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									                MELBOURNE HIGH SCHOOL CADET UNIT

                           GRAMPIANS ADVENTURE CAMP
                              JOINING INSTRUCTIONS
                                24 AUG TO 26 AUG 07

1.      Melbourne High School Cadet Unit is to conduct an adventure based training program in
the Grampians National Park from Friday 24 August to Sunday 26 August 2007.

2.     The aim of the exercise is to extend cadet training to include the adventure training
element of cadets such as rock climbing, abseiling and half-day and full day hikes.

3.     Departure        All cadets are to report to the Orderly Room NLT 0800 hours on Friday
24 August.

4.     Unit Return      The Unit will return to the School on Sunday 26 August NLT 1500

5.     Transport to and from the exercise will be by coaster.

6.      Cadets requiring the regular use of respiratory medication, for example Ventolin, are to
obtain a signed statement from their doctor indicating that they are medically fit enough to
undertake normal cadet activities.

7.      Cadets must inform LT Dedrick of any medication they are currently taking.

8.      Cut Lunch.      All cadets must bring a cut lunch on the first day of camp.

9.       All rations will be provided and will be a mix of fresh and pre-packaged food. Special
dietary requirements can be catered for, however Unit staff must be informed.

10.      If we’re lucky our return journey may include a brief stop-over at Ararat McDonalds so
bring a little money.

11.   Accommodation will be in individual shelters or dome/hike tents during the exercise.
NOK & Medical Statement
12.     a.      The Medical Statement completed and signed this semester (semester 2) will be
used for the purpose of this activity.

       b.    Any change of circumstances must be provided to LT Dedrick, in writing, prior
to commencement of activity.

13.    In addition, parent(s) are to sign a next of kin and parent consent form, attached,
acknowledging that they are fully aware of all activities being conducted. This document is to
be brought with the cadet when departing MHS for the exercise.

14.     A first aid chest will be located at the Unit camping site and will be transported with
cadets to all major activities. Cadets are encouraged to carry a personal first aid kit at all times.

Emergency Contact
15.     The Unit will have with it a mobile phone, which may be rung at anytime. The number
is 0418 566 880. Alternative number is 0428 22 33 87

Clothing and Equipment
16.    The schedule of clothing and equipment attached to this instruction should be followed.

17.     It is imperative that all participants bring runners.

18.     The uniform to be worn on the day of departure is Field Dress Two.

19.    The cost of the camp will be $70.00 and needs to be paid to COL Axup prior to the
camp. Cheques are to be made payable to Melbourne High School Cadet Unit.

20.   This camp is voluntary. Cadets must commit to the camp by Friday 17 August 07.
Names must be placed on a list in the Orderly Room or provided to the RSM.

Original signed

C.R. Axup
Colonel (AAC)
Commanding Officer
     Jul 07

1.     The following list is not exhaustive, however it is advisable that cadets do not
bring more than is stated.

2.      All cadets are to bring their clothing and equipment in their Auspack, webbing
and kit bag.

3.     The following items need to be brought to camp;

       bush hat                                     shoe polish and brush
       DPCU (all sets)                              tent pegs (x6)
       boots GP                                     hutchie cord
       jumper, Howard green                         knife, fork, spoon, mug
       belt, web                                    mess tins (or equivalent)
       japara (issued)                              tea towels (x2)
       underwear/socks (3 sets)                     plastic bags (for dirty clothing)
       thermals (optional)                          spare laces and blousing
        runners                                     pocket knife (optional, retractable
       towel                                        type only)
       toiletries                                   torch and spare batteries
       sleeping bag (cold weather)                  notebook, pens, pencils
       sleeping mat/groundsheet                     hiking boots/shoes (optional)
        daypack (optional in lieu of webbing)        additional sport water bottles
        Hike/dome tent (optional)

4.     Do not bring mp3 players (or similar), mobile phones, expensive watches,
jewellery, large sums of money, alcohol, cigarettes, fireworks, firearms or weapon
facsimiles, sheath knives, good cutlery or crockery.

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