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Hearts and Minds The Value of Market Research and Brand


									Data Basics for Marketers
Hearts and Minds: The Value of Market
Research and Brand Consultancy To The
Charity Sector

Media Trust Seminar
17 October 2006
This presentation

•   Value of market research/brand consultancy
•   Presentation of unusual way to generate revenue
•   Via unusual and contemporary case study
     – Got to ‘hearts and minds’ of donors
     – Increased donor volume and income
     – Grew brand awareness and comprehension
Research and brand consultancy: what is it?
•   Knowing audience: now and predictions for future
•   Applying this
     – Efficiently
     – Smartly
     – Responsively

•   By maintaining/developing the client’s brand character,
    unique identity, values and positioning
•   And communicating this across a range of channels/

A process. A natural partnership
Research and brand consultancy: brings
a number of benefits

   Cost efficiency
   Maximum financial return
   Brand appreciation and loyalty
   Ability to plan confidently
   Sense of control, order
The case study
JNF Charitable Trust

•   Raises funds in UK for the benefit of social and welfare
    charitable projects in Israel
•   Established 1901
•   Head office in London, number regional offices
•   Principle ‘competitor’ UJIA, many other smaller ‘competitors’
KKL: a subsidiary

•   Offers financial planning and advice (core product)
•   In return for financial benefit to the JNF (principal aim)
•   Over 50 years old
•   Based in London
KKL: two divisions
   Charity Accounts and Services            Executors and Trustees
 • Helping individuals, companies and     • Executor for making/updating wills
   charities maximise amount give/        • Inheritance tax expertise and advice
   receive                                • Free service, provided 5% promised
 • By offering advice and tax-efficient     to JNF
      • Charity accounts
      • Gift of shares
      • Payroll giving
 • Can benefit any registered charity
 • Charges admin fee – to JNF

Designed to financially benefit both user and charity
The problem: the bottom line

•   Decline in number of donors
•   Decline in revenue year on year
•   Overall feeling that charity had hit
    saturation point


   The problem: external context

                     Decline in
                 culture/ religious
                imperative to give

Rise in number of                media options                   Dwindling numbers
 niche charities

                               Dominance of two
                                major charities
                                                         Segmented market:
       Decline in media
                                                        often different needs
                                                           and motivations

   Applicable to many charities today?
The problem: internal concerns

          Name: what does it           Link with JNF: positive
                mean                         or negative

         Varied services: little
        sense of unity/umbrella         Dwindling revenue

           Too established?            Who are our market?

Again, applicable to many charities today?
But lots of potential
           property prices, not           Hunger to improve/
             inheritance tax              internal willingness

                                            Tax efficiency:
           Strong icon (Harvey)              contemporary,
                                           beneficial to donor

                          Political situation

Important to realise existing strengths, however latent
The solution: the team
                        JEWISH NATIONAL
                           FUND (JNF)

                     And its financial planning
                         subsidiary (KKL)

                       A GOOD CULTURAL FIT

Research and brand consultancy: not just the remit of larger players
The solution: market research
                                   • Series of qualitative groups/depths
                                   • Subsequent on-street quantitative
                                   • Amongst wide range of existing and
Explore the brand and                potential audiences (cloned)
      its target                   • Use of visual stimulus including
 audience (Early 03)                 existing and potential logo, current
                                     ads, brochures and communication

A full-scale research process designed to provide rich and
measurable insight on both a macro and micro level
Rich and measurable insight 1
                               Put off

         Feared            Rarely updated        Motivated by
                                                 family, tax
       Uncertainty                                avoidance


                        Related to life events
                            (not charity)

Raising revenue via Will-making/legacies requires carefully-
considered marketing strategy
Rich and measurable insight 2
                            Freedom to choose

   Something in return                                 Locality: looking after
      (eg events)                                            your own
                         Giving to charity: range of

                                 BUT NOT

Donor wants to benefit both themselves and the charity
Rich and measurable insight 3

Lack of awareness,
  comprehension,            JNF/KKL          Linkage also irrelevant
  need, relevance

How much does your target audience really know about you? And
are the assumptions about your benefits still motivating?
The solution: brand consultancy

                    DEVELOP A CORPORATE
                          (Early 04)

Develop brand
                                                    benefits to target
 and identity

                To increase year on year audience
                  volume and spend and ensure
                     we invest appropriately
The solution: brand consultancy

                      Recommendations based on the

                      Recommendations based on a
   Develop brand      thorough diagnostic assessment of
    and identity      the brand
Our recommendations
Identify and utilise your

 Develop relevant and

 Communicate simply
   and effectively          And commit long-term; review, amend
Make use of what you’ve     and review accordingly
     currently got

  Consider usability of

Walk the walk internally
Putting it all into practice
                          • Refresh composition of press ads
                          • Look at new channel options
                               •For marketing/advertising
                               •For communication with
                               (potential) donors
Communicate benefits
                          • Consider value of advertorials
  to target audience
                          • Update website image and usability
                          • Develop strong DM campaign
                          • Work on PR exposure
                          • Consider event sponsorship
                          • Introduce incentive schemes
                          • Develop information pack
And the outcome 1?

•   Relationship over 4 years and is still on-going
     – At a speed and cost most suited to client

•   Internal control and management of measuring system
•   Brand champion and sub-committee
And the outcome 2?

•   Following first stage implementations, immediate 4% increase
    in media generated enquiries
     – London
     – Nationally (previously non-existent)

•   No fall in enquiry levels since then, despite c10% drop in
    readership of two main press ad titles
Summary 1
We hope to have got you thinking about;
•   Benefit of regularly reviewing where you are: things change!
     – How operate internally
     – What your target audience thinks/is doing
     – What your competitors are doing

•   Your existing strengths and opportunities – and how you
    might use them creatively
•   The real value of market research and brand consultancy
     – For all types of organisation
     – Not just the big boys
     – Even/despite facing considerable challenges
Summary 2

•   The benefit of working as a team
     – Learning from one another
     – Avoiding replication/misunderstanding
•   Alternative ways of generating income and donor numbers
•   The importance of communication consistency and clarity
     – Externally
     – Internally
•   The range of communication channels / marketing
    opportunities available

Data Basics for Marketers

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