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    Plymouth State University Mathematics Department News 2006

Brian P. Beaudrie - Larry G. Blaine - Roger E. Blake - Barbara Boschmans - Thomas
 Boucher - Richard C. Evans - Keith R. Ferland - Gloria Ferland - Jon M. Maatta –
             Ferd Prevost - William J. Roberts - Natalya Vinogradova

 Mathematics Department Website:

                               Chair’s Column 2006
                                 By Jon Maatta

       I know! I know! It seems like it has been a long time since the last “Chair’s
Column”. It has! Of course, last year we failed to produce an issue. But all is not
lost, we have come back with renewed spirit! I am now starting my eighth year
as chair. (Time flies when you’re having fun?!?) One of the best parts about
being chair is the chance to look back at all the exceptional students we’ve
had through the year(s) and who have graduated and started on a new
journey. Many students have graduated since 2004! They are our success
stories! Give three cheers to the following: Joy Bowen, Florence (Gayle) Coston,
Casey Crouch, Jennifer Giallorenzo, Christine Hart, Rebecca Harville, Nicholas
Hurley, Phillip Jones, Andrew Kenny, Kristin Noblet, Jayson Smith, Brittany
Thompson, and Corey Wentworth. (I don’t think I’ve forgotten anyone. If I did,
please accept my apologies.) Again, congratulations to all!
       Since the last issue, there have been numerous changes within the
department. They include:
    • The creation of MA 1200 – Topics in Algebra and Geometry. This course
       replaces our entry level MA 1070-1080 and MA 1100 courses and is
       reserved for provisionally-admitted students, it does not satisfy the Math
       Foundation or Quantitative Connection requirements in the new General
       Education Program. Thanks are due to Roger Blake and Gloria Ferland for
       all their efforts in the creation of this course.
    • The creation of MA 1900 – Statistical Literacy in Today’s Society. This is a
       lower-level, non-algebra based statistics course designed so that students
       will learn to interpret and evaluate reports and articles in journals,
       magazines and newspapers. This course satisfies both the Math
       Foundation and Quantitative Connection requirements in the General
       Education Program. Thanks are due to Robert Hayden for the work
       needed to formalize this course (and then he retired ;-) ).
•   The creation of MA 2350 – Statistics for Criminal Justice. In response to a
    request from the newly established criminal justice program, we
    developed an entry level statistics course that would serve the needs of
    their students. I did the preliminary work on the design of the course and
    taught the first semester of the course. Thomas Boucher has since taken
    over the teaching of this course.
•   The consolidation of our mathematics degrees and the implementation of
    the changes due to the new General Education Program. In the 2004-
    2005 academic year, the department spent a great deal of time
    integrating the new General Education Program into our degree
    programs (see the PSU webpage for more info: ). Some of the programs were
    changed a great deal (our certification degrees), while others less so. All-
    in-all, our new degrees are quite streamlined, without removing any
    important mathematics courses, and still have at least 12 free electives
    that are required campus wide.
•   The creation of the Statistical Consulting Center. In response to the
    changing needs of the University, the department has established a
    Statistical Consulting Center. The Center, housed and operated within the
    department, will mentor, advise, collaborate with, and/or provide
    consulting to faculty and graduate students on their various statistical and
    mathematical needs. As the University continues to grow with more
    graduate degrees, a greater emphasis on research and outreach to the
    community at large, the department envisions an increased demand in
    the functioning of the Center.

    The University just finished with its last orientation/registration session for
students who will arrive in the fall. We have at least 13 new mathematics
majors. Many of these students will choose the teacher certification options
for their degrees: the job market for teachers is still very robust. The
department continues to work to attract other majors by adding new
applied/statistics courses to support the actuarial and applied degree
options (more on this next Aftermath). The job market for these degrees is just
as robust.
    The Math Association of Plymouth (MAP) continues to thrive. Member
have had a fun year with numerous social events: selling tickets at the
Loudon racetrack; spaghetti dinner and pumpkin carving at the Maatta’s;
bowling night in Meredith; holiday party and Yankee swap at the Frost
Commons on campus, and the Annual Awards Banquet at the Common
Man Inn. MAP was involved in events of academic interest as well as co-
sponsor of world famous SUDOKU expert Wayne Gould’s talk and a monthly
problem solving contest, with the winner receiving free movie passes.
    Our long-standing annual softball game was cancelled this year due to
inclement weather. Technically, the faculty forfeited the game, so the final
   score was Students/Alumni = 1 and Faculty = 0. I’ve overheard many faculty
   saying, “Just wait until next year!”
       Changes continue to abound at PSU and within the mathematics
   department. Theodore Giebutowski and Robert Hayden have retired and
   we’ve added two new faces to our faculty, Dr. Thomas Boucher and Dr.
   Natalya Vinogradova. Ted continues to reside in Rumney and we see him
   often in the emeriti office. Bob now resides in N. Troy, Vt. (way-up north), and
   though we haven’t seen him lately, he can always be reached via e-mail
       Until next time……

                    Changing Faces of the Department
                        By Barbara Boschmans

There have been many changes in the past couple of years in the department.
Alumni would probably not recognize too many people anymore when visiting
the department. So, let me introduce you to the current department
membership (which will change again after December ).

                 Brian Beaudrie is an assistant professor of mathematics
                 education who joined the department in 2003. He teaches
                 mathematics and mathematics education courses for our
                 secondary majors, mathematics education courses for pre-
                 service elementary teachers and many graduate mathematics
education courses through the NH-IMPACT Center. He also observes student
teachers. His interests are the use of technology in the mathematics classroom,
distance education, and raising his daughter. He is currently working with the
New Hampshire Department of Education on writing the new Grade Span
Expectations for grades 11-12. Dr. Beaudrie gives numerous presentations each
year at state and national conferences and served as the assistant conference
chair of the New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics ( 43rd
annual spring conference held in Plymouth on March 24. He is also the
newsletter editor for the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England

                Larry Blaine is a professor of mathematics who joined the
                department in 1985. He teaches a variety of mathematics
                courses from first year level to senior level. His research interests
                are in the areas of differential equations and dynamical systems.
                He is an accomplished violinist and relates his music expertise to
mathematics in his Math and Humanities classes. He organizes department
seminars, typically held on Fridays, and invites members of other departments to
attend and even guest-speak at them.
                 Roger Blake is a lecturer who joined the department in 2001. His
                 primary teaching responsibilities at PSU have been Topics in
                 Algebra and Geometry, College Algebra, Finite Mathematics,
                 and Statistics I. Since coming to Plymouth State, he has
                 periodically been involved with the NH-IMPACT Center
consulting with several school districts in New Hampshire and high school
teachers who are new to the profession of mathematics education. Roger also
facilitated the New Hampshire MathCounts Competition held at PSU on March
11, and served as registration chair for the NHTM conference on March 24.

                  Barbara Boschmans is an assistant professor of mathematics
                  education who joined the department in 2003. She teaches
                  mathematics education courses for pre-service elementary
                  teachers, mathematics courses and graduate mathematics
                  education courses for the NH-IMPACT Center. She is interested
in integrating technology into the elementary classroom, the mathematical
knowledge elementary teachers need to be successful, and what professional
development works best for in-service teachers. Dr. Boschmans was the chair of
the NHTM conference held at PSU in March, and has presented at several state
and national conferences.

                 Thomas Boucher is an assistant professor of statistics who is new
                 to the department this year. He teaches both lower and upper
                 level statistics classes. Dr. Boucher helped establish the Statistical
                 Consulting Center (more on this later in the newsletter), which is
                 housed in the math department to support faculty and
graduate statistics-related research throughout Plymouth State University and
beyond. Dr. Boucher has aided the department in its efforts to offer a graduate
degree in statistics at PSU, and he continues to pursue his personal research
interests, grant and publication efforts.

                 Richard Evans is a professor of mathematics education and
                 recipient of the PSU Distinguished Teaching Award in 1992. He
                 joined the department in 1970. He teaches mathematics
                 education courses for secondary, middle, and elementary pre-
                 service and in-service teachers. Dr. Evans spends a lot of his
time working as the co-director of the NH-IMPACT Center. The IMPACT Center
works with local school districts to review, select and implement standards-
based curricula. The center also offers graduate courses at local schools during
the academic year and a variety of summer courses for in-service teachers.
Two of Dr. Evans’ research interests are education in foreign countries and how
people learn mathematics.
               Keith Ferland is a professor of mathematics who joined the
               department in 1970. Dr. Ferland teaches a variety of courses in
               mathematics ranging from Math & Humanities and Finite Math at
               the first year level, Calculus and Logics, Proofs, and Axiomatic
               Systems at the mid level, to History of Math and Advanced
Calculus at the upper level. His interests range from M.C. Escher tessellations to
space-time topology and the 4th dimension. He coordinates the NH Regional
MathCounts Competition each year in February and has given numerous talks
at New Hampshire schools and State conferences.

              Gloria Ferland has been a full-time lecturer in the department
              since 2002, and taught part-time for several years prior to that
              time. She teaches a variety of mathematics courses which
              prepare students to follow a calculus sequence. She also
              teaches the Applied Calculus sequence for middle school
mathematics education majors, and for chemistry, biotechnology, and
computer science majors.

                Jon Maatta is a professor of mathematics and chair of the
                Mathematics Department. He joined the department in 1991.
                Dr. Maatta teaches all levels of statistics courses offered at PSU,
                and has been instrumental in the establishment of the Statistical
                Consulting Center this year . In addition to his duties as chair,
he is a very active advisor to and supporter of the student Math Association.

                Fernand (Ferd) Prevost is the co-director of the NH-Impact
                Center and joined Plymouth State University in 1999. Dr. Prevost
                teaches graduate level professional development courses both
                at PSU and on-site at schools throughout the state. Among
                these courses have been the Developing Mathematical Ideas
(DMI) courses: Building a System of Tens; Making Meaning for Operations;
Examining Features of Shape; Measuring Space in One, Two, and Three
Dimensions; and Working with Data. He also teaches in the summer program for
middle school teachers and has taught courses in Algebra and History of
Mathematics for that program. Dr. Prevost is particularly interested in the
professional development of teachers and the implementation of standards-
based programs. dIn mathematics, his interests lie in geometry and
measurement and the history of mathematics.

                 William Roberts is a professor of mathematics who joined the
                 department in 1971. He is interested in teaching calculus using
                 technology and teaching geometry and statistics using
                 appropriate software for investigation of concepts. His research
                 areas and interests are integrating technology into
undergraduate mathematics education and the development of appropriate
mathematical software and technology-related materials. Dr. Roberts has given
a number of invited presentation on the use of technology in these areas at
regional meetings. He enjoys working with regional mathematics professionals
at teacher institutes.

                Natalya Vinogradova is an assistant professor of mathematics
                education new to the department this year. She teaches
                mathematics courses for prospective secondary mathematics
                teachers and mathematics education courses for pre-service
                elementary teachers. Dr. Vinogradova is working with Dr. Evans
and Dr. Prevost at the NH-IMPACT Center to offer workshops in New Hampshire
schools and is teaching graduate mathematics education courses this summer.
Her research interests are secondary school teachers’ understanding and use of
number theory.

                              More Changes...
                              By Gloria Ferland
   In December,       2006, we will see yet more changes in the Mathematics
Department with the retirements of Dr. Richard Evans and Dr. Keith Ferland, both
of whom have been at PSU since 1970. Gloria Ferland, who has taught part-
time in the department for several years and full-time since 2002, will join her
husband, Keith, as they embark upon this new adventure in their lives--
    Dr. and Mrs. Ferland plan to remain in the Plymouth area but look forward to
traveling when the mood strikes them and spending more time with their five-
year old twin grandchildren who live in Pennsylvania. Dr. Evans and his wife,
Sue, will split their time between homes in New Hampshire and Florida never
straying too far or too long from their own grandchildren and children in New
Hampshire and Massachusetts.
    Dr. Fernand Prevost, who has been involved in the graduate math program
at PSU and the NH-Impact Center, will retire in May, 2007. Dr. Prevost was the
N.H. State Math Consultant for many years before joining PSU and co-directing
the NH Impact Center.

                             Faces in the MAC
                           (Math Activity Center)

                 Dr. John (Jack) Barry is the director of the Math Activity
              Center. He is responsible for screening and supervising students
who tutor in the Center. In addition to these duties, Dr. Barry teaches part-time
in the Department, most often teaching “Problem Solving Using Technology ".

               Donna Kelley joined the Department in 1990 as a skills
application teacher. In addition to her duties working in the MAC, she also
teaches Problem Solving Using Technology and Math in Our World courses.

                             Math Activity Center
                               By Jack Barry

     At the end of this semester, the MAC completed its 13th year of operation at
PSU. Over these past years, the Center has assisted thousands of students, has
provided an opportunity for math education majors to gain experience and
earn some money, and has been a hub for math majors and the Student Math
Association. During a typical semester, the Center provides assistance to
approximately 150 students enrolled in math courses, accommodates two to six
practicum students, employs six to 10 tutors, and records over 600 hours of
tutoring. The Center is supervised by Jack Barry, director and part-time math
faculty member by Donna Kelly, a full-time member of the math faculty.
       The success and longevity of the MAC is owed primarily to all the math
majors whose service and goodwill have contributed to the success of their
fellow students and to math education at Plymouth State. It is, therefore, with
great pride that I again thank all of you who have participated in the MAC and
wish you the best!

                       Mathematics Education News
                             By Dick Evans

The NH-IMPACT Center currently has two math and science partnership grants
from the NH State Department of Education. One grant will help middle school
mathematics teachers become highly qualified in mathematics, and is being
implemented in collaboration with 12 different school districts. The other grant
looks at the issue of helping high school students make the transition to college.
This grant has PSU working with 10 high schools from around the state. In
addition to the grants, the Center is working with school districts to help them
review, select and implement standards-based mathematics programs. The
Center also provides professional development on topics relating to
mathematics education, and is also providing leadership on issues relating to
mathematics education in the state, the New England region and nationally.

                  New ! PSU Statistical Consulting Center
                            By Gloria Ferland

     As PSU continues to grow as a regional university, the role the Mathematics
Department is playing in this growth is evidenced by the establishment this past
academic year of the PSU Statistical Consulting Center.
     Under the direction of Dr. Jon Maatta and Dr. Thomas Boucher, the Center
provides assistance in the areas of data management, data analysis, study
design and determination of analytical methods used in those studies.
     Services provided in the Center’s first year have included assistance with
doctoral dissertations, campus graduate committee involvement and
collaboration with researchers in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at
Franklin Pierce College. Members of the Statistical Consulting Committee have
also met with department members in other PSU departments (meteorology,
psychology, criminal justice, biology, and environmental science) to gauge their
needs for the Center' services and to take steps to adjust Mathematics
Department course offerings to better serve the needs of other majors as well as
our math majors.
     The Statistical Consulting Center is currently seeking external funding to
increase its resources and to fund student interns so that it might best serve PSU
and the surrounding communities. For more information on the Center, contact
Dr. Boucher at 535-3236 or email: or Dr. Maatta at
535-2664 or email:

                          Student Awards 2005-2006
                               By Jon Maatta

Since we skipped a year, I will mention all the awards that have been given
since our last newsletter.

Outstanding Mathematics Major Awards
For the first time in 2005, the department presented these awards at our Annual
Spring Banquet. Faculty in the department thought that presenting the awards
at the banquet would create a special experience for all math students. They
know how hard it is to major in mathematics. So, the kudos went to Joy Bowen
(originally Walpole, N.H.; currently Manchester, N.H.), BS in Mathematics
Education - Secondary Certification; and Kristin Noblet (Narragansett, R.I.), BS in
Mathematics Education – Secondary Certification.
Mathematics Department Fellowship
The Mathematics Fellow for 2005-2006 was Jacquelyn (Trevethan) O’Donohoe
(currently of Ashland, N.H.). This fellowship involves working in the Math Activity
Center. The Fellow is responsible for tutoring students in the Calculus and
Elementary Functions classes.

Mathematics Scholarships
The Barbara Dearborn Mathematics Scholarship for 2005-2006 was awarded to
Jacquelyn O’Donohoe. The Scholarship was announced during PSU’s spring
convocation ceremony and was presented, as it has been for many years, by
Mitzi Dearborn, Barbara’s daughter.

The Hunter Baney Barton Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Amanda
Bagwell (Riverside, R.I.).

The Geneva Smith Scholarship was awarded to four deserving students; Lennon
Coronity (Lisbon, N.H.), Tara Damon (Union, N.H.), Danielle Guynup (Peru, N.Y.),
and Wendy Wickman (Effingham, N.H.).

Outstanding Mathematics Major Award
This year the outstanding mathematics major awards went to Casey Crouch
(Voluntown, Ct.), BS Applied Mathematics; and Andrew Kenny (Wayne, Maine),
BS in Mathematics – Secondary Certification Option.

Mathematics Department Fellowship
The Mathematics Fellow for 2006-2007 was again awarded to Jacquelyn
O’Donohoe (currently of Ashland, N.H.). Jackie had a successful year as fellow
last year and was voted to continue as the fellow for the fall.

Mathematics Scholarships
In 2006-2007, the Barbara Dearborn Mathematics Scholarship was awarded to
Lennon Coronity (Lisbon, N.H.). As has been the tradition, Mitzi Dearborn
traveled from Wisconsin to present the award during Spring Convocation.

For 2006-2007, the Geneva Smith Scholarship was awarded to four students:
Lianna Gray (Plymouth, N.H.), Stephanie Lassen (Bethlehem, N.H.), Kristen Moody
(Dalton, N.H.), and Lisa Morse (Barrington, N.H.).

           Congratulations to all of these deserving students!
                          Math Association Update
                            By Danielle Guynup

    The Math Association has had another successful year. With the wonderful
leadership of our president, Lennon Coronity, along with vice-president Danielle
Guynup, secretary Greg Veras, and treasurer Jackie O’Donohoe, we were able
to accomplish many fundraisers and activities for the Math Department. With
the help of many math majors and our advisors, Dr. Jon Maatta and Mr. Roger
Blake, we were able to do much of our fundraising at the NASCAR races last
September. During the fall semester, we enjoyed getting together for a
spaghetti dinner and pumpkin carving at Dr. Maatta’s house. We also went
bowling and had our annual Christmas party and Yankee swap in December.
    This past spring, the Math Association had a “problem of the month” contest
in which a problem was posted for students to try to solve, with movie tickets as
a prize. We also helped the Math Department sponsor a lecture given by the
well-known Sudoku puzzle creator Wayne Gould.
    Our major event in April was the Annual Mathematics Banquet held at the
Common Man Restaurant. Many awards were presented to the senior math
majors, and we presented the Teacher of the Year Award to Dr. Brian Beaudrie.
We are looking forward to another great year. We are proud to have Lisa Morse
as the new president, Jessica Skillin as vice-president, Danielle Guynup as
treasurer , and Lianna Gray as secretary.

                                 Alumni News
                                By Gloria Ferland

     Tops in our alumni news this year is recognition of prestigious awards given to
                                93       99
two PSU grads, Greg Superchi ' ( G ' ) and April (Stone) Guinness ' for  03,
their successes in mathematics education.
     Greg was one of the 100 national recipients of the Presidential Award for
Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, an award sponsored by the
National Science Foundation.
      Greg has been a math and pre-engineering teacher at Lisbon Regional
School since his graduation from PSU in 1993. He received his graduate degree
in Mathematics Education at PSU in 1999, and is currently working toward his
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS). He has been a leader in
mathematics education around New Hampshire, having spoken at several
NHTM and NCTM conferences. At Lisbon Regional he helped update the
school' mathematics curriculum and he implemented Project Lead the Way, a
pre-engineering program for high school students. Greg received his award in
Washington , D. C. in May and was honored again at the NH EDies reception in
June. Congratulations, Greg!
      April received the Fernand J. Prevost Mathematics Teaching Award, a
NHTM award, initiated in 1995 , which recognizes a beginning mathematics
teacher in N.H. in his/her first, second or third year of teaching who exemplifies
the characteristics Dr. Prevost brought to his teaching during his many years as
the State Mathematics Consultant.
     April has been teaching at Mascoma Valley Regional High School for the
last three years. Her efforts, initiatives, and success with her students, especially
students in the alternative program at her school, have been greatly
appreciated and recognized by her administrators and fellow teachers. April
received a plaque, a $100 prize, and a year' membership to NHTM, all of which
were presented to her at the NHTM Spring Conference held at PSU in March.
Way to go, April!

Other news...

    Jonathan Wixson ( G ' ) is a graduate teaching assistant in the doctoral
program at Montana State University at Bozeman. He is working toward his PhD
in mathematics with a specialty in mathematics education.
    Jonathan did his undergraduate work at UNH and taught at Sanborn
Regional High School before entering the graduate program at PSU. He was a
PSU Math Grad Assistant in 2003-2004 earning his master' degree in
mathematics education that year. He hopes to complete his degree in 2008.
Good luck, Jonathan!

                                Faculty Emeriti
                              By Ted Giebutowski

   I' ba-ack. Well, not really. I was asked to write up something about
mathematics faculty retirees a while ago and finding, this a.m., a postcard from
Paul and Gigi Estes on the department bulletin board reminded me to get
   Speaking of whom, at this writing, the Estes are spending four weeks in the
south of France. Gigi' sister has an apartment near Nice which they are using as
'            .
 home base'They are just 3 km from Italy and write that they just walked there;
should be a piece of cake for a couple who are starting on the second round of
climbing all the > 4,000 ft. mountains in N.H.! And Gigi wants to do them all in the
                         ll                                       m
winter! After that, they' do them again; in the nude. Oh boy, I' going to have
some fun with this job. Oh, Paul has finally quit for good; he didn' teach any
part-time courses at all this year.
   Bernadette Russek stopped by our house recently to collect a few veggie
plants I had started from seed. She and Arnie are enjoying their home in
Campton . . .
   Ed and Marilyn Wixson are keeping busy. Ed continues as chair of the
Plymouth Hospital' board of directors and also as member of the board of the
Community Savings Bank here in Plymouth. Just to make sure he doesn' get     t
board(!), he' also on the board of an economic development project
shepherding the construction of new facilities for the hospital; if you' in town,
take a drive to the Wal-Mart parking lot and look behind it; that' where the
project is going. Marilyn is involved with the local hospice and an adult literacy
project. They' be spending some time camping in North Carolina and Virginia
this October.
    Norm Cote has been immersing himself in writings in French and Russian. His
most recent book read is "Thaïs" by Anatole France. He gets across the border to
Quebec occasionally for lunch with a friend and for a bit of French environment.
For exercise, Norm takes daily walks, sometimes around his house, sometimes in
the local Wal-Mart superstore.
    Yours truly has been up to his usual leisure time activities- gardening, fishing,
hunting, mushrooming, wine making, cooking, yada yada yada. Also a little bit
of politics; to quote Will Rogers, "I am a member of no organized political party…
I' a Democrat." Pat and I are hoping to get off someplace, probably Maine,
for a couple of weeks this September.

                                 Thank You, Ted!
                                By Gloria Ferland
      Dr. Ted Giebutowski compiled and edited AfterMath for many years prior to
his retirement from PSU in December, 2004, and we in the Department would like
to take this opportunity to thank Ted for his dedication to this endeavor. As
evidenced in the previous article, he has kept in touch with those Math
Department retirees who “went before him”, and he graciously agreed to write
the article sharing news of them.
      We in the department regret that the task of compiling the 2005 newsletter
somehow got overlooked, hence the combination of two years’ worth of news
in this edition. I agreed to compile this year’s newsletter and have enjoyed my
one-year stint doing it (Keith and I will be retiring in December as mentioned
earlier). It has brought back memories of my high school years as alumni editor
of my high school newspaper and layout editor for my college yearbook. Surely
this important task of compiling the newsletter will not be overlooked next year.
    But, we do need the help of our readers / alumni! Please let us know what’s
up with you so that we can expand our news of alumni and not have to rely on
news “through the grapevine “of former students and colleagues. Be sure to
indicate your year of graduation when you share your info. Dr. Barbara
Boschmans ( ) has agreed to collect any info sent
to her and pass it on to next year’s editor. And, thanks to Wendy Burnham, our
Department Administrative Assistant, for her time and work in getting AfterMath
actually set up for Internet publication. As usual, a job well done!

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