Gila Monsters

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					Gila Monsters
 The Gila Monster looks like it has dots his
  skin. He is a little bit like a snake because
  his mouth is the same size as them. His skin
  looks pretty rough. His head is the shape of
  a potato. He is really big. His scales are
  black and yellow. The Gila Monster looks
  like a small Komodo Dragon.
   One of the Gila Monsters predators is the
    beaded lizard. The Beaded lizard is
    venomous. It attacks the Gila Monster
    with this venom.
   The Gila Monster defense itself by biting
    it’s predators with his venom. The Gila
    Monsters venom is located in the lower
    jaw. The Gila Monster has spots,
    blotches, or bands of pink, orange, or
    yellow which probably warn other
    animals to stay away.
   Did you know that
    the female Gila
    Monster can lay up
    to 12 eggs over
    winter in the ground
    and hatch ten
    months later in the
    next spring. The
    hatchlings are about
    6 inches.
   Did you know that the Gila
    Monster can live up to 20 years
    or more in the zoo.
 Most Gila Monsters live in
  the desert. Some Gila
  Monsters hide in rocks.
  In the desert it meats it’s
  needs. It finds, food, and
  shelter. The Gila Monster
  is one of the only two
  venomous species in the
  world. Most of the Gila
  Monsters are also found
  in southwestern united
  states and Mexico. They
  live in dry places. They
  also live in the under
  ground habitat.
   Gila Monsters eat
    birds, lizards, frogs,
    eggs and insects.
   Did you know the Gila Monster was 20
    feet long? The Gila Monster is also
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