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The House rose at 05:44p.m. with 9 members

The Hon. Speaker complained of lateness and commitment on the part of Hon. members and explained
the reason for the lateness of the Hon. Deputy Speaker.


*Hon. Ugo Ikem; permitted absence for health reasons (passed)

*Hon. Ajani Taiwo; permitted absence for form submission (passed)

*Hon. Vice President; permission to leave at 09:00p.m. to accelerate preparations for exams. (passed but
not accepted at 09:00p.m.)

*Hon. Olatunji Rasheed for Part II constituency; permitted absence of constituency members from
subsequent sittings while class is on break. (passed)

*Joint letter from Hon.’s A.G.S.,Treasurer and Director of Sport; permitted absence to attend the match
taking place at that time and other orientation issues. (Not accepted for Treasurer).

Hon. Speaker said the overflow of letters is not a good way to start and that budget of executive
members couldn’t be passed when they weren’t around and that the executives in question were meant
to hand over to the committee they were working with to attend the sitting.

Hon. Tunji Olaoye while stating he’s not undermining the patience of the Hon. Speaker said he should
have consulted the President and know the executives plan so that sitting might be well attended but
Hon. Adekimoye countered that everyone was well aware of the sitting’s adjourned date.

The Hon. Speaker said a letter of apology should be written by the executives stating that they neglected
an official duty.

Hon. Ayomide Joseph said what applies to executives should also apply to other SRB members who were
not permitted absent.

Hon. Adekimoye referred the house to the constitution which states that “any member who comes later
than 45 minutes after a sitting OUGHT TO HAVE started should be marked absent and shall sit as
congressman for the rest of the sitting”. He maintained that that section of the constitution be put int o
practice henceforth.

*Hon. Adeyelu Charles; permitted absence. (passed)

*Hon. Emefuru Juliet; permitted absence for health reasons. (passed)

*Hon. Eniola Nike; permitted absence. (passed)

The Hon. Speaker requested an explanation of their lateness from the Honorables in the gallery.

*Hon. Director of Socials and Hon. P.R.O.; Late Class

Hon. Sodimu Taiwo said the excuse is not tenable and members should take the association more

The Hon. Deputy Speaker challenged that the Hon. Vice President and Hon. Alabi Abeeb were in the
same class and she was present for the sitting but it was clarified that they both didn’t attend the class.

The Hon. Speaker allowed Honorables in Part III constituency to join the House.
*The Hon. Speaker read a letter from the Hon. P.R.O. seeking to leave the sitting early for time to
prepare for his upcoming examination.

Hon. Akilo Folarin suggested that issues around lateness and letters were wasting time and the House
should move to the business of the day.


The Hon. Speaker asked if all constituencies were present with their nominations.

Hon. Akande Gideon who was the only one who represented his constituency said he was not notified of
any nomination by his constituency leader.

Audit Committee

The Hon. Speaker read from the constitution that the Audit Committee shall consist of 5 members not
from the executives of the association or any of its organs and the Chairman shall be a member of the

Hon. Akilo Folarin suggested a postponement of the formation of committees as it’s as if the honorable in
the Part I constituency are not prepared.

The Hon. P.R.O. countered that the Part I honorable saw the Agenda for the sitting earlier and should
have prepared.

The Hon. Former Speaker (Hon. Tunji Olaoye) suggested that the Part I honorable be allowed to meet
outside to discuss their nominations.

Hon. Akande Gideon pointed out that it wasn’t very good to form an Audit committee when the last Audit
committee weren’t through with their work yet and the constitution even permitted the Audit committee
to be formed at a later date; he also went further to warn that it might affect the association’s

The Hon. Speaker said he had spoken with the secretary of the audit committee (Hon. Ugo Ikem) but the
Hon. Former Speaker should be in a better position to explain.

The Hon. former Speaker confirmed that even his transactions for the time he assumed Office as the
President of the association had not been audited.

The House agreed to postpone the formation of Audit Committee until the present one was through


The Hon. Speaker read from the constitution that there shall be 2 members from each constituency and
the Chairman and Secretary shall be chosen by the SRB but Chairman must not come from Part I or Part
VI constituency.

All constituencies presented their nominations.

*Part IV constituency nomination – Congresswoman Aderinsola Adelosoye and Congressman Kuyoro
Mathew (as presented by Constituency leader- Hon. Emeh Anuri)

The Hon. Deputy Speaker pointed out that Part V constituency members weren’t unanimous as to their
decision to nominate Congressman Kuyoro Mathew against Odesanmi Oluwasogo.

Hon. Adekimoye suggested the House choose for them then.

Hon. Emeh Anuri stated that he represented the interest of the constituency and the 2 members he
nominated were product of a voting process by the honorables of the constituency.
The Hon. P.R.O. questioned the other honorable if there was a voting as said by Hon. Emeh Anuri.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker said he wasn’t aware of any voting process.

Hon. Akilo Folarin said there was no time the members of Part V constituency met together to discuss the
issue and the Hon. Speaker said the constituency members requested for each member’s nominee on a
one-on-one basis.

Hon. Adekimoye said since the duty to work on committee members was delegated to the constituency
leaders at the last sitting, the constituency leader’s nomination should be taken as final since he had
consulted the honorables one way or the other before arriving at his conclusion.

The Consituency Leader’s decision(Aderinsola Adelosoye and Kuyoro Mathew) was upheld.


Hon. Sowemimo nominated Hon. Olajuyin Adebola(Part IV), a former secretary of the committee.

Hon. Anuri nominated Congresswoman Aderinsola Adelosoye(Part V)

Before the House went to voting, honorables in the gallery (Hon. Dada Ayodele, Hon. Longe Kolawale,
Hon. Ajaja, and Hon. Treasurer) were allowed to join the House.

The voting process was conducted by the Hon. Deputy Speaker.


Olajuyin Adebola                Aderinsola Adelosoye               abstaining

         14                              12                             1

*Post-election comment

The Hon. President said he just confirmed through a telephone call that Olajuyin Adebola had rejected
the offer to be the Chairman of the committee.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker said if the rejection is confirmed as at the next sitting, the constituency leader
(Hon. Sowemimo) stands to be purnished for not performing his duties

Hon. Ayomide Joseph countered that he just also confirmed the acceptance by Olajuyin Adebola.


The Hon. P.R.O. nominated Congresswoman Oguntade Karimat (Part III)

Electoral Committee

Olajuyin Adebola              Part IV                       Chairman
Oguntade Karimat              Part III                      Secretary

Egbewole Doyin                Part III                      Member

Akinbinu Seyi                 Part IV                           “

Aderinsola Adelosoye          Part V                            “
Kuyoro Mathew
Tanimo-omo Tope               Part II                           “
Lawal Abdul-Rahman
Olawale Tunji                 Part I                           “
Adeniyi Vincent Kayode


The Hon. Speaker pointed out that the committee wasn’t a matter of constituencies and was open to all.

Part V constituency nominated Eluka Okafor; Hon. Ibuola Paul nominated Arikan Samson; Hon.
Adekimoye nominated Hon. Ayokunle Bello; Hon. Hafeez nominated Ayoola Adebimpe; The Hon. Deputy
Speaker nominated Hon. Adeolu Dickson.

* Chairman

Hon. Adekimoye nominated Hon. Ayokunle Bello

Hon. Deputy Speaker nominated Hon. Adeolu Dickson which he later withdrew.


Hon. Afiz nominated Congresswoman Ayoola Adebimpe; The Hon. P.R.O talked about the commitment of
the nominee to the association.

Hon. Ibuola Paul nominated Congressman Arikan Samson; The Hon. Clerk talked about the nominee’s
past duties to the association.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker conducted the voting.

Arikan Samson                     Ayoola Adebimpe           Abstaining

      11                                   5                    9

Disciplinary Committee

Hon. Ayokunle Bello          Part IV                    Chairman
Arikan Samson                Part II                    Secretary
Ayoola Adebimpe              Part III                   Member
Eluka Okafor                 Part V                         “
Adeolu Dickson               Part V                         “


The Hon. P.R.O. nominated Ifeoluwa Olorunisola (Chairman)

Hon. Hafeez nominated Adeniran Moshood (Secretary)

Ifeoluwa                Adeniran               Adefunke Adetula-    Daramola Joseph       Babalola Ayojide
Olorunisola-Part VI     Moshood-Part III       Part V               Part II               Part I
(Chairman)              (Secretary)            Member               Member                Member


The Hon. Director of Socials presented the social committee members

Adenira      Kayode     Adelan   Shob      Bode      Nnam    Adewal      Adeyin   Adeda   Akinwa    Oluwato
n            Afolabi    wa       ola       Odetun    di      e           ka       yo      le        sin
Odeleye      Part III   Dapo     Jumo      de Part   Nzek    Adekim      Adepo    Lawal   Olakun    Adenipe
Part III  (Secreta Part III ke        IV        we       oye       ju      Part II de        kun
(Chairm ry)                   Part              Part     Part IV   Part              Part II Part I
an)                           III               IV                 III
The Hon. President appealed to the House to grant his leave as he had abdominal pain and wasn’t feeling
very comfortable. (Allowed)



Hon. Hafeez reminded the House of the shift of #100,000 for fund-raising activities from office of the

The Hon. Speaker asked if there were contacts already in the companies listed by the Vice President and
She replied that there were.

Fund-Raising #168,000 (passed)

Hon. Akande Gideon advised that the Vice president had a timely plan to ensure funds supply to other
offices and Hon. Adekimoye expressed confidence in the Vice President’s activities.

Welfare of IFUMSA Guests #40,000 (passed); Phone Calls #50,000 (passed)

The Budget for the Office of the Vice President was passed + miscellaneous (Total = #393,800)


Newspaper, Rolls of Paper, Markers, Highlighters, Tipex, Pins, Pens, Scissors, Gum (passed)

* Weekly Refreshment for Medivoice members

Hon. Akilo Folarin asked for a breakdown on how the Hon. P.R.O. planned to spend the amount
(#28800) for the session which he did.

Hon. Adekimoye said to minimize cost, refreshment for Medivoice members should be struck out since
other organs of the association also hold meetings without such but the Hon. Clerk countered that no
organ of the association met as frequently as Medivoice did.

Hon. Abeeb said being in Medivoice is voluntary and he was backed by Hon. Sowemimo who claimed that
if Medivoice was refreshed, every other organ of the association had to be too.

Hon. Sodimu said refreshment was necessary to aid effectiveness while Hon. Former Speaker, Hon. Emeh
Anuri and Hon. Oyebade Paul insisted it should be struck out.

The Hon. Speaker noted that Campus journalism was a matter of interest and including refreshment is
laying a bad precedence.

The House agreed to strike out weekly refreshments and step-up of End-of-Session Get-Together.

The End-of-Session Get-Together Budget was increased to #3,500.

Cardboard, Calls (passed)

After progressive deliberations, the House cut down the cost of Bulk SMS in the P.R.O.’s budget from
#46,000 to #17,000 with the agreement to work with Hon. Ayokunle Bello.

The Hon. Speaker advised the Hon. P.R.O. to be more commited to Medivoice so as to see more of the
Association’s activity on the Board.

The House passed the Budget for the Office of the P.R.O. + Miscellaneous (Total = 55,058)

IFUMSA dues receipt, IFUMSA I.O.U. Form, Recording Stationery (passed)

Hon. Messegan Kunle called for an increase in the provision for stationery (#500) as she might need
more than that and noted that phone calls provision wasn’t included in the financial Secretary’s budget.

The House passed the budget of the Financial Secretary + Phone Calls (#5,000) + Miscelleneous =


The Hon. Director of Socials explained the costume party included in his budget.

Venue #60,000, Decoration #35,000, Lightning and Sound #25,000 (passed) D.J. #10,000(passed)

On Security, the Hon. Director of Socials explained that he would need the services of man o’ war and
the provision was passed.

* Paparazzi and Live Coverage

Hon. Patrick said live Coverage wasn’t necessary but he was countered by Hon. Wale Adekimoye and
Hon. Messegan who emphasized it’s importance to befit the program.

The Hon. Speaker also agreed to the importance of the Live Coverage but suggested that the Hon.
Director of Socials find ways to raise funds to sponsor the program.

*Film Show

The Hon. Director of Socials explained that the film Show was especially important for IFUMSites who are
not the party type.

Hon. Folarin suggested that the allocation for projectors be scrapped since some classes had while The
Hon. Treasurer said depending on class projectors for such programs had constantly proved ineffective.

The Budget for the Office of the Director of Socials was passed + Miscellaneous = #286,000.

The Hon. Director of Socials also informed the House that he was planning a TRIP TO GHANA and it
wasn’t included in his budget because it would depend on the number of people who show interest.


Materials; Photocopy (passed)

Hon. Ibuola Paul called for an increase in the amount slated for phone calls while Hon. Messegan it
shouldn’t be over-increased since most people call the Treasurer.

Phone Calls was then increased to #3,000.

Hon. Akilo Folarin reminded that Imprest account (#1000) wasn’t included in the Treasurer’s budget
while Hon. Ayokunle Bello also talked on the absence of Transport provision in the Budget.

The House passed the Budget of the Treasurer + Imprest Account (#1,000) and Transport (1,000) +
Miscellaneous = #6,820.


Hon. Akinbinu Rotimi read the Hon. President’s insulting double response to Facebook’s “What’s on your
mind?” and stated clearly that he won’t be a part of an SRB referred to as fools and threatened to leave
the House unless a drastic measure is taken against the Hon. President.
The Hon. Speaker also reiterated that he personally felt insulted and the added that the President’s
comment was a slap on the SRB.

Hon. Akande Gideon also said a similar comment was posted by the President at the end of the previous
sitting and concluded that the President’s approach to issues was very wrong; He submitted that the act
was highly indecorous and musn’t go without a purnishment.

The Hon. Speaker quoted that ‘a passion not well directed will land you into troubles’ and that that’s just
what had happened to the president while the Hon. Former Speaker said the President should be called

The Hon. Deputy Speaker stated that the SRB’s benevolence had been taken for stupidity.

Hon.’s Messegan, Akinbinnu Rotimi, Sowemimo, Adekimoye also expressed their utmost disappointment
at the President’s act and all concluded that a Purnishment was inevitable because he had just sold the
association cheaply to the whole world; each gave different suggested different purnishment measures.

Hon. Ayokunle expressed his unhappiness to the silence of other executive members in the House and
asked if they were taking sides with the President.

The Hon. Speaker announced to the House that he just spoke to the President but he denied the first
comment and claimed the second wasn’t referring to the SRB.

Hon. Akinbinu Rotimi stated that the President had just removed the post but he and some other
honorables confirmed they had the page saved on their phones already; he also continued that the
second comment was according to the timing, when the Hon. President was in the sitting.

The Hon. Gen. Sec, Hon. Director of Sport, and Hon. P.R.O. stood up and expressed their disappointment
too and declared their support for a purnishment.

The Hon. Treasurer advised that the purnishment on the President should minor as it might go a long
way to tarnish the image of the association but he was silenced for his suggestion and was even
proposed to be purnished too for his indecorous act of talking while the Hon. Speaker didn’t recognise
him anymore.

After several suggestions as to the gravity of the President’s purnishment, the Speaker made a position.
His words – “From the different submissions and the by the power conferred on me, I declare
that Hon. Eilojie Omobude Isaiah stands indefinitely suspended as the President of the
association and he shall from this moment seize to act in any position related to the Office
and that the Hon. Vice President is hereby the Acting President of the association until this
position is reversed”. The Speaker also resolved that Hon. Omobude must:

i. write a letter of apology on concord paper with his picture and copies must be sent to the
Leadership of the House, Constituency Leaders and pasted around the faculty

ii. and that an apology pasted through the same means the comment was posted

Hon. Akinbinu congratulated the Hon. Speaker for being the voice of the members of the House.

Hon. Adekimoye said Hon. Omobude had misfired but implored everyone to continue in their commitment
to the association while Hon. Folarin sound a note of warning that if Hon. Omon doesn’t watch his steps
henceforth, he might end up dismissed.

The Hon. Speaker also added that even if he was the only savior IFUMSA had at the moment, ”we won ‘t
because we want to eat beef sell our birth right to a cow”.

BUDGET (contd.)

Fans in HSLTA and B(passed); Netting of Obembe Hostel (increased to #20,000)

*Gloves for Dissection

The Hon. Deputy Speaker insisted that providing Gloves for dissection was a white-elephant project and
that IFUMSA could as well be providing Cunningham’s manual for dissections for all student; he
submitted that the Gloves be struck out.

Gloves (scrapped)

*Maintenance/Fueling of Generators-#320,000

Hon. Akilo Folarin said contributions were made by occupants of the various clinical hostels to provide
fuel and it wasn’t necessary in the budget.

The Hon. Deputy Speaker said there was a meeting with the provost as to sharing the cost of the fuelling
and that the association might be losing a lot if it let go.

Hon. Sowemimo queried if the association can sacrifice that much for a luxury to benefit some members
of the association.

The Clinical Hostels Generators provision was afterwards passed.

The Budget of the Welfare Secretary was passed + Miscellaneous (Total = 490,710)


Footballs; Sports Fiesta; Table Tennis board; Indoor games; Sports fiesta; Transport allowance Renting
of Pitch; Match Refreshment; Whistles; Captain band (passed)

*Training Bibs and Jersey Customisation

Hon. Akinbinu said no one watched training of the teams so Bibs are not very necessary and that the
normal way is for a side to pull their shirt; The Hon. Director of Sports said it is always a matter of
persuasion to get a side to pull their shirt.

Hon. Sowemimo said customization wasn’t necessary for the jersey since they weren’t of the same types.

Training Bibs (scrapped), Jersey Customisation(scrapped)

*NIMSA games

Hon. Messegan questioned NIMSA’s benefit to IFUMSA so far and expressed stated he was quite skeptical
about the #200,000 allocation for the NIMSA games.

The Hon. Speaker said he concurred with Hon. Kunle Messegan’s claim but that at the last General
meeting of NIMSA, promises were made and we (IFUMSA) could only hope they’re fulfilled.

Hon. Folarin noted that there was no provision for Provost’s Cup and Wale Okediran Competition in the
Director of Sports Budget and that the Hon. Director of Sports replied that the Provost’s cup would come
as a supplementary and that Wale Okediran shall be included in the Health week’s budget.

The House added #5,000 for calls and messages for the Director of Sport.

The Budget of the Director of Sport was passed + Miscellaneous (Total = 421,850)

*The Hon. Gen. Sec. said the #7,000-worth printers passed in his budget might not serve the required
purpose and that a good quality Black and White printer should be good and the colored printings done
outside; he also added that the dailies cost #150 per one as against the #100 passed in his budget.

Hon. Patrick said the Hon. Gen. Sec. should do whatever he thinks would do best with the money at his
disposition and Hon. Adekimoye added that the Gen. Sec. shall account for everything with the Audit

*Hon. Sodimu reminded the House that copies of the constitution was needed by members.

*The Hon. Treasurer apologized to the House for his actions.

*The Hon. Former Speaker said details of how he administered funds during the time he served as the
President of the association was with him and he’s available for audit; he continued that the soft copy of
the reviewed constitution was available and that he had about 300 notebooks printed already for
distribution to the Part II constituency who paid their annual due the last parliamentary year.

The Hon. Former Speaker also added that he was prepared to handover the #8,000 of the association
remaining in his custody to the present administration.

Hon. Adekimoye suggested that there was a lot of details involved in the case and that it should be
pushed up to the next sitting.

The Hon. Clerk read the minutes of the sitting and it was adopted by Hon. Adekimoye, seconded by Hon.
Sodimu Taiwo.

Hon. Akilo Folarin moved a motion for adjournment of the sitting till 18th February, 2011.

The motion was seconded by Hon. Adekimoye.

The meeting ended at 01:36a.m.

        The House indefinitely suspended the President of the Association - Hon. Eilojie Omobude.
        The House formed the Electoral, Disciplinary, Election petition and Social committees.
        The formation of the Audit committee was postponed until the present Audit committee
         completes their job.
        The house passed the budget of the Office of the Vice President, Public Relations Officer (with
         weekly refreshment for medivoice members scrapped), Financial Secretary (with calls added),
         Treasurer (with transport allowance and imprest account added), Director of Socials, Director of
         Sports (less provision for training Bibs and Jersey customization) and Welfare Director (less
         provision for Gloves for Dissection and Public Address System).


                                       Hon. MORENIKEJI ALEEM


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