; Pet care Business card and letter syllabus
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Pet care Business card and letter syllabus


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									                           Norka Pet Care
                           Loving your “babies” like You Do
                           Allison Scott, Pet Lover         330-384-8383

      You have started a business doing pet care for people in your neighborhood and you are sending
       out letters to get customers.
      Some of the services you are going to offer are pet sitting and dog-walking in your neighborhood.
       You may also offer yard clean-up and feeding. You can mention in the letter that you could help
       them with other needs which you can talk about if they are interested.
      Your target customer is people who need reliable help because of their work schedule, age,
       health, or they worry that their dog can’t be alone that long and will mess up the house. People
       may also need care for when they are away on vacation or visiting relatives.

Part 1 – Microsoft Word – Creating a Business Letter
You never get a second chance to make a first impression!
So, make a good first impression!

      Compose and type a letter to your neighbor, Ms. Allison Andrews, at the following
               Ms. Allison Andrews
               1410 Glendora Road
               Akron, OH 44320

      Save as Pet Business –flast# in your folder.      (example: Pet Business-mperkins3)
      Use Buchtel’s address and phone number instead of your personal information
      Follow the Business Block Style letter guidelines and sample, following margins and
       formatting according to the textbook specifications on page 67.
      You can use the default font of Calibri, but you need to make sure the return address and
       recipient’s address are single-spaced.
      Use the block format in which all elements of the letter are on the left margin. This is the
       simplest to remember and is widely respected as the accepted format of a business letter.
      Use proper language. This is a business letter and should therefore be business-like. Do
       not use slang or contractions.
      Do not worry about a letterhead at the top yet. We will do that AFTER we learn Desktop
      Your letter should be 3 paragraphs:
          o 1st paragraph - Identify yourself. Let the recipient get to know you.
          o 2nd paragraph – Your purpose for writing, your services offered
          o 3rd paragraph - Explain how the reader can respond to your letter and can reach
              you. Thank the reader.
      Proof your letter. This letter is the first contact people have with you.
      Print, and hand the letter in.
      Hint – If you’re not sure what to do, use the internet as a resource.
      See the last page of this document for a sample letter.

                    MICROSOFT PUBLISHER.
Part 2 – Publisher
In Publisher, create a Business Card. Go to Publications for Print and select Business Card.
     Name of your business
     Address or location of business
     Telephone number
     An email address for your company
     Your company slogan
     Your name
     Include clipart
     Your letterhead and business card should have
       the same design. I made different designs to
       show you different examples.                                      Sample Business Card

Part 3 – Microsoft Word
Your letter should have a letterhead at the top. This should coordinate with your business card
and have a similar look. Open the letter you wrote and add a letterhead to the top. Attach the
Business card to your letter.

Part 4 – Publisher
Your business is doing well, but you need more customers. You have decided to make a flyer to
put in your neighbor’s mailboxes.
                                                               Sophie’s Pet Sitting
                                                               Loving Your Pet the Way You Do!
                                           3033 Smith Street         Akron, OH 44333            330-384-8383

                                                                                 Allison Zack, Pet Lover

March 10, 2008

Ms. Kimberly Andrews
City State Zip

Dear Ms. Andrews:

This paragraph is introducing me. Blah, blah, blah. Tell about how responsible you are. Some things to mention
would be that you are a student at Buchtel, your grades, citizenship, community work, church involvement.

This paragraph is explaining what you offer. Blah, blah, blah. What services would a pet-sitter offer? When are
you available to do this job? Why are you doing this? You may mention previous jobs you have successfully held.

This paragraph is explaining how to follow up and thanking them. Blah, blah, blah. You want their business, so are
you just going to sit home and wait for them to call? Tell them how to proceed.


Whatever your name is

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