Confused About Clip on Hair Extensions- 10 Common Questions Answered by ludischarming


									Confused About Clip On Hair Extensions?
10 Common Questions Answered
By: Elena Golescu

                                                        Clip on hair extensions are becoming more popular by the day.
                                                        Whether you have some already, are considering them or are just
                                                        curious, here are ten common questions about clip on hair
                                                        extensions answered.

                                                        1. Why would anyone want clip on hair extensions?

                                                        Clip on hair extensions are a popular way to add color, length,
                                                        highlights and lowlights to your hair. Clip ons let you change your
                                                        look instantly and easily. Go bold with bright colors, add glittery
                                                        extensions for clubbing, or freshen your look with a few naturally-
                                                        toned highlights.

                                                        2. Are all clip on extensions made from human hair?

                                                        No. Not all are made from human hair. In fact, most unnatural hair
                                                        colors, such as blue, green, and purple, are made from synthetic
                                                        hair. Feather hair extensions are also a hot trend. However, quality
                                                        hair extensions are made from 100% human hair.

3. Can I style my clip on hair extensions?

Some extensions can be styled. Human hair extensions in particular can often stand up to styling products, blow dryers,
flat irons and even perming. Some synthetics can also stand up to light styling. Check with the manufacturer to make sure
what you want to do will not damage your extensions.

4. Will it be obvious to others that my new look comes from clip ons?

Clip ons, when put in correctly, should not be obvious. Nestling them under a few layers of hair will hide any bump the clip
will create.

5. How can I make sure my extensions match or compliment my natural hair color?

If your extensions are made from human hair, you can dye them however you wish. For the best results, visit a salon for a
professional color matching.

6. Do clip on extensions come in different widths?

Clip on extensions come in a wide range of widths from thin to sweeping wafts.

7. Can clip on extensions give me a headache?

Adding extensions means adding extra weight on your scalp. A few thin extensions should not be a problem, but multiple
or thick clip ons can take some getting used to.

8. How do I know if my extensions are secure?

Run a comb through your hair. Your extensions should not move or fall out. If they do, reattach them or add a bobby pin
for extra security.
9. Can I create bangs with clip on extensions?

Extra care should be taken to hide the clips, but you can create bangs with extensions.

10. What are some unique ways to use my clip on hair extensions?

Try incorporating coordinating colors into a flashy fishtail braid, or create a swirl of colors in your next up-do. Dip-dying
your extensions to create a faded or 'ombre' effect is also becoming popular. Subtle or bold, the fade will add dimension to
your hair.

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