PTA Membership Planning Calendar

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PTA Membership                                                      Continue to write a monthly membership article for your

Planning Calendar
                                                                    Send thank-you notes to those who have joined.
July/August                                                         Request additional membership cards from the State PTA
 Read the Membership section of the Leadership Packet.               office as needed.
 Meet with your president to discuss the membership               January
  materials.                                                        Continue to recruit and enroll new members.
 Register to attend your region’s Fall Leadership                  Meet with the membership committee and evaluate your
  Conference Membership class.                                        progress. Plan and implement any new approaches.
 Meet with the membership committee to review results of           Write a newsletter article for next month’s membership
  previous years’ campaigns and set your new goals.                   column.
 Establish membership privileges.                                  Print the online remittance form and remind the treasurer
 Review your budget for the membership campaign promo-               to send in the membership service fees by January 25.
  tions: posters, awards, prizes, leaflets, etc.                   February
 Order membership envelopes from the State PTA office to           Continue to recruit and enroll new members.
  use throughout the year.                                          Keep writing those membership articles for the newsletter.
 Plan your campaign. Set campaign dates and develop a              Plan a special celebration for PTA’s birthday month.
  timeline. Get the approval of your board.                        March
 Ask your superintendent, school board president, and              Continue to recruit and enroll new members.
  mayor to proclaim September “PTA Membership Month.”               Print out a list of members for the nominating committee.
 Send copies of your “proclamations” to your local news-           Plan any special membership activities for the end-of-the-
  paper and television station with an article on PTA parent          year celebrations.
  involvement in your school.                                       Make sure all your members have been enrolled and
 Write a membership newsletter article for your school               membership service fees are paid by the end of March (in
  newsletter.                                                         order for members to attend convention as voting
September/October                                                     delegates).
 Set up a membership table on the first day of school to          April
  welcome students and parents back to school.                      Review this year’s membership campaign, make written
 Be visible! Publicize and celebrate “PTA Membership                 recommendations for next year’s campaign and submit a
  Month.”                                                             report to your board.
 Send a letter home (with the first packet of information          Update the membership procedures book.
  from the school) inviting everyone to join. Emphasize past        Register next year’s membership chair for Washington
  accomplishments and future goals.                                   State PTA Convention. Be sure he or she attends the
 Send “invitation to join” letters to past presidents, former        membership class.
  board members, your school superintendent, school board           Keep writing the membership news article for your
  members, and other community leaders. Remember, PTA                 newsletter.
  is for everyone!                                                 May/June
 Work closely with your school administrator to be part of
                                                                    Thank all of those who helped with this year’s membership
  the school open house.
 Enroll your members online with the Washington State PTA
                                                                    Start planning next year’s campaign.
  enrollment program. Be sure and list name, address, phone
                                                                    Thank your members for joining PTA in your last
  number, and email address (plus any other relevant informa-
                                                                      newsletter article and encourage them to join next year.
  tion your unit requests.) Make sure that your officers who are
                                                                    Work with the treasurer to reconcile the membership
  already activated do not get entered a second time. Do not
                                                                      service fees that have been collected with the number of
  enter a member until you have actually collected his/her fees.
                                                                      members enrolled in the online membership enrollment
 Write a membership newsletter article for next month’s
                                                                      site. Call the State PTA office to remove any duplicate
  newsletter. Emphasize the value of membership and an-
  nounce your month-end membership total.
                                                                    File your final membership service fees for the year by the
 Evaluate your membership campaign at the end of each
                                                                      25th of May.
  month. Review last year’s membership list for anyone who
                                                                    Enter incoming officers via the WSPTA online
  may have forgotten to renew and send them a special note.
                                                                      membership enrollment site.
 Turn over all checks and cash for membership service fees
                                                                    Download/print a copy of your membership roster to use
  to the PTA treasurer as soon as they are received.
                                                                      next year to send renewal notices to your members.
 Print the online remittance form and remind the treasurer
    to send in the membership service fees by October 25.

 Washington State PTA Leadership Packet 2009-2010                                                          Membership Tab