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									              A Publication of the Kern PC Users Group

 4-D Web Development Tools

Volume 19   Number 07                            August 01   Page1
                                                  The following rates are for one
                                                  insertion in the KIPUG newsletter.
                                                  All copy must be received camera-
                                                  ready, no later than the 15th day of
Board Members                                     any given month for publication in
                                                  the following month's newsletter.
                                         Vacant   Camera-ready copy should be
Past President:
                                                  submitted to Bits & Bytes, c/o Dave
                  Bill Peacock     328-0180
                                                  Chalmers, P.O. Box 2780,
Vice President:                                   Bakersfield, CA 93303
                  Stuart Ree       589-6172
                          rsrcomp@pacbell.net     KIPUG members who have
Secretary:                                        computer related items for sale or
                  Tony Rizos        872-5622      trade or who have information they
                        trizos@ncinternet.net     would like to share with other
                                                  members may do so FREE of
                  William Lowell   664-1244
                                                  charge as space permits. Ads
                                                  larger than business card size are
                             Steve Garcia         subject to 50% of normal
                           Sgarc@ix.netcom.com    advertising fees. Non-members
Director:                                         are subject to the normal
                                         Vacant   advertising fees.
                            Rick Daney             Business Card $ 5.00
                           rddstewy@aol.com        Quarter Page $ 15.00
Director:                                          Third Page   $ 20.00
                  Ray Stubbs         834-6166
                                                   Half Page    $ 30.00
                                                   Full Page    $ 60.00
Newsletter Editor:
                            David Chalmers                  ADVERTISERS
Education/SIG Coord                               KIPUG will mail your direct
                           Needs a Replacement    computer user targeted mail
                                                  advertisement (fully prepared for
Kipug Webmaster                                   mailing, including postage) to our
                                      Tom Rabe    entire membership at a reasonable
                                                  fee. For more information, please
                                                  contact Robert Stout, President, at
                                                  (661) 399-9505.

August 01         Page 2
Table of   Editors Rumblings

Contents           This newsletter is going to be very thin. There
           have been no articles submitted as of July 26. A
           bright spot was the picnic which made for some fun
           pictures. It never ceases to amaze me how such a bal-
           anced variety of food shows up, even when there are
           no dish assignments given or planned.
                   Sam’s new house is even better than the old
           one for these get tog ethers. Sam is also back to work
           now. I suspect that is a mixed blessing.

                                             August 01       Page3
August 01   Page 4
August 01   Page5
              Kipug Summer

                                    Hey Bill! Can you fix my software
                                    problem, for FREE?

The food looks goooood!
                                     We lucked out again on the pic-
                                     nic. Bakersfield had a cold spell,
                                     which made for a very comfort-
                                     able time. As usual for the ran-
                                     dom food event the selection was
                                     terrific. It was nice to see people
                                     that we ordinarily don’t see at the
                                     meetings( i.e.. Spouses). Many
                                     thanks to Heather for those very
                                     nice prizes. After taking classes at
                                     New Horizons, myself, I can ap-
                                     preciate the value of the prizes
Believe it or not, no one fell in

August 01       Page 6
r Picnic at Sam’s

  Some happy party goers
                                                    Treadmill time Sam?

  Blasted Riffraff sneaking in! There ought to be
  a law

                                                         August 01    Page7
August 01   Page 8
August 01   Page9
August 01   Page 10
August 01   Page11
                                                 First Class
                                                 Stamp Here
P.O. Box 2780
Bakersfield, CA
 We are on the web at
 WWW.KIPUG.ORG             Your Address Here
  Tom Rabe Webmaster

Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month
at the Kern Superintendent of Schools Building.

17th and L streets Downtown

August 01   Page 12

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