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Joomla CMS: Design and Development
A powerful open-source, web design & development content management system.
The Professional Certificate in Joomla CMS aims to provide students with a thorough grounding in this fast-
evolving field. Joomla is the best turnkey solution for small to medium businesses and a practical solution for large
business intranet or SAP systems. Joomla features an easy to use interface which allows the website owner to
manage his/her website with ease, and for freelance designers or company webmasters to focus on more
important aspects of integrating the web platform with the business/company needs and wants. This course is
targeted for all individuals. The ultimate objective of this course is to arm individuals with the capability to manage
their own websites independently, and with confidence and ease.

Joomla is powerful, scalable, well supported by a massive online community and above all, it's open-source and

At the end of this professional certificate programme, students will be able to:

    •   Setup on Windows platform WAMP server with Joomla fully configured and installed
    •   Use the latest version of Joomla
    •   Confidently manage the front-end and back-end of the Joomla CMS
    •   Confidently design and develop dynamic websites with Joomla CMS
    •   Undertake project management and planning for a large scale website development job
    •   Develop basic templates, components, modules, plug-ins and libraries for Joomla with
    •   Understand the various large scale website development framework
    •   Use cutting-edge tools for supporting the development of an integration of Joomla CMS
    •   Enable designers to dream and realize all possibilities on the web with limitless functions you can integrate
    •   Design, create and integrate new templates for Joomla using the higher level Gantry framework
        (960 grid framework)
    •   Hands-on practical approach
    •   Practical assignments for students

Joomla CMS
In its short history, Joomla has become the platform of choice for millions of sites worldwide. Initially a blogging
engine like Blogger and Tyepad, Joomla has grown to become a full content management system deployed in
sophisticated environments from E-Commerce to travel to galleries and much more.

This course will introduce students to not just the front end of Joomla, but also the backend where it all happens.
Students will be competent in the usage of Joomla, so that eventually they are able to design, develop and even
teach clients how to maintain their own site!

Installing Components, Modules, Plug-ins and Libraries
Ensuring technical programs and functions to work with Joomla is always a challenge. This is the juice of the
course. Students will learn to identify requirements of Joomla CMS that they are developing and seek out
appropriate components/modules/plugins to install. You do not need to be a number cruncher or rocket scientist
to create a shopping cart, image gallery or membership login function; just make sure you understand your
requirements thoroughly. You will be an efficient and effective web designer and you will be able to take on
complicated projects beyond your your current ability.

Implement a Real World Project
In this course, you will progress from setting up a web server (or applying for one) to developing and finishing a
Joomla CMS, from applying new Joomla templates to installing neccesary functions. This course will allow you to
make it all happen. You will learn the workflow of creating a simple yet dynamic and intelligent site with your
required functions that can be implemented by the end of this course.

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    •   Attended Web Development (Module 1)
    •   OR Understand basic CSS/HTML & comfortable with Photoshop/Dreamweaver
    •   Experience with PHP/Mysql a major plus
    •   Experience in using Microsoft Windows
    •   Non technical designers are very welcome

    •   4 weeks, once a week
    •   24 hours total (4 sessions, 6 hours per session)

Course Fee
    •   The total course fee is S$1,900.00 (S$2,033.00 GST inclusive)
    •   Deposit 20% of course fee, S$380.00 (S$406.60 GST inclusive), to secure a seat
    •   Balance payment payable on the commencement day of the course- S$1,520.00 (S$1,626.40 GST inclusive)

Mode of Payment
    •   Cash/Cheque payable to “3dsense Media School Pte Ltd”
    •   Credit Card*/NETS
    •   Only SGD currency is accepted for payment

*there is an additional 4.2% fee charge for credit card payment.

Application Procedure
    •   Submit an online application via www.3dsense.net
    •   Send in your payment along with your application print out to:

        3dsense Media School
        200 Middle Road
        Prime Centre #10-01
        Singapore 188980

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