The Herbalist, Offers Natural Supplements To Improve Your Overall Wellness

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					The Herbalist, Offers Natural Supplements To Improve Your Overall

Seattle, WA, 24-AUG-2012 - The Herbalist offers natural supplements to
people who want to achieve greater health and wellness more effectively.
The herbal cleanse provides a natural and safe way to remove toxins from
the body and increase energy, stamina and vitality. The company offers
customers a wide range of products that are available in kits that focus
on specific areas or individual liquid form.

When interviewed recently, Tierney Salter stated, "Since 1984 we have
been providing the highest quality, organically grown herbal products to
people who are searching for natural ways to address conditions and
achieve a greater quality of life. I feel very strongly that it is
important to listen to customers and offer the herbal information that
will help them to become active participants in their health. Having
experienced the benefits of using the high quality herbal products in my
own life, I am committed to keeping our business small and offering
customers products that are effective in improving well-being and quality
of life."

There are many reasons that a person looks for ways to re-balance and re-
invigorate themselves. Among the many symptoms of toxins in the body are
a feeling of being sluggish, bloated or tired. A person may be more
susceptible to colds and headaches or they may just not feel "right". By
choosing an organic, healthy remedy it is possible to re-balance the body
and regain a sense of well-being and energy.

The Fresh Start Kit is designed for people who have sensitive digestive
systems or suffer from irritable bowel. The herbs in this formula are
high in fiber, clean the bloodstream, increase energy and improve mental
clarity. People using the kit experience improved moods and a boost in
metabolism which increases vitality and improves the body's ability to
take off excess weight more easily.

The Detox-It kit is another ten day program that offers a gentle and
effective approach to cleansing the body. The formula is specifically
designed for people who have a sensitive digestion or irritable bowel.
The GI gel plus fiber helps to restore digestive and intestinal health
and tonics and teas are included in the kit to support internal organs
and improve digesting and glandular imbalances.

The kits are especially helpful to people who are searching for safe
weight loss alternatives because they reduce cravings for caffeine,
nicotine and other habit-forming substances. The increased metabolism
gives a person the energy needed to take advantage of exercise programs
and burn fat more effectively. In addition, the herbal formulas promote
healthy cholesterol and reduce stress while improving digestion and

To get more information about the benefits of choosing an effective and
organic herbal cleanse visit today.
Individuals or members of the press wishing to get more details about
this press release will find contact information below.
Tierney Salter, Medical Herbalist

The Herbalist

2106 NE 65th Street

Seattle, WA 98115

Telephone: 1.800.NW.HERBS (694.3727) or 206.523.2600

Fax: 206.522.3253



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Description: The Herbalist provides individuals with the natural supplements needed to improve overall health and wellness. The herbal cleanse formulas are designed to increase the metabolism, re-balance the body and improve the quality of life.