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									Agreements about project activities

9 November, 2010 Stoilesti, Romania

   1. Uploading school presentations to Etwinning portal – each school
   2. Uploading school presentations to the blog – each school
   3. Creating a questionnaire and deliver them to each partner – Jorge
   4. Creating a stand for the project – each school
   5. Each basic activity has to be evaluated. Making a simple questionnaire for the
      evaluation of 1st meeting and sending it to all partner schools - Yula
   6. All participants (teachers and students) will fill in the questionnaire.
   7. Filled questionnaires (with few comments if wished) will be sent to Efstratia - school
   8. Outcomes of this evaluation will be presented - Efstratia

For the meeting in Sicily:

   1. Students will answer the questionnaire. The data will be collected and analyzed – each
   2. Students will study local sweets and create a presentation about them – 10 sweets at
      least. They will point out incredients in them and explain Es
   3. Students will check laws about which and how many of food additives must be in
      given sweets.
   4. Presentations will be presented by students at the meeting in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.
   5. Students will be involved in discussion and decision making for the project at the
      meeting in Sicily.
   6. Students will create logo and slogan for the project at their schools. Final contest will
      be held at the meeting in Mazara del Vallo, Sicily.

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