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7 sitting



The sitting started 05:43p.m.

The Hon. Speaker welcomed members of the house and apologized to members for the delay
explaining it was due to all venues being busy as at the slated time (5:00p.m.) for the sitting.


Hon. Sodeke Patrick (Part IV); Permission to be absent due to forthcoming examination

Hon. Sowemimo Adebayo (Part IV); Permission to be absent due to forthcoming examination

The Hon. President asked why executive members in the same constituency are not allowed to
miss the sitting and the Hon. Speaker explained that he didn’t exclude anyone in the
constituency when he told them to write letters because academic excellence of all honorables
was a priority to the House.

Hon. Igwe Kenneth sought for constituency in House decisions concerning permitted absence of
a constituency during examinations because the normal thing was that the members of the
constituency came for the sitting to present their joint letter and are then permitted to leave.

The Hon. General secretary pleaded for acceptance of the letters while also accepting a fault on
the part of the constituency leader.

Hon.’s Akilo Folarin and Ugo Ikem and the Hon. President also added that the letters weren’t

The Hon. Speaker declared that members of the constituency (including those that wrote
letters) that missed the sitting be marked absent without permission.


The Hon. Speaker read out Article V. Section 45 of the constitution – The Audit Committee. He
thereafter called for nominations for members of the committee.

Hon. Akilo Folarin nominated Hon. Ugo Ikem (Constituency V); Hon. Dada Ayodele nominated
Hon. Ogunlade Tolu (Constituency I); Hon. Igwe Kenneth nominated Hon. Mayowa Olowokere
(Constituency III); Hon. Rufus nominated Congressman Awelewa Adura (Constituency IV); Hon.
Lawal Adedayo nominated Congresswoman Akitan Florence (Constituency II); Hon. Ojo
Damilola nominated Congressman Olatinwo Rilwan (III)

The Hon. Speaker directed Part III constituency to meet and produce a nominee. The
constituency thereafter produced Congressman Olatinwo Rilwan as the concensus candidate.

Hon. Akilo Folarin nominated Hon. Ugo Ikem as the Chairperson of the committee.

Hon. Igwe Kenneth supported Hon. Ugo Ikem’s nomination and nominated Congressman
Florence Akitan as the secretary of the Audit committee.


Hon. Ugo Ikem (Constituency V) – Chairperson

Akitan Florence (Constituency II) – Secretary

Hon. Ogunlade Tolu (Constituency I) – member
Awelewa Adura (Constituency IV) – member

Olatinwo Rilwan (Constituency III) – member

* The Hon. A.G.S. requested that formation of Academic Committee be moved to A.O.B. as it
wasn’t part of the agenda for the sitting.


Office of the President

The Hon. President briefed the House on the on-going projects of the administration

    IFUMSA GALLERY PROJECT; first half had been completed and was now in the
     secretariat and the remaining pictures were expected.
    MADAM KUTEYI ANNUAL LECTURE; money was expected from Pastor (Mrs.) Kuteyi very
     soon to the fund the program.
    IFUMSA GHANA TRIP; The President pleaded that a budget couldn’t be presented before
     going on the trip due to no full knowledge on number of people going on the trip yet but
     promised that a report shall be submitted after the trip.
    GLORYLAND BUS STOP PROJECT; the committee had been set up under the
     chairmanship of Hon. Igwe Kenneth.
    Health week preparation to commence fully immediately part iv and part v conclude
     their examinations.
    Committees also working on the Send Forth, Medidale II magazine.
    IFUMSA website and Maternal mortality program also in view.
    The Hon. Public Relations Officer and Hon. Ibuola Paul also working on the IFUMSA

The Hon. President thereafter advised Hon.’s to      encourage their classmates to pay annual

Director of Socials

PLAYHOUSE; just concluded auditioning and now has new members, had so far participated in
Euphoria & Sweatz n Beatz (IHAP Program)

Send forth for Part 6; to participate in evening party, venue of party not yet decided.

GHANA TRIP; July 24th, tentative because of Part 3 incourse, N30,000 for people with passport;
N35,000 for people without passport.

The Hon. Speaker advised that Part VI be well-informed of the GHANA TRIP.

Hon. Seun Adeyemi asked if the college was aware of the trip and asked after the preparations
on accommodation, security and mode of transport. He also advised that Prof. Adebusola might
be of assistance.

The Hon. President said the Provost is aware of the trip as he is aware of every other activity of
the association. On the accommodation, the President said there were working on a Hotel or a
Tourist hostels for international students. The mode of transport, he said, was going to be land.

Hon. Hafeez sought for clarification on the price and asked if the Timetable for the program was
publicly available to all IFUMSites.
The Hon. President said the time table for the events on the trip shall soon be pasted around
the faculty and residential hostels and expressed his surprise at Hon. Afiz’s question on the
price of the trip.

Hon. Dami Ajayi enjoined the executives to employ more creative ways of disseminating
information. He suggested and exco’s column on the medivoice board.

Office of the Vice President

The Hon. Vice President hinted that a total of N30,000 had been raised for the association so
far and also said hundreds of thousands was expected in the following two weeks based on

She added that the intended sponsor for the Maternal mortality program is out of the country
and she was now working on an alternative plan for the program to see the light of day. She
said four individuals had been contacted so far on sponsorship and two speakers at the event
had also been informed. The tentative date for the program was 12th and 13th of October.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker asked after the challenges she had had so far and requested more
concise details on the maternal mortality program.

Hon. Igwe Kenneth commended the Vice President and said the welfare of the executives was
equally very important. He posed a question whether it was proper for the House to do the
thinking for the executives.

The Hon. Speaker said the leadership of the House had always been interested in the welfare of
the executives. He also replied Hon. Igwe Kenneth that the House wasn’t doing the thinking for
the executives but only looking into the plans they have on ground for the success of the

The Hon. Vice President concluded by appreciating supportive SRB members and IFUMsites

Gloryland Bus Stop Project - Hon. Igwe Kenneth

Hon. Igwe Kenneth said work formally started that week with the clinical hostel residents and
added that the Dean of Students affairs had been notified already. He added that N40,000 had
been raised so far and the D.S.A. promised to link them up with corporate bodies that might be
of financial help to ensure the success of the project.

Public Relations Officer


The Hon. P.R.O. explained that Medidale II was a celebrity magazine and said the Editor-in-
Chief (Hon. Akinbinu Babatunde) and other members were working on the contents of the
magazine already.

The Hon. Speaker advised the executives to look into the name of the magazine (MEDIDALE II)
again since most IFUMSites weren’t aware when the first edition was published; suggested
(“MEDIDALE second edition” instead)

Hon. Anuri appreciated the Hon. P.R.O. but asked what he meant by the magazine been a
“celebrity magazine” and the Hon. P.R.O. replied that the magazine was aimed at celebrating
success amongst students and lecturers. The Hon. President also added that the magazine is
also to serve as an archive for high profile medical students to foster unity.

Hon. Tunji Olaoye asked if member of committee had been ratified by the House because Hon.
Babatunde Akinbinu was dismissed out of the House during his time as an honorable and as
such he (Hon. Tunde Akinbinu) wasn’t worthy of such appointments.

Hon. Ayokunle Bello said continuity was important and considering how badly Hon. Akinbinu
treated the House at that time, he didn’t merit such appointment. He added that Hon. Akinbinu
almost put the academics of the then Speaker in jeopardy.

Hon. President said the House was well-informed and even ratified Hon. Akinbinu’s appointment
as editor-in-chief of Medidale II.

The Hon. Speaker admitted his error of not looking into the archives before the ratification of
Hon. Akinbinu’s appointment. He called for suggestions from on the way forward.

Hon. Ugo Ikem commended that this was one of the reason’s the House had ex-officio’s. She
however said any move to terminate Hon. Akinbinu’s appointment now might affect the project
considering the fact that he had been at helms of affairs for close to two months.

Hon. Obafunsho Hafeez submitted that the Editor-in-chief step down and his deputy or the next
ranking officer in the committee takes over while the Honorable appears before the House.

The Hon. P.R.O. also said the EIC mentioned the issue at the committee’s first meeting but said
the issue had been resolved.

Hon. Tunji Olaoye said the P.R.O. deserved punishment for not informing the house of such
comments by Hon. Akinbinu and added that at that time, Hon. Akinbinu was dismissed based
on attendance.

The Hon. President said according to the constitution, Hon. Akinbinu could stay in Office since
his dismissal was now over two sessions.

Hon. Adekimoye interpreted however that such persons could only hold elective posts after two
session but the position of editor-in-chief was an appointment and was subject to the SRB.

Hon. Tunji Olaoye explained that this was a constitutional issue and in such, all powers lie with
the Hon. Speaker. He urged the speaker to however exercise patience on the issue.

The Hon. Speaker pronounced Hon. Tunde Akinbinu’s suspension as Editor-in-Chief of
MEDIDALE II and added that his deputy takes over until the issue is resolved.


Hon. Ayokunle Bello (Chairman, IFUMSA Disciplinary       committee) presented the disciplinary
committee report on the Kelechi Imediegwu’s case.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker appreciated the detachment of emotional bias from the report but
pointed out that the name (Imediegwu Kelechi) should have been written in the report instead
of the “editor-in-chief” since he no longer occupied that position.

Hon. Seun Adeyemi reacted to the letter of apology in the committee’s recommendation saying
that apology was a function of a remorseful feeling. He also urged the heads of committees and
organs of the association to be aware that they are working for the association and are as such
liable to the constitution.

“Some facts claimed in the minutes of the congress on this issue, were clearly over-exaggerated
and unconfirmed” – Our findings, Disciplinary Committte report

Hon. Tunji Olaoye opined that the above shouldn’t be included in the report as such documents
as the minutes of the congress were documents the association held in high esteem.

Hon. Adekimoye countered that since the committee was to look into an issue that happened at
the congress, it had every right to also investigate the minutes of the congress.

Hon. Ayokunle also insisted that the Hon. General Secretary erroneously used words like
“mobilize” in the minutes while nothing of such, from the committee’s investigation, happened.

“The Editor-in-Chief of Medivoice should write a letter of apology which is to be pasted on the
medivoice board to – the A.G.S. and – IFUMSITES….”

The Hon. Deputy Speaker was of the view that the letter should be addressed singly to the
A.G.S. and another one to IFUMSITES all to be posted on the medivoice board.

Hon. Ayokunle Bello explained that Kelechi and the A.G.S. weren’t in good terms prior to the
congress because his (kelechi) response was premeditated.

Hon. Akinbinu also said a time-span should be put for the letter and said a copy of the letter
should be pasted in the secretariat since Kelechi insulted the A.G.S. in presence of Part I

Hon. Igwe Kenneth said pasting the letter on the Medivoice board was open enough rather than
pasting in the secretariat or addressing a different letter to the A.G.S.

Hon. Ayokunle Bello also insisted that there’s no need for a letter to the A.G.S. considering the
class difference between the two in question and that he (A.G.S.) was on official duty when the
incident happened.

Hon. Iyeku Akinwale said the insult was to the entirety of IFUMSites whom he gained their
mandate and argued that the person is inseperable from the office. He submitted that a letter
be submitted to him and then another to all IFUMSites pasted on the MEDIVOICE board.

After further deliberations on the issue, the Hon. Speaker concluded from submissions that a
letter is written to the A.G.S. and another to IFUMSites pasted on the Medivoice board and
copied to the SRB within a week.

The Hon. President asked Hon. Ayokunle Bello to mention the name of the member of the
committee that didn’t attend any of their meetings.

Hon. Ayokunle Bello said that shall be released at the end of the administration and Hon. Akilo
Folarin insisted he mentioned the name explaining that the SRB needed to be aware of how the
people they nominate into various committees were doing.

Hon. Ayokunle Bello said Hon. Ebuka Okafor didn’t attend any of the committee’s meeting.


*Hon. Femi Adebola’s letters of Apology and Review of Impeachment
*Hon. Tokunbo Awe’s review of impeachment

Hon. Akilo Folarin said Hon. Femi Adebola just stepped and would soon be back for the

The Hon. Speaker said the excuse and wasn’t accepted and the letter shall not be deliberated
upon anymore.

Hon. Rotimi Akinbinu asked after Hon. Tokunbo Awe’s letter and the Hon. Speaker said the
letter wasn’t signed and as such won’t be read.

The Hon. President faulted that the Hon. Speaker had been with the letter for some time now
and should have notified Hon. Seun Adeyemi before the sitting.

Hon. Seun Adeyemi said the letter was attached to his mail address and he didn’t notice it
wasn’t signed but pleaded that he put a call through to Hon. Tokunbo Awe to come over to sign
it as he was in Ile-Ife presently.

The House agreed with the Hon. Anuri that a letter which wasn’t signed would not be read
because of future implications.

/Hon. Femi Adebola was at that time present in the House/

The Hon. P.R.O. advised that the review of Femi Adebola’s impeachment not be discussed at
that time since the hon.’s aware of the impeachment proceedings weren’t present.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker said emotions would be wrongly followed since the people to provide
evidences weren’t around.

The Hon. Treasurer resolved that the issue be postponed till a letter date.

Hon. Emeh Anuri advised that all issues Hon. Femi Adebola has with the Audit committee be get
in place before the issue is discussed.

The Hon. Speaker said due to the lightning problem at the venue, the issue shall not be

Hon. Igwe condemned how the light issues could affect proceedings at the House.


*The Hon. Speaker said as part of the policy of the leadership of the House to be involved in
the activities of the executives, the Hon. President had gotten “Appeal for financial support”
letters ready for all members of the House.

Two letters were given to each member with an expected return of N20,000 within two months.

*Hon. Uzoma reminded the House of the formation of the academic committee

The Hon. A.G.S. requested nominations from constituency leaders

The Hon. A.G.S. frowned at this but urged the A.G.S. to get a list of people he thinks he can
work with by working with the constituency leaders and then present the list to the House for

*Hon. Ojo Damilola asked if there was a certificate of service for class reps and assistants.
The Hon. Speaker replied that there was a certificate of service for elected class reps and

*Hon. Tunji asked after the certicates of service he gave to the Hon. Speaker said that the
printing of the constitution was delayed because the Hon. President wanted to see the soft copy
before it was printed which he doesn’t think the printer would consent to.

*The Hon. Deputy Speaker enjoined members to ensure they write attendance at sittings.

*The Hon. President said it was the first sitting since the death of the former NIMSA President,
Auwal Shanono and urged the House to release a statement condemning the shameful act.

The Hon. Speaker prayed that Auwal Shanono’s soul rested in peace and also that GOD gave
the family and his Medical Student’s Association (M.S.A.) the fortitude to bear the loss.

*Hon. Igwe Kenneth, stating he trusted the efficiency of the Hon. Clerk, moved a motion for the
adoption of the minutes of the sitting NOT read by the Hon. Clerk.

The motion was seconded by the A.G.S.

*The Hon. P.R.O. wished Part IV- VI success in their examination and moved a motion for
adjournment of the sitting till further notice.

The motion was seconded by Hon. Ogunlade Tolu

The sitting ended 10:44p.m.


    The Hon. Speaker declared that members of the Part IV constituency (including
     those that wrote letters) that missed the sitting be marked absent without
    The House formed the Audit committee for the 2010/2011 parliamentary session.
    The House got updated with activities from the offices of the President, Vice
     President, Public Relations Officer and Director of Socials
    The Hon. Speaker pronounced Hon. Tunde Akinbinu’s suspension as Editor-in-
     Chief of MEDIDALE II and added that his deputy takes over until the issue is
    The House adopted the recommendations of the Disciplinary committee but
     resolved that a letter of apology is written to the A.G.S. and another to
     IFUMSites pasted on the Medivoice board and copied to the SRB within a week.


                                  Hon. MORENIKEJI ALEEM


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