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America’s New Strategic Partner?
   George Bush, February 2006 Address to
    the Asia Society, Mandarin Oriental Hotel,
    Washington, D.C.
              Fighting Terrorism
   First, the United States and India are working together to
    defeat the threat of terrorism. Like the American people,
    the people of India have suffered directly from terrorist
    attacks on their home soil. To defeat the terrorists, our
    intelligence and law enforcement agencies are
    cooperating on a regular basis to make air travel more
    secure, increase the security of cyberspace, and prevent
    bioterrorist attacks. Our two governments are sharing
    vital information on suspected terrorists and potential
    threats. And these cooperative efforts will make the
    Indian government more effective as a partner in the
    global war on terror, and will make the people in both our
    countries more secure.
   The U.S. National Counter Terrorism
    Center says India was the site of more
    than 12 percent of all terrorist attacks
    worldwide in 2005, and home to more
    terrorism-related fatalities than any other
    nation except Iraq.
         Promoting Democracy
   Secondly, the United States and India are
    working together to support democracy
    around the world. Like America, India
    overcame colonialism to establish a free
    and independent nation. President
    Franklin Roosevelt supported India in its
    quest for democracy, and now our two
    nations are helping other nations realize
    the same dream.
   India/United States Global Democracy
    Fund -
            Building Prosperity
   Third, the United States and India are working
    together to promote global prosperity through
    free and fair trade. America's economic
    relationship with India is strong and it's getting
    better. Last year, our exports to India grew by
    more than 30 percent. We had a trade surplus of
    $1.8 billion in services. India is now one of the
    fastest-growing markets for American exports,
    and the growing economic ties between our two
    nations are making American companies more
    competitive in the global marketplace. And that's
    helping companies create good jobs here in
          Trade Concerns
 Trade Issues –
 Outsourcing –
      Protecting the Environment
   Fourth, the United States and India are working together
    to improve human health and the environment, and
    address the issue of climate change. So we've joined
    together to create the Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean
    Development and Climate. Together with Australia and
    China and Japan and South Korea, we will focus on
    practical ways to make the best practices and latest
    energy technologies available to all -- things like --
    technologies like zero-emission coal-fired plants. As
    nations across the region adopt these practices and
    technologies, they will make their factories and power
    plants cleaner and more efficient. We look forward to
    being an active partner in this partnership.
   Asia-Pacific Partnership on Clean
    Development and Climate -
    Establishing Energy Security
   Fifth, the United States and India will work
    together to help India meet its energy
    needs in a practical and responsible way.
    That means addressing three key issues:
    oil, electricity, and the need to bring India's
    nuclear power program under international
    norms and safeguards.
 The U.S.-India Nuclear Deal: The Right
 Discussants: Henry SokolskiTeresita

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