breathtaking monolithic limestone islands and famous morning mists before going ashore to
visit Hanoi. Enjoy the broad boulevards, French colonial architecture and wonderful old quarter.
Visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and Vuon Bach Thao park where locals practice Tai Chi.
CANTON (HUANGPU), CHINA Explore this ancient city and its beautiful temples; visit an
emperor’s tomb, admire magnificent historic artifacts and elegant gardens. Tour a local kindergarten
and see the children learning calligraphy and painting. Visit the grand Sun-Yat-Sen Memorial or visit
Foshan where Buddhas are carved in a hillside, and see a traditional scholar’s garden.
In each port of call you may select from a variety of optional shore excursions for an additional charge,
some of which are referenced in the descriptions above.

                    Alumni Exclusive Singapore Pre-Cruise Program
                               $599 per person, double occupancy includes:
• 2 nights’ accommodations at the five-star                     • Professional tour guide
  luxury Mandarin Oriental, Singapore with                      • Transfers between the airport, hotel and
  daily American breakfast                                        cruise ship, with related luggage handling
• Sightseeing excursion of Singapore

JAN 13 Arrive in Singapore and transfer to the Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.
JAN 14 Enjoy a panoramic drive through beautiful Singapore. Travel to the Civic District, passing
       by the Padang, Cricket Club, historic Parliament House, Supreme Court, and City Hall.
       Enjoy impressive views of Marina Bay from Merlion Park, and visit Thian Hock Keng
       Temple, one of Singapore’s oldest Buddhist-Taoist temples. Drive past Chinatown, and
       stop by a local handicraft center to get an up-close view of craftsmen at work. Proceed to the
       stunning National Orchid Garden, located within Singapore Botanic Gardens, which boasts
       a sprawling display of 60,000 orchids. Before returning to your hotel, be entranced by the
       scents of Little India’s aromatic joss sticks, jasmine, and spices.
JAN 15 Morning at leisure. Transfer to Nautica in the afternoon.

THE MANDARIN ORIENTAL, SINGAPORE is a five star luxury hotel situated on Marina Square,
ideally located for shopping, leisure, and cultural excursions. This state-of-the-art hotel, designed
to the height of modern luxury, is surrounded by beautiful panoramas and complete with premier
restaurants and bars, spa, pool, and fitness center. Your lavish guestroom features floor-to-ceiling
windows, TV with satellite and cable programs, coffee and tea making facilities, mini-bar, plush
bathrobes and slippers, and internet access.
Global Destinations Management, Ltd. and Go Next, Inc. are not responsible for injuries or losses resulting from any
causes beyond their own respective and exclusive control. Global Destinations Management, Ltd. and Go Next, Inc. are
not responsible for the negligence of the other or any other suppliers or providers. All pre-cruise land accommodations,
local transportation and sightseeing are arranged and operated by Pacific World Singapore Pte Ltd. who may use other
suppliers or providers to render the services.

             A Hong Kong Post-Cruise Program is available. Call for details.

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