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Your home is your castle. To keep it looking and
feeling that way, occasional home improvements can
update and beautify it.

They can also add to its value, which becomes most
important if you should want to sell your home.

Here, we'll focus on those improvements that add
the most value for the money you invest.
Sprucing Up the Exterior

                           "We shape our dwellings,
             and afterwards our dwellings shape us.”
                              -Sir Winston Churchill
Your Home’s First Impression

• The exterior is important because it’s the first
  thing visitors to your home see. As they say, “You
  never get a second chance to make a first
• The condition of your home on the outside can
  show that your home has been loved and well
  cared for (or not!).
• Keeping your home’s exterior neat and clean can
  be one of the wisest home improvements you can
Curb Appeal

                           Use your hose to
                           wash down your
 Sweep away leaves                                Clean window frames
                           house. A pressure
   and cobwebs                                    and windows at least
                          washer can damage
     monthly.                                         twice a year.
                         loose paint and make
                             it look worse.

                                                     Remember to
                         Beautify the look with
                                                   maintain porches,
Re-paint if necessary.       some simple
                                                    driveways, and
Exterior Painting

                       With exterior paint,
                     quality matters in terms
                      of how easily the paint
                      goes on and how long
                        the house's surface
                          retains a fresh

                                        Spray your house
           Avoid painting               down to wash off
        anything outdoors               dirt a day or two
       if it's damp outside.            before you paint
          Paint and water               and allow to dry
           don’t mix well.                 completely.
Simple Landscaping
  Attend to your grass.
  • Mow regularly, water deeply once a week in the growing season,
    and keep it weed-free.

  • Consider planting at least 2 or 3 trees to provide shade and
    aesthetic value.

  • A few bushes can spruce up the look as well –
    especially flowering bushes.

  • Add some flowers. Perennials come back every year, so you don’t have to
    buy more each year. Pick a color scheme to unify the design. Blooming
    flowers draw the attention of buyers and enhance curb appeal.
Porches, Driveway, and Walkways

 Keep the porch swept                                Edge your driveways
 and uncluttered. Mop        For driveways and     and walkways whenever
 occasionally. Paint it a   walkways, a pressure    you mow your grass to
color that complements      washer does wonders!     keep grass and other
the house and decorate       Clean them every 3    plants from encroaching
with a seating area and           months.           and making them look
      a few plants.                                        unkempt.
Updating the Interior

                   "Home is where the heart is.”
                              -Pliny The Elder
Remodeling The Kitchen

          The kitchen is the single most important room in
         the house. A clean, modern kitchen increases your
         enjoyment of your home and enhances your home
                 in the minds of prospective buyers.

          Experts agree that you should get back 85% of
         what you spend in added value to your house when
                     you update your kitchen.

          For the greatest appeal, keep the paint fresh and
            clean and arrange your kitchen so it looks as
                        spacious as possible.
Updating Your Kitchen – Details

                Sink – replace it
                                                           Install a
Cabinets may    if it’s damaged.
                                     Countertops –        backsplash.
  just need        Vinegar will
                                       replace if
cleaning and      loosen water
                                       damaged          Tile adds to the
  polishing       deposits and
                make it sparkle

                          Tile floors. Tile,
                           linoleum, and
        Appliances –        vinyl tile are     Lighting – think
        update them             best.          bright and airy
       with new styles
                          Linoleum is the
                          least expensive.
Spread Out The Cost

• Although well worth it, updating your kitchen can
  be time consuming and expensive. However, it’s
  easy to make this a project that you can complete
  one bit at a time.
• For example: one month you might paint the walls,
  and another month install a backsplash. One year
  you could buy a stove and another year put down
  some new flooring.
• Each improvement will bring you more enjoyment
  and increase the value of your home.
 • Check for mold and replace if necessary. You could even do away with
   the cabinet and opt for an airy, modern look with no cabinet at all!

 • Modern styles abound, including sinks that are stylish glass bowls.

 • A new countertop can transform the bathroom with a totally new look.

 • Update to new faucets and showerhead.

 • You can resurface porcelain and fiberglass tubs if replacement is too

 • Consider installing tile on the wall around the tub.
Interior Lighting Makeover

     Lighting makes a big difference. Most people prefer
              as much natural light as possible.

            You can also set a mood or bring out a
              dramatic focal point with lighting.

   Walk through every room with pencil and paper in hand,
       jotting down where you’d like to make changes.

    Shop for deals – save 50% or more on clearance items.
Insulation Re-Do

Improving the insulation in your home is an
  eco-friendly home improvement. Extra
  insulation conserves gas and electricity
        and home buyers like that!

  Have 2 or 3 experts check
  your insulation. Many will
give you a free consultation to   Get written estimates before
 come up with an estimate of        you choose a contractor.
how much you need and what
          it will cost.
Home Improvements Just for You

         "You are a king by your own fireside, as much as
                              any monarch in his throne."
                                    -Miguel de Cervantes
Only For Your Own Enjoyment

              Some home improvements are for your
              own enjoyment. These improvements,
              although nice, might not enable you to
                recoup your investment by adding
                  significant value to your home.

              Complete remodels where you tear out
               rooms and replace everything usually
                 fall into this category due to their
                            large expense.

               Unless your house is in Florida and
               California, most buyers don't want
                to spend the money or time for
                the constant maintenance of an
                   in-ground swimming pool.
Home renovations enhance the enjoyment of your
     home, while also adding to it’s value.

   To keep the costs manageable, make home
       improvement an ongoing project,
             doing a little at a time.
             About the Author

• Curtis Rose is an experience professional with an
  extensive background in all aspects of personal
• Curtis publishes and writes articles, guides,
  courses, reports and a free monthly newsletter
• Visit his blog at:

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