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									                            T he
                                     A iredaler
        Est. 1929
                             Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. 0017566A
                                Dedicated to the Welfare and Promotion of Airedale Terriers
                                   Affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association Inc. & the ANKC
Volume 44 No. 3                                                                                       August 2011

                            2011 Bush Day

The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                 Page 1
                   Journal of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Incorporated (0017566A)
                                    (Dedicated to the welfare and promotion of Airedale Terriers)
                                      (Affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association and the ANKC)

                                                  Volume 44 No.3 August 2011
                                                 Patroness: Mrs Pauline Lewis

  OFFICE BEARERS AND COMMITTEE            2011                         ADVERTISING RATES:
PRESIDENT                                                       FULL PAGE $25 (INCLUDES ONE PHOTO,
DAVID BARCLAY                                                        EACH ADDITIONAL PHOTO $5)
PH: (03) 9735 1416 MOB: 0448 008 422                            HALF PAGE $15 (INCLUDES ONE PHOTO,
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SECRETARY & PUBLIC OFFICER                         Material submitted must be original unless appropriately referenced
SUE W ILSON                                        to the original source. Letters to the Editor are welcomed. The Editor
11 MILLS ST.                                       reserves the right to make literary corrections and to withhold from
GLEN IRIS 3146                                     publication any material submitted. The Editor and the Airedale Ter-
                                                   rier Club of Victoria Inc. accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise,
PH: (03) 9889 4819                                 for the opinions of contributors in their articles.
                                                   The opinions expressed in The Airedaler, should not be taken as
ASSISTANT SECRETARY & AIREDALER EDITOR             those of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc., it’s committee, sub
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GENERAL COMMITTEE:                                                     November 15th. 2011
MOB: 0437 120 040                                                      Material should be sent to
RE-HOMING CO-ORDINATOR & CLUB SALES                                   The Editor—Sue Henderson
                                                                  24 Rathgar Rd. Lysterfield Vic. 3156
GLENYS COCHRANE MOB: 0438 428 589                                            or emailed to:
PH: 9739 6628 MOB: 0403 306 759
                                                                                 Life Members
ANNE SHELLARD     MOB: 0419 349 904
                                                                                  Pauline Lewis
SUZANNE TENNANT MOB: 0428 661 997                                                 Peter Hatton
                                                                                   Jan Hatton
JANE W ALKER MOB: 0438 852 623                                                   Sue Henderson
  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                    Page 2
                                Secretary’s Report – August 2011 -
                                                                                           Sue Wilson

                                                     seas Clubs is being pursued.

                                                     The May Airedaler was posted to all financial

                                                     A Library night was attended by interested mem-
                                                     bers of the Club who had a tour of the VCA li-
                                                     brary, viewed archival material, laughed over old
                                                     photos and sorted through the Club library.
                                                     Thanks to Keith for organising.
The following new members were elected to the
Club:                                                Future events planned are The Billabong Day
     Kellie and Clinton Miller and Juniors Lucy     (December 4th), a possible Beach Day in Octo-
      and Jordan, from Kangaroo Flat, owners         ber/November, Obedience/dog training dates to
      of Roxaire Cocoa Nessa and Ingalou Edi-        be confirmed.
      tor’s Choice.
                                                     Keith Lovell is off to judge Best In Show at one of
       Brian and Shona Holoway,       from The      the most prestigious terrier shows in the world –
        Patch, owners of Tjuringa Hadlee             Montgomery County Kennel Club . Good Luck
                                                     and congratulations.
       Alan and Karen Bates, from Kilsyth, own-
        ers of Old Iron Harry                        If any Club member has a question or wishes
                                                     something discussed please contact the Secre-
The documentation for rehoming Airedales was         tary who will ensure the matter is dealt with at
tabled and Maree Carroll will co-ordinate this for   the next committee meeting.
the Club.

The Bush Day walk at the Sorraghan’s newly
built property was attended by 40-50 club mem-
bers and their well behaved Airedales. A barbe-
                                                      Club Calendar 2011/12
que, socialising and opportunity to learn about
the breed was a feature. The new Club banner                  December 1st 2012
was flying proudly.
                                                               Membership due.
Jennifer Kealy (has been contracted to judge a          Please complete the enclosed
second Airedale Championship Show, immedi-            Renewal form (pg 27) and forward,
ately following her mother’s judging in 2012.
Both ladies will also judge for West Gippsland         with payment, to The Secretary.
Dog Club on the preceding Friday. Susan will
judge the Border Terrier Specialty and Jennifer
the Fox Terrier Club following the Airedale          October/November—To be advised. Watch the
Shows. Appointments for further judging in NSW        ATCV Inc. website and the Facebook page.
have been secured for the following weekend.
                                                     December 4th Christmas @ The Billabong—see
Sashes for BOB and R-Up have been offered at                        details page 9
the Royal Show.
                                                      January 18th 2012 (approx) Nominations for
A Breed Feature, grooming article plus a selec-      Committee positions close. Nomination forms and
tion of photos were submitted for the October         details will be included with the next Airedaler.
Dogs Victoria magazine.

Newsletters from a variety of overseas Airedale        February 2012 AGM Date to be confirmed—
Clubs have been received. Contact with over-               Details in November 2011 Airedaler

    The Airedaler August 2011                                                                 Page 3
                                     President’s Report—                         David Barclay

                                                                        August 2011

As we enter Spring 2011, Royal Shows are a pri-       some members may not be aware but we have
ority for exhibitors around the country in particu-   decided to hold Two Championship Shows on
lar along the east coast of Australia. At the Mel-    Saturday 9th June 2012.
bourne Royal Show Airedale entries are down on
the great entries of the 80’s and years well be-      The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc is affili-
fore most of us were introduced to the breed.         ated with Dogs Victoria and the Australian Na-
                                                      tional Kennel Council Inc. The club has a long
The history of the breed in Australia is most in-     proud history well before our membership came
teresting and pleased to hear Jane Harvey is          on to this earth. The committee is proud of the
compiling some excellent records that will be         many before us and has a commitment to the
available in the near future. The club has many       breed and their owners. We abide by the ANKC/
old photos, videos, Slides and Airedaler maga-        Dogs Victoria Regulations and Incorporations
zines that are well worth preserving. In the com-     Act. The committee recently completed an Adop-
ing months some of the videos and slides will be      tion Policy, which has been introduced and
transferred onto DVD’s for members to enjoy.          shared with our sister clubs in New South Wales
                                                      & Queensland. Anne Shellard, Maree Carroll and
Travelling this month overseas, Geoff & Maree         committee members worked on the project and
Carroll, Sue Wilson, Keith & Trish Lovell, Sue        already have had some success after a recent
Jolly & Sonya Cornick (NSW). Lindsay & Sue            introduction.
Henderson have just returned from Canada one
of the most enjoyable parts of this planet. Their     The Facebook page has continued to thrive and
journey, in part, by train along The Rockies is       along with our club Web page is a great way to
one of the most remarkable sights and highly          keep the communication channels open to our
recommended by everyone.                              membership.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Takemi         The committee will be actively communicating in
Sugimoto in town on work related business from        the coming months with Airedale clubs overseas
Japan. He presented The ATC of Vic Inc with           and our “sister” clubs in NSW & QLD. The club
some lovely gifts made by his wife Shino who          has already been invited to write editorial for sev-
visited our country and met club members some         eral overseas clubs Year Books.
years ago.
                                                      In December The ATC of Vic Inc Christmas
The committee is pleased to announce our 75th         Party will be held in The Yarra Valley and I invite
Annual Championship Show judges Susan &               all members, friends and their Airedales to come
Jennifer Kealy-Ireland have accepted our terms        along. It is most important your dogs are under
to judge and been approved by the ANKC. The           control at all times and I encourage everyone to
club is inviting interested club members who are      have their dogs on a lead. The Club sales stand
willing to offer their home for accommodation to      will be at this event with a few bargain items for
notify Sue Wilson by 1st January 2012. The ten-       everyone.
tative accommodation dates are Tuesday 12th
until Friday 15th June. The club has negotiated to    Until next time
sub let the two judges in Melbourne and Sydney.
The sub letting has assisted the club with the ex-    David Barclay-President
penses for our shows in June 2012. Perhaps

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                    Page 4
From the VCA.
Dear Secretary,

The Management Committee of DOGS Victoria have resolved that: ALL membership renewals from 1st October 2011 to 31st
December 2012 will require the member to attach photo ID to the membership renewal.

Also, it is now a requirement that all new memberships provide proof of residential address and photo ID when applying for
membership of DOGS Victoria. (The membership application form located on the website has been updated to this effect.)

The above information has been placed on our website in the Members Area, under Members Latest News, and will also be
published in the September Gazette.

Please circulate to your club members via your newsletter, or by email if appropriate.

Jo Cerda    Personal Assistant to the chief Executive DOGS Victoria

       Annual Raffle -
    Prize Tapestry Throw
 Why not send your membership renewal for
   2012 (form included with this Airedaler
 pg. 27) and the raffle tickets together to the
 Secretary before December 4th?. Or bring
            tickets to the ATCV
      Christmas Party @ the Billabong.

 To be drawn on December 4th at the ATCV
   Inc. Christmas Party @ the Billabong.

           Raffle tickets
         $2 each or 6 for $10

              Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. Facebook

    Members are invited to join us on Facebook by clicking on “Like” on the Facebook Page.

    The purpose of the page is to communicate information to and from Members and other
             interested persons about ATCV Inc. sanctioned events and matters.

 Inappropriate posts may be deleted unless approval is given from the administrators of the
page. If you wish to post and are not sure whether your post is acceptable please contact one
                             of the administrators prior to posting.

If you believe a cause is worth the official support of the ATCV Inc. contact the Secretary with
           your suggestion and the matter will be officially discussed and decided on.

   The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                     Page 5
                          2012 Members
                                          hip Renewal
                        December 1s                     is due on
                                      t 2011. Please
                        return the re                complete an
                                      newal form (                d
                        with your pa                pg. 27) toge
                                     yment to th                 ther
                                                  e Secretary.
                          PS: W hy no
                                      t return you
                         on Dec. 4th               r raffle ticke
                                    ) at the sam                 ts (drawn
                                                  e time and
                                     payment for                 make one
                                                   the two?

Airedale Terrier Club Newsletters

In order to both promote our club and to establish a line of communication between the ATCV and
other Airedale Terrier Clubs, the last edition of The Airedaler was sent to several Clubs in Australia and
overseas. This has resulted in several Clubs agreeing to establish links and share newsletters and
other information about their club events with us.

To date we have magazines from the
    Airedale Terrier Club of Scotland
    West of England and South Wales Airedale Terrier Club
    Airedale Terrier Association of NSW
    South of England ATC has indicated they will send us a copy of their magazine shortly.

There are several other clubs that have welcomed the initiative and offered support to our Club. The
National Airedale Terrier Association (UK) has asked to donate a sash for the Best in Show winner at
our 75th Annual Championship Show in June next year and several clubs have said they will promote
our show and events to their members.

These links will give the ATCV Inc. a presence in the World of Airedale Terriers that has been lacking
for some time now and we will continue to seek links with other clubs in an endeavour to learn more
about what is happening on the Airedale Terrier scene throughout the world and to share our events
and experiences with other like minded people.

If any ATCV member would like to read a copy of the above magazines please contact me at and I will email you a copy.
                                                                                   Sue Henderson
  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                     Page 6
 Heard on the Grapevine
 Good to hear that Colin Duff is recovering well             New Members
from his hip replacement operation. Hope it will
not be too long before Lyn does not have to put
        his shoes and socks on for him.

  Long time club member Dr Siegel recently
passed away one week before his 90th birth-
day. Although there had not been an Airedale
Terrier in the Siegel house for many years he            The ATCV welcomes the following
continued his membership with the ATCV. Dr           New Members and hope they have a happy,
          Siegel had no living family.                long and active association with the Club.

                                                   Kellie & Clinton Miller & Juniors Lucy & Jordan
                                                   Kangaroo Flat - Roxaire Cocoa Nessa and
                                                   Ingalou Editor’s Choice
       “A bit of trivia”
                                                   Brian & Shona Holloway     The Patch - Tjuringa
                  In 2010 :
                                                   Alan and Karen Bates Kilsyth. - Old Iron Harry
       7 Victorian breeders whelped
        23 litters of Airedale Terriers
        from 21 dams
                                                          Hatched & Matched
       172 puppies were registered
        with the Victorian Canine
        Association                                Sire: Yeloman The Terminator
                                                   Dam: CH. Airewood Sweet Charity
                                                   Whelped: 28/8/2011
       7 dogs sired these litters, 4 dogs
                                                   Dogs: 6            Bitches: 3
        sired more than one litter and
        3 sired one litter each                    Lyn & Colin Duff
       94 of these puppies were male
        and 78 female

       1 puppy was exported to Ja-                 Keep up to date on ATCV
        pan, 1 to Singapore and an-
        other to USA                                 matters by visiting:
       there were no new exhibitors
                                                                  Club Website:
        of the breed in Victoria in any
        form of competition.                   

     (Source: VCA Dogs Victoria magazine)                   Club Facebook page:

 The Airedaler August 2011                                                                 Page 7
        Mr Perriwinkle and Jane Walker at a rally in Melbourne.

                                                 Year Book

     Have you titled an Airedale Terrier since 1990? If so would you please forward
    the following information for inclusion in our next Year Book to Sue Henderson.
        Name of Dog
        DOB
        Breeder
        Owner –at time title was gained
        Title obtained (ie. Champion, CD etc)
        Date title was granted (month & year)
        Sire & Dam
        Contact details of person submitting the information

    Photos and information included for this may be sent as a hard copy in which case the name of the
      dog and the owner should be marked on the back of the photo. Photos may also be emailed to in jpeg format and scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi @ 100%.

    Anyone who would like to share the workload of collecting data and/or help with the production of the
                    Year Book should contact either Sue Wilson or Sue Henderson.

    I have been able to identify a number of Airedale Terriers that gained titles between 1990 and 2010.
    Please check the list on pages 16 and 17 and let me know if you are aware of any others, or if there
     are errors in spelling etc. I have the DOB, Breeder, Owner and Sire & Dam for most of these dogs.
    To be included in the book, the owner of a dog should have been a member of the ATCV Inc. at the
                                            time the title was granted.

     The Airedaler August 2011                                                                  Page 8
                            Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.
                     (Dedicated to the Promotion and Welfare of the Airedale Terrier)
                                 (Affiliated with the VCA Inc. and the ANKC)

                 Christmas Party & Fancy Dress
                                  “at the Billabong”

                Sunday December 4th. from 11 am
For members and families of the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. and their
Airedale Terriers only.
While all members are welcome to join us on the day, it is suggested that for the enjoy-
ment of both the dogs and people attending, only Airedale Terriers confident among a
large number of people and free running Airedales attend .
    New Membership may be taken out on the day.
    2012 Membership Renewal will also be accepted together with a completed
     Membership Renewal form on the day. Don’t be unfinancial!

            Venue: “Wombat Bend” Beaches Lane, Dixon’s Creek
    Directions: From Yarra Glen travel north along the Melba Highway about 8 kms, turn right into
      Old Toolangi Rd, just past the DeBortolli signage. Travel 1 km along Old Toolangi Rd. to T
     junction (look for the letter boxes). Turn right onto Beaches Lane, travel 1km, cross a small
                    creek. Wombat Bend is the first gate on the right past the creek.
                                         Sue & Bill 5965 2338.

       BYO Everything for you and your Airedale/s
                (BBQ facilities available) Don’t forget water & shade.

       Come along for a fun day and enjoy a little “Christmas Cheer” as well.

       Running out of ideas for Christmas gifts? Have a look at the Club
        Sales table on the day for some great goodies.

       Join in the Fancy Dress parade—for both Airedales and their owners.

         Raffle tickets for the Tapestry Throw rug will be on sale prior to the drawing.

                Note: This event will be cancelled IF the day is
               declared a Total Fire Ban for the Central Region.

 Some volunteers to help with the clean up at the end of the day would be greatly
                           appreciated by Sue & Bill

The Airedaler August 2011                                                                     Page 9
 A small but enthusiastic group of Airedalers met at the VCA Library on Wednesday August 24 th.
 Heather Simpson the library convenor had all the Airedale books displayed ready for us to look at.
 A short, but most informative tour of the archival material had many of us staggered by the num-
 ber of old pedigrees, catalogues and other material in store. The Airedalers from the very first
 production up to the 1980’s have all been bound and presented beautifully in blue leather vol-
 umes. We must ensure the editions since are dealt with similarly.
 Some original editions of books such as Gladys Brown-Edwards were studied carefully as were
 others. There was an unusual quiet (as should be in libraries) as we read and looked at the
 books and papers that give the true lovers of the breed understandings of how they developed
 and the background of our breed.
 Following the Library tour we adjourned for some supper and sorted the Club collection of books.
 A decision about where to store the Club library will be carefully considered.

The Airedaler August 2011                                                                  Page 10
                            Photos by Sue Wilson

The Airedaler August 2011                          Page 11
                                                              or “Third        time lucky”
                                                                         Sue Henderson
In August 2005 we had a litter of 9 pups. One of
them, a male, was bought by a local family who       pleased to see us. “Oh no”, said Peter Hatton,”
had adult girls still living at home and a mature    that is not Alf. I’ll just lock this one away and get
West Highland White Terrier. The family came         Alf”. Out came Alf, a massive horse sized Aire-
and looked at the pups several times before it       dale –quite unlovable. Oh well, too late now, I
was time to take theirs home. On the first visit     thought. The others allowed him into the car, but
they declared that their pup would be called Alf.    when we arrived home, Wellington told him in no
                                                     uncertain terms, not to get out of the car, “this is
Almost 2 years later I was contacted by the own-     our house and your family will be here to collect
ers who due to family circumstances found them-      you soon”.
selves in the situation of having to find a new      Alf was not very good at “coming’. I would call
home for Alf. I was fortunate to find someone        Alf! Alf! and eventually Alan (Al), my husband
who was interested In having him. The family         would come. This went on for several days until
had previously owned Irish Wolfhounds but            Alan declared “Someone is going to change their
wanted to downsize. They had a number of chil-       name and it’s not me! So it was decided there
dren of various ages and seemed to tick all of       would be a slow transition from Alf to Alfred to
the boxes as being suitable owners for Alf. Un-      Fred. But Alf LOVED Fred for a name. Maybe
fortunately or maybe fortunately, this was not to    that was originally his name as he came from
be.                                                  RSPCA and they gave few details. He is the
                                                     best dog at “coming” we have ever had and I like
Only a few months later I received a phone call      to show him off at the dog park by calling him
from the new owner expressing her inability to       from the far side of the park. He comes bounding
give Alf the time he needed and telling me she       to me at top speed, impressing everyone with his
thought they may need to rehome him. Over            obedience.
time, we discussed the matter at length and I in-    Initially Fred was quite skinny and ate everything
dicated I did know of someone who would be de-       including newspapers and clothes. Now he eats
lighted to take him. Other than being somewhat       mainly food, the odd tissue but certainly not
boisterous and not overly fond of cats, Alf had      clothes. He wouldn’t come for cuddles. If he did,
no obvious vices. However, after much discus-        something would trigger in his brain and he
sion the owners decided that the whole family        would say “can’t stay –there’s a possum out-
really did want to keep Alf and that they would      side”. It took 18 months before he would stay for
give it another go. They promised me that if they    a cuddle (as though he was saying “I used to
could not make it work they would let me know        have a family that cuddled me, but cuddles don’t
and we would work together on finding new own-       last”. Now he comes up and demands a cuddle.
ers. I contacted them sometime later and was         He was quite a nervous dog. If he barked he
lead to believe all was going well.                  shook all over. We used to laugh and say “Fred’s
                                                     even scared of his own bark”. Then we realised
Fast forward to sometime in 2010 and I came          that Fred had almost certainly been punished in
across the following article in an old Airedaler     some horrible way every time he barked. Unfor-
which set me wondering. Ann and Alan Wise—           tunately, he’s no longer frightened of his own
long time ATCV members had a new dog who             bark and has the loudest I have ever heard.
had been called Alf and was now Fred.                We figured that Fred, as a puppy, had a wonder-
                                                     ful home with kids to play with and perhaps teen-
                  ***************                    age boys. He is very good with small children
Fred (by Ann Wise)                                   and loves a rough and tumble with a fellow who
We decided to take Alf (sight unseen) when our       works near the park. He is obsessed with balls.
older dog Ozzie, became unwell. We assumed           Perhaps that family went overseas and left him
he would suffer the same fate as our previous 2      with another family. When he came to us in
dogs, his half-brothers, who died of lymphoma        2007, he was skinny and nervous. But he’s ac-
when they were 6. Alf was 2, the same age as         cepted us as his family although we are a bit old
our younger dog, Wellington. We bundled Ozzie        and he would rather live in a family of boys. He
and Wellington into the car and headed to Hat-       gets on really well with Wellington and Ozzie
tons (the Airedale Kennels) to collect Alf. We as-   (who 4 years later is still around). As he has ma-
sumed Alf would be waiting, and sure enough          tured, he has become a stately and handsome
there was a smallish good-looking Airedale, very     dog, with a lovely and loving personality. And we
  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                    Page 12
have even found a taller Airedale at the dog park –Banff from Canada.
I must say one thing about all dogs, not just Fred. Boy they can put on an act. When Fred was looking
for a home, he was described as “ a darling. Responsive, gentle, friendly (dogs and people), happy
natured, walks nicely on lead, sits and drops and comes when called, has nice manners with food,
gives up his ball readily, etc etc” Fred has no idea of walking on a lead which is why we go to the
fenced dog park, has no manners with food and had to be locked in the laundry to eat when we first got
him although he has improved, and NEVER gives up his ball! What a dog will do to find a home!!
After reading the article I spoke to Peter and Jan Hatton who had boarded Fred and to Sue Wilson who
grooms him and asked if they thought Fred could be from the breeding we had done. It was possible
they thought.

Eventually at the Bush Day this year I saw Fred and on sight had no doubt that he was my “Alf”. I
spoke to Ann and told her of my suspicions and pointed out that he was in fact microchipped and had
been since he was six weeks old. Something apparently that the RSPCA from where Ann and Alan got
him failed to either ascertain or relate to anyone. Failing that, his Dad had been DNA profiled and it
was possible that we could use this as an identification method if necessary.
I was able fill in some of his background for Ann who realised that things were perhaps not quite as she
had thought.

I sent Ann and Alan details of Fred’s microchip number and his pedigree. Armed with Fred and his mi-
crochip papers Ann took him to be scanned. The result confirmed Fred was now “a proper Airedale”
with a name and birthday and parents and siblings, as well as having a wonderful home for the rest of
his life.

Clearly Fred is his father’s son. He too is a “horse sized” - (a slight exaggeration, but he is larger than
many) Airedale who demands cuddles and has the loudest bark which he sees as his duty to use fre-

There is something very satisfying for me as Fred’s breeder to know where he is and for Ann and Alan
as his owners to know who he is. Although there will always be gaps that we cannot fill in Fred’s life,
fortunately they do not seem to have had any negative impact on him.

                                                                                Obviously Fred is not com-
                                                                                fortable on the chair, the
                                                                                couch is much bigger and
                                                                                far more comfortable.

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                       Page 13
                            Once again we must thank Anne and Ron for
                            hosting the ATCV Annual Bush Day in July. Al-
                            though the weather was not the best the rain did
                            hold off for the duration of the event and anyone
                            who was a bit cold soon warmed up sipping
                            Anne’s delicious homemade soup on arrival and
                            the 3.5km walk. There did seem to be several
                            people who took alternate routes this year and
                            several, by their own admission, had no idea
                            where they were. Fortunately all, human and
                            Airedale, eventually made it back to the starting

                            The threat of inclement weather did not deter
                            members from joining in what was a super day
                            yet again. More than 40 members and their
                            Airedale Terriers came along. The dogs had a
                            wonderful time racing around and playing with
                            their new found friends while their owners en-
                            joyed talking all things Airedale and sharing
                            food and wine. What else is there really?

                            I’m sure everyone will remember that just over 2
                            years ago the Sorraghans were burnt out and
                            lost their home in the Black Saturday fires. Last
                            year at the Bush Day those in attendance saw
                            the very beginnings of the works to rebuild
                            Anne and Ron’s home. We also witnessed the
                            huge amount of regrowth on their property. An-
                            other year on and the regrowth has doubled
                            and their magnificent new home is completed.
                            I’m sure that after spending 2 years or so living
                            in their shed Anne and Ron are delighted to be
                            able to enjoy the comfort of a house.

                            We wish them both much happiness in their new

The Airedaler August 2011                                         Page 14
                            Photos by Sue Wilson &
                            Sue Henderson

The Airedaler August 2011              Page 15
                                     BEUKALE REAGILL GRANVILLE     RUSSIA
    Year Book                        BEUKALE FLIMBY STAR
                                     BEUKALE MELBREAK GEORGIE
                                                                   INGOT ON BROADWAY (CD)
                                                                   BUSHVELDT TANNER (CD)
                                     TANGMERE EXHIBITIONIST        SULTARRON KING AND I
During the next year it is in-       HILLMERE HI TIME (CDX)        BEUKALE DALEMAIN DYLON
tended to publish another            DOOWRIDGE ANTIONETTE (CD)     INGOT WAGES WAR
Year Book. As the last book                                        CHEVAIRE XANNADU
                                     1991                          STRONGFORT SCHWARZENEGER
was published in 1990 we                                           DEVONAIRE LADY PAMELA
                                     OLDIRON STARFITER TARTAN
have gaps in records over a          SULTARRON BOLD AS BRASS       BUSHVELDT BIGGLES
long period of time that need        RANGEAIRE RAZZLE DAZZL        DEVONAIRE MAID O KENT
to be documented. It is in-          FASTLANE SHAKE DOWN (CD)      BEUKALE ANGUS ASKHAM
                                     INGOT TOTAL ECLIPSE           RANGEAIRE RULE THE ROOST
tended this book will cover                                        RANGEAIRE RAVE REVIEW
                                     YONEHKI HARMONY BELLE
the period from 1991—2009            INGOT DIRTY DEEDS             YORKARK PINTO ROCK ELVIS (AI)
and should then be followed          WYWANDA AMARYLLIS             WINDVIEW JUST SO
up with another book before          FASTLANE AIRTIGHT ALIBI
the task becomes too oner-           PINTO WISH UPON A STAR (IMP   1994
ous.                                 SWED)
                                                                   INGOT ON BROADWAY (CDX)
                                     INGALOU DIRE STRAITS
In order to collate material                                       CLESHA CENTRE COURT
                                     TJURINGA JEWEL
for the proposed Year Book                                         TJURINGA MOI
                                     DEVONAIRE COURT JESTER
                                                                   OLDIRON SLICED BREAD
the following Airedale Terri-        FORSVAR LARRIKIN
                                                                   OLDIRON KATHERINE THEGREAT
ers have been identified as          TIROWAI THE RIGHT STUFF
                                                                   YORKPARK PINTO STAROFAME (AI)
                                     FASTLANE STRONGPERSUADER
gaining a title during those         BUSHVELDT BEINASKITE CH
                                                                   OLDIRON BLACK SHADOW
years.                                                             HARDLINE TRAIL BLAZER
                                     MOYLARG MY KINGOS MEMORY
                                                                   ALSIRAT ARMAGEDDON
                                     KELLINGTON AUGUST STORM
                                                                   BEUKALE ASBY SLEAGILL
If you have any information          OLDIRON TARTAN TIME BOMB
                                                                   STRONGFORT SETON BANGON
regarding the breeding and/or        CHEVAIRE XANNADU CH
                                                                   OLDIRON FINDERS KEEPERS
                                     TJURINGA NOUVEAU RICHE
ownership of the dogs listed it                                    RANGEAIRE RUBINA ROSE
                                     DOOWRIDGE ANTIONETTE (CDX)
would be appreciated if you                                        YORKPARK PINTO ICE A STAR (AI)
                                     MOYLARG MATCH SKYLARK
                                                                   BUSHVELDT CONMAN (CD)
could contact either Sue Hen-        MOYLARG MING PRINCESS (UD)
                                                                   BEUKALE GREAT CORBY
derson or Sue Wilson.                TJURINGA MADAM LASH
                                                                   QUALEP PORTIA
                                                                   DEVONAIRE RINGMASTER
If you are aware of any other        1992                          FORSVAR LARRIKIN (UD)
                                     TJURINGA ICE HOT              BEUKALE BLENCARN BRIDEY
Airedales that were granted a        OLDIRON GRANDSLAM TARTAN
title during this time please for-   EARLAIRE BEUKALAM             1995
ward details to Sue Henderson        BEUKALE ESKETT EBONI          YORKPARK PINTO ROCK STAR (AI)
for inclusion.                       OLDIRON YORKSHIRE EARL        OLDIRON OVER THE MOON
                                     OLDIRON DIAMOND JIM (CD)      STRONGFORT SOLARIS
                                     FORSVAR LARRIKIN (CDX)        OLDIRON QUANTAM LEAP
Please continue to notify the        YORKPARK PINTO SHOW A STAR    RIEVAULX WAR OTHE ROSES
Secretary of any new titles          IID                           BEUKALE BLENNERHASSET
granted so that we will have         BEUKALE ALLANBY AMOS          BEUKALE PENRITH BEACON
the appropriate details on hand      RANGEAIRE RAGGMAN             STRONGFORT SO UP TOWN
                                     YORKPARK PINTO STAR STRUCK    OLDFAITHFULL ROCKABILLY
for future records.                  IID                           YULIE TAKE THE MONEY N RUN
                                     FASTLANE STRONGPERSUADER      INGOT HOTHOUSE FLOWER
                                     (CDX)                         RANGEAIRE RED HOT MOMMA
1990                                 OLDIRON ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH   RANGEAIRE RUMMPOLE
INGOT FLASHPOINT                                                   QUALEP CLAUDIA
KELLINGTON AUGUST STAR                                             RIEVAULX RED BARON
                                     1993                          LUFTTAL LIGHT NLOVELY
                                     RANGEAIRE RAISIN MUFFIN       BEUKALE PELUTHO BRAY
                                     INGOT ILLGOTTEN GAINS
                                     ROTMON NATASCHA BRIGHT INP

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                             Page 16
1997                            BEUKALE SCOTTISH MERMAID       YELOMAN JUST A LOVER
                                BEUKALE VIKING HOGMANY
OLDIRON MISS BRONTE CH (CDX)                                   BEUKALE LONELIGHT ROSE
BEUKALE BLENDALE PEAK                                          BEUKALE REET BRASSED OFF
OLDIRON QUANTAM LEAP CH         2003                           BAJAN BIRGIT NILSSON
AIREWOOD APRIL GOLD             ARMS                           OLDIRON JUSTICE CH (JD)
QUALEP TAHNEE                   QUALEP ASHLEY                  TJURINGA KNICKERS
                                OLDIRON DECLARE WAUGH          OLDIRON BOOMERANG
1998                            GLENFAILTE CORRIE BEHG         OLDIRON TERRY HK OPRAH
AIREWOOD MYSTIC RED                                            OLDIRON FOREIGN XCHANGE (GR
                                MATRASEN ZAMINDAR (IMP USA)    AIREWOOD MIRROR IMAGE
                                AM. CH                         OLDIRON TERRY HK SERENA
1999                            AIREWOOD WINNING HAND          OLDIRON AMAZING LOU
OLDIRON XTRAVERT                CH)
                                YORKPARK COLONEL CHAD
                                YORKPARK OH YES
2000                            TJURINGA KEEPSAKE
                                GLENFAILTE JACKAROO
STRONGFORT STATE AFFAIR         ARMS (GR CH)                             Year Book
                                OLDIRON GRANGE HERMITAGE
                                OLDIRON SPARKLING RED
2001                            YORKPARK ZORBA ZOPOULOS

                                AIREWOOD DIXIE CHIC
                                BUSHVELDT B NUTMEG
                                KINGAIRE QUAVER BEAT
                                TJURINGA DRESSED TO KILL
                                KINGAIRE QUITE A RIOT
                                YELOMAN BLACK VELVET
2002                            CLYDEBROOK MRS MINIVER
                                YELOMAN JUST A DANCER

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                          Page 17
                Show Results
                                                  More Bush Day
              Adelaide Royal Show
Judge: Mrs F Somerfield (England)

Puppy Dog
1st. Jacobs E & J & Laycock B & B Cottingley Mr

Open Dog
1st. Gemcourt Kennels & Sorraghan R & A
Ch Oldiron Flamethrower
2nd. J & E Jacobs Ch Cottingley Mr Lincoln

1st. Gemcourt Kennels & Sorraghan R & A
Ch Oldiron Flamethrower

Open Bitch
1st. J & E Jacobs Ch Arwen Vom Sachsenborn

1st. J & E Jacobs Ch Arwen Vom Sachsenborn

Gemcourt Kennels & Sorraghan R & A
Ch Oldiron Flamethrower

J & E Jacobs Ch Cottingley Mr Lincoln

Jacobs E & J & Laycock B & B Cottingley Mr

Gemcourt Kennels & Sorraghan R & A
Ch Oldiron Flamethrower

  The Airedaler August 2011                                   Page 18
            Are you interested?                               IF I DIDN'T HAVE A DOG
                                                             I could walk around the yard barefoot.
In order to organise events that are both useful
and educational for our members, we would like       My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and lami-
to ascertain if there is any interest among mem-     nated. ... all flat surfaces, clothing, furniture, and cars
bers/friends for the following course. The cost to                       would be free of hair.
participants is anticipated to be approximately
$120 per person. At least 10 people and no more         When the doorbell rings, it wouldn't sound like a
than 16 are required to run the session. While we                           kennel.
have no details at this point I would envisage the
course be held on a Saturday or Sunday in a          When the doorbell rings, I could get to the door with-
                                                     out wading through fuzzy bodies who beat me there.
Melbourne area location. It may be possible to
arrange, depending on interest for mid Novem-        I could sit on the couch and my bed the way I wanted,
ber 2011 or alternatively it would be sometime in      without taking into consideration how much space
2012.                                                   several fur bodies would need to get comfortable.

                                                        I would have money, and no guilt to go on a real
Please contact Sue Henderson ASAP if you are                              vacation.
interested in participating. If enough interest is
shown we will make further enquiries.                I would not be on a first-name basis with 6 veterinari-
                                                        ans, as I put their yet unborn grand-kids through
            Animal First Aid Course
                                                     The most used words in my vocabulary would not be:
                                                      Out, sit, down, come, no, stay, and leave it ALONE.
    Have you ever wonder how to respond if
                                                      My house would not be cordoned off into zones with
          your dog or cat is choking?                             baby gates or barriers.

    Would you like hands on experience on            I would not talk 'baby talk'. 'Eat your din din'. 'Yummy
   knowing how to correctly bandage wounds                          yummy for the tummy'...
                  or injuries?
                                                      My house would not look like a day care center, toys
   Do you know how to recognise if a dog or                             everywhere.
        cat has a serious symptoms?
                                                      My pockets would not contain things like poop bags,
   Ever wonder how to perform CPR on a cat                        treats and an extra leash.
                  or dog?                            I would no longer have to spell the words B-A-L-L, W-
                                                     A-L-K, T-R-E-A-T, O-U-T, G-O, R-I-D-E, C-O-O-K-I-E
  If you have answered yes to even one of the
      questions above this course is for you.        I would not have as many leaves INSIDE my house as

                                                     I would not look strangely at people who think having
                                                            ONE dog/cat ties them down too much.

                                                     I'd look forward to spring and the rainy season instead
                                                                    of dreading 'mud' season.

                                                     I would not have to answer the question...'Why do you
                                                       have so many animals?' from people who will never
                                                       have the joy in their lives of knowing they are loved
                                                     unconditionally by someone as close to an ANGEL as
                                                                         they will ever get.

                                                                 How EMPTY my life would be!!!

                                                     Submitted by Lyn Duff

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                         Page 19
                                 What meat should I feed my pets?
Dr Bruce Syme
Vets All Natural Castlemaine Victoria

This is a question I am asked constantly by concerned       escalated in Australia since the 19th Century, with
pet owners, particularly when they have made the            modern farming practices opening up large areas of
choice to swap to a natural, raw meat based diet.           g r a z i n g                     l a n d .
When making a decision about which meat(s) to feed,
there are several key issues to be taken into consid-       Culling of kangaroos is vital, both to prevent over-
eration:                                                    competition with domesticated farm animals (primarily
Availability                                                sheep and cattle), but also to prevent massive over-
Price                                                       population in good seasons, where kangaroo numbers
Nutritional factors                                         can escalate out of control, which can then lead to
Suitability                                                 massive death tolls in subsequent drought years. Cull-
Farming practices                                           ing of Kangaroos is a very closely controlled, govern-
Processing.                                                 ment regulated, business. Every year, aerial surveil-
                                                            lance is undertaken to record accurate population
I will cover the most common meat sources available         numbers, and a cull quota is established for each
including Beef, Lamb/Mutton, Chicken, Pork, Fish,           state, to maintain an appropriate sustainable base
Kangaroo and Rabbit, and discuss the pro’s and con’s        population of kangaroos. Kangaroos are shot in the
of each type.                                               wild by professionally accredited shooters; every
                                                            shooter is licensed and must purchase government
KANGAROO This is my preferred choice of meats.              issued ear tags, which are immediately attached to
           Fresh kangaroo meat has been                     any kangaroo that is harvested. Kangaroos must be
           widely used in Australia as pet meat             killed with a single clean head shot. There is no
           for over 30 years, and more recently,            stressful period of mustering, handling or transport
           it has made significant in-roads into            i n v o l v e d                 a t         a l l .
           the pet food industry, with sales of
           roo meat in supermarkets escalating              The kangaroos are then transported to a local chilled
           dramatically over the past 5 years.              container, which is then transported to the local proc-
                                                            essing plant. Every animal is then inspected by a gov-
Kangaroo meat is widely available in Australia at most      ernment appointed meat inspector, and then approved
pet supply outlets, and in supermarkets. Due to in-         for processing. Carcasses to be used for human con-
creasing demand, the price of kangaroo has unfortu-         sumption are processed in separate production areas,
nately increased significantly over the past 2 years,       and have a second inspection before being cleared for
now retailing for $4.00 + per kg. Interestingly, roo meat   HC. The quality of meat used for HC is no different to
has never really been used in processed pet foods,          that harvested for pet food, and differs only in the
most likely due to concerns with negative consumer          processing and inspection stages.
“    p    e    r   c    e   p     t   i    o    n    ”  .
Nutritionally, kangaroo meat is superior to all the         BEEF
farmed meats. It is low in fat (3 - 4%), high in protein,   Beef is one of the most widely available and most
and high in vitamins and minerals. Because kangaroo         commonly used meat source for pet food, second only
is not farmed, the meat is truly free range, and or-        perhaps to chicken. Beef and beef by products (by
ganic. Kangaroos graze a very wide variety of pas-          products indicating non-meat parts of the body like
tures, wild grasses, shrubs and trees, and as a result      offal, bone, feet and horns) are the major red meat
of this variety, they enjoy excellent health, and their     sources. The majority of beef used in processed pet
meat has a wide array of macro and micro nutrients.         food is actually meat meal – a combination of all non-
                                                            useable or non-saleable body parts from the abbatoirs
Kangaroo is a highly suitable meat source, and is a         (eg bones with meat scraps left on, offal, contami-
natural prey animal of the wild Australian dogs – the       nated carcass parts etc) – which is ground to a pulp
Dingo. Kangaroo is considered a “cooling” meat, as it       and then dried at high temperature to produce a pow-
lives in a very dry and arid environment, and as such,      dered product. Meat meal generally forms the protein
is ideal for treating pets with food allergies. Also, be-   component of dry foods, and is also used, in combina-
cause it has never been widely used in processed pet        tion with milled cereal and gelatine, to form the “meaty
foods, it is also a very unique source of animal protein,   chunks”          in     tinned         pet      foods.
and is very valuable when formulating a diet for pets
w i t h          f o o d         a l l e r g i e s .                                 Fresh beef is not as com-
                                                                                     monly used as pet food,
Kangaroo is not farmed in Australia, hence the meat                                  mainly due to price con-
itself is considered “wild game” meat, and is, by na-                                straints (generally upwards of
ture, free range and organic. Kangaroo numbers have                                  $5.00/kg), but more to do

   The Airedaler August 2011                                                                             Page 20
with limited availability (most beef is sold for human        is called lamb, is actually mutton (older sheep). The
consumption-HC). Typically, beef that ends up as pet          primary reason for the introduction of lamb into pet
food is from older cows (often called “choppers”)             food has been an attempt to introduce new and
which have been culled from a herd due to poor pro-           “unique” protein sources – driven by the ever increas-
duction or health related matters, and are not suitable       ing incidence of allergic skin disease in dogs (and
for human consumption (older beef tends to be                 cats). Special formulas have been introduced onto the
tougher, and have a stronger flavour – it is more often       market to try and help alleviate allergic skin conditions,
used         in     ham burger             m ince).           by providing a source of meat protein that the pet has
                                                              not eaten before (known as a unique protein). The
Nutritionally, beef can be quite good, if it is raised        market leaders in this area have been lamb and rice
naturally on pasture. It has good amounts of protein,         formulas,         and      fish       and       potato.
and can have quite high fat content (14%+), and this
level can be much higher in grain fed beef. Grain fed         Lamb is not commonly used as fresh meat, mainly due
beef is primarily destined for human consumption, but         to price, and availability. Lamb shanks are however, a
concerns on its use as pet food relate back to the un-        common choice for a good meaty bone.
natural diet fed (high grain, little if any pasture), and
the significant use of antibiotics in the grain ration (to    Nutritionally, lamb is very good. It does have high fat
prevent several illnesses that relate to the unnatural        content, much like beef, but it is all pasture grown,
feeding style). It is also common practice in many            under good conditions, and the meat is of high quality.
countries, to use hormones and growth promoters to            Lamb is farmed much like beef, but can have a ten-
accelerate feed conversion efficiency and finishing. It       dency to have higher residual chemical levels, due to
is still legal in the USA to use any one of 6 anabolic        the higher requirement for chemical drenching to con-
steroid hormones to promote growth in cattle intended         trol intestinal worms in young sheep.
f o r        h u m a n       c o n s u m p t i o n .          Lamb is very much an ideal prey animal for dogs, and
                                                              this is evident from the large stock losses attributed to
As far as suitability goes, there is no doubt a pack of       foxes and wild dogs. Lamb is also considered a heat-
dogs would be able to pull down a calf, or even a sick        ing meat, as sheep are native to cold climates.
or injured cow, and as such, beef can be seen as a
natural source of prey. In terms of TCM (Traditional          Processing of lamb is again much the same as beef,
Chinese Medicine), beef is seen as a “heating” meat,          with travel times being one of the main disadvantages.
because it originates from a colder climate (eg the
U                   K                 )               .                          PORK
                                                                                 Pork has never made much head-
Most beef is raised using traditional farming practices,                         way into the pet food arena. Pigs
which include the use of chemical fertilisers, herbi-                            have traditionally been considered
cides, drenches and antibiotics. A majority of beef is                           an “un-clean” meat, and shunned by
still pasture raised, and as long as the pasture is of        many civilisations and societies. Pigs do carry a sig-
reasonable quality, the nutritional profile of the beef       nificant level of parasites, both in the gut, but also
will be good. I do have concerns with the practice of         throughout the meat and organs, and it is for this rea-
feedlot / grain fed beef, as the aim of this practice is in   son that they have been seen as un-healthy. Meat
producing high fat (marbled) beef using prepared              meal made from pig carcasses is used in the manu-
“pelleted” rations, and as such, the balance of the diet,     facture of some pet treats, but on the whole, it is little
and the additives used, must be questioned.                   used. Pork is again high in fat, and often not well toler-
                                                              ated      digestion     wise      by     many      pets.
The processing of beef does have a few negatives –
primarily the requirement for transport, often over long      Pigs are also very intensively farmed in modern coun-
distances. Transport is quite stressful to cattle, and        tries, and suffer a similar fate as chickens, being
stress produces physiological changes in the body (as         raised and housed indoors, and being fed a man
a result of the release of cortisol and adrenaline)           made ration, complete with antibiotics and growth pro-
which can negatively impact on the quality and consis-        moters. Whilst not as severely malnourished as chick-
t e n c y                o f           b e e f .              ens (given they must be raised to a much older age for
                                                              sale), the meat still has the downfall of only being as
And of course, the most dramatic change in the use of         good as the rations they are fed on.
beef for pet food has come about due to mad cow dis-
ease (BSE or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy).               Pigs are also highly sensitive to stress, suffering from
Mad cow disease has limited the export and import of          a condition known as PSS (porcine stress syndrome),
beef into many countries, and has unsettled consumer          which can cause severe detrimental changes to the
confidence in the use of beef in pet foods.                   meat at slaughter.

LAMB/MUTTON                                                   FISH
Lamb has only more recently be-                               Fish and fish meal has long been used in pet food,
come a popular meat source for                                primarily in cat food. Fish meal is commonly used as a
pet food. I use the term lamb and                             protein source, and flavouring agent, in many dry cat
mutton loosely, as there is no                                foods. Fish meal is very cheap, as are the small bait
doubt a majority of meat used that                            fish      used       in     tinned      cat    food.
   The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                Page 21
Most fish fed to cats and dogs is tinned, not fresh, and       gies. I have utilised tripe for some time now as an al-
is therefore not as nutritionally valuable. Many people        ternate to kangaroo meat for treating difficult cases of
used sardines or tuna, assuming that the naturally             allergic dermatitis in dogs (and occasionally cats) with
high levels of fish oil are of benefit – in truth, the cook-   great results. Green tripe is very affordable, but can be
ing temperatures used in the canning process have              difficult to source, and this is one of its main limita-
significantly, if not totally, reduced the omega 3 con-        tions.
t e n t             o f           t h e            o i l .
Fish meat is a very good source of protein, low in fat,        OFFAL
and high in vitamins and minerals – when it is first           Offal is the collective term used for organ meats, like
caught. If you were to buy fresh fish                          liver, kidney, heart, lung etc. Offal is very rich in pro-
and lightly cook it for your pets, it would be very good.      tein, vitamins and minerals, and ideally, should make
Cost and effort may prove to be prohibitive to this            up about 20% of a dog or cats meat intake. As a gen-
practice. One must also be aware of the environment            eral rule, offal meats should be purchased from your
in which the fish is caught – levels of toxic heavy met-       local butcher, and be HC grade, as the organs are
als, like mercury etc, can be quite high in some parts         often home to various parasites, and HC grade organ
of the world. It is also worthy of note that freshwater        meats have had additional inspection processes ap-
fish do contain levels of thiaminase, which can cause          plied to ensure they are free of parasites.
vitamin B1 deficiency if used exclusively as a diet.
As far as suitability goes, here lies an interesting para-     CHICKEN
dox. Whilst cats certainly enjoy the taste of fish             Chicken meat and by products are
(probably the salt), they are the last animal to be seen       the most common source of pet
getting their feet wet – so we must conclude that fish         meat used in commercial pet
is actually not a natural part of the cat’s diet. Cats can     foods. This is primarily driven by
also react allergically to some of the deep water fish,        price. Chickens are the most
like tuna, which can present as a generalised skin             cheaply and intensively farmed
problem, with itching around the head and ears. Dogs           (mass produced) of all the domes-
may make the occasional attempts at catching fish in           ticated animal species (followed by
fresh water streams, but the only true fisherman are           pigs). The commercial chicken
their close relatives, the bears.                              industry is massive, and the hous-
                                                               ing and farming of these chickens bares no resem-
RABBIT                                                         blance to the traditional image of chooks running
Rabbit would have to be one of the most                        around the farmyard. Commercial “battery” chickens
suitable all round meat sources for both                       are raised and housed in sheds (in cages) their entire
dogs and cats. Wild rabbit is very similar to                  life, and are fed a man made diet from birth. The birds
kangaroo, in the sense that it is a free                       today have been selected and engineered to be fast
range, organic meat, low in fat, and high in                   growing, producing maximum sized breast and leg/
nutritional value. It is an ideally suited prey                thigh cuts, and to a lesser extent, wings. Again, most
source, and has historically been a favour-                    chicken meat is used as chicken meal (powdered
ite prey animal of both dogs and cats. Until recently,         meat meal), which utilises the carcass (once the
wild rabbit has been widely available in Australia, hav-       breast, legs and wings have been removed), some
ing bred into plague proportions in this country, and is       offal, and the beaks, feet and feathers. Fresh chicken
considered vermin in agricultural circles (an introduced       mince (more often frozen) is generally just the carcass
species that breeds prolifically, competes with both           portion put through a mincer, so it contains meat, fat,
farm animals and native species, and is highly de-             c a r t i l a g e             a n d        b o n e .
structive to the natural habitat). However, the recent         Chicken mince is very cheap, retailing from 50 cents
introduction of Calici virus has decimated the rabbit          to $1.00 per kg, and as such, is commonly used by
population, and supply of rabbit meat has largely been         both pet food processors and pet owners alike. It is
replaced with farmed rabbit, which unfortunately, falls        widely available in pet supply outlets and often, direct
victim to all the same problems as intensively farmed          from processing plants. Fresh chicken necks are also
chickens and pigs (un-natural housing in cages, man            very popular as a meat and bone source.
m a d e                d i e t s             e t c ) .
                                                               Nutritionally, chicken mince is highly questionable. It
TRIPE                                                          can be very high in fat (18%+), and even higher in pet
I will make special mention here of tripe as a meat            minces, where additional skin and fat often makes up
source. Tripe is the common term for the stomach lin-          a proportion of the mix. Of greatest concern is the di-
ing of cattle and sheep (also known as paunch).                ets that these chickens are fed. The man made pellets
Green tripe is the term used for un-processed tripe            and crumbles that the birds are raised on are geared
(most tripe sold for HC has been washed in boiling             to maximise growth rate, and meat yield, from breast
water and bleached), and is highly nutritious as a             and thigh cuts. The actual health of the birds comes a
meat source. It is very low in fat (2%), highly glandular      very poor second in the thought processes used in
(contains enzymes), and is loaded with probiotic micro         formulating rations, and as a result, there is a high
-organisms. Tripe is also a ‘white” meat (meaning it           death toll in battery raised chickens. Poor general
has a low amount of myoglobin, the protein that                health naturally translates into poor nutritional value of
makes red meat red), and has historically been used            the meat. There is little emphasis placed on nutritional
for dogs with sensitive digestive tracts, or food aller-       value , as taste, texture and yield are all that the pro-
   The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                 Page 22
ducers are interested in for the end product. Most hu-        place them high on the predation list.
mans do not choose to live exclusively on chicken             As already mentioned in great detail, the modern farm-
meat, and as such, the biological value of the meat is        ing practices of the intensive poultry industry leaves a
not questioned or scrutinised. The truth is, a vast ma-       lot to be desired, both on a nutritional level, and on an
jority of the birds at slaughter time, are so over-grown      e t h i c a l                       l e v e l .
and malnutritioned, that they can barely stand up and
support their own weight. The diets are so basic in           The stress levels in housed birds are extreme; a situa-
many minerals, that calcium density in the bones of           tion that has lead to behavioural abnormalities like
the birds can drop from an expected 20% down to as            increased aggression between birds, feather plucking,
little as 4%. These birds see little (if any) in the way of   and self mutilation. The problems became so severe,
natural sunlight, and most likely suffer from vitamin D       that it has become common practice to cut the tips off
deficiency also. There is no green grass or shoots to         the beaks when the birds are first hatched, to minimise
feed on, and no natural anti oxidants. On top of this,        the damage they can do to themselves, and other
the diets have a constant level of antibiotic included, to    b           i         r         d           s         .
try and minimise the death toll, and a range of “growth
promotants” included (not true “hormones”, as they            And if this is not enough to put you off buying chicken
have been outlawed in most countries). And as if that         meat (unless it happens to be organic), then there is
wasn’t enough, there is every chance that a significant       the issue of bacterial contamination at processing.
proportion of the protein in these pelleted rations is        Chickens are a natural reservoir for salmonella, the
actually derived from meat meal – I’m not sure about          bacteria being commonly found in the gut and faecal
you, but I haven’t met too many highly carnivorous            material. When the birds are stressed, the bacteria
chickens in my time, and it is accepted that the feed-        can multiply in large numbers, which creates a food
ing of inappropriate meat proteins to herbivorous ani-        hygiene issue. During the slaughter of birds, the vis-
mals is how mad cow disease started in the first              cera (organs and intestines) are removed from the
p            l         a           c           e          ?   abdominal cavity, and it is quite common for fluid from
In short, battery raised chicken meat is only as good         the intestinal tract (containing bacteria, and often, sal-
as the rations they are fed on, and given that these          monella) to spill out onto the abdominal cavity wall,
birds are slaughtered at 12 weeks of age, there is little     thus contaminating the carcass. This does not gener-
chance the rations are designed for good long term            ally affect the breast, legs and wings that are collected
health. In fact the average size of a battery bird at         for human consumption, but the carcasses, which are
slaughter nowadays is a massive 2.7kg, compared               then minced up for pet meat, can have a cocktail of
with a naturally raised (organic) chicken reaching 1.8        micro-organisms included. This is the primary reason
kg at 6 months of age. And don’t be fooled by the term        why chicken mince spoils very quickly, and is most
“free range”, as the simple reality is that these birds       commonly sold frozen – it just doesn’t keep. Was this
are still raised in sheds, and still fed the same rations,    meat allowed to sit for any length of time in warm con-
they are simply allowed to eat the pellets from the           ditions, it is very possible that you would end up with a
ground, and live in an open plan shed.                        very nasty, and potentially dangerous, brew. Luckily
                                                              for our pets, cats will simply not eat “off” meat, and
There is no doubt that wild chickens would be an ideal        dogs have a cast iron constitution, which is nowhere
prey for both cats and dogs. A wild (organic) chicken         near as sensitive to the presence of bacteria, even
would also provide excellent nutrition, as do their           salmonella, as us humans, and may at worst, have a
eggs. The very fact that they are relatively slow mov-        mild bout of gastroenteritis from a bowl of spoiled
ing, and fly only when absolutely necessary would             chicken mince.

   The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                Page 23
                  What Does High Cholesterol mean for Dogs?
                                  By Lew Olson, PhD Natural Health

A confusing issue for many dog owners is the          (which can also be caused by long term steroid
topic of high cholesterol in their dog's blood        use) creates dysfunction in processing fats. Due
panel results. This is an issue that cannot and       to this, dogs with Cushing's disease (and long
should not be confused with the meaning of high       term steroid use) are more prone to pancreatitis.
cholesterol and its dangers in people. Today,
people are concerned about reducing fat in their      Hyperlipidemia
diets, exercising, keeping their weight down and      Sometimes a high triglyceride count will be seen
taking medications to reduce cholesterol levels       with high cholesterol. A few breeds, most com-
because cholesterol levels bring about very spe-      monly Miniature Schnauzers, have a genetic ten-
cific health risks. People want to reduce their       dency to lipidosis or hyperlipidemia.
chances of developing plaque in their arteries so
they can keep their heart healthy.
                                                      All of these problems can show symptoms of skin
For dogs, high cholesterol has a very different       problems, poor immune systems, weight issues
meaning! Dogs are carnivores and their digestive      and a more problematic issue of pancreatitis.
tracts are designed to eat plenty of animal
fat. They need large amounts of animal fat to         Pancreatitis
meet their physical needs for both energy and         Pancreatitis is not caused by fat intake, but
endurance. Dogs don't develop plaque in their         rather by one of these issues that creates an in-
arteries; nor do they suffer harmful effects on       flamed pancreas. Some of these health problems
their hearts from a high fat diet. Dogs can be-       can be resolved with medication, but if they can-
come obese from a diet that is too high in fat,       not, a low fat diet is needed.
from over feeding, or from getting little or no
exercise. However, the fat does not affect their
arteries or hearts as it does in people, as we are
omnivores. This does not mean we shouldn't
pay attention to high cholesterol readings in our
dogs as they can give us good clues as to other
metabolic issues that may need further attention.
Specific problems that can be the result of high
cholesterol in a dog's blood work can include:

The thyroid gland helps in numerous ways, in-
cluding hormone regulation and metabolism.
When the thyroid isn't working well, it can cause
elevations in cholesterol, lipase, ALT and cause a
low white blood cell count. A thyroid panel blood
test can show if the thyroid is low and medica-
tion can often bring these numbers back to the
normal ranges.

This disease can cause issues with fat metabo-
lism, resulting in high cholesterol, among other
elevated blood panel results, such as glucose.
                                                          Do you recognise this person? Photo taken
Cushing's Disease
                                                                       December 1978.
This is when the adrenal gland is producing too           There is a current photo of him on page 4.
much cortisol (cortisone). A high level of cortisol
  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                    Page 24
Dear God,                                 Dear God,

                                                                                      From Pets' letters to God.
How come people love to smell flow-       Are there dogs on other planets, or
ers, but seldom, if ever, smell one       are we alone? I have been howling at
another? Where are their priorities?      the moon and stars for a long time,
                                          but all I ever hear back is the beagle
                                          across the street!
Dear God,
When we get to Heaven, can we sit
on your couch? Or is it the same old      Dear God,
story?                                    Is it true that dogs are not allowed in
                                          restaurants because we can't make
                                          up our minds what NOT to order? Or
                                          is it the carpets again?

                                          Dear God,
                                          When my family eats dinner they al-
                                          ways bless their food. But they never
                                          bless mine. So, I've been wagging my
                                          tail extra fast when they pour fill my
                                          bowl. Have you noticed my own

Dear God,                                 Dear God,
Excuse me, but why are there cars         I've always lived at the shelter and I
named after the jaguar, the cougar,       have everything I need. But many of
the mustang, the colt, the stingray,      the dogs here have names and I
and the rabbit, but not one named for     don't. Could you give me a name
a dog? How often do you see a cou-        please? It would be good for my self-
gar riding around? We dogs love a         esteem.
nice ride! I know every breed cannot
have its own model, but it would be
easy to rename the Chrysler Eagle         Dear God,
the Chrysler Beagle!                      The new terrier I live with just peed
                                          on the Oriental rug and I have a feel-
                                          ing my family might blame me 'cuz
Dear God,                                 they think I'm jealous of this stupid
If a dog barks his head off in the for-   dog. Since they have no sense of
est and no human hears him, is he         smell, how can I convince them I'm
still a bad dog?                          innocent?
                                          Does Petsmart sell lie detectors?         Mark
Dear God,
When my foster mom's friend comes         Dear God,
over to our house, he smells like         When we get to the Pearly Gates, do
musk! What's he been rolling around       we have to shake hands to get in?

Dear God,
Is it true that in Heaven, dining room
tables have on- ramps?

Dear God,
If we come back as humans, is that
good or bad?

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                      Page 25
       Reprinted from the Samoyed Club’s Snow Courier with the compliments of West Gippsland Kennel Club

       Submitted by Keith Lovell                                                                 (circa 1970’s)

The all important person at a Dog Show is the judge. It     see. Separate the dogs lips with fingers and thumbs.
is he, who, from his knowledge if the accepted stan-        The judge will then ask you to “Move your dog” by
dards, places the dogs, by comparison one with an-          which he means you to walk or run your dog away
other, in order of merit according to his interpretations   from the judge in the direction he indicates—usually in
of those standards. It is important to know what he         a triangle, or straight up and down. With a young and
expects if exhibitors and exhibits.                         playful dog it is advisable to move away at a walk until
                                                            specifically asked by the judge to run. At this stage the
To be successful the exhibitor should place his dog in      judge wishes to see the hind action of your dog and
the show ring in good fettle, making it easy for the        then the fore action. He will sometimes hold his hand
judge to see the dog at it’s best.                          up as you approach him on the return run, which indi-
Therefore it should be:                                     cates he wants you to stop the dog well in front of him
     Clean and well groomed                                in order that he can see if the dog stands nice and
     In excellent physical condition                       square naturally. If the dog stops with one leg in front
     Well-mannered on the lead                             take another step forward when he will usually stand
     Accustomed to posing                                  in a more natural position.

1.      For specific instructions on cleaning and groom-    Give your dog sufficient lead to enable him to move
        ing contact your breed Club.                        freely. Don’t make the mistake of jerking him along on
2.      Exercise the dog regularly— a long walk on the      a short lead with one or both fore legs off the ground.
        lead, a short gallop across the paddock and a
        good brisk walk home is recommended.                When the judge places you in a position at the side of
3.      Teach the dog to lead well on a light show lead.    the ring, stay where he puts you and see that your dog
        Except on very large dogs, chains do not look       makes the most of himself until the class is judged.
        well in the show ring.                              Don’t fuss!

You will be issued with a card showing the number           Novices should not be discouraged if their puppies are
allocated to your dog in the show catalogue. You, not       difficult to control and pose. Remember the exuber-
the dog, must wear this card in the judging ring. Dur-      ance shown by your puppy is common to all, and that
ing judging your dog is known only by this number, not      other exhibitors too will have fractiousness to contend
by name. n no account should you wear more than             with in their exhibits.
one number at a time. Even to wear one over the
other is inadvisable, because when you bend over            Above all remember that dog shows are sporting
your dog in the ring they may become disarranged.           events. Take your wins and defeats as a sportsman
                                                            should, and derive thereby the full measure of pleas-
Study the catalogue and when your number is called          ure and sport.
by the steward, enter the ring immediately with your
dog by your side in a short (not too short) lead. When
called upon by the steward to “Move them around
please” fall in line with other exhibitors keeping your
dog between you and the judge. Give your dog suffi-
cient lead to enable him to move easily, but keep his
nose off the ground.

Do not crowd, there is usually plenty of room for all.

When the judge says, “thankyou” he will mean “Come
to a standstill”. Then take up a good position, pose
your dog, and remember never to stand it down-hill.
The judge will then proceed to examine the dogs indi-
vidually. Be ready to take yours to him when he calls.

If he asks a question, be brief with your answers. If he
asks “How old?” answer “ answer “four months”, or
“two years” as the case may be. Don’t tell him a long
story relating to the date of the birth!

If he says “mouth please” it is the teeth he wants to

     The Airedaler August 2011                                                                            Page 26
           Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc 0017566A
                              (Dedicated to the Welfare and Promotion of Airedale Terriers)
                (Affiliated with the Victorian Canine Association and the Australian National Kennel Council)

                        MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2012

                                   DUE 1ST DECEMBER 2011

Single Membership                                                     $38.00

Dual Membership                                                       $43.00
(Note: Dual membership covers 2 people with only one having voting rights)

Junior Membership                                                     $ 1.00
(Note: Under 16 years of age. No voting rights or individual postings)

I/We agree to abide by the rules of the Victorian Canine Association Code of Ethics, and the
Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc. Constitution and By-laws.

Note: Club Bylaw No 1 new members joining after the 1st September in any year, shall be re-
garded as financial for the quarter beginning on 1st September in that year and for the new
financial year commencing on 1st December and ending 30th November the following year.

Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

______________________________________________Post Code:____________________

Phone: ___________________________ Mobile: _____________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

VCA No: ________________________________________________________

Signature: ______________________________________________________

          Cheques should be made payable to The Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria Inc.

                          and be sent together with this completed form to:
                                              The Secretary,
                               Ms S. Wilson                            It is important for Club records
                              11 Mills Street                          that this form is completed and
                           GLEN IRIS VIC 3146                         returned with your membership.

  The Airedaler August 2011                                                                                     Page 27
                            From the Airedaler 1988
The Airedaler August 2011                             Page 28

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