7th Art Pacing Guide by lanyuehua


									                                            Trigg County Public Schools
                                                    Pacing Guide
Content Area        Visual Arts                                                                 Developed   August 2008
Grade 7th                                              by: Danielle L. Knight
                                       Danielle L. Knight 7th Grade Pacing Guide 2010-2011
 Week/Unit          Core Content 4.1          College        Unit/Topic         Instructional Strategies     District Assessment
   District                                 Readiness                                                               Check
Assessment                                   Standards
              AH-07-1.4.1: Students                                        Day 1: Introduction to New
Week 1        will analyze works of art                                    Class                            Pencil, Handouts,
              using elements of art and                                    Active Instructional Strategy,   markers
Elements of   principles of design.                                        Note Taking on Rules, Hands on
Art &         DOK 3                                                        Activity, Student Product
Principles of                                             Elements of      Day 2 & 3: Element of Art and
Design        AH-07-1.4.2: Students                       Art              Principle of Design Notes
              will describe a variety of                  Principles of    Active Instructional Strategy,   Notes, pencils,
              art media and art                           Design           Note Taking, Hands on Activity   highlighters
Egyptian Art  processes. DOK 2                                             Study Guide
                                                                           Day 4: Ancient Egyptian Art
              AH-07-2.4.1: Students                       Ancient          PowerPoint                       Smartboard,
              will analyze or explain                     Egyptian         PowerPoint with Lecture and      PowerPoint, Handout,
              how diverse cultures and                    Archaeology      Handout                          Pencil
              time periods are reflected                                   Day 5: Ancient Egyptian 3D
              in visual arts. DOK 3                                        Pyramids                         Pencil, Poster board,
                                                                           Hands on Activity, Student       Scissors, glue,
              AH-07-3.4.1: Students                       Architecture     Product, Student Participation   markers, crayons,
              will identify or explain                    Pyramids                                          rulers
              how art fulfills a variety
              of purposes. DOK 2

              AH-07-4.4.1 Students will
              create art for specific
              purposes using the
              elements of art and the
              principles of design to
              communicate ideas.

                                      Trigg County Public Schools
                                              Pacing Guide
Content Area Visual Arts                                                          Developed August 2008
Grade 7th                                   by: Danielle L. Knight
          AH-07-4.4.2 Students will
          use a variety of media,
          processes, and subject
          matter to communicate
          ideas, feelings, and
          AH-07-1.4.1                         Architecture    Day 6, 7, & 8: Ancient           Pencil, Poster board,
                                              3D              Egyptian 3D Pyramids             Scissors, glue,
               AH-07-1.4.2                                    Hands on Activity, Student       markers, crayons,
Week 2                                                        Product, Student Participation   rulers
               AH-07-2.4.1                                    Day 9 & 10: Egyptian Tomb
Egyptian Art                                                  Drawings                         Pencil, Poster board,
               AH-07-3.4.1                    Hieroglyphics   Hands on Activity, Student       handouts, colored
                                                              Product, Student Participation   pencils

               AH-07-1.4.1                    Ancient Greek  Day 11: Ancient Greek Art         Smartboard,
                                              Art,           PowerPoint                        PowerPoint, Handout,
               AH-07-1.4.2                    Mythology,     PowerPoint, Student Project,      Pencil
Week 3                                                       Question & Answer Handout
               AH-07-2.4.1                    Red & Black    Day 12: Greek Vases               Worksheet, colored
Ancient                                       Figure Vases   Discussion of Greek Myths,        pencils, and/or
Greek Art      AH-07-3.4.1                                   Student Project                   markers, pencils
                                                             Day 13 & 14: Ancient Greek
               AH-07-4.4.1                    Subject Matter Gods Wanted Posters               Paper, pencil, colored
                                              Portrait       Discussion of Greek Myths,        pencils, and/or
               AH-07-4.4.2                                   Student Project                   markers, Greek god
                                                             Day 15: Architecture              examples
                                              Architecture   PowerPoint
                                                             PowerPoint, Student Handout       Smartboard, Pencil,
                                                                                               PowerPoint, Handout

                             Trigg County Public Schools
                                     Pacing Guide
Content Area Visual Arts                                               Developed      August 2008
Grade 7th                          by: Danielle L. Knight
          AH-07-1.4.1                Architecture  Day 16 & 17: Architecture          Graph paper, pencils,
                                                   Design Your own Dream              colored pencils,
               AH-07-1.4.2                         House                              Architecture handouts
Week 4                                             Hands on Activity, Student
               AH-07-2.4.1                         Product, Student Participation
Architecture                                       Day 18 & 19: Review for the
               AH-07-3.4.1                         Test                               Pencil Paper
                                     Precious      Group Project, Group
               AH-07-4.4.1           Elements of   Participation
                                     Art and       Day 20: Elements of Art and
               AH-07-4.4.2           Principles of Principles of Design Test with     Test, pencil
                                     Design        Open Response
                                                   Teacher made Test with Open
               AH-07-1.4.1           Roman Art     Day 21, 22, & 23: Ancient          Pencil, glue, paper,
Week 5                               Mosaics       Roman Mosaics                      construction paper,
               AH-07-1.4.2                         Teacher Demonstration, Student     scissors
                                                   Project/Group Project
                                     Medieval Art    Day 24 & 25: Stained Glass       Pencil, markers,
               AH-07-3.4.1           Stained Glass   Windows                          scissors, glue, black
                                     Rose Window     Teacher Demonstration, Student   construction paper
               AH-07-4.4.1           Cathedral       Project

               AH-07-1.4.1           Illuminated     Day 26 & 27: Illuminated         Paper, pencil, ink,
Week 6                               Manuscripts     Manuscripts                      quills, tips,
               AH-07-1.4.2           Calligraphy     Teacher Demonstration, Student   calligraphy handouts
               AH-07-2.4.1                           Day 28 & 29: Free Drawing
                                     Principles of   Focusing on the Principles of    Paper, pencil,
               AH-07-3.4.1           Design          Design                           markers, crayons,

                             Trigg County Public Schools
                                     Pacing Guide
Content Area   Visual Arts                                          Developed    August 2008
Grade 7th                          by: Danielle L. Knight
                                                Student Product, Student         colored pencils
          AH-07-4.4.1                           Participation
                                                Day 30: Art Critique using the   Pencil, critique
          AH-07-4.4.2                           Core Content Review              worksheets
                                                Teacher Demonstration, Student
                                                Product, Student Participation


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