Acuvest- Managed Options on Futures Program by jianghongl


              Options on Futures
Trading in futures and options involves a high degree of risk and is not suitable for everyone.

     The Option Strategy
 This program is designed to capitalize
on the probability that 97% of Out-of-
the-Money Options will eventually expire

 In selling these options, our goal is to
retain a percentage of the premiums
     The Option Strategy

The side of an options transaction
preferred by most investors is the
purchase side and therefore an artificial
inflation of premium usually occurs.

     The Option Strategy

Our strategy is to take advantage of the
inflated premiums and effect the sale of
out-of-the-money “Put” and/or “Call”

     The Option Strategy
As or if the market begins to approach
the strike price of either the put or call,
the continual loss of time on both
options can provide some offsetting
protection from loss to allow liquidations
of the positions, or employment of
additional strategies.
     The Option Strategy
There is greater risk in the sale of
options than there is in the purchase,
therefore a program of collecting
premiums through the use of these
spread     transactions    must    be
professionally managed.

     The Option Strategy
We at Acuvest, with over forty years
experience in futures and options,
believe we have the experience to
properly manage this strategy. Further
information available upon request or

   The Program Manager
John Caiazzo, International Market
Strategist, has over 40 years experience at
major U.S. Brokerage firms as Manager
and Director of various International
Divisions and is the founder of several
trading and brokerage firms.

  The Program Manager
John started his career in 1959 at the
New York Stock Exchange but was soon
recruited by Hayden, Stone & Co., a 100
year old stock and commodities firm.
He worked his way up to be Manager
of their International division with 16
foreign branches and over 35 salesmen.

      Program Manager
Mr. Caiazzo was a floor trader at the
Commodity Exchange at the World Trade
Center in New York in the early 1980’s.
John moved to California in 1994 and acted
as a consultant to various West Coast
commodity firms. He formed Acuvest in 1999
and began the Acuvest Managed Options
Program in 2002.
Technical Analysis/ Timing
Technician’s and Market Timers believe
they can spot key levels in a market and
minimize losses by getting in and out
of positions, before profits erode.
They rely heavily on technical signals,
such as whether stocks are trading near
their lows or an index sinks beneath a
longer interval moving average.
Technical Analysis/ Timing
The Acuvest Managed Options program
employs both the use of Technical
Analysis and Market Timing before a
position is taken.
This combination of analyses has proven to
be an integral tool when trying to
determine the potential of profitability and
risk in trading “Out-of-the-Money” options.
      Financial Markets
Markets That Currently Present the
Most Opportunity to Write Options:

Financial Futures- S&P , Russell 1000,
Russell 2000

Interest Rate Futures- 30 Year Bonds
         Market Analysis
The process leading to the writing of a
 “Put” and/or “Call” involves not only
 Technical Analysis and Market Timing,
 but also the assessment of Option
 Premiums and Time Value which is
 crucial when analyzing a potential

        Market Analysis
Therefore the decision to write a
“Put” or “Call” is driven by:

“How far the position is Out-of-the-
Money, how much time remaining to
expiration,”-Not-“How Much Premium
is Collected”!

      Risk Management
All trades are closely managed with draw
downs typically limited to 5-10% of the
account balance.

Margin Excess is computed daily and
maintained at or near 40-60% of total
account equity.

     Disclosure Statement
  Trading in futures and options involves a
high degree of risk and is not suitable
for all investors. Also, past performance
may not be an indication of future results.
Please visit or call
951-693-9600 for additional information.


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