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					LCMS Convention 2010
Pre-Convention Orientation Slides

Produced by
The Office of the President
The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod
(May be reproduced in whole or in part)
64th Regular Convention
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB)
Houston, Texas
July 10-17, 2010
Theme Verse:
“Forgiving one
another, as
God in Christ
forgave you.”
Ephesians 4:32
The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod

      What is a
The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod

   A group of faithful Lutheran Christians empowered by
    the Holy Spirit through Word and Sacrament working,
    walking and worshiping together
   Essentially, a voluntary association of congregations
    and ministers of religion (ordained and
   United by a common confession of faith grounded in
    Holy Scripture and the Lutheran Confessions
   Focused primarily on missions, Christian
    education and human care
The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod

   2.34 Million Baptized members
   1.80 Million Confirmed members
   6,170 Congregations
   24,000 Professional Church Workers
     • 18,000 Teachers (6,000 Commissioned)
     •  6,000 Pastors
The Lutheran Church—
Missouri Synod

   35 Districts
   60 Separate Corporations
   2700 Elementary Schools (Pre-K -> 8th Grade)
   100 High Schools
   10 Colleges and Universities
   2 Seminaries
Districts of the Synod
Reasons for the Forming
of a Synodical Union

1. The example of the apostolic church.
   Acts 15:131
2. Our Lord's will that the diversities of
   gifts should be for the common profit.
   1 Corinthians 12:431
The Synod’s Confessional Basis

The Synod, and every member of the
  Synod, accepts without reservation:
1. The Scriptures of the Old and the New
   Testament as the written Word of God and
   the only rule and norm of faith and of practice
2. All the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical
    Lutheran Church as a true and unadulterated
    statement and exposition of the Word of God
The Lutheran Confessions

   Apostles’, Nicene, Athanasian Creeds
   Unaltered Augsburg Confession
   Apology of Augsburg Confession
   Smalcald Articles
   Treatise on Power and Primacy of Pope
   Luther’s Large Catechism
   Luther’s Small Catechism
   Formula of Concord
Summary of
The Objectives of the LCMS

1. Conserve and promote the unity of the true faith; work
   toward fellowship with other Christian church bodies;
   provide united defense against schism, sectarianism,
   and heresy . . .
2. Strengthen congregations and their members in giving
   bold witness to the love and work of the true God and
   extend that Gospel witness into all the world . . .
3. Recruit and train pastors, teachers, and other
   professional church workers and provide
   opportunity for continuing growth . . .
Summary of
The Objectives of the LCMS

4. Express Christian concern, love, compassion . . .
5. Aid congregations in Christian education and
   establish agencies of Christian education . . .
6. Aid congregations in recognizing, promoting,
   expressing, conserving, and defending their
   confessional unity in the true faith . . .
7. Encourage congregations to strive for uniformity in
   church practice and develop appreciation of a
   variety of responsible practices and customs
   in harmony with our profession of faith. . .
Summary of
The Objectives of the LCMS

8. Provide evangelical supervision, counsel and care for
    professional church workers of the Synod in the
    performance of their official duties . . .
9. Provide protection for congregations and professional
    church workers in the performance of their official
    duties and the maintenance of their rights. . .
10. Aid in providing for the welfare of professional church
    workers and their families in the event of
    illness, disability, retirement, special need,
    or death.
The Mission of the LCMS

In grateful response to God’s grace and
empowered by the Holy Spirit through
Word and Sacraments, the mission of the
LCMS is vigorously to make known the
love of Christ by word and deed within
our churches, communities and the world!
Purposes of this Pre-Convention
Delegate Orientation

General Orientation
Items of Importance
Purposes of Convention
Duties of a Delegate
Major Convention Matters
General Orientation

   Welcome to Houston!
   Godspeed as you travel!
   A unique experience awaits you!
   Registration materials at GRB, Second Floor
   National Offering, “ONE People—Sharing
    Christ’s Love,” will be collected at the
    opening worship service

   Prayer Opportunities
    –   Prayer lists on the Web site
    –   24/7 Prayer Vigil week of convention, sign-up on
        convention Web site beginning in May
   Devotions
    –   “Forgiven to Forgive” devotion book
   “This We Believe: Selected Topics …”
    –   Distributed to voting and advisory delegates
Purposes of National Convention

   Opportunities for worship, nurture,
    inspiration, fellowship, communication
    of vital information
   Principal legislative assembly, amends
    Constitution and Bylaws
   Considers and takes action on reports
    and overtures
   Elects national officers and members of
    boards and commissions
Purposes of National Convention

   Establishes general Synod positions
    and policies
   Provides and evaluates overall programs,
    policies, directions, priorities
   Provides responsible service for and on
    behalf of its members
   Handles appropriate appeals
Purposes of National Convention

   “Only a national convention of the Synod
    shall authorize affiliation or association of
    the Synod with other church bodies,
    synods, or federations, and the
    discontinuance of such affiliation or
    association.” (LCMS Bylaw 3.1.1)
Duties of a Delegate

Bylaw Responsibilities of Delegates
 Congregations shall not require their
  delegates to vote in accordance with
  specific instructions...
 Every delegate shall be permitted to vote
  according to his or her own conviction...
 Delegates are nevertheless responsible
  to the circuits they represent...
Duties of a Delegate

   They shall attempt to discover the sentiment
    of the members of their circuit…
   They shall be faithful in attendance at all
    sessions of the convention...
   After each convention they shall report the
    actions of the Synod to their circuits...
   Voting delegates shall serve a three-year
    term beginning with the convention...
Duties of a Delegate

   They shall function as advisory members
    of the circuit forum...
   They shall serve as resource persons
    in the circuit...
   They shall assist in the dissemination
    and implementation of Synod
    resolutions in their area.
Special First Day Events
Saturday, July 10

   Floor Committee Open Hearings, 9 am–12 noon
    –   Committees 1-7 – Hilton Hotel
    –   Committee 8 – GRB General Assembly Theater
    –   Also, Floor Committee 8 on Friday, 1:30-5:50 pm
   Delegate Orientation, GRB, 1:30-3:00 p.m.
    (All delegates should attend this session)
   Opening Convention Worship Celebration
    with Holy Communion, GRB, 4:00 p.m.
   All-Delegate Dinner, Hilton, 6:30 p.m.
Special Notes about
Convention Agenda
   As previously communicated, following those actions that must
    be conducted in order for the convention to convene and that are
    in accord with bylaw requirements, such as credentials report,
    adoption of standing rules, agenda, and President’s report, the first
    two days of the convention will be dedicated to matters regarding
    Synod structure and governance.
   On Sunday, following the prayer service and necessary business,
    Floor Committee 8 will present structure and governance proposals
    to include floor discussion, primarily Q&A for the purpose of
    clarification. No action will be taken on resolutions unless
    discussion is completed and/or delegates decide to begin
Special Notes about
Convention Agenda
   On Monday morning, convention delegates will be asked if
    they are ready to act on structure and governance resolutions.
    If so, then resolutions will be considered. If not, then
    discussion/Q&A will continue with the President asking delegates
    at regular intervals if they are ready to act.
   On Tuesday morning, if not already completed, action will be taken
    on structure and governance resolutions that impact the election of
    officers and national structure. Election of officers will begin
    Tuesday afternoon.
Convention Agenda

   Tentative schedule for convention will be
    finalized after floor committee weekend
    –   Printed in the first issue of Today’s Business
    –   Posted on the convention Web site
   A gavel–to-gavel Web cast of the convention
    proceedings will be broadcast on the Synod
    Web site
About the Convention:
Use of Electronic Devices*
    Area of
                            Type of Use Permitted in Designated Area
 Convention Hall
                                                  Other Electronic       Laptop
                    Voice     Text Messages      Communications,        Computers
                                                                     (no communication,
                                                 including laptops   e.g. e-mail, Internet)
 Voting And
 Advisory            No              No                 No                   Yes
                               Yes, convention
 COS, Press,         No                                Yes                   ---
                                business only
 Special Guests
 Visitors, Front
 Half Seating        No             Yes                Yes                   ---
 Visitors, Back
 Half Standing      Yes             Yes                Yes                   ---
 Staff, All Areas   Yes             Yes                Yes                   ---
 of Hall

 * Subject to adoption in convention Standing Rules. Note: No
 extension cords allowed or electrical connections provided.
                  Convention Business
In Order of Election

   Election of Officers
    –   President
    –   First Vice-President
    –   Vice-Presidents Two, Three, Four, Five
    –   Secretary
    –   Vice-President-Finance—Treasurer, unless
        otherwise determined by convention action
    –   Board of Directors
   Election of other Boards and Commissions
               Convention Business

Principal Business of Convention

   The principal business of a convention of the
    Synod shall be the consideration of reports
    and overtures (ref. Bylaw 3.1.6)
   All reports and overtures accepted by the
    President in accordance with the bylaws of
    the Synod shall be referred by him to
    convention committees (ref. Bylaw 3.1.7)
              Convention Business

Convention Floor Committees

 #1 Missions
 #2 District and Congregational Services
 #3 Theology and Church Relations
 #4 Administration and Finance
 #5 Seminary and University Education
 #6 Human Care
 #7 Ecclesial Matters
 #8 Synod Structure and Governance
 #9 Registration, Credentials and Elections
 #10 Nominations
                     Convention Business
Convention Resolution Process:
An Overture Summary

   Submission of Overtures by Congregations,
    Conventions, Conferences, Boards, etc.
   Review of Overtures by Synod President
    and Legal Counsel (Bylaw for:
    –   Material error
    –   Apparent misrepresentation of truth or character
    –   Potential civil action for libel or slander
   Review of Overtures by Floor Committees
   Floor Committee Action:
    –   Submission of Overture to Convention via Resolution
    –   Inclusion of Overture in Omnibus Resolution
    –   Declination of Overture
                Committee Considerations
Floor Committee Considerations:
A Summary of Matters Submitted

   The following slides provide a summary
    of some of the matters submitted in the
    reports and overtures for floor committee
    consideration. This overview highlights the
    theme and scope of some of the key
    issues to be considered by each floor
    committee for convention resolutions.
    To view all submitted items, read the
    Convention Workbook.
               Committee Considerations
Floor Committee # 1

   Completion of “Fan Into Flame”
   Outreach to Immigrants and Islam
   Participation in Operation Barnabas
   Church Transformation
               Committee Considerations
District & Congregational Services
Floor Committee # 2

   Study Congregational Size, Generations, and
    Life-stage Ministries
   Encourage Responsible Worship
   Continuation of Children’s, Family, Youth,
    School, and Stewardship Ministries
              Committee Considerations
Theology and Church Relations
Floor Committee # 3

   Response to ELCA Assembly Actions
   Church Relations in the 21st Century
   CTCR Documents on Environment and
    Man-Woman Relationships
   Variety of Other Theological Matters
               Committee Considerations
Administration and Finance
Floor Committee # 4

   Seminary Financial Support
   Various Structure and Bylaw Considerations
   Election Process
               Committee Considerations
Seminary and University Education
Floor Committee # 5

   Licensed Lay Deacons
   Church Worker Recruitment, Participation,
    and Retention
   Various Bylaw Amendments re University
               Committee Considerations
Human Care
Floor Committee # 6

   Lutheran Malaria Initiative
   End Human Trafficking/Slavery
   Resources re Gender Identity Issues
              Committee Considerations
Ecclesial Matters
Floor Committee # 7

   Expectations of Synod Membership
   Placement of Candidate Status Church
   Hearing Panel Task Force Report
   CCM Matters
             Committee Considerations
Synod Structure and Governance
Floor Committee # 8

   BRTFSSG Recommendations and Related
    Handbook Amendments
Five Critical Considerations

   Doctrinal Agreement
   Unity – Concord – Harmony
   LCMS Mission
   Global Confessional Leadership
   Financial Realities
Convention Spirit

   Hopefully not:
    –   “The assembly was in confusion: Some were
        shouting one thing, some another. Most of the
        people did not even know why they were there.”
        (Acts 19:32)
Convention Spirit

   But prayerfully:
    – “May  the God who gives endurance and
      encouragement give you a spirit of unity among
      yourselves as you follow Christ Jesus, so that
      with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God
      and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
      (Romans 15:5-6)

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