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					PowerPoint and YouTube

        Jim Gordon
     University Libraries
Brief walk-through of YouTube

How to get YouTube videos into PowerPoint

How to put PowerPoint presentations onto YouTube
Quick Visit to YouTube
• Go to this URL:
                 QuickTime™ an d a
           are need ed to see this p icture .
      Your Fair Use Rights
• You have the right to use YouTube
  videos in face to face classes
• You can not distribute YouTube bearing
  presentations on the open internet
  – UBlearns is OK for rights management
  – Streaming server is not OK
    YouTube to PowerPoint
YouTube videos are usually Adobe Flash .flv
  files and can not be saved directly with a
• Step #1 Save the video
• Step #2 Convert the video to wmv format
• Step #3 Insert into PowerPoint
     Step #1 Save a Video
• Microsoft Windows:
  – Use FireFox web browser
  – Tools > Add-ons
  – Get Extensions
    Install a capture add-on
• Search for YouTube
  – Lots of add-ons!
• Search for Fast Video Download
• Click Add to FireFox

• Click Install Now
• Click Restart FireFox
      Capture a short video
• Go to this URL
• Click the Fast Video Add-on button
  – Save the file
Step #2 Convert the file to WMV
• 3rd party application required
           • Free. Slow as molasses. Low quality output
        • $30 and has a free trial
        • $80 and has a free trial
        • $100, no free trial
        • $50 and has free trial

Sorenson Squeeze at TLC
             Mac Users
           Install Tooble (free)


Downloads YouTube videos to Movies folder
     Converts to MPEG (QuickTime)
        Adds to iTunes (optional)
Tooble’s creator
Step #3 Insert into PowerPoint
• In PPT use Insert > Movie > From File
• Review of steps
  – Save the video as a file
  – Convert the file to WMV
  – Insert WMV into PowerPoint
    PowerPoint to YouTube
• Step #1 Save Presentation as a Movie
• Step #2 Upload the Movie to YouTube
     Step #1 Make a Movie
• Screen capture
  – Windows: Camtasia
      • Tutorial:
  – Mac: SnapZPro
• Software
  – Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter
  – Wondershare PPT2DVD 4.7.4
• PowerPoint 2008
  – File > Make Movie (Mac only)
    PowerPoint to YouTube
• Open YouTube web site
• At bottom: Your Account > Videos
• Click the New button > Video Upload
              Thank you!
• Please fill in an evaluation form.
Mac users should use QuickTime Pro
with Flip4Mac WMV Studio to convert
.mov to .wmv if presentation is to be
used on Windows

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