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                                    A iredaler
                               Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. 0017566A
                                    Dedicated to the Welfare and Promotion of Airedale Terriers
Volume 44 No. 1                                                                          February 2011

                               Club Calendar 2011
March 23rd. Night at the Museum 7.30pm. Keith Lovell - details pg. 7
April 10th        Ruffy Park Lake Meg Downie—details pg. 28
May ?     Grooming Day—Suzanne Tennant—Watch the website for details as
they become available.
June 11th         Championship & Open Show—Sue Henderson– Schedule pg. 10
July 17th to be confirmed.       Bush Day—Anne Sorraghan—details next
August—to be arranged
September         Royal Melbourne show.
October      to be confirmed—Beach Day—watch for details.
November      to be arranged
December 4th.         Christmas @ the Billabong— details in August Airedaler.
December 11th to be confirmed.          Big Day Out for Dogs @ KCC Park.
                        Journal of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Incorporated
                                 (Dedicated to the welfare and promotion of the Airedale Terrier)

                                              Volume 44 No.1 February 2011
                                               Patroness: Mrs Pauline Lewis

 OFFICE BEARERS AND COMMITTEE 2011                                  ADVERTISING RATES:
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SECRETARY & PUBLIC OFFICER                      to the original source. Letters to the Editor are welcomed. The Edi-
SUE W ILSON                                     tor reserves the right to make literary corrections and to withhold
11 MILLS ST.                                    from publication any material submitted. The Editor and the Aire-
GLEN IRIS 3146                                  dale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. accepts no responsibility, legal or
                                                otherwise, for the opinions of contributors in their articles.
PH: (03) 9889 4819
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GENERAL COMMITTEE:                                                            on
MAREE CARROLL     MOB: 0437 120 040                                     May 22nd. 2011
GLENYS COCHRANE MOB: 0438 428 589                                   Material should be sent to
EMAIL:                                     The Editor—Sue Henderson
                                                               24 Rathgar Rd. Lysterfield Vic. 3156
JENNY PATIENCE PH: 9739 6628                                              or emailed to:
MOB: 0403 306 759                                     

ANNE SHELLARD    MOB: 0419 349 904

EMAIL:                    Contribution for this Airedaler received from Sally
                                                        Martin, Sue wilson
JANE W ALKER MOB: 0438 852 623
 The Airedaler February 2011                                                                            Page    2
                     SECRETARY’S REPORT FOR 2010 YEAR
This report represents the activities and reports on Club events for the 2010 year. This year I am able
to write for a full year, in my role as Secretary, following a short stint for just one month last financial

One major change since my last time as secretary of the Club, a number of years ago, is the ac-
countability required. The Club operates under the rules of Incorporation, of which there are many,
and which change periodically. The Associations Incorporation under the umbrella of the Consumer
Affairs Department is responsible for such rules and regulations. In addition, the Club must adhere to
the rules of our parent body the Victorian Canine Association. The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria is
an incorporated body which also has its own constitution and by-laws. There are a number of
lengthy and sometimes quite complex documents detailing management of the Club. My role as Sec-
retary demands particular actions and accountabilities and this may mean for some a different ap-
proach to handling of Club matters than they have recently become used to. I intend to fulfil the role
of Secretary as the Associations Incorporation and Club constitution demands so doing things by the
rules is the manner in which I shall carry out my duties. If this offends some who prefer a more
“relaxed, informal approach” – I make no apology. I believe it is easier to run by the rules - then eve-
ryone knows what’s happening.

This year it has become evident to me that there are ‘separate interest’ groups emerging. The Club
was originally formed (in 1929) by those interested in breeding and showing and over the years (and
to a large degree still) it has been these people who have been the Club stalwarts. They extended
their work to cater not only for the show exhibitors and breeders but to educate and provide activities
beyond the show ring – such as picnics, workshops and lectures on the breed, grooming days, obedi-
ence and general information from those with experience with Airedales from the whelping box
through to old age.

The elected committee of management (in the ATCV Inc all positions become vacant at the end of the
financial year) controls and manages the affairs and business of the Club. This management is regu-
lated by rules of the Associations Incorporation Act.
The committee of Club continues to provide days to cater for the ‘pet people’ and those ‘breeders/
show people’ support the running of the fun days, walks etc. Do those not interested in the show re-
turn the favour by coming along to watch, help with catering and the running of the one day of shows?
The breeders/exhibitors love nothing more than to meet up with their grown up Airedales and their
owners and to hear stories and the joys of owning an Airedale terrier.

It is disappointing to hear of some splinter groups organising activities for their own selected people
and excluding members who may wish to attend. We need to be inclusive, not exclusive. All Club run
events are open to ALL Club members. Having said that, a small but hardworking group conducted a
Beach Day, the Championship and Open Show, the Bush Day, the Big Day Out and the event at the
Billabong. These sanctioned Club events are covered by the VCA insurance should there ever be an
incident. Non-sanctioned events are not covered. Regular committee meetings ensured the adminis-
trative duties and all the planning for these events was done as well as attendance on the days, to
make them happen. Four informative and entertaining editions of the club magazine - The Airedaler -
were also published.

Showing has been light on – I have received notification of 3 Championship titles for Airedale Terriers
owned by Club members – 2 interstate, 1 Victorian. Victorian owned and bred Airedales have en-
joyed success at local and interstate shows and also at the prestigious Montgomery County weekend
in the USA. Well done all!!

I wish all the best to the incoming committee of management and urge all members to support the
Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria.

Sue Wilson
  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                   Page   3
The Airedaler February 2011   Page   4
Treasurer’s Report for the Year 2010

Beach Day

  . Ruffy Lake Park walk will replace this day. See details on
                   page 28 of this Airedaler

 The Airedaler February 2011                             Page   5
Incoming President’s report
My sincere appreciation to the past efforts of committee members Glenys Cochrane and Suzanne Tennant who
retired from their positions of President & Treasurer at The AGM in February 2011. Several new committee
members were elected. Welcome Meg Downie, Maree Carroll, Anne Shellard and Jenny Patience who have a
diverse background and bring great skills to the committee.

The committee will meet within the month to expedite matters of importance including 2012 Champ Show
Judges and the show date, Web Page review, Inventory & Storage of club property, cost to transfer photos,
slides and 18mm film to DVD, Re-home Protocol, members social activities and dates, Breed brochure and
Corally Burmaster proposal for 2012. I welcome input from all members to ensure we have activities suited to all
who enjoy our breed.

The Airedaler has seen various productions over many years and my gratitude to those members who spent
many hours making our club magazine a quality production. I invite articles and photos of interest be sent to the
editor Sue Henderson. In the coming issues several “lost” photos from the past will be published some going
back over 20 years!

New membership will be a focus of the committee and the planned social events in 2011 will be working to-
wards assisting our new members with care, trimming and handling plus encouragement of interaction with
other members. At the recent AGM ten new members joined the club and we hope all will come to The Beach
Day and Ruffy Lake Park. As a way of introduction I will provide BBQ meat and the committee mixed salads.
Lunch will commence at 1pm at Ruffey Lake Park. BYO drinks, deserts and Airedales! The date and directions
will be released shortly.

As we enter 2011 the year has affected many dog folk around Australia and in New Zealand. Our thoughts are
with everyone involved in these tragic events. As my mother of eight children often said “make every day an en-
joyable one”.

In conclusion the 2011 committee will work to be forward thinking and mindfull of the care of our breed. The
ATC of Vic Inc. is a club for everyone and external interest groups are not a direction we should continue for the
good of our breed. I encourage owners and their Airedales to be united and have a fun approach. I look forward
to meeting you for an enjoyable and progressive 2011.

Bye for now.

David Barclay

                New members                                       NEW ATCV car sticker
                                                                (Coloured) $3.00 each or 2 for $5
  Welcome to the following new members. We
 look forward to meeting you at Club functions                 Contact Sue Henderson to buy yours.
 and hope your involvement with the ATCV is a
           long and enjoyable one.

Susan Winnett – Mt Beauty - Tjuringa Glamour Puss
   Margot Milne & Rodger Eade – Geelong West –
             Airewood Educated Guess
      Albert & Edna Mason – Wheeler’s Hill –
          Patricia Veevers – Bairnsdale -
             Tjuringa Dry Gin –( Daisy)
     Laurie Brackley – Ballarat – Bushveldt…..
   Danica Morerley & James Orchard – Bendigo –
              Airewood body of Water
 Ian & Jennifer Price – Wangaratta – Tjuringa Cam
Diana Kasal & Dion Cocker – Mt Duneed – York Park

      Visit the Club website for information on Club events.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                        Page   6
                            A Night at the Museum
When: Wednesday 23rd. March Commencing at 7.30pm
Where: Canine Museum, State Dog Centre (formerly KCC Park) Westernport
Hwy Skye. Melway Map 128 J12

There will be;
   A display of the Club library and other books on the Airedale Terrier
   A talk by Merilyn Syme OAM about the Canine Museum
   Comments from the Museum Curator, Keith Prior
   Competition, bring along an Airedale object and enter $5 per entry
   The opportunity to have some of your Airedale memorabilia valued (there
    will be a $5 per item charge for this) * Please note Keith Prior is NOT a
   valuer but an avid collector with a great deal of experience.
   A guided tour of the Museum
   Supper

ALL members are invited to join us on this evening for what promises to be a
super evening.                Please bring a plate for supper.

Contact Keith Lovell for further information
or : 5627 8110      Mob: 0419 231 129

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                    Come stay with me and have your own…Dog Holiday!!

      Want to go on a holiday but concerned
        about your dog?
      Worried about leaving your dog in a

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      your dog while you are on your
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      love company, I get lonely!

      Your dog will be treated as part of the
                                                If you are interested call my owners to
                                                discuss how we can help.
                                                Free trial before you go away in order
       Daily walks/beach trips
                                                to check we can get along.
       Indoor bed
       Garden to run around
       Hugs and lots of play time!
       Quiet relaxing time as well              Mark, Debbie & “Astro Boy”
       Cheaper rates than kennels, price is

    The Airedaler February 2011                                                Page   7
AIREDALE RESCUE & ADOPTION REPORT FOR 2010                                                      Sue Forrester

General comments
2010 was an interesting year for Airedale Rescue & Adoption, partly because a significant number of enquiries,
and some Airedales needing help, originated in States other than Victoria. It demonstrates the interstate nature
of the network that has grown around Australia. Airedales do not have any sense of State boundaries so al-
though an Airedale may have originated in Victoria, because the majority of breeders are Victorian, many pup-
pies are sold to interstate buyers. From time to time, this means an Airedale comes to our attention in another
State even though it was bred in Victoria.

Not all Airedales that find their way to the Rescue & Adoption network are able to be breeder-identified. And
those of more senior vintage often are not micro-chipped, and do not come with any history of ownership, health
or even exact age.

Whilst it should be regarded as correct practice that all Airedales requiring re-homing ought to be handled by the
breeder of that Airedale, and in many cases it is so, the fact remains that many owners do not contact their
breeder when they are no longer able to take care of their dog. Therefore the existence of the network that is
Airedale Rescue & Adoption continues to have value as a resource within the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria
Inc. There are many people who demonstrate support and goodwill and who are very willing to assist in any way
possible to ensure that every Airedale requiring help does receive it.

As in previous years, there have also been some Airedales placed in good homes on behalf of breeders who
have decided that it is in the dog’s interests to be adopted into a family or owner of its own.

Airedales Adopted in 2010:

Zena, aged 3: Victorian bred, offered by breeder and adopted by Jenny Patience & Gary Rens of Lilydale, as a
much loved companion to Duke, also adopted. Breeder assisted.
Archie, aged 2: NSW bred, unable to be handled by owners who contacted Sue Jolly (ATANSW) for assis-
tance. Archie was initially placed in a home in northern NSW which proved unsuitable. He was assessed fur-
ther and to give him a chance, he was moved to Victoria to the best available home with very experienced peo-
ple. Sadly this did not work out in Archie’s favour and the difficult decision had to be made to euthanize him, as
to prolong his distress was unacceptable. This was a tough and very emotionally draining event for all involved.
Not breeder-assisted.

Fletcher, aged 6: NSW bred, owner surrender, no interest in or time for dog. Rescued from shelter by very
experienced Airedale owner Dianne Collins, who offered help in transporting him from NSW to Victoria, where
he was adopted by Linda & Roger Makin of Olinda. He has settled in with their resident Airedale Ruby, ex-
tremely well. Not breeder-assisted.

Buddie, aged 6: Queensland bred, owner surrender due to relocating to South Africa. Adopted by Queensland
Airedale-experienced person. Not breeder-assisted.
Dashe, aged 11: NSW-bred, found advertised on the internet (by USA Rescue person who alerted me with the
information), owner release due to inability to take care of her. Adopted by Dianne Collins, in southern NSW,
and thriving in her care. Not breeder-assisted.

Missy, aged12 months: Victorian bred, owner release, owners unable to give enough time to her. Adopted by
Airedale-experienced couple Julia & Rob Pappalardo, thriving in their care. Breeder-assisted.
Gracie: aged nine: RSPCA surrender, owner and breeder unknown. No microchip, and no history available.
Adopted by Damon Hill who also has the late Wal Brown’s boy Jack. Extensive vet treatment required following
her spay operation at RSPCA.

Violet (formerly Vicki), aged 3: Victorian bred, owner release in Adelaide, lack of time for dog and too much
isolation. Adopted by Adelaide Airedale owners, Sally & Rob Culver who also have Victorian-bred Humphrey.
This adoption involved arrangements being made in ACT, NSW, Victoria and SA. Breeder-assisted.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                        Page   8
Jock, aged approximately ten: Victorian bred, owner release due to ill health and entering aged care. Daughter
unable to care for him and contacted us for help. Records indicated I had placed him six years ago with the cur-
rent owner, after a previous owner-release. Moderately good health though arthritic. Adopted by Jenny Pa-
tience & Gary Rens. Very sadly he only lived till late December, but was very well loved and cared for in those
final months. Not breeder-assisted on either occasion.

Milo, aged 11: Victorian bred, owner release due to downsizing of home. Adopted by Sally Martin & Greg Rich-
ards, who have Milo’s young nephew, Wesley, from the same breeder. Milo is thriving and both Airedales very
happy as are his new owners. Breeder-assisted.

Two female Airedales (not breeder-assisted) were initially offered for owner-release and adoption, but with some
extensive assistance, both have been able to remain with their owners. In both cases, the breeder was known,
one Victorian, one NSW.
Two male Airedales were found advertised on the internet but all endeavours to locate and speak with the own-
ers failed. In these cases, only one breeder (NSW) was identified, the other remains unknown.

I will conclude with an expression of gratitude to the people who so swiftly and willingly stepped up to offer
homes to each of these Airedales, and to the breeders and Club members who support this work.

 Airedale-experienced homes are always needed so do not hesitate to put up your hand if you are able to help in
any way. Or you may have an Airedale whom you can no longer take care of and need adoption help. Contact
no: 03 5965 2338 (evenings).

            Congratulations to the following members
       Glenys Cochrane on becoming a                      Western Australian member Pauline Kitching
               Grandmother.                                   on becoming a Great Grandmother.
                                                           Lachlan Neil was a birthday present for
                                                          Pauline who celebrates her birthday the day
                                                                       after his arrival.

   Glenys with son Nathan and new arrival

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                      Page   9
                         Entries close Friday 13th May, 2011

     Airedale Terrier Club of                        Airedale Terrier Club of
          Victoria Inc.                                   Victoria Inc.
     CHAMPIONSHIP SHOW                                      OPEN SHOW
 State Dog Centre Westernport Hwy, Skye          State Dog Centre Westernport Hwy, Skye

 SATURDAY JUNE 11th, 2011                        SATURDAY JUNE 11th, 2011
                   Judge:                                        Judge:
             Mrs Dianne Barclay                               Ms Amy Jonas

                                                            Schedule of classes
            Schedule of classes                            1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 11 dogs
              1, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 18                  1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, 6a, & 11a bitches
        1a, 3a, 4a, 5a, 10a, 11a, 18a
                                                     Entries to the Show Secretary
    Special Classes: 12a, 12b Veteran                     Mrs. S. Henderson,
    Vintage (not judged, exhibition only)                    24 Rathgar Rd,
                                                            Lysterfield 3156
      Entries to the Show Secretary                         Phone (03)9752 7415.
           Mrs. S. Henderson,
                                                  Cheques should be made payable to
              24 Rathgar Rd,
                                                    Airedale Terrier Club of Vic. Inc.
             Lysterfield 3156
              Phone (03)9752 7415.

  Cheques should be made payable to                   Catalogue: Free with first entry
    Airedale Terrier Club of Vic. Inc.
                                                       Entry Fee: 1st. Entry $10.00
                                                      subsequent entries $7.00 each
     Catalogue: Free with first entry
                                                Judging time: Judging will commence at the
      Entry Fee: 1st. Entry $15.00               conclusion of the Championship Show but
     subsequent entries $10.00 each                          not before 11am

Judging time: Judging will commence at          Admission—Free
                     10 am
Admission—Free                                  Exhibit numbers: A stamped self addressed
                                                envelope must be included with entries and
Exhibit numbers: A stamped self addressed       in the case of multiple exhibitors, one enve-
envelope must be included with entries and                lope for each exhibitor.
in the case of multiple exhibitors, one enve-
          lope for each exhibitor.
                                                         Light catering: Available
           Light catering: Available
                                                 Special Prizes: Trophy and Sash for all in
 Special Prizes: Trophy and Sash for all in                    show awards.
               show awards.
                                                LATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

 The Airedaler February 2011                                                         Page   10
                  New Championship Title for Neutered Dogs (From the VCA)

Members wishing to enter their dogs in the new Neuter Classes to obtain points toward the newly intro-
duced Neuter Champion title must apply to have their dog(s) recorded as a Neuter on the Main Regis-
ter of the ANKC database. (Refer to ANKC regulations Part 5, Section 3.5) 3.5

Only dogs or bitches registered with an ANKC Member Body as a “neuter” on the main register shall be
eligible to compete in either Class 15,16,17 or 18. (Amended10/01) You are required to return the
original Main Certificate of Registration to the office along with a photocopy of the desexing certifi-
cate. You will be issued with a new certificate reflecting the updated status of your dog. The admini-
stration fee for this service will be $15.00

Please note: Any Neuter Champion title points accrued prior to the date your dog was recorded as a
Neuter on the Main Register of the ANKC database may not be counted towards granting the Neuter
Champion title.

Thank you for your co-operation.
Kind Regards

Judy Judy Haynes
Member Services Co-ordinator DOGS Victoria
(Member Body of the Australian National Kennel Council

Show classes -Championship Show

Neuter Class 18 & 18a—see above
Class 18 OPEN NEUTER . For neuter dogs aged six months and over
Class 18A. OPEN NEUTER - For neuter bitches aged six months and over.

The Neuter classes are conducted after Best of Breed and any class run offs are finished, i.e. the last
thing in each breed.

Special Classes

12a Veteran 7 years of age and under 10
12b Veteran over 10 years of age
Exhibits in this class do NOT compete for the Challenge but do compete for Best Veteran in Show
VCA registered Desexed exhibits may enter this class. Dogs and bitches will be in the same class.

For dogs and bitches over the age of 10 years
Exhibitors entering an exhibit in this class are requested to provide a brief profile and a photograph of
the exhibit which will be included in the Catalogue.

Novice Class (Open Show only) Class 6&6a
For dogs or bitches 6 months of age and over which have not won a First Prize at any Open Show or
Championship Show (subject to Member Body Rules) Baby Puppy and Local classes excepted.

The Committee would like to see new exhibitors take advantage of this class and encourages people to enter
their Airedale Terrier and compete against other novice exhibitors. If you need help in preparing an Entry Form
please contact the Show Secretary or your breeder for help. It is not essential for dogs entered in this class to
be in show trim, however, there may be dogs entered in this class that are.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                        Page    11
Championship Show Judge’s


I would like to thank the Airedale Terrier Club of
Victoria Inc. for inviting me to judge their prestig-
ious Championship Show in June 2011.

My husband and I purchased our first two Aire-
dales from the infamous Lorna Schuster stalwart
and long time past member of the club. Our first
Airedale was Hillmere Valiant named ‘Saunders’, after my nana, followed by Ch. Hillmere Winall
‘Angus MacDuff’ ‘Mac’”, as he was known to our many Airedale friends and customers at our Whole-
sale nursery, an Aust Ch. Siccawei Baronet son, Ch. Drakehall Dragoon grandson, was our constant
Airedale in so many ways, spending every moment of the day with us in our business until the day he
died at l3 years of age. ‘Mac’ was missed by all who knew him including ‘Danny’ the Shetland pony
who often enjoyed running in our paddock with ‘Mac.

Lorna Schuster mentored us in grooming, showing and the importance of a breed club. She invited us
to join and serve on committee, even encouraged us to do obedience and conformation over many
years. Looking back, this is some 34 years ago, and during this time due to Lorna’s dedication the
A.T.C.V. had an active enthusiastic team either obedience, agility or public demonstrations. David and
I continue to serve in the dog world, actively running the annual high profile Lillydale Kennel Club All
Breeds show with friends we met in our early days of The Airedale Terrier Club of Vic.

Humbly thinking back to our first attempts at grooming, showing and breeding we recently achieved
fantastic success in U.S.A. both at Hatboro D.C. Best Opposite Sex and Airedale Terrier Club of
America Best Winners winning in top competition with our homebred Ch Yorkpark Tzarah. Cam-
paigned briefly in Australia groomed by myself and shown by David she flew to U.S.A. for final
touches by expert trimmers. David showed her under breeder/judges at the Mecca weekend for terri-
ers – we have thoroughly enjoyed the sport of dogs! The AKC determined foreign born competitors in
bred by class should also have an AKC registration number and subsequently Tzarah was ineligible
for the points. That’s dog shows!!

In l990 we imported from Sweden Ch. Pinto Wish Upon A Star in whelp to Ch Malmangen Stranger in
Paradise. ‘Russin’ subsequently produced a lovely litter in quarantine. We were the first Airedale
breeder to import frozen semen from U.S.A. from American Ch M.J. Stone Ridge Chosen One a multi
winner of the Airedale Terrier Club of America Best of Breed Bowl. The effort combined to form the
background for our breeding and we salute their breeders for all the fine points they have passed on
to our Yorkpark kennel.

Looking back dogs and cats were always in my life – My first memory was of my mothers Pekingese
‘Fluffy ‘ draped around her neck, as a ‘toy’ he was dressed up and pushed like a doll in a pram end-
lessly. The favorite dog by far was ‘Timmy’ our much loved French Toy Poodle who lasted forever and
seemed to be in everyone’s life.
My first 4 Airedales shared show time with my mother’s show Boxer ‘Karl’ who needed much training
in the manners department, bouncing off terriers meant he got retired early. My Nana Saunders influ-
enced me in my love of dogs and cats. Her great passion of cats is an untold story, but she always
had far too many, like Nana I adore cats and have owned three memorable cats. Currently I am satis-
fied with a Welsh Terrier in my lap the other breed we adore and show.

                                DI BARCLAY   Yorkpark

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                               Page   12
     Secretary’s Report from Annual General Meeting and Special General
                      Meeting held February 23rd, 2011.
       18 members signed the attendance book and 12 members sent their apologies.
       Previous minutes were passed and Reports were tabled from the outgoing President, The Secretary, and
        The Treasurer.
       The Auditor, Mick Lindsay was reappointed for another year.
       The Patroness of the Club, Pauline Lewis, was enthusiastically re-appointed.
       It was moved that membership fees for the 2011 year remain unchanged.

Nomination of Office Bearers:
Nominations for the following were received and were elected unopposed:
     President: David Barclay,
     Vice Presidents: Anne Sorraghan and Keith Lovell,
     Secretary and Public Officer: Sue Wilson
     Assistant Secretary and Airedaler Editor: Sue Henderson
     Treasurer: Meg Downie.
     General Committee: Anne Shellard, Maree Carroll, Glenys Cochrane, Suzanne Tennant.
There being 2 vacancies nominations from the floor were called and Jenny Patience and Jane Walker were
elected unopposed. This gives us a full committee for the first time in many years.

Special General Meeting
       A certificate was presented to Maree and Geoff Carroll acknowledging their Airedale Terrier, Champion
        Ingalou A Wild Star.
       The incoming president David Barclay thanked past president Suzanne Tenant and Glenys Cochrane for
        their work over the past years. In particular Glenys has been treasurer for 10 years.
       Bills for payment: Auditor’s fee $60, Consumer Affairs $41.80, Secretary’s honorarium $550.00 were ap-
       The subcommittee looking at the annual and perpetual trophies will reconvene taking into account issues
        raised by the membership.
       The Constitution and By-laws sub committee will meet again in light of changes proposed by the Associa-
        tions Incorporation
       Future judges for Champ Shows will be offered as sub leases to terrier specialist clubs and West Gipp-
        sland. Committee will make approaches.
       Airedale Terrier adoption and re-homing report was tabled.
       The meeting approved a development of protocols and a Club policy on re-homing and adoption of Aire-
        dale Terriers.
       An amount of $434.05 was approved to be paid to a member who incurred veterinary costs associated
        with a re-homed Airedale Terrier.

The following dates are Club events:
       Museum Night – March 23rd (confirmed)
       Beach Day – either April 17th, 24th (TBC)
       Bush Day – July 17th
       Xmas at the Billabong – December 4th
       Grooming Day -early May (TBC)
       Ruffey Lake Park walk – (October TBC)

       The idea of another Year Book will be advertised in the Airedaler
       Visit by Corally Burmaster to be pursued.
       Breeder’s referral form will be developed and offered to breeders for advertising puppies on the Club web-
       ANKC registration of close matings -letter to be sent from Club.
       Committee to peruse documents on Club History from Jane Harvey’s Janedogs website to maintain integ-
        rity and accuracy of information of kennels named.

Sue Wilson

    The Airedaler February 2011                                                                      Page   13
   Sue Henderson, Sue Wilson and Keith Lovell
   show off the Club display at the Big Day Out
   for Dogs.

                                                                 Four-legged big day out
                                                                  Herald Sun December 13, 2010

                                                                  EVERY man and his dog was out
                                                                  to celebrate Christmas in style
                                                                  yesterday at the annual Big Day
                                                                  Out for Dogs.

                                                                 The biggest day on the canine calendar
                                                                 saw man's four-legged friends take over
                                                                 the State Dog Park at Skye for competi-
                                                                 tions, racing and demonstrations.

                                                                 Christmas was high on the agenda for
                                                                 the annual Dogs Victoria event, with a
                                                                 festive market proving the perfect place
                                                                 for owners to stock up on presents for

                                                                 A large crowd saw dogs paraded and
                                                                 put to the test in a variety of agility,
                                                                 coursing and obedience competitions.

                                                                 Dog owners from across the state took
                                                                 advantage of discounted pet micro-
                                                                 chipping, displays and grooming demon-

                                                                 The competition was tough in categories
An Airedale “wordle” and posters made by Sue Wilson were the     including best Christmas carol howler,
backdrop for the Club’s display at the Big Day Out for Dogs in   best owner-dog lookalikes, and the
December.                                                        crowd favourite, the dog with the waggi-
                                                                 est tail.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                  Page   14
                                                 Talking Airedale Terriers?
                                                         Of course!

               Keith Lovell samples some
           “Airedale Aged Cheddar” Cheese
           made by new Zealand company-

                                                           Maree Carroll, Keith Lovell and
                                                           Sue Henderson taking time out

  Jane Walker and Sam (left) enters one of the
       variety classes at the Big Day Out,

The Airedaler February 2011                                                         Page     15
                                SHOW RESULTS

   Dogz Online Pointscore Competition                             BUSHVELDT BONNIE MAID
             2010 Winners                                   Owned & Bred by Peter & Jan Hatton

       NATIONAL BREED LEADER                                                         Central Gippsland
      (ALL BREEDS COMPETITION)                                                      Kennel Club 2/1/11
         Oldiron Flame Thrower                                                        Runner Up in
 (Gemcourt Kennels / Anne & Ron Sorraghan)                                                Group
The All Breeds leaderboard recognises dogs of this
                                                                                    Australia Day Inter-
                                                                                    national Dog Club
                                                                                     Junior in Group

                                                                                    Australia Day Inter-
                                                                                    national Dog Club
                                                                                   Junior in Group

                                                                     Canberra Royal 26/2/11
                                                                        Best of Breed

breed who do well at the National level when compet-
ing against other breeds. It is based on Best / Run-
  ner-Up in Show and Best / Runner-Up in Group
                      wins only.                                YELOMAN OLD JAZZSTOMP HK
                                                             Owned & Bred by Suzanne Tennant
  Oldiron Flamethrower was also the BREED
  winner of the RISING STAR OF THE YEAR                        Berwick A & H Society 26/2/11
recognising the up and coming youngsters in the                      Junior in Group
        breed (up to 18 months of age).                               Best in Group
                                                                      ( No photo available)

                                                            Congratulations Suzanne on
                                                           winning your first Best In Group
                                                           award at Berwick A & H Society.
                                                              May there be many more!

           (BEST OF BREED FINAL)
            Ch. Oldiron Boomerang
            Anne & Ron Sorraghan)                       Correction

 The Best of Breed Competition recognises consis-       Ch. Oldiron Flamethrower was incorrectly
 tent performers at the breed level. Points are based   named in the Show Results of the last Airedaler.
   on Best of Breed and Runner-Up of Breed wins         My apologies to his owners. Ed.
only at any Championship Show throughout Australia.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                 Page   16
    Westminster Kennel Club USA
                                                         Hatched & Matched
The Westminster KC show is a unique one. The entry
is limited to 2500 and is by invitation only. All dogs
entered are Champions.                                   Hatched
The show is held in Madison Square Gardens in New        Sire: Am. Ch. Terrydales HK Icepond Play
York and it was first held in 1877.                      For Oldiron
                                                         Dam: Aust. Gr. & Am Ch. Oldiron Foreighn Ex-
This year there were 12 Airedale Terriers entered, 8
dogs and 4 bitches judged by Mrs Rosalind Kraus
Kramer                                                   Whelped: 7 pups
                                                         Ron & Anne Sorraghan
              The Best of Breed                          Oldiron
           GCh Sherwood’s King Arthur
       Sire: Ch. Evermay’s High Performance              Matched:
         Dam: Ch. North Stars Total Eclipse              Sire: Am. Ch. Terrydales HK Icepond Play
                                                         For Oldiron
                                                         Dam: Oldiron this Way Up
                                                         Due: ?
                                                         Ron & Anne Sorraghan

                                                         Sire: Am. Ch. Terrydales HK Icepond Play
                                                         For Oldiron
                                                         Dam: Oldiron Xanadu
                                                         Due: ?
                                                         Ron & Anne Sorraghan

              Best of Opposite Sex
      Ch. Brisline’s Goforit Energizer Bunny
       Sire: Ch. Evermay’s High Performance
                  Dam: Goforit Niki                                   YEAR BOOK

                                                         The Committee will be looking at the
                                                         possibility of publishing a Year Book
                                                         with a view to recording events, titles
                                                          and winners since the last book in

                                                         Any member who would like to be in-
                                                         volved with, or has ideas for this pro-
                                                          ject is most welcome to contact the
                                                                  Secretary Sue Wilson.
Award of Merit
Ch Lynaire’s Perfect Storm
Sire: Ch. Evermay’s High Performance
                                                         We suggest people who may be inter-
Dam: Ch Stargus Ayesha                                   ested in advertising or submitting arti-
                                                         cles etc. start looking out photos and
GCh. Buon Aires Fagioli
Sire: Coldstream’s Highlander                                          information.
Dam: Buon Aires Street Angel
                                                            Watch for further information as it
Ch Texter Stronghold Legend
Sire: Texter Quality Control                                      becomes available.
Dam: Texter Quantum Steel Magnolia
  The Airedaler February 2011                                                               Page    17
                            Meg Downie:
            Canine comfort worth the cost of a laser show, as
                 opposed to a noisy fireworks display

ARE the ears of man's best friend worth a $10,000 council bill?

The deputy mayor of one Melbourne council thinks so.

Cr Meg Downie wants the "barbaric" Manningham Christmas Carols annual fireworks replaced with a
laser show because she says the noise distresses animals.

"Some people say, 'They're dogs, get over it.' But if you're a dog owner and lover, you hate seeing
them distressed," Cr Downie said.

The cost of a laser show is $15,000, whereas a fireworks display is $5000, according to Manningham

"Lasers are a modern way to go," Cr Downie said.

Some councillors say the move would waste money.

Cr David Ellis, who owns two boarding kennels, said trauma caused to dogs by fireworks was the ex-
ception. He said responsible owners can manage their animals during fireworks.

RSPCA spokesman Tim Pilgrim backed the plan because people wouldn't have to search for runaway
animals the next day.

                                                               Manningham Deputy Mayor Meg Downie
                                                               and two of her Airedale Terrier dogs Jutta
                                                                               and Felix

                                                                        Ashley Argoon
                                                                        From: herald sun
                                                                        December 31, 2010

                                      DID YOU KNOW??
    Onion, and its cousin, garlic: Whilst raw onions (and to a lesser
    extent cooked onion) are definitely toxic (more so to cats), it is dose de-
    pendent, and most dogs and cats would not voluntarily eat enough raw
    onion to get poisoned. Garlic is ok (actually beneficial) in small amounts,
    and dried garlic is much less of an issue. A large amount of raw garlic
    can "theoretically" cause toxicity, but it has not been proven.

    Dr. Bruce Syme (Vets All Natural)

 The Airedaler February 2011                                                                   Page   18
                 Adopting Milo                                  By Sally Martin & Greg Richards

 It is hard to believe that Milo has only been with us for four weeks! He just fits us like a
glove, though probably it’s more like a dog to a bone or a dale to a hole.

A post by Sue Forrester on Facebook, Airedale Terriers Australia Group, started the adoption ball roll-
ing. “Foster (or adoptive) home needed: if anyone is in a position to help foster an 11 year old
Airedale boy, please contact me. He's sweet, fit and healthy, good with other dogs and people,
and we can't let this dear senior become homeless. He has been an outside dog so may take a
while to adapt to inside, but he deserves every bit of help we can offer.”

My heart said, “We can have him!” but I knew this needed to be a joint decision. Greg took a while to see the
post but when encouraged to look immediately said, “We can have him!” So emails were sent and calls made to
Sue and Glenys. On finding out a little more about our possible new addition, Milo, we discovered that he was
actually Wesley’s uncle. Wesley’s father, Merlin, and Milo were from the same litter … a litter of 13 that had been
hand feed by Glenys Cochrane because their mother became sick and was unable to look after them!
Our heads wondered how Wesley, our 3 year old Airedale, would cope. I was always saying, “It’s not all about
you, Wesley!” But he knew it actually was. So the dilemma: We knew we wanted to share our lives with this
s p e c i a l     o l d   A i r e d a l e       b u t     w o u l d      W e s l e y        w a n t       t h i s ?

We gambled that he did (after a trial walk together where they just ignored each other) and that gamble has
payed off 100 times over. In two weeks, Milo learned to walk off-leash, to play bitey-face and to tease Wesley
into a game. He was easily and quickly house trained and fun trained although we haven’t quite perfected his
basic training, things like ‘give’ or ‘leave’. But a kiss on the nose makes him give us anything he has. He now
takes himself to his new bed while we are still up; happy to leave our side because he knows we will still be there
when he wakes.             This was his last step in the process of a finding a new belonging.

Milo had come from a caring home. He is a beautiful aire-gentleman (sic) with a constantly wagging tail that
shows his delight for everyone and everything. He is a gorgeous senior Airedale … a little deaf, a little lame and
with maybe a little bit of dementia but with lots of personality and lots of love to share. .

Wesley, whom we thought was a bit selfish, has shown his true black and tan colours. He still steals our hankies
(out of pockets) but then takes them and places them gently on Milo’s back. He finds his sacred tennis ball and
drops it lovingly at Milo’s feet. And, he has quickly learned his new name! If we want Wesley, we just call Milo
and     W es l e y   c om es     r ac i n g   …   j us t to   prove     it   is    still   all   about    h im   :)
They happily share their house, their toys, their beds, their food, their walks, their games and their family … all
with     a    generous        spirit       and  a     magnificent    and     loving      aire-ttitude    (sic).   .

                                                                   Wesley (left) and Milo

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                        Page   19
                                                                             PAID AD.

                       Tzarah in the USA show ring October 2010

                              SIRE-   Aust. Ch. Yorkpark Zorba Zopoulos
                              DAM-    Yorkpark Vice Queen

  "Zorba" is available at stud in Australia.

 “Tzarah” now living in the USA with Virginia
    Latham Smith & Deirdre Hernandez.

 "Vice Queen" enjoying retirement in Sydney
   with Wendye Vince & Bruce Stephens.

The Airedaler February 2011                                               Page   20
                                The Canberra Times
   Vaccines, sprays linked to cancers, pet deaths

29 Dec, 2010

Australia's veterinarians and pet owners filed more than 2600 complaints last year about sudden
deaths, illnesses and serious side-effects caused by pet vaccines, flea treatments and other veteri-
nary chemical products.
According to a report published last week by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Au-
thority, the deaths of more than 60 dogs in 2009 were associated with commonly used veterinary
chemicals and vaccines.
Several over-the-counter flea sprays and spot-on treatments contain chemicals that have been
banned in Europe for more than a decade.
Scientific studies by the United States Environment Protection Authority have also linked these chemi-
cals to liver, lung and thyroid cancers in animals, as well as DNA damage, severe hair loss and
chronic itching.
In one instance cited in the APVMA report, a flea treatment containing the insecticide imidacloprid
prompted 255 reports of ''adverse reactions'' in dogs, ranging from nerve inflammation, skin irritations,
vomiting, seizures and difficulty in walking.
The chemical was banned in France more than a decade ago after it was linked to the death of billions
of bees.
The report reveals another commonly available flea treatment containing the insecticide fipronil was
linked last year to 42 reports of adverse reactions in dogs, and 38 in cats. Fipronil is banned in
France, Uruguay and China, but the chemical is widely used in Australia to control fleas, ticks, cock-
roaches, ant infestations and crop pests including locusts.

      Members are reminded that ALL correspondence including changes of
       address and email details MUST be directed to The Secretary.

  It is not acceptable for members to pass information on to another member
                for them in turn to pass this on to the Secretary.

 Breeders and others are reminded that as of November 2010 the Club is NOT
 issuing free memberships to Puppy Purchasers or to those who rehouse an
              Airedale Terrier through the ATCV’s Rescue Service.

               The Club year is from December 1st. In each year until the
                         30th. November in the following year.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                Page   21
                        From         The New York Times
                             By NEIL GENZLINGER Published: January 7, 2011

        What in blazes is wrong with this country’s        Shayna Punim, a German shepherd in the
dogs? Such a collection of neurotic, insecure, bitchy,     “Petkeeping” premiere who can’t take a simple car
bullying creatures hasn’t been seen since whenever         trip without incident.
the latest episode of “Real Housewives” was broad-                It’s tempting to write these cases off to reality
cast.                                                      television’s penchant for focusing on the absolute
I do not own a dog and never have, but I do own a          worst of a species, be it humans or animals, but ap-
television, and from the evidence it emits, the whole      parently there is dog trouble all over the land, and
danged species needs to go on a lengthy timeout. On        multiple kinds of it. Start typing “dog behavior prob-
the National Geographic Channel, Cesar Millan is           lems” into Google, and it helpfully offers you these
now in his seventh season of grappling with ill-           suggestions:
behaved mutts on his “Dog Whisperer.” On Saturday          ¶dog behavior problems dominance
on Animal Planet, Victoria Stilwell returns for a third    ¶dog behavior problems anxiety
season of unprovoked barking and biting on “It’s Me        ¶dog behavior problems biting
or the Dog.” Even the Hallmark Channel got into the        ¶dog behavior problems chewing
act this week; on Monday it rolled out a fresh incarna-    ¶dog behavior problems barking
tion of “Pet keeping With Marc Morrone,” which isn’t       ¶dog behavior problems aggression
limited to problem dogs but certainly had plenty of        ¶dog behavior problems urinating
them in the premiere.                                      ¶dog behavior problems marking
        Watch enough of these shows and you come           ¶dog behavior problems licking
to suspect that they are treating the symptoms of an
                                                                  In contrast, start typing “dog behavior good”
epidemic, not the causes. For instance, a superficial
                                                           into your search box, and Google is baffled. “Dog be-
analysis might suggest that Ginger, the Chihuahua in
                                                           havior good bad,” it says, sounding like a desperate
Saturday’s “Me or the Dog,” is unbearable because
                                                           guess. No “dog behavior good rescuing Timmy from a
her owner, an Upper East Side caricature (and “Real
                                                           well” here; apparently, since the invention of Google
Housewives of New York” alum) named Jill Zarin, has
                                                           sometime in the last century, no one in the entire
lost the ability to distinguish normal human-dog inter-
                                                           world has had occasion to inquire about good behav-
actions from abnormal. (The episode becomes un-
                                                           ior by dogs. Because there hasn’t been any.
watchable about the fourth time Ginger is allowed to
                                                                  All our dog experts seem to be tied up trying to
stick her doggie tongue up Ms. Zarin’s nostrils.) But
                                                           fix this mess one televised dog at a time, an impracti-
Ginger isn’t yapping, biting and inappropriately licking
                                                           cal approach, given that according to a news release
just because she happened to be paired with a per-
                                                           I just received promoting — no kidding — a weight-
missive human. This kind of misbehavior takes gen-
                                                           loss contest for pets, there are 77.5 million dogs in
erations of breeding to perfect. The same is true of
                                                           the United States. So it’s left to a non expert like my-
Phoebe, a recent “Dog Whisperer” poodle who at-
                                                           self to try to figure out the root causes of this orgy of
tacked anything male on two legs; Sydney, a Jack
                                                           misbehavior. It seems to me that it can all be traced
Russell terrier whose hostility toward another dog
                                                           to three familiar bugaboos:
puts her on Ms. Stilwell’s “Top 10 Difficult Dogs” list;

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                           Page    22
1. THE MEDIA Specifically, television. Dogs, stuck in     Her, up on their hind legs by yanking their ears; a
the house all day, probably watch more of it than kids    photograph of the president demonstrating the stunt
do. That was fine in the early days of the medium be-     with Him appeared far and wide. Him yipped, and dog
cause the role models they would see were, basically,     lovers howled. (“White House Gets Protests on
Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, the two finest dogs in history.   Dogs,” read a headline. “Telephone Callers Deplore
      Lassie never barked unless a tree had fallen on     Pulling Beagles’ Ears.”)
some family member eight miles away and certainly               We can safely postulate that word of the ear
never required the kind of dog therapy loose in the       pulling reached every dog in America within a few
land today. And it’s a good thing that TV’s Rin Tin Tin   days and that retaliatory planning began almost im-
— a German shepherd, like the aforementioned              mediately. Mid-’60s dogs were smart enough to real-
Shayna — wasn’t around to see Mr. Morrone’s pre-          ize that a direct attack on a nuclear power like the
scription for Shayna’s travel problems in “Pet keep-      United States could not succeed; instead they chose
ing”: he suggested an “anxiety wrap,” a tight-fitting     a guerrilla campaign of accelerating misbehavior, cal-
garment that supposedly has a soothing effect.            culated to produce within a few generations — i.e.,
      “An anxiety wrap?” Mr. Tin might say. “For rid-     now — dog anarchy.
ing in a car? Are you arfing kidding me? You want               3. OVERREGULATION Let’s state the un-
anxiety, try rescuing Rusty from 50 armed Apaches. I      pleasant but obvious: the balance of power between
did that three times a day, and nobody ever wrapped       dogs and humans shifted when we started ordering
me.                                                       ourselves to clean up after the beasts. In New York
      Anyway, by the late ’60s those paragons were        that took place on Aug. 1, 1978; that’s when the city’s
going or gone, and there were new dogs in town. The       Canine Waste Law went into effect. One man inter-
neurotic Scooby-Doo arrived in 1969; yes, the title       viewed that day called it “the stupidest thing in the
beast would eventually help save the day, but what        history of the city,” but now it’s considered standard
the dogs in the viewing audience noticed was that he      operating procedure — by both us and our dogs. Is it
could also, say, eat his master’s triple-decker sand-     any surprise that dogs don’t obey us when they view
wich and not be punished.                                 us as their personal hygienists?
      Then came the slobbery “Beethoven” movies,                So that’s my guess as to what has given rise to
which turn up on TV a lot because they’re family-         the kinds of behavior now rampant on dog-whisperer
friendly, and the even more slobbery “Turner &            TV: the confluence of bad role models, an image of
Hooch,” which turns up on TV a lot because it has         subservience and a long-held grudge. Possible solu-
lengthy scenes with Tom Hanks wearing nothing but         tions: play “Lassie” DVDs in a continuous loop, limit
black underpants. And now there’s Brian, the more-        dog ownership to landowners with at least 10 acres
human-than-the-humans dog on “Family Guy.” It’s no        and have President Obama issue one of those apolo-
wonder your postmodern mutt, after spending hours         gies for historical grievances that have become popu-
watching this kind of stuff, thinks there are no rules.   lar in recent years. It’s either that or get used to dog
      2. LIBERAL DEMOCRATS The “barking                   tongues in your nostrils and dog behaviorists every
chain” scene in the 1961 film “101 Dalmatians” taught     time you turn on the TV.
dogs how to spread news far and wide, and one of
their first chances to do so was provided on April 27,
1964, by the nation’s No. 1 liberal Democrat, Lyndon
B. Johnson. Johnson pulled his beagles, Him and

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                          Page   23
              MEET                                      Glenys Cochrane – Committee Member

            Your 2011                                   I purchased my first Airedale in the early 1980’s and
                                                        quickly became besotted with the breed. He was

           Committee                                    such a clown and so protective of my young children
                                                        in a very subtle way.. If he sensed any danger he
                                                        would gently slide between the child and the per-
                                                        ceived “person” threat and utter a very low growl to
                                                        make it clear they must keep their distance. I did a
                                                        little bit of showing at this time but gave it away to
                                                        concentrate on child rearing instead. When Aran
                                                        passed on I went to purchase another dog and of
                                                        course found it very difficult, as I was not on any wait-
                                                        ing lists. Instead I purchased a bitch puppy from the
                                                        Warrens, then in Red Hill and decided to show again,
                                                        taking her through to her Aust Champion title. She
                                                        became the foundation bitch of my “AIREBURY” ken-
                                                        nels and produced my very successful show dog
                                                        Merlin – Aust Ch Airebury Limited Edition, with the
                                                        help of a very handsome dog from the Oldiron ken-
                                                        nels (Aust Ch Oldiron Justawesome). I had a lot of
                                                        fun showing Merlin, becoming actively involved in the
                                                        Airedale Club and making lots of friends. When I
                                                        made my move out from the city to my acre for the
                                                        dogs, the Lovells provided me with a beautiful bitch
                                                        Cindy (Aust Ch Tjuringa Fashonista) who produced
                                                        my next line of show dogs and companions. She now
                                                        continues to
                                                        live in luxury at
Anne Shellard - Committee                               the Padfields.
                                                        I usually look
                                                        forward to rais-
I have been a member of    the ATCV since1982           ing one litter of
when I bought my first Airedale puppy from David        puppies per
and the late Issy Thompson. Through Aust .Ch.           year and my
Carringbush Archer (Christian) and lots of help         greatest joy,
from Issy and ATCV members I learnt to groom,           apart from the
show and had a bit of a go at obedience.                puppies them-
During this time I was a committee member in-           selves, is being
cluding the role of Treasurer. Work commitments         able to make
                                                        families com-
led me to reduce my commitment to the ATC and
                                                        plete with that
showing etc..                                           “long awaited
Since then I have always had an Airedale and            puppy”. I have continuing associations with lots of my
ventured into obedience more than conformation.         puppy families over the years and really enjoy the
                                                        many emails and photos that they send. All puppies
My current Airedale, my fourth Squizz, (because         become part of my extended family. I enjoy talking to
he sticks his nose into everything whether it be-       people who want to learn more about the breed and
longs to me or not) Tjuringa Coronado Star is one       often have people come to meet the dogs so they can
of Hughie’s sons (Ch Brisline’s Play Boy).              get a “hands on feel” for the Airedale.
                                                         I volunteered for the Treasurer’s position 10 years
                                                        ago and have worked in that capacity since, although
As I am now retired and have time I felt that I         I am calling it quits this year to take on a general
would like to become more involved with the club.       Committee position instead, hopefully giving me more
                                                        time with the dogs and my new grandson, James.
                                                         I also look forward to having more time to catch up
Profiles of Sue Wilson, Sue Henderson, Keith Lovell     with members at Club functions.
and Jane Walker have not been included in this edi-
tion as they were printed in the August 2010 edition.   “Airedales are not my whole life but they make my
                                                        life whole!!” They are the best!!
Profiles from Anne Sorraghan, Suzanne Tennant and
Maree Carroll have not been submitted.

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                       Page   24
                                  David Barclay-                            Jenny Patience—Committee
                                It is a pleasure to ac-    I have been a member of the Club for around 4 years
                                cept the nomination of     when we gave a senior Airedale, Fergus 8 ½ years of
                                President of The Aire-     age a new forever home. Fergus warmed the
                                dale Terrier Club of Vic   Hearts of everyone who met him.
                                Inc for 2011.
                                                           This is my first term on the Committee but some of
                                I first enjoyed an Aire-   you will already know me from previous Fundraising
                                dale in 1977 purchased     activities for Airedale Rescue.
                                from Lorna Schuster of
                                the famous “Hillmere”      I have learnt a great deal from my association with
                                Kennels. Lorna was a       Airedale people and since joining the Club I really
                                tireless worker for the    enjoy the fun day outs that I have been able to at-
breed and club arranging grooming sessions, Obedi-         tend.
ence training, breed demonstration training and ex-
hibiting from an early age. With my wife Dianne we         In joining the Committee I am hoping to learn a great
would depart almost every Saturday from our home           deal more and become more actively involved with
at Mt Evelyn and arrive at the Melbourne Show-             Club Functions. It would be great to see more mem-
grounds by 7.30am with dog, table and grooming
tools. Sundays was often spent at obedience training
often followed by breed demonstration training. My
patience with obedience was not perfect and our
business demanded more time plus our dog was not
the most enthusiastic so I retired from that direction,
handing over to my wife Dianne who enjoyed her
weekly exercise.

We travelled in the 80’s and visited dog shows in the
same area as our business trips around the west
coast of the USA in California. The famous terrier
handlers were highly skilled and were happy to dem-
onstrate the many skills of handling and trimming in
their country against top competition. I took hundreds
of photos and ultimately videos of USA shows and           bers involved.
dogs that were of great benefit.
                                                           We have owned 4 Airedales in the past 4 years
During this time I served on The ATC of Vic Inc Com-       through Airedale Rescue, 2 seniors sadly passing
mittee and have wonderful memories of the many             and 2 younger ones Duke and Zena who are a contin-
great social activities. On one occasion the club held     ual delight to live with. They certainly keep us
a nite at a function centre presenting various awards      amused and on our toes.
with “dress ups” that were hilarious! I dare say some
photos exist! Fund raising was always a priority and       I look forward to meeting you at the next Club Func-
included a “Wine Night” where we arranged the pur-         tion.
chase of product from an Airedale contact in South
Australia. The evening sold out of 50 dozen bottles
making 100% profit!

The ATC Inc of Vic has many talented members and I
                                                                                   Key Fob $7.50 each
encourage everyone to participate and attend the                                   Lapel badge $5.00 each
various club activities.

As President I am available to hear about innovative
ideas or discuss members ways to assist the club at
events. The committee has a great cross section of
people including experience and energy and we look
forward to a progressive 2011.

Quote of the Month- “Satisfaction does not come with
achievement, but with effort.”

  The Airedaler February 2011                                                                        Page   25
Meg Downie—Treasurer

Brendan and I got our first Airedale (Bonnie) in
1985 as a companion for our other dog Horace.
My first contact with the club was with Sue Wilson
who gave Bonnie her first clip. Bonnie also started
obedience school where we were in the same
class as Ailsa Davis (Sue Henderson’s mother)
a n d      h e r      A i r e d a l e    B r u f f .

I joined the ATCV in 1985 and was a committee
member for at least two years. We were a very so-
cial club then with lots of parties.

Bonnie and I were part of the ATCV Obedience
Demonstration Team (led by Lorna Schuster) which regularly took part in the obedience demonstra-
tions in the main arena at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Brendan and I went overseas in 1989 and didn’t return to Australia until 2003. While we were in Ger-
many we bought Jutta Jumbuck if My Mind who is still with us. Jutta and I did a bit of showing with
her greatest success being runner up in her class at the 2002 Dutch Airedale Terrier Show. We have
a lovely hand painted Delft plate as proof.

Living in Europe for so many years meant that I got to visit Crufts at least 10 times, the world Shows
in Belgium (where by chance I met up with the Barclays but that’s another story) and Holland and of
course shows in Germany.

Jutta had a litter of nine puppies in 2005 and we kept her daughter Wuschel. Since then we have
added Wuschel’s son Felix to our family. I have dabbled with showing since being home but am hap-
pier to just have our three dogs as family pets. They live a grand life. I enjoyed having puppies and
would love to use Felix at stud so I could keep up my connection with Jutta.

I am now a Manningham Councillor and have been working very hard to get a Dog Activity Centre (a
secure off leash area) dedicated to dogs. I hope it will be up and running later this year.

                                                                                A dog friendly B&B
                                                                                “somewhere in
                                                                                Gippsland”, seems
                                                                                to be Airedale orien-

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                                            NOTIFICATION OF TITLE

Please read the following By-Law that pertains to awards for titles before completing this form.

BY-LAW No. 8 Awards for Titles:
1.   A Club memento will be presented at the Annual General Meeting to any member who owns an Airedale
     terrier which has gained a show or obedience title during the preceding club year.
2.   Owner-Members must notify their dog’s show or obedience title to the Secretary in writing (including a
     Notification of Title form) within one month of gaining sufficient points to qualify for the title.
3.   Any eligible owner-member who wishes in addition to be awarded at the AGM an engraved silver tankard
     to mark the achievement of the dog’s title, must indicate so at the time of official notification to the Secre-
     tary and that they will pay, prior to the AGM, the current price determined by the Club for the engraved
     silver tankard, subject to each dog being eligible for the award of one tankard only.
4.   To be eligible for the award of a tankard, at least two thirds of the total points gained to qualify for the title
     must be achieved whilst the owner of the dog is a financial member of the Club.

Please complete the following information and return to:
                         The Secretary, Ms S. Wilson, 11 Mills St , Glen Iris Vic 3146

AIREDALE’S NAME: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………

VCA REGISTRATION NO.……………………………………… M/F………………..DOB…………………………..

BREEDER: ……………………………………………………………………….

OWNER: …………………………………………………………………………………………………..



 PHONE: ……………...…………..…………. EMAIL: ……………………..…………………………………………….

 TITLE GAINED:(Aust. Ch. CD etc) ………………………………                         DATE GRANTED by VCA …………....

 TANKARD REQUIRED?                   YES        NO        Please circle preferred option.

 The cost of the tankard is the responsibility of the owner and must be ordered and paid for at the time
of this notification. All notifications should be sent to the Secretary. Cheques should be made payable
to Airedale Terrier Club of Vic. Inc.
         $40 Victorian Member posted (Collected at AGM $35) or $50 Interstate Member

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        Ruffey Lake Park
                               Date: April 10th 2011

                              Time: 11am until 4pm.

   Directions Entrance- Ruffey Lake Park Church Road North off
                    King Street. Melway 33 H9

   Meet at The Rotunda (Plenty of cover) BBQ Facilities available,

  BYO Chair, Airedale and drinks. Lunch 12 noon -2pm Meat and

            Salads will be supplied. BBQ facilities are available.

                        Contact: Meg Downie 0439 631 905

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